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Families covered: St. Lawrence of Howth

Sir Amoricus or Amorey Tristram, 1st baron of Howth (d 1189)
TCP reports that "his romantic adventures ... are mythical."
m. _ Courcy (sister of Sir John Courcy, Earl of Ulster)
1. Sir Nicholas FitzAmorey, 2nd baron of Howth
  A. ??
  i. ??
Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  a. ?? St. Lawrence
  (1) ?? St. Lawrence
  (A) Adam St. Lawrence (d 1334)
  m. Scholastica
(i) Nicholas St. Lawrence of Howth (d 29.09.1404)
  m. Alice Plunkett (dau of John Plunkett of Beaulieu)
  (a) Stephen St. Lawrence of Howth (d 1435)
  m. Elinor Holywood (dau of Sir Robert Holywood of Artain)
  ((1)) Christopher St. Lawrence, Constable of Dublin Castle, 1st Lord Howth (d c1463)
  TCP reports that this was one of the (longstanding) Irish Peerages that were recognised "by prescription" in 1489 King Henry VII "but of the date or mode of whose creation nothing certain is known."
  m. (before 1435) Anne Plunkett (dau of ?? Plunkett of Rathmore)
((A)) Robert St. Lawrence, 2nd Lord Howth, Lord Chancellor of Ireland (b c1435, d 1486)
  BP1870 identifies Robert as the 15th baron of Howth.
  m1. (before 1459) Alice White (dau of Nicholas White of Killester)
  m2. (06/7.1478) Joan Beaufort (d 11.08.1518, dau of Edmund Beaufort, Duke of Somerset)
  BP1870 mentions only Robert's marriage to Joan Beaufort, identifying her as mother of 4 sons and 2 daughters, but TCP identifies Alice White as his first wife and mother of his heir. BP1870 appears certain that Joan was ancestress of the later Lords, referring within a note on the 19th baron to heritage from her.
((i)) Nicholas St. Lawrence, 3rd Lord Howth, Lord Chancellor of Ireland (d 10.07.1526) - continued below
  m1. Janet Plunkett (dau of Christopher Plunkett, Lord Killeen)
  m2. Anne Berford (dau of Thomas Berford of Kilrowe)
  m3. (02.1504/5) Alice FitzSimons (sister of Walter FitzSimons, Archbishop of Dublin, dau of Robert FitzSimons by Genet Cusack)
  ((ii)) Thomas St. Lawrence (a 1532, Attorney General of Ireland)
  ((a)) Margaret St. Lawrence
  m. William Bermingham (son of Patrick, Chief Justice)
  ((iii))+ ?? - 2 sons and 2 daughters
  ((B)) Margaret St. Lawrence possibly of this generation
  m. Sir William D'Arcy of Plattyn (d 1540, Vice Treasurer of Ireland)
2.+ 2 sons (d 1203)



Nicholas St. Lawrence, 3rd Lord (16th baron) Howth, Lord Chancellor of Ireland (d 10.07.1526) - continued above
m1. Janet Plunkett (dau of Christopher Plunkett, Lord Killeen)
TCP reports that Jane's parents were Christopher Plunkett, 2nd Lord Killeen, and Janet Bellew. BP1870 reports that her father was Christopher, 3rd Lord. We provisionally follow the latter which is supported by BP1934 (Fingall).
1. Christopher St. Lawrence, Sheriff of co. Dublin, 4th Lord Howth (d 20.04.1542)
  m. (before 1509) Anne Bermingham (sister of Richard Bermingham of Ballydungan)
A. Edward St. Lawrence, 5th Lord Howth (b c1508, d 02.07.1549)
  m. Alison FitzLyons (dau of James FitzLyons of Aucheston)
  i. Richard St. Lawrence (dvpsp)
  m. _ FitzSimon of Dublin
  ii. Anne St. Lawrence
  m. Bartholomew Dillon of Keppoch
iii. Alison St. Lawrence
  m. John Golding whose heiress was ...
