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Families covered: Stafford of Bishop's Frome, Stafford of Bromshull (or Bromshill, etc), Stafford of Grafton, Stafford of Hooke, Stafford of Sandon, Stafford of Southwick
On 09.10.05, some of the contents of this page were transferred here out of Stafford01 to facilitate expansion and further review. We acknowledge that a case could be made that this page should be treated as DRAFT rather than be released into the Database. We intend to review it further in due course.

(1) We still have some uncertainty as to the way we are showing how certain branches of this family interconnect with others. We have been greatly helped by:
   (a) input from a contributor (RS, 19/24.01.05) who provided us with the results of his research into the Grafton branch using the International Genealogy Index. Our views on the IGI are given on the Sources & Acknowledgements page.
   (b) input from a contributor (OWC, 04.07.09) who provided us with a schedule showing the descendants of Sir Humphrey Stafford of Grafton (b 1400) compiled from various sources including VCH, Debrett's Peerage (1820), and various web sites.
(2) The IGI and various web sites refer to the next few generations as 'of Sandon'. However, some other web sites mention Bromshull, spelled variously as Bromshall or Bromshill or Bramshall or Bramshill. BE1883 (Stafford of Suthwik and Devon) starts with Sir John, son of William of Bromshull "and a descendant of Hervey Bagot and Milicent Stafford" who are shown on Stafford01 as great-parents of the following William. BE1883 also shows that Sir John's younger son Ralph was, by Margaret Stafford, ancestor of the Staffords of Grafton. The IGI and various web sites show that Ralph as son of Sir John of Sandon.
(3) Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 3, Northwich Hundred, Erdeswick) shows Margaret, the only daughter & heir of Sir James Stafford of Sandon, carrying Sandon into the Erdeswick family. With great presumption, we show that SIr John, son of the following William, had a younger brother Sir James to whom he passed Sandon.
William Stafford of Sandon = (?) William Stafford of Bromshull (b 1278, d 1307)
m. Isabella Stafford (dau of Robert de Stafford) identified by the IGI and some web sites
1. Sir John Stafford of Sandon = Sir John Stafford of Bromshull
  m1. Katherine Hastings mentioned by the IGI
  m2. Margaret Stafford (dau of Ralph de Stafford, 1st Earl of Stafford)
  IGI suggests that Margaret was sister rather than daughter of the 1st Earl but on this we provisionally follow BE1883. Douglas Richardson (author of various genealogy-related books including 'Plantagenet Ancestry') has suggested that Ralph, at least, may have been illegitimate, implying that either Sir John & Margaret never married or that Ralph (and presumably also Humphrey) were born before they married.
  A. Sir Humphrey Stafford
  IGI shows this Sir Humphrey as third son of Edmund de Stafford, 1st Lord. BE1883 shows him as the heir of Sir John (son of William of Bromshull) and elder brother of the Ralph who was ancestor of the Staffords of Grafton and also those of Blatherwycke. We follow BE1883 which identifies his wife merely as daughter and heir of _ Greinvill. IGI identifies her as ...
  m. (before 1365) Elizabeth Greville (dau of Adam Greville)
i. Sir Humphrey Stafford 'of Southwyck', Sheriff of Somerset and Dorset (b c1377, d before 29.11.1413)
  IGI shows Sir Humphrey as m1. Elizabeth, dau of Sir William Aumerie & widow of Sir John Maltravers of Hooke, m2. Elizabeth Cheyney, mother of Sir Humphrey. CTG (vol 6, 1840, p335) shows his marriages (and the mother of Sir Humphrey) as below.
