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This section first uploaded 08.07.20.
Thomas Green of Norwich
m. Sarah
1. Thomas Green, Bishop of Ely (b 1658, d 1738, Vice Chancellor of Cambridge University)
  Thomas's dates come from Wikipedia ("Thomas Green (bishop)").
  m. Catherine Trimnell (dau of Rev. Charles Trimnell)
  A. Anne Green
  m. Charles Clarke of the Isle of Ely (judge, Baron of the Court of Exchequer)
  B. Sarah Green
m. Rev. (John) Fulham
  C. Margaret Green
  m. Rev. _ Frankland (son of the Dean of Ely)
  D. Elizabeth Green probably the Elizabeth who married ...
  m. Thomas Osborn (d 1790, rector of Campton & Clifton)
  E.+ other issue - Thomas (rector of Cottenham), Charles, Catherine
  FMG (vol 4, MS612, 'Gore', p1281) reports that a son of the Bishop of Ely married and had sons as follows.
  m. Maud Gore (dau of William Gore of Tring (son of the Lord Mayor of London))
  i. Thomas Green
  ii. Charles Green
  m. _ Nayor
2. daughter probably of this generation
  m. James Vertue (rector of Feltwell St. Nicholas)



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Richard Smyth of St. Columbe (Cornwall), later of Cornakey in Morwenstow
1. John Smyth of Lantewy in St. Neot
  m. Mary Burrough (dau/heir of George Burrough of Lantewy by Martha, dau of Henry Pollard of Trelawne)
  A. George Smith of Lantewy & Lunna in St. Neot (bur 1652)
  m. (1641) Alice Parker (bpt 1620, bur 1660, dau of Jacob (James) Parker by Katherine Buller)
  i. Mary Smith (bur 1669)
  m. (1667) John Anstis of Lunna (bur 1692)
  ii. Katherine Smith or Smyth



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Richard Lloyd 'of London'
m1. (1668) Jane Ireton (dau of General Henry Ireton by Bridget, dau of Oliver Cromwell by Elizabeth Bouchier)
1. Jane Lloyd
  m. Nicholas Morse
  A. Nicholas Morse, Governor of Madras
  m. Jane Goddard
  i. Elizabeth Morse
  m. Charles Boddam (brother of the Governor of Bombay) @1@ below
m2. Tryphena Lisle (dau of John Lisle by Alice)
2. Elizabeth Lloyd (d 01.12.1736)
  m1. James Russell (d 22.03.1712, son of William, 1st Duke of Bedford)
  m2. Sir Henry Hoghton of Hoghton Tower, Bart



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Charles Boddam of Fort St. George, Madras, India
m. Mary Hart (dau of Rawson Hart by Arabella, dau of Sir Thomas Hesilrige, Bart)
The above comes from various web sites. Mary Hart was probably born around 1700. Various web sites show the undermentioned Charles, shown by us as this Charles's 2nd son, as father of Governor Rawson. Whilst the dates could possibly support that (if both Mary & Charles married in their teens), 'The Pedigree Register' (used for the section just above) clearly identifies them as brothers.
1/2. Rawson Hart Boddam, later of Capel House in Enfield, Governor of Bombay (b 1734, d 20.05.1812, HEIC)
  Details on Rawson and his family come from Wikipedia ("Rawson Hart Boddam") and peoplepill/com (which shows his gravestone).
m1. (1760) Mary Sclater (sister of Eliza Sclater) @2@ below
  A. Charles Boddam (b 1762, d 1811)
  m2. Eliza Maria Tudor (dau of W. Tudor of Monmouthshire)
  B. Rawson Hart Boddam (b 1791-2, d 15.04.1836) had issue
  Rawson is mentioned in BIFR1976 ('Hungerford').
  m. Ellen Kezia Hungerford (b 04.04.1797, d 17.03.1850, dau of John Townsend Hungerford)
  C. Alexander Boddam of Kirklington Hall, Nottinghamshire (b 07.1802, Major) had issue
  Alexander is mentioned in BLG1862 ('Boddam of Kirklington Hall').
  m. (03.06.1841) Maria Agatha Whetham (dau of Major General John Whetham of Kirklington)
  D.+ 7 other children
2/1. Charles Boddam 'of Capel House in Enfield'
  m. Elizabeth Morse (dau of Nicholas Morse) @1@ above, named Frances in various web sites
  A. Mary Boddam (d 1813) mentioned in 'The Pedigree Register' (see section above)
  m. (1782) Samuel Gardiner of Coombe Lodge (b 1755, d 1827)



This section first uploaded 10.07.20.
May Sclater (d 1746, HEIC)
m. Judith Whitehill (d by 1748?, dau of Charles Whitehill in Bombay, brother of John (Governor of Madras))
1. Eliza Sclater (b 05.04.1744, d 03.08.1778)
  m. (27.07.1758) Daniel Draper (b 1726, d 20.03.1805, son of William Henry & cousin of General Sir William Draper, Accountant General in Bombay)
  A. son (b 1759, d c1768)
  B. Elizabeth Draper (b 1761)
  m. Thomas Nevill (brother of Richard (Sheriff of Kildare, MP) son of Richard by Margaret Ussher)_
  i.+ issue - Daniel, 2 daughters
2. Mary Sclater
  m. Rawson Hart Boddam @2@ above
3. Louise Sclater
  m. Charles Pemble (Colonel)



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Richard Maitland of Aberdeen then London (b 1708-9, d 12.05.1775)
m. Elizabeth (b c1710, d 18.09.1772)
1. Thomas Maitland of Lyndhurst, Hampshire (d c12.1797)
  m. Jane Mathew (b 1756-7, d 05.06.1830, dau of General Edward Mathew by Jane, dau of Peregrine Bertie, 2nd Duke of Ancaster)
  A. Sir Peregrine Maitland (d 30.05.1854, General)
  m1. (1803) Louisa Crofton (d 1805, dau of Sir Edward Crofton, Bart, by Baroness Crofton of Mote)
  m2. (09.10.1815) Sarah (Lennox) (d 08.09.1873, dau of (Charles), 4th Duke of Richmond)
  i. Sarah Maitland b 1816-7, d 07.04.1900, "eldest da.")
  m. Thomas Bowes Forster (b 1802-3, d 21.03.1870, Lt. General)
  B.+ other issue - Thomas, Edward, Charles David (d 1864, minister of St. James's Chapel in Brighton, had issue), Brownlow, Jane, Caroline, Eliza



This section first uploaded 26.01.22, expanded 06.03.22.
William, later de Wyleby of Wileby
m. Margery (probably dau/heir of Walter de Wyleby of Wileby)
1. John de Wyleby of Wileby (a 1276)
2. William de Wyleby of Wileby (a 1292) probably father of ...
  A. John de Wileby of Shankton, Napton & Wilby (sic) (a temp Edward II who r. 1307-1327) the first mentioned by MGH (NS5 vol 4)
  i. Robert de Wileby
  m. (by 1315) Emma
  a. Alice de Wileby of Shankton (a 1346)
  m. (after 1346) Thomas Drakelowe (a 1369)
  (1) (Sir) Thomas Drakelowe 'of Wileby' (b c1348, d before 26.03.1378)
  m. Ankeret
  (A) Alienora (Eleanor) Drakelow (b c1370, a 1445, d before 1454)
  m1. (before 1399) William Vaux of Northampton (d 1405)
  m2. (before 1421) Thomas Chambre of Spratton (d before 1458)
  (2)+ other issue - Robert (d before 26.03.1378), Emma (a 1397, prioress of Harewols)

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