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Families covered: Edgcomb (Edgcumbe) of Lamerton, Edgcombe of Tavistock

Peter or Peirse Edgcombe of Tavistock
1. John Edgcombe of Tavistock
  m. Joane Trelawny
  A. Peter Edgcombe of Tavistock
  m. Agnes Edgcomb (dau of Richard Edgcomb of Tavistock) @@ below
  i. Thomas Edgcombe of Tavistock (d before 29.02.1644-5)
  m. Anne Turfe (dau of Edmond Turfe of Okehampton)
a.+ issue - Peter (b c1612, a 1644), William (bpt 19.07.1615, d young?), Edmond (a 1643), Thomas (a 1644), John (bpt 03.09.1620, dsp before 13.02.1645-6), Abraham (a 1644), Agnes (a 1644), Ursula (a 1644), Elizabeth (bpt 09.05.1619, bur 11.07.1657), Wilmot (a 1644), Dorothy (bpt 27.10.1624, a 1644), Margery (a 1644)
  ii. Peter Edgcombe of Plymouth (d 08.07.1628)
  m. Elizabeth Collwell (dau of Nicholsa Collwell of Plymouth)
  a. Nicholas Edgcombe (b c1612)
  m1. (08.10.1668) Elizabeth Tyacke (bur 03.07.1677, dau of Christopher Tyacke)
  (1) John Edgcombe of Charles, Plymouth (bur 20.07.1711)
  (A) Nicholas Edgcombe (bur 24.05.1693)
  (2) Elizabeth Edgcombe (bur 15.12.1669)
  m2. (08.07.1679) Mary Holditch
  b.+ other issue - Francis, son, Elizabeth (bpt 30.11.1619)
  iii. John Edgcombe of Tavistock (bur 07.03.1649-50)
  m. Elizabeth Beard (bur 12.03.1652-3, dau of John Beard of Maudlin in Barstable)
  a. John Edgcombe (bpt 03.09.1620, bur 31.05.1656)
  m. Mary Edgcumbe (dau of Richard Edgcumbe of Tavistock)
  (1) Mary Edgcumbe (b 04.02.1655-6, bur 11.02.1657-8)
  b. Elizabeth Edgcombe (a 1656)
  m. Humphry Dyer
  c. Julian Edgcombe (bpt 03.06.1629)
  m. (15.02.1658-9) Edward Nosworthy
  d. Mary Edgcombe (bpt 19.11.1631)
  m. (09.08.1664) Henry Torr
  e.+ other issue - Joseph (bpt 05.07.1626, bur 11.12.1660), Julian (bpt 23.07.1628, d young), Agnes (bpt 20.02.1634-5, d young)
  iv. Elizabeth Edgcombe
  m. George Gaye of Barnstaple
  v. Agnes Edgcombe
  m. John Pointer of Kedley
  vi. Joane Edgcombe (a 1620)
  B. John Edgcombe (d in Ireland)
2.+ other issue - Peter, William