  a. Alison Golding
  m. James Cusack of Clonard
  b. Elizabeth Golding possibly of this generation
  m. Robert Taylor
B. Richard St. Lawrence, 6th Lord (19th baron) Howth (dsp 1558)
  m. (before 03.1550) Catherine FitzGerald (natural dau of Gerald, 9th Earl of Kildare)
  C. Christopher St. Lawrence, 7th Lord Howth (d 24.10.1589)
  m1. Elizabeth Plunkett (a 03.1564, dau of Sir John Plunkett of Beaulieu by Anne Barnewall)
  i. Nicholas St. Lawrence, 8th Lord Howth (b c1555, bur 21.05.1607)
  m1. Margaret Barnewall (dau of Sir Christopher Barnewall of Turvey by Marion Sherle)
  a. Christopher St. Lawrence, 9th Lord Howth (d 24.10.1619, Colonel)
  m. (before 1597) Elizabeth Wentworth (d 1627, dau of John Wentworth of Horkesley and Gosfield by Dorothy Southwell)
(1) Nicholas St. Lawrence, 10th Lord (23rd baron) Howth (b 1597, d 1643/4)
  m. Jane Montgomery (d c1678, dau of George Montgomery, Bishop of Meath, by Susan Steynings)
  As mentioned below, BP1870 reports that Lord William (who d 1671) was son of this marriage.
  (A) Susanna St. Lawrence
  m. Michael St. Lawrence
  (B) Elizabeth St. Lawrence
  BP1870 reports that Elizabeth died unmarried. TCP identifies her as the widow of Colonel Fitzwilliam who married her cousin, Lord Howth.
  m1. _ Fitzwilliam (Colonel)
  m2. (c1650) William St. Lawrence, 12th Lord Howth (bpt 14.09.1628, d 17.06.1671) @@ below
  (C) Frances St. Lawrence
  m1/2. Sir James Montgomery of Rosemount
  The above marriage is as reported in BP1870. This Frances has also been identified in some web sites as married to the following Samuel but we are not sure what reliable evidence there is to prove this.
  m2/1. Samuel Burdett (b c1597, d 1664)
(D) Margaret St. Lawrence (d unm)
  (2) Thomas St. Lawrence of Stoke, 11th Lord Howth (d 1649)
  TCP reports that "The succession of this Thomas to the Barony (omitted in all previous peerages) was first pointed out by Horace Round in ... Jan. 1898." BP1870 shows his elder brother Nicholas as father of William whom we, following TCP, show as his successor.
  m. (by 1628) Elenor Lynne (dau of William Lynne of Wormingford and Little Horkesley by Audrey Watts)
  (A) William St. Lawrence, 12th Lord Howth (bpt 14.09.1628, d 17.06.1671)
BP1870 identifies William's wife merely as Elizabeth, widow of Colonel Fitzwilliam. TCP names her ...
  m. (c1650) Elizabeth St. Lawrence (dau of Nicholas St. Lawrence, 10th Lord) @@ above
  (i) Thomas St. Lawrence, 13th Lord Howth (b 1659, d 30.05.1727)
m. (23.09.1687) Mary Barnewall (b 20.07.1670, d 16.10.1715, dau of Henry Barnewall, 2nd Viscount, by Mary Nugent)
  (a) William St. Lawrence, 14th Lord Howth (b 11.01.1688, d 04.04.1748)
  m. (02.08.1728) Lucy Gorges (b 03.01.1711, dau of Lt. Gen. Richard Gorges of Kilbrew)
((1)) Thomas St. Lawrence, 1st Earl of Howth (b 10.05.1730, d 29.09.1801)
  m. Isabella King (b 02.08.1729, d 20.10.1794, dau of Sir Henry King, 3rd Bart)
  ((A)) William St. Lawrence, 2nd Earl of Howth (b 04.10.1752, d 04.04.1822)
  m1. (01.06.1777) Mary Bermingham (b 26.10.1752, d 20.07.1793, dau of Thomas Bermingham, Earl of Louth)
  ((i)) Harriet St. Lawrence (d 1830)
  m. (22.01.1801) Arthur French St. George of Tyrone (b 08.08.1780, d 01.01.1844)
  ((ii)) Isabella St. Lawrence (d 04.1827)
  m. (05.1803, div 1820) William Richard Annesley, 3rd Earl Annesley (b 16.07.1772, d 25.08.1838)
  ((iii)) Matilda St. Lawrence (d 1849)
  m. William Burke of Quansborough (d 10.07.1859, Major)
((iv)) Mary St. Lawrence (d 1825)
  m. Clifford Trotter
  m2. Margaret Burke (b c1775, d 19.09.1856, dau of William Burke of Keelogues by Margaret Coleman)
