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Families covered: Hord of Bampton, Hoord of Bridgenorth, Hord of EwellHord of Hord Park, Hoord of Maisters, Hoord of Park Bromage, Hord of Walford, Hoord of Walrod

Richard Hord of Walford & Maisters, near Bridgenorth, Salop
m. Joce Young (dau of Sir Nicholas Young)
1. Richard Hord of Walford (d temp Edward II who r. 1307-1327)
This line is shown connected by dotted line, indicating some uncertainty on it.
  m. Eva (a 1306)
  A. John Hord
  i. Roger Hord of Walford & Roden, Sheriff of Salop (a 1372, 1381)
  a. John Hord or Hoord of Walford, etc. (d temp Richard II who r. 1377-1399)
  (1) Margaret Hord or Hoord
  m. Griffith Kynaston of Stocks & Walford (a 1430)
  B.+ other issue - Thomas, William (a 1330)
2. John Hoord of Walrod
m. _ Mortimer
  A. Richard Hord of Walrod
  i. Richard Hoorde of Maisters (a 1425)
  m. Margaret Francis (dau of Sir Robert Francis of Foremark)
  a. Thomas Hoord of Maisters, Sheriff of Salop (a 1457)
  m. Alice Palmer (dau/heir of John Palmer of Bridgenorth)
(1) Richard Hoord of Bridgenorth
  m. Agnes Perell (dau/heir of John Perell of Shrewsbury son of William, son of Reginald by Jane, dau of Frances Pakinton)
  (A) Thomas Hoord of Bridgenorth, Sheriff of Salop (d 11.06.1488)
  m. Joyce Stapleton (d 1489, dau/coheir of Sir John Stapleton (of Stapleton?) by Jane Drake)
  (i) John Hoord of Bridgenorth (d 31.05.1494)
  m. Alice Bulkeley (d 20.07.1526, dau of William Bulkeley of Beaumaris (sb Watercroft?))
Not clear on the order of the children, John being identified as the heir but shown as 3rd son in the row.
  (a) Richard Hoord
  m. Elizabeth Mathew (d 04.10.1555, dau/coheir of Sir David Mathew of Rader by Alice, dau/heir of Robert Veel by Anna Pointz)
  ((1)) John Hoord of Park Bromage, Salop (b c1512)
  m. Katharine Ottley (dau of Adam Ottley of Pitchford, m2. Edward Lutwyche)
  ((A)) Thomas Hoord of Parkbromage (a 1613)
  m. Mary Fox (dau/coheir of Edward Fox of Lutford (Ludford, Ludlow))
  ((i)) John Hoord (d 1628)
  m. Elizabeth Grosvenor of Bridgenorth
  ((a)) Bridget Hoord
  m1. Thomas Eddowes
  m2. Humphrey Vise
  ((b))+ other issue - Thomas, John
  ((ii)) Bridget Hoord
  m. Charles Markham of Tankerley
  ((iii)) Dorothy Hoord
  m. William Primrose of Stoke
  ((iv))+ other issue - Catharine, Joanna, Maria, Anne
  ((B)) William Hoord
  m. Elizabeth (dau of Giles Harnage (sb Heneage?))
  ((C)) Edward Hoord (youngest son)
  m. Mary Millett (dau of John Milltee of Hayes)
  ((i))+ issue - Edmund, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Frances, Ann, Mary, Joan
  ((D)) Dorothy Hoord (a 1581)
m. Robert Barker
  ((E))+ other issue George (a 1581), Fracis, Richard (bpt 26.12.1567, minister in Essex), Nicholas, Mary (a 1581), Susan (a 1581), Winifred (a 1581), Anne (a 1581), Elizabeth (a 1581)
  ((2))+ other issue - Jerome, Francis
  (b) Thomas Hord 'of Hord Park' of Bridgenorth (d 09.01.1522)
  m. Dorothy Harpur (dau/heir of John Harpur of Rushall)
  ((1)) Frances Hoord (b c1516, dsp 1579)
  m1. Edward Rawlegh of Farmingho
  m2. Thomas Fermor of Estneston
  (c) Robert Hord (d 06.10.1505)
((1)) John Hord (d 20.04.1505)
  ((A))+ issue (a 1505) - Elizabeth (b c1602), Anne (b c1503)
  ((2)) Johanna Hord
  (d) Alan Hord 'of Ewell' (d 16.08.1554, Bencher of the Middle Temple)
  m. Dorothy Roberts (b c1507?, d 11.03.1577, dau of Thomas Roberts of Eyllesdon, m2. Sir Lawrence Taylare of Doddington)
  ((1)) Edmund Hord (d 29.10.1575, 2nd son)
  ((A)) Arthur Hord of Ewell
  m. Elizabeth Dunston of Newbury (m2. John Palk)
  ((i)) Thomas Hord of Islington (a 1635)