John Edgcombe of Ottery in Lamerton (bur 01.06.1587)
m. Alice (bur 02.12.1589)
1. George Edgcomb of Lamerton
  m1. ??
  A. Roger Edgcomb of Ottery, Lamerton (bpt 26.11.1574, d before 17.05.1656)
  m1. Joan (bur 18.11.1619)
  i.+ issue - Roger (had issue), George (bur 09.08.1619), John (bpt 21.02.1612-3, d infand), John (bpt 07.09.1615, a 1656), Katherine (a 1652)
  m2. (08.05.1626) Richarda Elford (bur 08.09.1627)
  B.+ other issue - Richard (bpt 20.02.1578), John (bpt/bur 12.04.1582), Johan (bpt 14.07.1572), Mary (bpt 12.04.1582)
  m2. (26.09.1584) Joan Rundell
  F. Thomas Edgcombe (bpt 12.04.1600, youngest son) had issue
  m. (12.09.1625) Julian Busbye (bur 13.06.1643)
  G. Ulalia Edgcombe (bpt 26.09.1591)
m. (26.04.1617) John Caunter
  H.+ other issue - Philip (bpt 21.11.1585, bur 27.02.1585-6), George (bpt 06.09.1595, bur 25.04.1597), Grace (bpt 29.12.1586), Joan (bpt 18.12.1597)
2. Walter Edgcomb of Lamerton (bpt 02.03.1548-9, d 20..01.1625-6, 3rd son)
  m. (18.07.1591) Jana Deeme (dau of Richard Deeme of Luppit)
  A. Roger Edgcombe (bpt 18.05.1595, bur 28.10.1643)
  m. (26.07.1627) Katherine Tremayne (dau of Arthur Tremayne, m2. Humphry Arundell)
  i. Mary Edgcombe (bpt 25.06.1628)
  m. John Wallis of Trenin in Sheviocke
  ii. Jane Edgcombe (bpt 14.04.1638)
  m. John Merrit of Probus
  iii.+ other issue - Jane (bpt 13.03.1629-30, bur 24.11.1637), Catherine (bpt 08.04.1632, d young), Elizabeth (bpt 07.11.1640, d unm), Bridget (bur 27.12.1649)
  B. Arthur Edgcombe of Hill Town in Lamerton (bpt 18.06.1597, d before 1666)
  m. (24.04.1626) Joan Sowton (bur 04.04.1666)
  i. Arthur Edgcomb of Lamerton (d before 19.06.1708)
  m. Wilmot (bur 16.04.1722)
  a. George Edgcumbe of Lamerton (bur 06.06.1723)
  m. (19.07.1697) Joan Rowe (bur 30.04.1754)
  (1) George Edgcombe of Tavistock (bur 19.02.1769)
  m. Susanna (bur 01.11.1747)
  (A) Joan Edgcombe (bpt 24.04.1740, a 1769)
  m. (28.02.1767) Thomas Lang (a 1769)
  (B)+ other issue - John bpt 24.03.1741-2, d unm bur 21.08.1761), William (bpt 04.06.1745, bur 01.07.1745), George (bur 08.07.1766)
  (2) Patience Edgcombe
  m. (08.07.1728) Benjamin Carpenter
  (3) Elizabeth Edgcombe
m. (30.07.1727) Richard Parsons of Stoke Clymsland
  (4)+ other issue (d unm) - William of Tavistock (bur 01.07.1767), John of Tavistock (d c12.1753)
  b Elizabeth Edgcumbe (a 1705)
  m. John Rowell of Lamerton (a 1705)
  c.+ other issue (a 1705) - Thomas of Stoke Damerel, Mary
  ii.+ other issue - Joan (bur 12.09.1639), Mary (bur 10.03.1640-1)
  C. John Edgcombe (bpt 26.04.1601)
  m. (21.01.1635-6) Rebecca Tremayne (dau of Arthur Tremayne)
  D. Margaret Edgcombe (bpt 13.09.1615)
  m. (02.05.1644) Edward Jacob
  E.+ other issue - Richard (bpt 20.07.1610, a 1620), James (b c1613, bur 10.10.1633), Mary (bpt 26.11.1592, d young?), Mary (bpt 17.05.1603, bur 09.06.1603)
3.+ other issue - John of Mary Tavy, Nicholas (bpt 1.06.1552), Johan (bpt 20.02.1550-1)



Richard Edgcombe of Buckland Monachorum
1. Richard Edgcombe of Tavistock (d before 05.02.1578-9)
  m. Agnes Durant of Tavistock (a 1577)
  A. Richard Edgcombe of Tavistock (dsp)
  m. Joane Mohune (dau of Thomas Mohune of Tavistock)
  B. Mathew Edgcombe of Tavistock (bur 20.06.1649)
  m. Mary Moore (dau of Robert Moore of Moore)
  i. Richard Edgcombe (b c1599, bur 22.10.1661)
  m. (01/21.12.1626) Frances Crymes (dau of William Crymes of Buckland Monachorum)
a. Francis Edgcumbe (bpt 04.07.1630)
  m1. (01.06.1656) Honor Spry (bur 22.10.1667, dau of Richard Spry)
  (1)+ issue - Mathew (bpt 01.11.1663, bur 20.10.1664), Francis (bpt 21.12.1665, bur 04.02.1672-3), Frances (b 20.02.1658-9), Mary (b 04.07.1661)
  m2. (17.12.1668) Elizabeth Searle (dau of William Searle of Exeter, widow of Edward Gould of Lew Trenchard)
  b. Mary Edgcombe (bpt 13.07.1628)
  m. (22.09.1653) John Edgcombe of Tavistock
  c.+ other issue - John (bpt 24.07.1631, bur 29.12.1660), Elizabeth (bpt 01.08.1629)
  ii.+ other issue - Robert (bur 27.07.1626), Mathew, Awdreye (bur 10.12.1656)
  C. Agnes Edgcombe
  m. Peter Edgcomb of Tavistock @@ above
  D. Alice Edgcombe
  m. John Hawkin of Tavistock

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