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Families covered: Burdett of Arrow, Burdett of Ballymany, Burdett of Bramcote, Burdett of Foremark, Burdett of Huncote, Burdett of Lismalin, Burdet (Burdett) of Loseby, Burdet of Shepey

BP1870 (Burdett, Bart of Foremark) reports that one of the Norman soldiers of the Conquest was ...
Hugh de Burdet of Maidford (Northamptonshire) & Lowesby (Leicestershire) (a temp William the Conqueror) said to have been father of ...
1. William Burdett, lord of Louseby (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189)
  A. Richard Burdet of Loseby (d 1226-7)
  i. William Burdet of Loseby
a. Richard Burdet of Loseby (d 1288-9)
  (1) William Burdet
  (A) John Burdet of Loseby (a 1307) had issue
  b. Hugo Burdet
  (1) Sir Robert Burdett of Huncote and Arrow (d 1333)
  m. Elizabeth Camvil (dau of Galfred Camvile of Arrow)
(A) Robert Burdett of Huncote (a 1347)
  m. Elizabeth Garshull (dau of Robert Garshull of Ibstoke)
  (i) Robert Burdett of Huncote
  (a) Robert Burdett
  ((1)) John Burdett of Huncote and Arrow
  m. (1370) Margaret Fitton (dau of Thomas Fitton of Gawsworth)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Burdett
  m. Sir Humphrey Stafford of Grafton (d 20.02.1418/9)
  (b) Elizabeth Burdett (b 1330-1)
  (ii) Felicia Burdett
  (B) Gerard Burdett of Sakendon and Arrow
m. Elinora Veal de Lodin (dau of John Veal de Lodin, sister of Robert)
  (i) John Burdett
  (a) Thomas Burdett (a 1382, 1432)
  ((1)) Sir Nicholas Burdett (d Pontoise 1440)
  m. Johanna Bruin (cousin & heiress of Henry Bruin of Brancote)
((A)) Thomas Burdett of Sekindon (Sakendon) and Arrow (d 1477)
  m1. (div 1444) Agnes Waldif (dau of John Waldif or Waldeif)
  ((i)) Richard Burdett of Arrow
  ((a)) Anne Burdett
  m. Edward Conway
  m2. Margaret Rodney (dau of John Rodney)
  ((ii)) Sir John Burdett 'of Bramcott' (d c1529)
  m. Anne Harewell (dau of William Harewell)
  ((a)) Thomas Burdett of Bramcote (d c1540) - continued below
  m. Mary Throckmorton (dau of Sir Robert Throckmorton)
  ((b))+ other issue - John, William, Osborn, Elizabeth, Anne
  ((iii))+ other issue - George, Elizabeth, Anne
  ((B)) daughter
m. _ Camois
  ((C))+ other issue - John, Robert
  c. William Burdet of Shepey
  (1) Nicholas Burdet
  (A) John Burdet of Shepey
  (i) Agnes Burdet
  m. William Shepey of Shepey (a 1392)
  d. Robert Burdet of Huncote (dsp 1303-4)
2. Emmeline Burdet, heiress of Maidford apparently of this generation
  m. Pagan de Alneto of Turvey & Maidford



Thomas Burdett of Bramcote (d c1540) - continued above
m. Mary Throckmorton (dau of Sir Robert Throckmorton)
1. Robert Burdett of Bramcote (d 11.01.1548-9)
  m. Elizabeth Cockaine (dau of Sir Thomas Cockaine of Ashbourne)
  A. Thomas Burdett of Bramcote (d 15.07.1591)
  m. Bridget Curzon (dau of Thomas Curzon of Croxhall or Croxall)
i. Robert Burdett of Bramcote (d 27.03.1603)
  m. Mary Wilson (d 31.05.1622, dau of Thomas Wilson, Dean of Durham & Secretary of State)
  a. Sir Thomas Burdett, 1st Bart of Bramcote (b 03.08.1585, d before 22.05.1647)
  m. (1602) Jane Francis (dau of William Francis or Frauncys of Foremark)
  (1) Sir Frauncys Burdett, 2nd Bart of Bramcote and Foremark (b 10.09.1608, d 30.12.1696)
  m. (1635) Elizabeth Walter (d 17.04.1701, dau of Sir John Walter)
(A) Sir Robert Burdett, 3rd Bart of Bramcote and Foremark (b 11.01.1640, d 18.01.1715-6)
  m1. Mary Pigot (d 31.08.1668, dau of Gervase Pigot of Thrumpton)
  (i) Elizabeth Burdett
  m. Charles Janens of Gopsall
  m2. Magdalen Aston (dau of Sir Thomas Aston, 1st Bart of Aston)
  (ii) Robert Burdett of Bramcote (b 25.06.1680, dvp 06.01.1715-6)
  m. (11.11.1704) Elizabeth Tracy (d 27.05.1747, dau of William Tracy, 4th Viscount)
  Through this marriage came a claim for the barony of Latymer which was successful in 1912-3.
