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Families covered: Dennis (Dennys) of Giddicott (Giddycot), Dennis of Holcombe

Walter Dennis of Giddicott (Dennys of Giddycott), Devon
1. (Sir) John Dennis of Giddicott
  m. Joan Dabernon (dau/heir of John Dabernon of Bradford)
  A. Walter Dennis of Giddicott
  m. Maud Bockerell (dau/heir of Henry Bockerell of Allertrew, etc.)
  i. John or Richard Dennis of Giddicott
m. Alice Christenstow (sister/heir of William & dau of John Christenstow or Crystentowe son of John by Thomasin dau/heir of John Gobadsbey or Goodesley by Joane, dau/heir of Richard Chiderley or Chidersley of Wicroft/Wycroft)
  a. Walter Dennis of Giddicott
  m. Isodd (Isott) Durnford (dau of Stephen Durnford of Stonehouse & Rame)
  (1) Thomas Dennis of Giddicott & Holcombe, Devon
  m1. Elizabeth Hatche (dau of Robert Hauken/Hatche/Hache of Wolley)
  (A) Thomas Dennis of Holcombe
  m. Joane or Jennor Loveday (dau/heir of Phillip Loveday of Cheston)
  (i) Sir Thomas Dennis of Holcombe - continued below
  m1. Anne Wood of London (dsp)
  m2. Elizabeth Donne (dau/heir of Sir Angell Donne or Downe)
  (ii) Michael Dennis
  m. Margery Brookes of Hampshire
  (iii) Phillip Dennis
  (iv) Henry Dennis of Petrocke Stowe, Devon (d 26.06.1550)
In his work on Cornwall, Vivian identifies Henry's wife as Alice Speeke (m2. William Dennis). We presume that Alice was Henry's 2nd wife. In his work on Devon, he identifies her as Mary, dau of John Estlake. Even though the latter work was done earlier than the former, we (provisionally) follow the work on Cornwall as that shows their descendants whereas the work on Devon does not..
  m. Alice Speeke (m2. William Dennis, possibly of Orleigh)
  (a) Phillip Dennis (b 1517-8, d 17.03.1564)
m. Bridget Tremayne (a 1564, dau of Thomas Tremayne of Collscombe)
  ((1)) Phillip(a) Dennis (b 1573-4)
  m1. Francis Courtenay
  m2. Richard Savery
  ((2)) Zenobia Dennis (b 1560-1)
  (b) Thomas Dennis of Creede, Cornwall
m. Margaret Tremayne (dau of Thomas Tremayne of Collscombe)
  ((1)) Thomas Dennis of Menheniot of Cornwall (3rd son, rector of Menheniot)
  m1. Grace Polewheele (bur 10.07.1605, dau of John Polewheele of Polewheele)
  ((A)) Dorothy Dennis (bpt 07.07.1605)
  m. (19.12.1633) Thomas Bligh (rector of Pyworthy)
  ((B))+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 15.01.1604, a 1620), Grace (bpt 02.07.1603)
  m2. Grace Leigh (dau of WIlliam Leigh of St. Katherine's)
  ((D)) Edmund Dennis of St. Neot (bpt 23.09.1610, d before 25.06.1639)
  m. (22.11.1633) Honor Molewsorth (dau of John Molesworth of St. Kew, m2. John Godolphin of St. Kew)
  ((i)) Honor Dennis
  m. Augustyne Drake of Alphington
  ((ii))+ other issue - Edmond (dsp), Grace, Phillip, Mary
  ((E))+ other issue - Mary, Elizabeth (bpt 05.12.1614)
((2))+ other isuse - Henry (b c1604), Edmond (b c1606), Philip (b c1611), Richard, (b c1614), Oliver (b c1615), Mary, Katherine
  (c) Henry Dennis (dsp)
  (v) Richard Dennis
  m. _ Hennell or Peverell (coheir)
  (a) Gilbert Dennis
  (vi) Elinor Dennis
  m. William Hulse or Halse of Kensdon
  (vii) Alice Dennis
  m. John Milleton or Myliton of Mewe
  m2. Alice or Maud Bamfielde (dau of Sir Thomas Bamfielde of Poltimore)
  (B) Gilbert Dennis of Bradford, Devon
  (i) Radigund Dennis
  m. Robert (not Richard) Gifford of Yeo



Sir Thomas Dennis of Holcombe - continued above
m1. Anne Wood of London (dsp)
m2. Elizabeth Donne (dau/heir of Sir Angell Donne or Downe)
1. Sir Robert Dennis of Holcombe (d before 22.09.1592)
  m1. Mary Blunt (dau of William (not John or Walter) Blunt, Lord Mountjoy)
A. Ann Dennis
  m. Sir John Chichester (d 1585)
  B. Gertrude Dennis (a 1593)
  m1. John Arundell of Trerice (d 1580)
  m2. Edward (Parker), Lord Morley (d 1618)
  m2. Margaret Godolphin (dau/coheir of Sir William Godolphin)
  C. Sir Thomas Dennis of Holcombe (b c1559, d by 1622)
  m. Ann Pawlett (dau of William Pawlett, Marquess of Winchester)
  i. Anne Dennis
m. Sir Henry Rolle (dvp 1617)
  ii. Margaret Dennis
  m. Sir Arthur Mainwaring
  D. Elizabeth Dennis
  m1. John Sture or Stewer
  m2. Sir Thomas Acton
  m3. Gilbert Blackaller
  E. Philllip(a) Dennis (a 1592)
  m. William Drake
  F. Jane Dennis (a 1592)
  m. (Sir) _ Foulkes or Fowks (Captain)
G.+ other issue - Peter (dsp), Arthur, James, Margaret (a 1592), Mary (dsp)
2. George Dennis
3. Edward Dennis had issue
  m. Elizabeth Bedwell
4. Walter Dennis had issue
  m. ?? (widow of Sir John Fulford)
5. Gabriel Dennis had issue
  m. Elizabeth Swettman Potter of Kent
6. Ann Dennis
  m. Sir John Fulford of Fulford (b c1524, d 1580)
7. Frances Dennis
  m. Richard Cromwell
8. Margaret Dennis
  m. George Kirkham of Blakedon (dsp(m))

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, Dennis of Menheniot), Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Dennis of Holcombe Burnell)
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