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Families covered: Flamank of Boscarne (Buscane), Flamock of Nantalon

Stephen Flandrensis ('of Flanders') (a 1189) probably father of (or succeeded by) ...
1. Archemand probably father of (or succeeded by) ...
  A. Mark le Flamanc (a 1255) probably father of (or succeeded by) ...
  i. Sir Robert le Flamanc of Nantalon (a 1293)
  a. Roger Flamock
  m. Rose Treglow (dau/coheir of Peter Treglow (by Johanna, dau/heir of Richard Peverell), sister/heir of Roger)
  (1) Mark Flamock (a 1324, 1333)
(A) Reginald Flamock of Nantalon (a 1360)
  m. Johanna
  (i) John Flamock (a 1358)
  m. Alice Withiell
  (a) Richard Flamoke of Bukian, Cornwall (a 1412)
  m. Margaret Gerveis (dau of James (probably not Peter) Gerveis of Perin)
  ((1)) James Flamock
  Vivian shows James as beneficiary of a grant dated 31.12.21H8 (1529) but that probably should be 21H6 (1427).
m. Jane Trewynard (dau of Henry Trewynard by Johanna (who a 1442))
  ((A)) Richard Flamock (a 1514)
  m. Jane Lucomb (dau/heir of Thomas Lucomb of Bodmin)
  ((i)) Thomas Flamock 'of Heligan' (d 24.06.1497)
  m. Elizabeth Trelawnie (dau of John Trelawnie of Minwnick)
  ((a)) Jane Flamock
  m. Peter Fantleroy
  (((1))) Margaret Fantleroy
  m. Robert Hill
  ((ii)) John Flamank (d 1540-1) - continued below
  m. Joyce Honstant (dau of Sir Richard Honstant (Nanfan?))
  ((iii)) Bartholomew Flamank (d before 05.02.1527)
  m. Jane
((iv)) Lovedaye Flamock
  m. William Barret of Tregarin
  ((v))+ other issue - Loveday, Jane
  ((B))+ other issue - Thomas, Robert, James, Elizabeth, Christian
  ((2)) Anne Flamock
  (ii) Robert Flamock (a 1360)
  (B) Stephen Flamock (a 1367)
  (i) John Flamock (dvpsp)
  (C) Ralph Flamock
  (D) Alice Flamock
  m. Michael Trerise (a 1367)
  b. Margery Flamock
  m. Laurence de Arundell