  ((v)) Thomas St. Lawrence, 3rd Earl of Howth (b 16.08.1803, d 04.02.1874) had issue
  m1. (09.01.1826) Emily De Burgh (b 13.08.1807, d 04.12.1842, dau of John Thomas De Burgh, 13th Earl of Clanricarde)
  m2. (27.02.1851) Henrietta Elizabeth Digby Barfoot (d 05.03.1884, dau of Peter Barfoot of Midlington House by Henrietta Digby)
((vi)) Catherine St. Lawrence
  m. (1828) Viscount Dungannon (d 1834)
  ((vii)) Elizabeth St. Lawrence (d 12.04.1863)
  m. (12.05.1831) Sir Edward Richard Borough, Bart
  ((B)) Thomas St. Lawrence, Bishop of Cork & Ross (b 1755, d 10.06.1831)
  m. Frances Coghlan (dau of Rev. Henry Coghlan)
  ((i)) Thomas St. Lawrence (dsp 1833)
  m. (1816) Harriet Gray (dau of Lt. Gen. John Gray)
((ii)) Edward St. Lawrence (dsp 21.06.1842, prebendary of Cork)
  m. Elizabeth Colthurst (dau of Sir Nicholas Colthurst, Bart)
  ((iii)) Robert Kingsborough St. Lawrence (b 29.09.1797, dsp 06.1866, rector of Moragh)
m. (03.09.1850) Elizabeth Anne Townsend (dau of R.B. Townsend of Castle Townsend)
  ((iv)) Emma St. Lawrence (d 1865)
  m. (1805) Rev. William Lewis Beaufort
  ((v)) Isabella St. Lawrence (d 03.11.1830)
  m. (08.08.1808) John Leslie, Bishop of Elphin (b 12.10.1772, d 22.07.1854)
  ((vi)) Letitia St. Lawrence (d 1833)
  m. (18.10.1830) Rev. Richard Jephson Rothe
((vii)) Frances Elizabeth St. Lawrence
  m. (09.07.1836) Robert Morgan Tighe of Mitchelstown (d 1853)
  ((C)) Isabella St. Lawrence (b 30.08.1751, d 28.10.1836)
  m. (16.11.1773) Dudley Cosby, Lord Sydney of Leix (dsp 17.01.1774)
  ((D)) Elizabeth St. Lawrence (d 1799)
  m. (07.02.1786) Sir Paulus Emelius Irving, Bart
  ((E)) Frances St. Lawrence (d 01.1842)
  m. (15.10.1808) James Phillott (archdeacon of Bath)
((2)) William St. Lawrence (b 01.06.1732, d 10.04.1749)
  ((3)) Mary St. Lawrence (d 04.10.1787)
  m. (15.08.1750) Sir Richard Gethin, Bart
  (b) Mark St. Lawrence had issue
  m. Mary Travers
  (c) Elizabeth St. Lawrence (d 08.1727)
  m1. (21.02.1716) Edward Rice of Mount Rice
  m2. (1721) Dominick Quin of Quinsborough
  (d)+ other issue - Charles (d infant), Henry (d unm 07.01.1735), Nicholas (d unm 29.10.1747), Oliver (d after 1722), Mary (d unm), Mable (d unm)
  (ii) Charles St. Lawrence (d unm)
  (iii) Mary St. Lawrence (d 26.08.1705)
  m. (1672) Henry Montgomery, 3rd Earl of Mount Alexander (d 22.10.1731)
  (iv) Sarah St. Lawrence
  m. Thomas Stepney of Meath
  (v) Martha St. Lawrence
  m. Hugh O'Neile (son of Sir Bryen, Bart)
(3) Margaret St. Lawrence
  m1. William Fitzwilliam
  m2. Michael Burford
  b.+ other issue - Thomas, Edward, Richard, Amory, daughters
  m2. (by 1591) Mary Whyte (d 25.07.1607, dau of Sir Nicholas Whyte of Leixlip, Master of the Rolls, by ?? Sherlock, Mary was widow of Christopher Darcy of Platyn then Robert Browne of Mulrankan)
  g. Margaret St. Lawrence
  m1. Jenico Preston, 5th Viscount Gormanston (b c1584, d 14.03.1629/30)
  m2. (sp) Lucas Plunkett, 1st Earl of Fingall (b c1589, d 29.03.1637)
  h. Alison St. Lawrence ('youngest dau') possibly of this generation
  m. (1616) Thomas Luttrell of Luttrellstown
  m2. Cecilia Cusack (d 17.07.1638, dau of Henry Cusack, alderman of London)
m2. Anne Berford (dau of Thomas Berford of Kilrowe)
m3. (02.1504/5) Alice FitzSimons (sister of Walter FitzSimons, Archbishop of Dublin, dau of Robert FitzSimons by Genet Cusack of Gerardstown)
Probably/possibly of this generation, but by which wife is unknown, were ...
2. Eleanor St. Lawrence
  m. Sir Walter Chevers of Macetown
3. Marian St. Lawrence ('youngest dau')
  m. Christopher Nugent (dvp 1531)

Main source(s): BP1870 (Howth), TCP (Howth)
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