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Families covered: Frauncis of Allestrey, Francis (Frauncis, Fraunceys, Franceys, etc.) of Foremark
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(1) Visitation uses the spelling 'Frauncis' for this family but, for most generations, we use the more familiar modern spelling, Francis.
(2) We have yet to find a 'traditional source' to support the early generations of this family.
Alfred le Franceis
1. William le Franceis
  A. Robert le Franceis
  i. Thomas le Franceis
  m. Agnes (dau of Robert de Hurst)
  a. Robert le Franceis
  m. Isabella (dau of Roger de Bretton)
(1) Robert or William le Franceis
  m. Mabel (dau of Hugh de Luttchurch) or Sibill de Seggeden
  (A) William le Franceis (b 1195)
  m. Agnes (dau of Thomas de Bradleye)
  (i) John Franceis
  m. Margaret Scolice (dau of John Scolice by Alice)
  (a) William Franceis or Francys or Frauncys or Francis of Osmaston
  m. Agnes de Tykenhall (dau/coheir of Ralph de Tykenhall)
  ((1)) John Francis (b 1298)
  m. Margaret or Margery Beaufoy (dau of William Beaufoy of Trusley)
  ((A)) Sir Robert Francis of Ecclestone, later of Foremark - see below
  m. Cecily
  ((2)) Cicely Francis possibly of this generation
  m. Robert Fowcher



Other than to indicate that he was descended from an earlier Hugh of Allestrey, Visitation started with ...
Hugh Franceis of Allestrey, Derbyshire (a 1315, 1337)
1. William Frauncis (a 1338)
2. Sir Robert Frauncis of Foremark & Engeby (a 1337, 1379) - see possible ancestry above
  m. Cecily
  Some web sites identify Cecily as heiress of Foremark whilst other sites show earlier generations of this family as 'of Foremark'. Visitation reports that Sir Robert "purchased the manor of Foremark of Elias Verdon".
  A. Sir Robert Francis of Foremark, Engeby, Allestrey, etc. (a 1392, 1412)
  Some web sites show this Robert as married to an Isabel and also to Anne Clinton whom we show as married to his son. Some web sites show 2 wives called Isabel; one a daughter of Adam de Peshall (widow of Thomas Brampton of Longford) and the other Isabel Bernchard. We follow Visitation in showing just 1 wife called ...
  m. Isabell
  i. Robert Francis of Foremark, Sheriff of Staffordshire (a 1405, 1462)
  Some web sites show Robert as married to an Isabel (possibly Isabel Francis, a cousin) and also an Elizabeth (relict of John FitzHerbert of Somersall). We follow Visitation.
  m1. Anne Clinton (dau of Sir Thomas Clinton, son of William)
a. Thomas Francis of Foremark (a 1457)
  m. Isabel Montgomery (dau of Sir Nicholas Montgomery of Cubley)
  (1) Raufe Francis of Foremark (a 1485)
  m. (1475-6) Mary Delves (dau of John Delves)
(A) Raufe Francis of Foremark (a 1506)
  m. (1493-4) Elizabeth Babington (dau of John Babington of Dethick)
  (i) John Francis of Foremark
  m. Barbara Porte (dau of Sir John Porte, Judge)
  (a) John Francis (a 1569, dsp)
  m. Jane Sacheverell (dau of Henry Sachverell of Ratcliffe)
  (b) William Francis of Foremark
  m1. _ Verney
  m2. Elizabeth Francis (dau of William Francis or Frauncis of Tichnall)
((1)) Jane Francis
  m. (1602) Sir Thomas Burdett, 1st Bart of Bramcote (b 1585, d by 1647)
  (c) Jane Francis
  m1. Thomas Bradshaw of Windley
  m2. John Hill (not Bill) of Pipe
  b. Cicely Francis
  m. William FitzHerbert
  c. Margaret Francis
  m1/2. Robert Wels
  This Margaret appears (also) to have married (first?) ...
  m2/1. (before 1466) Nicholas FitzHerbert of Upton, later of Tissington (d 1472)
  d.+ other issue - Joan (nun), Elizabeth (nun), Isabel
  m2. Elizabeth
g. Agnes Francis
  m. Sir Robert Hildiard
  h. Joan Francis
  Visitation (Derbyshire, Frauncis) shows Joan married to a Robert Willoughby. Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1569+1615, Whalley) identifies him more fully and names their daughter as follows.
  m. Robert Mallett of Willoughby (son of Richard by Isabell, dau/heir of John Ward (by Isabell, dau/heir of Sir John Selioke) son of John Ward, lord of Willoughby)
(1) Anne Mallett
  m. Thomas Hatfield of Willoughby
  i. Elizabeth Francis
  m. John Finderne of Finderne ## see here? ##
  ii. Thomas Francis
  iii. Isabel Francis (d 13.06(01?).1457)
  m. Sir Gervaise Clifton
  iv. Joan Francis
  m. Thomas Harcourt of Bosworth
v. Anne Francis
  m1/2. Robert Stanton
  This may have been the Anne (or possibly it was her sister Joyce) who (also) married ...
  m2/1. William Greville of Milcote
  vi. Alice Francis
  m. Richard Peyton (Peyto?) of Chesterton
  vii. Mary Francis
  m. Nicholas Strelley
  viii. Isabel Francis
  m. Robert Coney of Weston Coney
  ix. Joyce Francis
  m. Thomas Giffard of Chillington (d 1420)
  x. Cecily Francis
  m. Richard Cherleton
  B. Margaret Francis possibly of this generation
  m. Richard Hoorde of Maisters (a 1425)
  C.+ other issue - John, Simon, Jane



Presumed to have been connected with the above family, but in what way is not yet known, was ...
Sir Adam Francis or Fraunceys, Lord Mayor of London
m. Agnes Champnes (dau/coheir of William Champnes) wife of Sir Adam & mother of ...
1. Adam Francis
  A. Elizabeth Francis probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Knightley or Charlton of Apley Castle
2. Maud Francis
  m. Sir John de Montacute, 3rd Earl of Salisbury (d 01.1400)
3. Elizabeth Francis probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Charleton (son of Thomas)
  A. Mary Charleton (heir)
  m. Thomas Browne of Langhouse

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : various web sites
(2) For middle section : Visitation (Derbyshire, 1569+1611, Frauncis of Foremark)
(3) For lower section : cross-references from elsewhere in the database
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