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Families covered: Stephens at Stone, Stone of Trevigo, Snagg of Lechworth, Snagg of Marston, Schomberg (Dukes), Slorrey in Leicestershire, Samuell of Restormell

John Stephens at Stone in Cornwall
1. Roger Stephens at Stone (a 1470)
  m. Johanna Whitling (dau/heir of John Whitling (by Margaret, dau of Reginald Tucker) son of John son (by Margaret) of William)
  A. Richard Stephens at Stone
i. John Stephens at Stone
  m. Margaret Nicholls (dau of Henry Nicholls of Penryn)
  a. John Stephens alias Stone of Trevigo, Cornwall (bur 25.12.1573)
  m. Jane Callard (dau of John Callard of Callard)
  (1) Thomas Stone of Trevigo (Strevigo) (bur 28.07.1604)
  m. Elizabeth Harris (dau of William Harris of Hayne)
(A) William Stone of Trevigo (Strevigo) (a 1625)
  m. Mary Newcort (dau of John Newcort of Pickwell)
  (B) John Stone (bpt 24.11.1585)
  m. Susan Moor (dau of Thomas Moor)
  (C) Dorothy Stone
m. William Lennard of Favant
  (D) Elizabeth Stone (bpt 16.01.1586, bur 22.01.1586)
  (2) Elizabeth (or Isabella) Stone
  m. Anthony Roscarrock
  (3) Jone Stone
m. Oliver Collyns of Launston
  (4) Winifrid Stone
  m. (1573) John Mathew of St. Cue
  (5) Dorothy Stone (d unm 09.01.1576)
  (6) Honor Stone
  m1. Charles Prust
  m2. Richard Estcot of Lanston (Launceston)
  (7) Anne Stone
  m. Digory Hixt of Lanston
  (8) Margaret Stone (bpt 04.06.1568)
  m. James Bagg of Plymouth
  b. Agnes Stephens or Stone
  m. Ralph Callard



William Snagg of Lechworth, Hertfordshire
1. Thomas Snagg of Lechworth
m. Elizabeth Calton of Walden
  A. Thomas Snagg of Marston, Bedfordshire (d 1594, Sergeant-at-law, judge)
  m. (1562) Elizabeth Dickons (dau/coheir of Thomas Dickons of Marston by Frances Chichley)
  i. Sir Thomas Snagg of Marston, Sheriff of Bedfordshire (b c1564, d 1626, MP)
  m. Anne (Agnes) Rotherham (dau of George Rotherham of Luton)
  a. Thomas Snagg of Marston (d 1642)
m. Anne Mordaunt (dau of Edmond Mordaunt of Okeley)
  (1) Thomas Snagg of Marston, Sheriff of Bedfordshire (b c1622, d 1675)
  (A) Thomas Snagg of Marston
  (B) Edward Snagg of Marston, Sheriff of Bedfordshire (d 1715)
  m. Mary Willys (dau of Sir John Willys, 2nd Bart) wife of Edward, presumed mother of ...
  (i) Edward Snagg, last of Marston (d 1739)
  (2)+ other issue - Richard, Mordant, Elizabeth, Anne, Mary
b. Rafe Snagg of Kempston, Bedfordshire
  m. Elizabeth Stafford (dau of Sir William Stafford of Blatherwick)
  (1)+ issue - Thomas, Charles, Rafe, Anne
  c. Elizabeth Snagg probably of this generation
  m. Sir Charles Mordaunt of Oakley
  ii. Anne Snagg probably the Agnes who married ...
  m. Sir John Rotheram of Someryes
  iii. Mary Snagg probably the Mary who married ...
  m. Sir John Brocket of Markeatsell (bpt 14.01.1562)
  iv.+ other issue (a 1572) - Robert (b c1565), William (b c1566), Philip (b c1568), Lewis (b c1570)
  B. William Snagg (3rd son)
  m. _ Gaynsford (dau of Sir John Gaynsford)
  i.+ issue - Thomas, William
  C. Alice Snagg
  m. _ Warren
  D. Beatrice Snagg
  m. _ Wallter
  E. Ann Snagg
  m. Edward Dalyson of Cransley
  F. Margery Snagg
  m. John Sheppard
  G. Jane Snagg
  m. _ Downhall of Gedington
  H.+ other issue - Robert of Lechworth, Edward