John Flamank (d 1540-1) - continued above
m. Joyce Honstant (dau of Sir Richard Honstant (Nanfan?))
1. Gilbert Flamock or Flamank of Buscane (Boscarne) (bur 1573)
  m. (29.10.1538) Jone Gayer (dau of Reginald Gayer of Liskeard by Alice, dau of Edward Courtenay of Landrake)
A. William Flamank of Buscane (Boscarne) (d 09.08.1593)
  m. Mary Carminowe (dau of John Carminowe of Fentengollen)
  i. Nicholas Flamank of Buscane (Boscarne) (b 1565-6, bur 14.10.1599, 2nd son)
  m. Mary Lipkencott (dau of John Lipkencott of Wibberrie)
  a. Bernard Flamank of Buscane (Boscarne) (bpt 27.08.1598, bur 27.10.1658)
  m1. Elizabeth Rous (bur 09.10.1632, dau of Ambrose Rous of Edmerston)
  (1) William Flamank of Boscarne (bpt 05.05.1622, bur 07.05.1663)
  m. (21.07.1653) Mary Savery (bur 25.12.1703, dau of Christopher Savery of Shelston (Shilston))
  (A) William Flamank of Boscarne (bpt 1663, bur 14.02.1741)
  m. (20.04.1740??) Frances Lower of Lanivet
  (i) William Flamank of Boscarne (bpt 09.04.1690, bur 1766)
  m. (c1712) Honour Bere (bur 27.06.1732, dau/heir of Robert Bere of St. Ives)
  (a) William Flamank of Boscarne (bur 15.04.1779)
  m. (c1752) Honour Beard (bur 08.043.1795, dau of Thomas Beard of Bodmin)
  ((1)) William Flamank of Boscarne (bpt 04.01.1753, dsp bur 25.11.1817, rector of Plympton)
  m. (17.10.1809) Mary Hughes of Clifton (bur 28.02.1848)
  ((2)) Robert Flamank of Boscarne (bpt 22.03.1768, d unm bur 24.04.1847, 4th son)
  ((3)) Dennis Flamank (bpt 31.05.1757, bur 08.03.1824)
  m. (10.10.1781) Nicholas Phillipps (d 10.1817, rector of Lanivet)
  ((A)) William Phillipps, later Flamank of Boscarne (b 13.12.1786, d unm 06.12.1861)
  ((B)) Nicholas Phillipps (b 27.01.1788, dsp 1827)
  m. (1823) Jane Fayrer (dau of Rev. Joseph Fayrer)
  ((C)) Robert Samuel Phillipps (b 01.05.1792, d 19.06.1840, Captain, 5th son) had issue
  m. (07.07.1821) Elizabeth Jane Shortt (d 19.02.1833, dau of Major _ Shortt)
  ((D)) Dennis Keen Phillipps (b 19.11.1783)
  m. John Drew
  ((E))+ other issue - John Flamank (b 10.04.1789, d 23.11.1839), Thomas (b 31.08.1790, d 18.02.15817), Henry Montague of Truro (b 07.01.1795, d 04.03.1845, surgeon), Jenny (b 15.08.1782, d 21.09.1859), Mary (b 22.03.1785, d 28.09.1849)
  ((4))+ other issue - John (bpt 03.05.1763), Thomas (bpt 16.07.1754, d unm 1794), Samuel (bpt 07.08.1770), Honour (bpt 25.06.1765, bur 1778)
  (ii) Samuel Flamank of Totnes (bpt 1701, d 1783, 3rd son)
  m. (1733) Mary Woodley (d 1783)
  (a) William Flamank (b 1740)
  m1. Sarah Knowling
  ((1)) William Flamank (bpt 1764, dsp 1819, 2nd son)
  m. Isabella Knowling
  ((2))+ other issue - William (b 1761, d 11.03.1763), Samuel (b 1767, d 1782)
  m2. (16.08.1779) Amey Ley
  ((4)) Thomas Flamank (b 1780, d 1837) had issue
  m. (1815) Sarah Hingston (d 1849)
  ((5)) John Flamank
  (iii) Sarah Flamank (bpt 1691)
  m. _ Blake
  (iv) Mary Flamank (bpt 1692)
m. Samuel Carkeet of Totnes
  (v) Anne Flamank
  m. (23.08.1720) Richard Harry of St. Ives
  (vi)+ other issue - Thomas, Elizabeth (bpt 1702)
  (B) Elizabeth Flamank
  m. _ Jenkins
  (C)+ other issue - John (bur 1662), Bridgett
  (2)+ other issue - Bernard in Bodmin (bpt 1628, a 1661), John, Humphrery (bpt 1631), Ambrose (a 1635), Phillipa (bpt 1623, a 1663), Magdalene, Mary (bpt 1626)
  m2. Bridget Tremayne (dau of Arthur Tremayne of Collacombe)
  b.+ other issue - Elizabeth (bpt 1599), Margaret (bpt 1600, d infant)
  ii. Oliver Flamank 'of Trewardreth' (b 1565-6)
  m. Elizabeth Billing (dau of William Billing of Hanger)
  a. Henry Flamank (bpt 29.03.1608)
  iii. Hugo Flamank (bpt 1577, d 1639, 6th son)
  m. Jane
  a.+ issue - Hugh, Christopher
  iv. Susan Flamank (bpt 1565)
  m. (1594) Robert Crossman
  v. Cyprian Flamank (bpt 1569)
  m. (02.09.1603) Thomas Randle
  vi.+ other issue - Paul (bpt 1564, d infant), John (bpt 1570, bur 1574), Charles of Yarmouth (bpt 1572, cleric), William of London (bpt 1576), Elizabeth (bpt 1572), Christiana (bpt 1574)
  B. John Flamank
  i. William Flamank (bpt 1578)
  C. Thomas Flamank (bur 1619)
  m. (1575) Richow or Alice Treglyn (bur 1584)
  i.+ issue - Gilbard (bpt/bur 1576), John (bpt 1582), Philip (bpt 1584), Elizabeth (bpt/bur 1577), Jessie (bpt 1578, bur 1589)
  D.+ other issue - Robert (bur 1607), Nicholas (bpt 1607), Edward (bur 1575), John (bur 1581), Johanna, Katherine
2. John Flamock or Flamank "said to be founder of the Gonronson branch"
3.+ other issue - Henry, Robert

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, Flamank of Boscarne)
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