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Families covered: Tremayne of Collacombe, Tremayne of Sydenham, Tremayne of Tremayne

(1) BLG1952 starts its article on this family with the following: "From the manor of Tremayne, in the parish of St. Martin, Helford Haven, Cornwall, this family derived, at a very remote period, its designation." Vivian varies in his spelling of the family name (Tremaen, Tremain, Tremayn, Tremayne) but, after just a few generations, we settle on Tremayne.
(2) There is a slight disagreement between our sources for the very earliest generations. BLG1952 & Commoners start with Perys Tremayne (a temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377) who is shown as father, by Opre Treskewys, of John (dsp) and Perys Tremayne of Tremayne who was father, by Onera Trevertea, of an unnamed son father of the Thomas who m. Isabella Trenchard. Vivian starts a generation earlier with ...
John de Tremaen
m. Margery Antron (dau of Peter Antron)
1. Peter or Perys de Tremaen
  m1/2. Elinor Canterbury (dau of John Canterbury)
  A. John de Tremaen (dsp?)
  m. Jone
  m2. Nichola de Reskywes (dau of Roger de Reskywes)
  B. Peter or Perys de Tremayn (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307)
  m. Onera Trevartes
  i. Richard de Tremayn (d 1354)
m. Mary Erney (dau of Sir Thomas Erney of Cornwall)
  a. John de Tremayne 'of Crowan' (a 1369, MP)
  m. Isabell
  (1) Agnes Tremayne (d 1355)
  m. Simon FitzRichard of Tregarthyn
  (2) Maude Tremayne
m. Jeffry Penrose
  b. Thomas Tremayne, last at Tremayne, later of Collacombe (Cornwall)
  Vivian designates Thomas as of Carwithenack in Constantine, Cornwall. BLG1952 designates him as shown.
  m. Isabella Trenchard (d 28.06.1408, dau/heir of _ Trenchard of Collacombe, m2. Sir John Dammerell)
  (1) Nicholas Tremayne (b by 1368)
m1. Joan Dodscombe (dau/heir of Sir John Dodscombe)
  (A) Thomas Tremayne (a 1408, d 01.02.1482)
  m. Elizabeth Carew (dau of Thomas Carew)
  (i) John Tremayne, Sheriff of Cornwall (b c1452, d 31.08.1504) - continued below
  m. Jane Warre (dau of Sir Francis Warre)
  (ii) Christopher Tremayne (d by 1505)
  (a)+ issue - John (b c1481, dsp 29.04.1507), Peter (dsp bur 10.12.1560), Jane (bur 28.03.1556), Anne (bur 27.05.1555)
  (iii) Joan Tremayne
  m. Sir Richard Edgecomb of Cothele (d 1499)
  (iv) Catherine Tremayne
  m. Ralph Prye of Cornwall
  (v) Jane/Johanna Tremayne
m. Oliver Kelly (b c1464, d 28.06.1511)
  (vi)+ other issue - Elizabeth, Agnes
  (B)+ other issue - Thomas (cleric), John (a 1473)
  m2. Maria
  (2) Richard Tremayne of Bodmin (3rd son) had issue
  m. Margaret (dau/heir of John FitzSimon of Bodmin)
  (3) Agnes Tremayne
  m. William Coryton of Cornwall
  (4)+ other issue - John, James of Mary Tavy (a 1409), Thomas (rector of Auton Giffard, canon of St. Peter's in Exeter)



John Tremayne of Collacombe, Sheriff of Cornwall (b c1452, d 31.08.1504) - continued above
Commoners identifies John's wife as _ Warr. BLG1952 identifies her Emma, dau of John Beare of Huntsham. Vivian shows that it was a younger son of this John, another John, who married Emma Beare and that this John married ...
m. Jane Warre (dau of Sir Francis Warre)
1. Thomas Tremayne of Collacombe, Sheriff of Cornwall (bur 16.01.1562-3) named John by Commoners
  m. Philippa Grenville (bur 02.04.1571, dau of Roger Grenville (Grenfield) of Stowe)
BLG1952 mentions that Thomas & Philippa had a total of 8 sons & 8 daughters but names only the 3rd son. Digory. Commoners names the 8 sons. Vivian names the 8 sons plus 5 of the daughters.