Described by BE1883 as "a German, of an ancient and noble family in the Palatinate", and identified by TCP as Court Marshal of the Elector Palatine and his Amabassador to England, was ...
John (Hans) Meinhard von Schonberg or Schomberg (b 28.08.1582, d 03.08.1616)
m. Anne Sutton (d 08.12.1615, dau of Edward Sutton, Lord Dudley)
1. Frederick Herman Schomberg, 1st Duke of Schomberg (b 06.12.1615, d 01.07.1690, General)
TCP reports Louis XIV as having commented how extraordinary it was that Frederick was born German but ended up being a naturalised Hollander, Englishman, Frenchman & Portuguese.
  m1. (30.04.1638) Johanna Elizabeth Schonberg (d 21.03.1663/4, dau of Heinrich Dietrich, Count of Schonberg auf Wesel, cousin)
  A. Meinhardt Schomberg, Duke of Leinster, 3rd Duke of Schomberg (b 30.06.1641, d 05.07.1719, General, 2nd son)
m1. (03.08.1667) Barbara Luisa Rizzi (dau of Giovanni Girolamo Rizzi by Maria Margarita Callovi of Montferrat)
  i. child
  m2. (04.01.1682/3) Caroline Charlotte (probably not Elizabeth) (Wittelsbach) (b 19.11.1659, d 28.06.1696, dau of Charles Louis, Elector Palatine, by Maria von Degenfeld)
  ii. Mary Schomberg
  m. Count Dagenfieldt
  iii. Frederica Schomberg (d 1751)
  m1. Robert D'Arcy, Earl of Holderness (d 20.01.1721-2)
  m2. (1724) Benjamin Mildmay, Earl FitzWalter
  iv.+ other issue - Charles (dvpsp 1713, 'Marquess of Harwich', Colonel), Caroline (d unm)
  m3. (1702) _ Box
  B. Charles Schomberg, 2nd Duke of Schomberg (b 05.08.1645, d unm 16.10.1693, General, 5th son)
  partner unknown
  i. _ Sibourg (Colonel)
  C.+ other issue - Otto (b 15.03.1639, d Valenciennes 11.07.1656), Frederick (b 14.3.1640, d 05.12.1700), Heinrich (b 09.07.1643, d 1667), Wilhelm (b 11.08.1647, d young)
  m2. (14.04.1669) Susanne d'Aumale (dsp 07.1688, dau of Daniel d'Aumale, Sn de Harcourt by Francois, dau of Claude St. Pol)



William Slorrey of Slorrey, Leicestershire
1. William Slorrey or Slory of Colwick, Nottinghamshire
  m. Elizabeth Sacheverell (dau of Rafe Sacheverell of Morley)
  A. Richard Slorrey or Slorye of Brampton or Braunston ('of Sleford'?)
  m. (Mary) Beaumont (dau of Thomas Beaumont of Thrinkston)
  i.+ issue (dsp) - Richard (d 1592), William
  B. Elizabeth Slorrey or Slorye
  m. Richard (probaly not Raffe) Neele of Prestwood
  C. Anne or Jane Slorrey or Slorye
  m. George Vincent of Pikelton (b c1484, d 1564-5)
2. Thomas Slorrey or Slory of Nether Colwick
  m. _ Colwick (dau/heir of Sir Giles Colwick of Nottinghamshire)
  A. Elizabeth Slory
  m. Robert Delwood of Nether Colwick & Enfield



John Samuel
m. Elinor Gifford
1. John Samuell
  A. William Samuell
  B. daughter
m. John Wrest of London
  C. Lower Samuell
  m. Lewis Fortescue
2. Anthony Samuell of Liskeard
  m. Ann Beckett (dau of John Beckett, widow of John Harris)
  A. William Samuell of Shevyock 'of Restormell', Corwall
  m. Mary Tremayn (dau of Thomas Tremayn of Collocombe)
i. John Samuell of Restormell, Cornwall (d before 27.05.1639)
  m1. Honor Halse (dsp, dau of Richard Halse of Keneton)
  m2. Mary Chichester (dau of John Chichester of Hall)
  a. William Samuell 'of Restormel' (b c1603, d before 16.06.1640)
  m. Anne (a 1640)
  (1) John Samuell of Lanlivery (d before 25.08.1665)
  b. John Samuell (b c1613, a 1639)
  c. Elizabeth Samuell (a 1639)
  m. John Roscarrock
  d. Anne Samuell (a 1639)
  m. John Grylls
  ii. Margaret Samuell
  m. William Oughe of St. Cleare
  iii. Elizabeth Samuell
  m. John Skory of Lanlivery
  iv.+ other issue - Lorew, Margery, Honor, Grace
  B. Alice Samuell
  m. Thomas Fynche
  C. Margaret Samuell
  m. William Felde

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