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Families covered: Barre of Billing, Barre (Barry) of Stanton Barry, de la Barre of Rotherwas, Borough (Bart), Beke of Haddenham, Best of Landimer (Landimore)

Possibly connected to the Barry family on Barry01 was ....
William Barre (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189)
1. Ralph Barre (a 1207)
  m. Margaret
A. Simon Barre of Billing, Northamptonshire (a 1203)
  i. Sir Ralph Barre of Billing & Stanton (a 1235)
  ii. Sir Peter Barre (a 1240)
  a. Sir Robert Barre (d 1324-5, MP for Buckinghamshire then Northamptonshire)
  m. Matilda de Aylesbury (dau of Philip de Aylesbury)
  (1) Thomas Barre of Stanton Barry
  m. Petronilla
  (A) Robert Barre (b c1308, a 1338, MP for Northamptonshire)
  m. Cecily (d 1349)
  (i) William Barre (b c1333, a 1376)
  (a) Petronilla Barre of Stanton Barry (a 1397)
  m. Hugh Boveton of Yardley Gobion
  (ii) Robert Barre (a 1361, MP for Buckinghamshire)
  (2)+ other issue - Richard, John, Robert (rector of Gayhurst)
  iii. Simon Barre
  B.+ other issue - Robert (rector of Billing), Gerard, Hugh, William, Alexander



Possibly connected to the above family was ....
Thomas de la Barre of Rotherwas, Sheriff of Herefordshire (MP)
m. Hawise Pembridge (sister/coheir of Sir Richard Pembridge of Ayot St. Lawrence)
1. Sir Thomas de la Barre of Barre's Court in Holmer, Rotherwas & Clehonger and Ayot St. Lawrence (Hertfordshire), Sheriff of Herefordshire then Essex & Hertfordshire (b c1349, d 18.12.1419, MP)
m. (by 1381) Elizabeth Croyser (d 14.12.1420, dau of Sir William Croyser of Stoke Dabernon, widow of Sir Ralph Camoys & Sir Edward Kendale of Hitchin)
  A. Sir Thomas de la Barre (d c08.1420)
  m. (by 1410) Alice (Alesia) Talbot (sister of John Talbot, Lord Furnival (later 1st Earl of Shrewsbury))
  i. Sir John Barre (d 1483)
  m1. Edom (Idoine) Hotofte (dau/heir of John Hotofte)
  a. Isabella Barre (d 01.03.1488/9)
  m1. (after 21.06.1450) Humphrey Stafford, Earl of Devon (b 1439, dsps 17.08.1469)
  m2. Sir Thomas Bourchier
  m2. (by 1473) Joan (widow of Robert Greyndour)
  ii. Elizabeth Barre
  m. Sir Edmund Cornewall
  iii. Joan Barre
  m1. Sir Kynard Delabere
  m2. (Sir) William Catesby of Northamptonshire
  iv. Ancharet Barre
  m. John Hanmere
  B. daughter
2.+ 2 sons (dvpsp?)



Elias Boireau or Bouherau, later of Dublin
BP1870 reports that Elias "left France (the neighbourhood of Rochelle) at the revocation of the edict of Nantes, and settled in Ireland".
1. _ Borough of Dublin (Town Major of Dublin)
  A. Richard Borough of Querin, co. Clare
  m. Dorothy Jones (dau/heir of Randall Jones of Querin, widow of _ Freeman of Cork)
  i. Randall Borough (d unm)
ii. William Blakeney Borough (d 1826, Lt. Colonel)
  m. Jane Boyd (dau of Archdeacon _ Boyd)
  a. Dora Borough
  m. (1830) William Wybrow
b.+ other isuse - Elias, Hannah
  iii. Sir Richard Borough 'of Basildon Park', 1st Bart (b 18.04.1756, d 22.01.1837)
  m. (21.081799) Anna Maria Lake (d 14.06.1863, dau of Gerard, 1st Viscount Lake)
  a. Sir Edward Richard Borough of Gleenavena, 2nd Bart (b 20.06.1800, a 1870, dspms?) had issue
  m. (12.05.1831) Elizabeth St. Lawrence (d 12.04.1863, dau of William, 2nd Earl of Howth)
  b. Gerard Charles Borough (b 31.07.1807, d unm 1835, Captain)
  c. Amabel Elizabeth Borough
  m1. (1822) Thomas William (Fermor), 4th Earl of Pomfret
  m2. (05.1834) Rev. William Thorpe (d 1865)
  d. Georgina Theodosia Borough (d 1837)
  m. (14.03.1831) John Wilson Barlow
  e. Augusta Borough
  m. (07.05.1832) Rev. John Henry Fludyer of Ayston