  A. Roger Tremayne of Collacombe (d 28.02.1571-2)
  Commoners shows Roger, eldest son, as having dsp. Vivian shows that this should be dspms.
  m. (01.02.1550-1) Anne Coffin (d 01.03.1592, dau of Richard Coffin, m2. John Smith of Lanwarnick)
  i. Wilmot Tremayne (bpt 13.06.1549)
  m. Thomas Smith of Dulo
  ii. Philippa Tremaine (bpt 14.05.1555, bur 08.04.1612)
m. (20.01.1573-4) Hannibal Vivian of Trelowarren (bur 20.02.1609)
  iii. Dyonisia Tremayne
  m. (23.02.1595-6) John Patie
  iv.+ other issue - John (dvp bur 23.07.1553), Mary (bpt 18.09.1562, a 1582)
  B. Edmond Tremayne (bur 20.09.1582, Clerk of the Privy Council for Q. Elizabeth)
  m. (26.09.1576) Ulalia St. Leger (dau of Sir John St. Leger of Annery, m2. Tristram Arscott of Launcells)
  i.+ issue (dsp) - Francis (bpt/bur 18.09.1580), Francis (bpt 2.04.1582, bur 06.11.1582), Elizabeth (bpt 03.12.1577, a 1600), Philippa (b 1582-3, a 1600)
C. Digory (Degorie) Tremayne of Collacombe (a 1569, bur 22.04.1601)
  m1. (31.12.1551) Elizabeth Vasey (dau of Thomas Vasey or Vasy of Tamerton, relict of Richard Browning)
  i. Arthur Tremayne of Collacombe (b c1550, bpt 04.04.1553, bur 04.02.1634-5)
  m. (02.06.1586) Mary Grenville (bur 25.03.1608, dau of Sir Richard Grenville (Greenfield) of Stowe)
  a. Edmund Tremayne of Collacombe (bpt 17.10.1587, bur 25.09.1667)
  m. (c05.1615) Bridget Cooper (bur 17.09.1670, dau of Sir John Cooper of Dorchester & Nutwell)
  (1) John Tremayne (bpt 13.08.1622, dvpsp bur 16.09.1658, 3rd son)
  m. (14.11.1652) Elizabeth Courtenay (d before 30.07.1687, dau of John Courtenay of Molland, m2. John Connock of Treworgy)
(2) Arthur Tremayne of Collacombe (bpt 10.09.1627, bur 20.07.1710, Colonel, 3rd son)
  m. Bridget Hatherleigh (bur 12.10.1659, dau of Nicholas Hatherleigh of Lamerton)
  (A) Edmund Tremayne of Collacombe (bpt 14.04.1649, bur 20.10.1698)
  m. (28.01.1673-4) Arabella Wise (bur 12.02.1696-7, dau/heir of Sir Edward Wise of Sydenham by Arabella, dau/coheir of Oliver, Lord St. John)
  (i) Arthur Tremayne of Sydenham, Sheriff of Devon (bpt 03.12.1678, bur 29.03.1709)
  m. Anne or Grace Tynte (bur 19.03.1711-2, dau of Sir Halswell Tynte, 1st Bart of Halsewell)
  (a) Arthur Tremayne of Sydenham, Sheriff of Devon (b 23.02.1700-1, d 1796)
  m. Dorothy Hammond of Wiltshire (bur 11.03.1750)
  ((1)) Arthur Tremayne of Sydenham (bpt 11.08.1775, d unm 12.1808)
  (ii) Arabella Tremayne (bpt 27.04.1681)
  m. (18.12.1704) John Harris of Manadon
  (iii) Bridget Tremayne (bpt 21.10.1684)
m. (12.11.1707) William Bickford of Dunsland
  (iv)+ other issue - Edward Wise (bpt 07.08.1688), Mary (bpt 08.04.1690, bur 30.04.1690)
  (B)+ other issue - Arthur (bpt 17.03.1649-50, bur 02.05.1650), Arthur (bpt 27.04.1652)