  m1. Alice de Beville (dau/coheir of Sir Adam de Beville)
  a. Sir Humphrey Stafford of Hooke, Dorset (d 1442)
  m. (c1407) Elizabeth Maltravers (dau of John Maltravers of Hooke)
  (1) Sir Richard Stafford (dvp 1427) apparently fits here
m. Maud Lovel (dau of Sir Robert Lovel)
  (A) Avice Stafford (dsp 03.06.1457)
  m. James Butler, 5th Earl of Ormonde, Earl of Wiltshire (b 1420, dsp 1461)
  (2) John Stafford (dvp)
  m. (1426) Anne Botreaux (dau of William, Lord Botreaux)
  (A) Sir Humphrey Stafford (d 1452-3)
(i) Humphrey Stafford (dsp 1461-2)
  (3) William Stafford of Hook and Southwick (Berkshire) (d 18.06.1450)
  Some web sites identify this William as the William of Bishop's Frome (whom we show below) who was father of Margaret who married Sir George Vere and was mother of John, 14th Earl of Oxford, and others. However, TCP (Devon) reports that the heirs of his son Humphrey were Humphrey's cousins, the 3 daughers of his aunt Alice, which suggests that he had no sister who had issue.
m. Katherine Chidiock (dau of Sir John Chidiock)
  (A) Humphrey Stafford, Lord Stafford of Southwick, Earl of Devon (b 1439, dsps 17.08.1469)
  m. (after 21.06.1450) Isabel Barre (d 01.03.1488/9, dau of Sir John Barre of Knebworth by Idoine, dau/heir of John Hotoft)
  (4) Alice Stafford (d by 24.04.1448)
  Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Willoughby of Pehembury', p790) shows the wife of Sir Edward as Elinot, daughter rather than sister of William of Hook (father of Humphrey, Earl of Devon).
  m1. Sir Edmond Cheyney of Broke
  (A) Ellinor Cheyney mentioned by Vivian
  m. Sir Thomas Strangways
  (B) Alice or Elizabeth Cheyney (dsp)
  m. Sir John Coleshill or Coleshull
  (C) Agnes or Anne Cheyney
  m. Sir John Willoughby
  m2. (by 1432) Walter Tailboys, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (b c1391, d 13.04.1444)
b. John Stafford, Bishop of Bath & Wells, later Archbishop of Canterbury (d c1452)
  m2. Elizabeth Aumerie (d before 29.11.1413, dau of Sir William Aumerie of Middlechynnek, widow of Sir John Maltravers of Hooke)
  B. Ralph Stafford of Grafton, Worcestershire (b c1330, d 01.03.1409/10)
  IGI suggests that Ralph's wife was possibly dau of John Hastings, 2nd Earl of Pembroke, by Anne Manny, but BE1883, supported by TCP (Hastang) and the below-mentioned article in 'The Gentleman's Magazine', identifies her as ...
  m. Maud Hastang (dau of Sir John Hastang of Grafton)
  i. Sir Humphrey Stafford of Grafton (d 20.02.1418/9)
  m. Elizabeth Burdett (dau of John Burdett of Arrow by Margaret Fitton)
  a. Sir Humphrey Stafford of Grafton (b 1400, d 1450 (after 1467?)) the first mentioned by OWC (see above) and Baker
  m. (c1423) Eleanor Aylesbury (dau of Sir Thomas Aylesbury of Milton Keynes)
  (1) Thomas Stafford of Blatherwick & Dodford (dsp 15.08.1517) shown as eldest son by Baker
  (2) Sir Humphrey Stafford of Grafton & Blatherwick (b c1440, d 08.07.1486)
m. (08.1458) Catherine Fray (d 12.05.1482, dau of Sir John Fray by Agnes Danvers)
  (A) Humphrey Stafford of Blatherwick & Grafton, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (b c1461, d 1545-6)
  m1. Margaret Fogge (dau of John Fogge by Margaret Goldwell)
  m2. Joan (widow of William Lane)
  (B) William Stafford of Bradfield (d c1538)
  m. (1516) Anne Langford (dau/heir of Sir John Langford of Bradfield)
  (C) Anne Stafford
  m. (c1490) Richard Nevill, 2nd Lord Latymer (b 1468, d 1530)
  (D) Margaret Stafford
  m. John Archer (d 1520)
  (3) Anne Stafford (d after 1508)
  m. William Berkeley of Stoke Gifford (d 1501)
(4) Elizabeth Stafford
  m. Sir Richard Beauchamp, 2nd Lord Powyke (d 19.01.1502-3)
  (5) Joyce Stafford shown by some sites as a generation later
  m. Sir Marmaduke Constable of Flamburgh
  (6)+ other issue - Ralph, Richard, John
  partner(s) unknown
  (7) William Stafford
  (8) Jane Stafford
  m. Guy Wyrley
b. Anne Stafford (a 1508) possibly of this generation
  m1. John Clinton, 6th Lord (d 29.02.1488)
  m2. (after 04.08.1488) Richard Willoughby (of the Wollaton family)
  m3. Thomas Willicote
  Thanks to Douglas Richardson for advising us (11/12.06.09) of the following connection which will appear in the 2nd edition of 'Plantagenet Ancestry'.