m. Elizabeth Philips (dau of William Philips of Staffordshire)
  ((B))+ other issue - Aleyn, Edmund, Dorothy, Elizabeth, Ann
  ((2)) Alan Hord of Ewell & Hord Park in Salop (d by 1606)
  m. Barbara Blount (dau of Walter (sb William?) Blount of Titenhanger, sister of Sir Thomas)
  ((A)) Sir Thomas Hord of Coate in Bampton, Oxfordshire (a 1634)
  m1. (07.11.1619) Frances Gardiner (dau of Sir Thomas Gardiner of Peckham)
  ((i)) Thomas Hord of Cote in Bampton (b c1623, d 06.11.1715)
  m1. Barbara Frinder (b 1630-1, d 12.08.1675, dau of Charles Frinder of Holwell by Jane (relict of William Rainton))
  ((a)) Barbara Hord (b c1654, d 07.01.1681)
  m. _ Palmer
  ((b)) Mary Hord(d 1713?)
  m. John Meynell
  ((c)) Frances Hord (a 1713)
  m. _ Chapman
  ((d)) Elizabeth Hord (d 1736)
m1. John Dreymell (draper)
  m2. (1713) Richard Dawson
  ((e)) Anne Hord (b 1658-9, bur 04.1757)
  m. Thomas Williams of Venice (a 1693)
  ((f)+ other issue - Charles of London (b c1656, d 29.07.1693), Alan (a 1715), Jane (b 1661-2, d 09.06.1681), others (d young)
  m2. Susannah de la Fontaine (b 1642-3, d 12.08.1680, dau of Sir Erasmus de la Fontaine of Kirby Beler)
  ((j)) Susannah Hord (d infant)
  ((k)) Juliana Hord
  m. Peter Wentworth of Henbury (bur 04.02.1738-9)
  m3. Mary Barford (d of Jonathan Barford, alderman of London, relict of _ Catlemain)
  ((ii))+ other issue - Alan, John in Oxfordshire & Warwickshire (a 1658), William (a 1658), Frances (bpt 11.03.16232-4, bur 29.03.1623-4), Barbara, Dorothy
m2. (before 1630) Ann Hastings (dau of Simon Hastings of Oxfordshire)
  ((viii)) Hastings Hord (a 1658)
  ((B)) Alan Hord (dsp before 09.11.1609)
  m. _ Hubbard (dau of Sir John Hubbard)
  ((C)) William Hord (dsp)
  ((D)) Elizabeth Hord
m. Robert Hobart of Hales
  ((E)) Dorothy Hord (d 29.07.1655)
  m. George Rowe of Kingston House, Staverton
  ((3))+ other issue - Thomas (a 1553, dsp), William, John, Catharine, Elizabeth, Mary (a 1553), Dorothy (a 1553, d 1606?), Ursula (a 1553)
  (e) Joyce Hord
m. Sir Edward Grey of Envill
  (f) Joan Hord
  m. Robert Gatacre of Gatacre
  (g) Jane Hord
  m. Richard Blayne of Hertfordshire
  (h)+ other issue - John (dsp), William, Edmund (Prior of Hinton Charter)
Possibly of the next generation, identified as "Perhaps son of one of the two brothers of Alan Hord, who died 1553-5", was ...
  ((1)) Roger Hoord of Woolvesay - continued below
  (ii) Mary Hord
  m. Sir Edmund Cornwall (d 1489)
  (iii) Alice Hord
  m. Sir Richard Lacon
  (iv) Jane (Joannna) Hord
  m. Sir John Gifford (d 1556, m2. Elizabeth Gresley)
  (v) Anne (or Alice) Hord
  m. William Charlton of Apley (d 1532-3)
  (2) ?? Hoord of Shrewsbury probably of this generation
  (A) John Hoorde
  (i) William Hoorde (dsp)
  (B) William Hoord of Shrewsbury (dsp)
  (C) daughter
  m. John Trentham



Roger Hoord of Woolvesay (d after 06.05.1580) - continued above
1. William Hoord or Whorde of Christchurch (London) & Winchester
  m1. ??
  A. John Hoord of Burpham (d 02.04.1650)
  m. ?? (a 1650)
  i. ?? Hoord or Hore (younger son)
  m. Anne Wilkinson of London (bur 29.07.1693)
  a.+ issue - Charles (bur 06.07.1693), James, Henry
  ii.+ other issue - John (a 1650, had issue), 2 sons, Charles of London (a 1651), 2 daughters
  B. Clara Hoord
  m. Sir Edmund Ashfield of Chesham
  C.+ other issue - Roger, Ellen
  m2. Mary
2. Ellen Illman Hoord
  m. _ Symons
  A.+ issue - Richard, Thomas, William, Alice
3. Alice Hoord
  m. _ Goodlake
  A.+ issue - Thomas, Roger, Christopher
4. Thomazine Hoord
  m. _ Chidley
  A.+ issue - Thomas, Alice

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