  (3)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 28.11.1617, bur 18.02.1641-2), John (bpt 02.04.1620, bur 09.10.1621), Edmund (bpt 12.11.1625, dsp), Mary (bpt 05.11.1616, bur 02.12.1617), Grace (bpt 10.01.1618-9, bur 31.01.1618-9)
  b. Digory Tremayne (bpt 22.01.1588-6, bur 22.03.1669-70)
  m1. (09.12.1613) Mary Addington (bur 23.10.1621, dau of William Addington of Harlow then Biddiford)
(1)+ issue (a 1620) - Grenfield/Grenville (bpt 02.10.1614), Arthur (b c1617)
  m2. (18.10.1628) Elinor Monk (bur 22.04.1630, dau of Anthony Monk)
  c. Ulalia Tremayne (bpt 14.10.1593)
  m. (22.10.1613) Thomas Lower of Trelaske
  d. Bridget Tremayne (bpt 04.12.1597)
  m. (20.04.1636) Bernard Flamank of Boscarne
e. Elizabeth Tremayne
  m. (24.08.1615) Baldwin Acland of Hawkridge (Hackeridge)
  f. Margaret Tremayne (bpt 18.11.1604)
  m. (05.04.1638) George Slee
  g. Catherine Tremayne
  m1. (26.07.1627) Roger Edgcumbe
  m2. Humphry Arundel
h. Rebecca Tremayne
  m. (21.01.1635-6) John Edgcumbe
  i.+ other issue - Arthur (a 1601, dsp), John (bpt 27.09.1592, dsp bur 17.05.1594), John (bpt 20.06.1596, a 1629), Richard (bpt 01.06.1600, a 1629), Roger (b c1603, bur 05.01.1676-7), Mary (bpt 27.06.1591, d infant?), Mary (bpt 14.01.1598-9, bur 07.09.1602), Mary (bpt 04.9.1603), Philadelphia (bpt 01.06.1606, bur 08.06.1606)
  ii. Lewis Tremayne (bpt 10.03.1555-6, bur 09.04.1556)
  m2. Katherine Courtenay (a 1601, dau of Sir Peter Courtenay of Ugbrook, widow of John Ley alias Kempthorne of Tonacombe)
  D. John Tremayne (a 1569, 1601)
  m. (c04.1580) Thomasin Harris of Liskeard
i. Elizabeth Tremayne
  m. (06.02.1602-3) John Gifford of Halsbury
  E. Richard Tremayne (twin with John, dsp bur 30.11.1584, vicar of Menheniot, Treasurer of Exeter Cathedral)
  m. (19.09.1569) Johannba/Jean Courtenay (bur 09.07.1595, dau of Sir Peter Courtenay of Ugbrook)
  F. Katherine Tremayne
  m. (21.10.1548) John Harris of Lanrest (d 26.08.1579)
  G. Bridget Tremayne (a 1601)
  m. Phillip Dennis of Padstow (b 1517-8, d 17.03.1564)
  H. Jane Tremayne (a 1601)
  m. (01.09.1561) John Southcot
  I. Mary Tremayne
m. William Samuel of Restormel
  J. Margaret Tremayne
  m. (c01.1555-6) Thomas Dennys
  K.+ other issue - Nicholas (d 1564), Andrew (d 1564), Robert (d infant), 3 daughters
2. Richard Tremayne 'of Tregonnan' of Upcott & Tregoddick
  m. Jane Wise (dau of Oliver Wise, widow of _ Devyocke)
3. John Tremayne had issue
  m. Emma Beare (dau of John Beare of Huntsham)
4. Maude Tremayne
  m. _ Upton of Trelaske
5. Margaret Tremayne
  m1. Oliver Wise of Sydenham
  m2. Sir James Chudleigh
6. Constance Tremayne
  m. Thomas Sawle of Penrice

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Tremayne of Collacombe', p730+), Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Tremayne', p616+), BLG1952 ('Tremayne of Heligan and Sydenham'), Commoners (vol I, 'Tremayne of Heligan')
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