  ii. John Stafford of Longridge, Staffordshire (d 1420)
  m. Elizabeth Cheyne (dau/coheir of John Cheyne of Bishop's Frome by Margaret, dau of John Devereux)
  a. Humphrey Stafford of Bishop's Frome (Herefordshire) & Eastham (Worcestershire) (d c1486)
  Douglas Richardson suggests that Humphrey m. (before 1446) Margaret Lichfield (b c1425, d by 1497, dau/heir of William Lichfield of Eastham by 2nd wife). Thanks to a contributor (DS, 24.12.11) for drawing our attention to VCH (Worcestershire, vol 4, Parishes: Eastham) where Humphrey's wife is identified as ...
  m. (before 1446) Margaret Corbett (b c1427, dau/heir of Roger Corbett (d 1430) by Elizabeth, dau of Sir William Lichfield of Eastham by Elizabeth, dau of Sir John Cornwall by Joan, dau of Sir William Wastneys of Eastham by Alice, dau of Walter Hewet)
  (1) William Stafford of Bishop's Frome (d before 1487)
Some web sites identify William as the same person as William Stafford of Hook & Southwick, but for the reasons explained above (where we show that William), that must be incorrect. Some web sites show him as a younger brother of Henry, 2nd Duke of Buckingham, but that Henry was born posthumously which makes that seem even more unlikely!
  m. Elizabeth Wrottesley (dau of Hugh Wrottesley of Wrottesley by Thomazsine, dau of John Greseley)
  (A) Margaret Stafford
  m. Sir George Vere of Earls Colne (d 1503)
  b. Sir John Stafford (d Towton 28.03.1461)
  c. SIr Fulk Stafford, Sheriff of Worcestershire (dsp before 26.01.1463)
  m. Margaret
  C. Joan Stafford
  The Draycote sources identify Joan's parents as Sir John de Stafford of Amblech & Bramshill, and Margaret, dau of Ralph, 1st Earl of Stafford.
  m. John de Draycott of Paynsley (d before 1399)
2. Sir James Stafford of Sandon possibly fits here
  A. Margaret Stafford married twice?
  m1. (1338-9) Thomas Erdeswick of Leighton
  m2. Sir John de Hardredeshull, Lord Hache (b 1291, d before 18.06.1369)

Main source(s):
(1) For Stafford of Hook and Southwick : BE1883 (Stafford of Suthwyk and Devon) with some support from TCP (Devon)
(2) For Stafford of Grafton & Blatherwick : information provided by various contributors, as reported above, with some support from 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Northampton' (George Baker, vol 1, 1830, 'Keynes, Ayote, Purefoy, Cressy, Aylesbury, Stafford, Wyrley, Benson, &c.', p356) and a little from 'Correspondence of Sylvanus Urban' in 'The Gentleman's Magazine' (vol 194, 1853, p379+)
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