(a) Sir Robert Burdett, 4th Bart of Bramcote and Foremark (b 28.05.1716, d 15.02.1797)
  m1. (06.11.1739) Elizabeth Sedley (d 24.08.1747, dau of Sir Charles Sedley, Bart)
  ((1)) Francis Burdett (b 22.04.1743, dvp 03.02.1794)
  m. (30.12.1766) Eleanor Jones (d 30.05.1783, dau of William Jones of Ramsbury Manor)
  ((A)) Sir Francis Burdett, 5th Bart of Bramcote and Foremark (b25.01.1770, d 23.01.1844)
  m. (05.08.1793) Sophia Coutts (d 12.01.1844, dau of Thomas Coutts of London)
  ((i)) Sir Robert Burdett, 6th Bart of Bramcote and Foremark, Sheriff of Derbyshire (b 16.04.1796, d unm 07.06.1880, Colonel)
  ((ii)) Sophia Burdett (dsp 17.05.1886)
  m. (23.10.1833) Robert Otway, later Otway-Cave of Castle Otway (dvmsp 29.11.1844)
  ((iii)) Susannah Burdett (dsp(m) 17.05.1886)
  m. (29.11.1830) John Trevanion Purnell Bettesworth Trevanion of Caerhays (d 09.03.1840)
  ((iv)) Joanna Frances Burdett (d unm 04.04.1862)
  ((v)) Clara Maria Burdett, later Money-Coutts of Stodham Park (d 22.12.1899)
  m. (28.04.1850) James Drummond Money (d 20.4.1875, rector of Sternfield)
  In 1912 their son's claim to the long-in-abeyance Barony of Latymer was accepted by the House of Lords. He was summoned to Parliament as Lord Latymer by writ in 1943.
((vi)) Angelina Georgina Burdett, Baroness Burdett-Coutts (b 21.04.1814, dsp 30.12.1906)
  m. (12.02.1881) William Lehman Ashmead Bardlett, later Burdett-Coutts (d 28.07.1921)
  ((B)) William Jones Burdett of Copt Hall (b 23.08.1772, d 02.10.1840) had issue
m. (24.10.1811) Sarah Holmes Hodgkinson, later Brent (d 31.01.1871, dau of Capt. _ Hodgkinson, niece of Timothy Brent)
  ((C)) Elizabeth Burdett (d 30.11.1855)
  m. (26.05.1800) Sir James Langham, 10th Bart of Cottesbrooke (b 21.08.1776, d 14.04.1833)
  ((D))+ other issue - Charles Sedley (d 10.1793), Mary Eleanor (d unm 27.11.1797), Frances (d 30.04.1846)
  ((2)) Elizabeth Burdett (d 02.08.1807)
  m. (1770) Francis Mundy (b 1739, d 23.10.1815)
m2. (17.07.1753, sp) Caroline Manners (d 10.11.1769, dau of John Manners, 2nd Duke of Rutland)
  (b) Mary Burdett
  m. Richard Pyott of Strutway (Colonel)
  (c) Anne Burdett (d 08.01.1759)
m. Wrightson Mundy of Markeaton (b 1715, d 18.06.1762)
  (d) Dorothy Burdett
  m. John Rolleston (rector of Aston)
  (e)+ other issue - Elizabeth, Jane (d unm), Frances
  (iii) Jane Burdett
  m. Sir John Cotton, 6th Bart of Connington (d 27.03.1752)
  (iv)+ other issue - Francis (b 03.09.1666, d 25.05.1667), Henry (b c1690, d 1705), others (d infant)
  m3. (sp) Mary Brome (dau of Thomas Brome of Croxhall)
  (B) John Burdett of Donisthorpe (dsp)
  m. Anna Muggleston
  (C) Elizabeth Burdett
  m. (07.11.1661) Edmund Joddrell of Eardsley & Twemlow
  (D) Jane Burdett
  m. Edward Hopegood
  (E)+ other issue (d unm) - Francis (d 18.04.1709), Walter of Knowle Hall, Thomas (d 12.08.1698), Dorothy (d 04.09.1718), Mary (m?, d 15.04.1701)
  (2) Robert Burdett (alderman of London)
  m. Mary Wright (dau of _ Wright, alderman)
It is presumed that Robert was the Alderman of London reported by BLG1866 to have been father of the following sons who moved to Ireland.