Richard Beke
1. Richard Beke
  A. Richard Beke 'of Haddenham' (b c1596, bur 06.01.1627)
  m. Colubery Lovelace ('sister of Lord Lovelace')
  i. Sarah Beke (b c1600, d 1667)_
  m. (1624) Alexander Croke of Studley
  B. daughter possibly fits here
  m. Edward Welden of Braye



Sharing a pedigree with the family shown above, apparently with the same coat of arms, but not actually connected to the above, was ...
Henry Beake of Haddenham (bur 01.03.1653)
m. Frances of York
1. Sir Richard Beke 'of Haddenham' (bpt 08.09.1630, Major)
  m. (07.02.1655) Levina Whetstone (dau of Roger Whetstone of the Netherlands)
  A. Richard Beke (d 29.11.1707, Colonel, MP)
  m. Elizabeth Lee (d 30.05.1737, dau of Sir Thomas Lee, Bart, by Anne, dau of Sir John Davis of Pangbourne)
  i. Anne Beke (b 04.05.1685, bur 20.03.1752)
  m. Mark Antonie of Bloomsbury, Middlesex
  a.+ issue - John of Bloomsbury (d unm bur 25.05.1760), Richard of Colworth (bur 07.12.1771)
  ii. Elizabeth Beke (bpt 28.01.1686, bur 08.06.1696)
  iii. Mary Beke (bpt 29.09.1687)
  m. John Baynes (serjeant-at-law) ## but see here ##
  a. Lucy Baynes (a 1748)
  m. Francis Lee



Richard Best, 1st of Landimore or Landimer (Halifax, Yorkshire) (d 1660)
m1. ??
1. John Best of Landimer (dvm?)
  m. Martha Nappean (m2. _ Bairstow)
  A. Martha Best (bpt 08.06.1638, d 06.03.1712)
  m1. William Ryall
  m2. (07.05.1662) Joseph Dawson (minister)
2. Michael Best (dvm?)
  m. Mary (d 30.01.1675, m2. Daniel Hemmingway of the Mountain)
  A. Mary Best
  m. Nicholas Bayley of Bealdon
3. Mary Best (dvm?)
  m. Daniel Hemmingway of the Mountain (m2. Mary, relict of Michael Best)
  A. Mary Hemmingway (b c1635, bur 25.02.1695)
m. Jonathan Lacock or Locock
m2. Martha Wood (maid servant, m2. Samuel Wardman)
4. John Best of Landimer (d 23.11.1678)
  m. _ Whitley (d 21.07.1677, dau of Matthew Whitley of Wiltshire)
  A. Charles Best of Landimer (bpt 07.07.1675, bur 07.08.1700)
  m. (04.11.1690) Jane Oxley of Bradford
  i.+ 4 children (a 1698)
5. Michael Best (dsp bur 18.10.1683)
  m. (19.04.1679) Anne Whitley (bur 08.04.1684, dau of Matthew Whitley, widow of _ Lawrence)
6. Mary Best (bur 01.06.1706)
  m. (03.10.1681) Joseph Priestley (son of Thomas of Holdsworth)

Main source(s):
(1) For Barre of Billing & Stanton (uploaded 09.07.15) : 'Pedigree of Barre, or Barry, of Stanton-Barry' in George Lipscomb's 'History and Antiquities of the County of Buckingham' (vol IV, 1847, p345)
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