  (A) Thomas Burdett of Garrahill ancestor of Burdett of Dunmore
  (B) Samuel Burdett of Lismalin (d 1664)
  m. Judith
  (i) George Burdett of Lismalin (dsp)
  (ii) John Burdett (d 1726, Dean of Clonfert)
  m. Margaret Cole (dau of Sir John Cole, Bart of Newland)
(a) Arthur Burdett of Lismalin and Ballymany
  m. (1725) Grace Head (dau of John Head of Derry Castle)
  ((1)) George Burdett of Heath House, Queens' County
  m. Jane Frend (dau of John Frend)
  ((A)) Arthur Burdett of Ballymany had issue
  m. (1810) Anna Ripley (dau of William Ripley of Liverpool)
((B)) George Burdett of Longtown House, Kildare (Captain RN) had issue
  m1. Mary Jane Whitelock (dau of Maj. Gen. _ Whitelock)
  m2. Catherine Dorothea Brown (dau of Lt. Col. William Brown of Glengarry)
  ((C)) John Burdett (rector of Ballygarth) had issue
  m. (12.1802) Margaret Head (dau of Michael Head of Derry Castle)
  ((D)) Grace Burdett
  m. Henry Peisley L'Estrange of Moystown
((E)) Jane Burdett
  m. Francis Brooke (dsp, Lt.Col., brother of Sir Henry, Bart of Colebrook)
  ((2)) Grace Burdett (d 08.03.1816)
  m. (1771) Barry Maxwell, 1st Earl of Farnham, 3rd Lord (d 07.10.1800)
  ((3))+ other issue - Arthur of Bellavilla (dsp 1796), 2 daughters
  (b) Lettice Burdett
  m. Algernon Warren of Kilkenny
  (3) Catharine Burdett
  m. Seabright Repington of Amington
(4) Isabel Burdett
  m. John (probably not Francis) Merrick of London
  (5) Lettice Burdett
  m. William Houncel of London
(6) Mary Burdett
  m. George Bowes of Elford
  (7) Jane Burdett
  m. Gilbert Thacker of Repton
  (8) Bridget Burdett
  m. Thomas Gresley, younger of Drakelaw (dvp)
  (9)+ other issue (d unm) - Leicester, Dorothy
b. Briget Burdett
  c. Mary Burdett
  m. Richard Frampton of the Middle Temple
  d. Anne Burdett
  m. John Bowes of Elford
  e. Elizabeth Burdett
  m. Anthony Hutton (son of Sir William of Perull)
  ii. Thomas Burdett
The following comes from www.maxson2000.net.
  m. Ann Wilson (b 1570, dau of Thomas Wilson by Agnes Winter)
  a. Samuel Burdett (b c1597, d 1664)
  m. Frances St. Lawrence (b 1617, dau of Nicholas St. Lawrence by Jane Montgomery)
  (1) Robert Burdick (b c1635, d 25.10.1692, to Rhode Island) had issue in Rhode Island
  m. (02.11.1655) Ruth Hubbard (b 11.01.1640, d c1692, dau of Samuel Hubbard and Tacy Cooper)
  iii. John Burdett
  B.+ other issue - George, Francis
2. Blanch Burdett married a Samborn, possibly ...
  m. Thomas Samborne of Sonning
3. Elianor Burdett
  m. _ Willerscotts
4. Katherin Burdett
  m. _ Tedley
5.+ other issue - Thomas (priest), Humphrie, William, Elizabeth

Main source(s): BP1934 (Burdett of Bramcote), Visitation (Leicestershire, 1617, Burdet Leic.) with input from BLG1886 (Burdett of Ballmany) and a little support from BP1934 (Latymer)
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