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Families covered: Somerset of Pauntley, Somerset of Worcester

Charles Somerset, 1st Earl of Worcester (b c1460, d 15.04.1526)
m1. (02.06.1472) Elizabeth Herbert (d 1514, dau of William Herbert, Earl of Huntingdon)
1. Henry Somerset, 2nd Earl of Worcester (d 26.11.1549)
  m1. (1520) Margaret Courtenay (dsp, dau of William Courtenay, Earl of Devon)
  m2. Elizabeth Browne (dau of Sir Anthony Browne)
  A. William Somerset, 3rd Earl of Worcester (d 21.02.1588-9)
  m1. (1550) Christian North (dau of Edward North, 1st Lord of Kirtling)
  i. Edward Somerset, 4th Earl of Worcester (d 03.03.1627-8)
m. Elizabeth Hastings (d 28.08.1621, dau of Francis Hastings, 2nd Earl of Huntingdon)
  a. William Somerset, 'Lord Herbert' (b 1575/6, dvp before 21.01.1597/8)
  b. Henry Somerset, 1st Marquess of Worcester (b 1576/7, d 18.12.1646)
  m. (16/9.06.1600) Anne Russell (d 01.04.1639, dau of John Russell, Lord Russell)
  (1) Edward Somerset, 2nd Marquess of Worcester, 'Earl of Glamorgan' (d 03.04.1667)
  m1. (1628) Elizabeth Dormer (d 31.05.1635, dau of Sir William Dormer)
  (A) Henry Somerset, 1st Duke of Beaufort (b 1629, d 21.01.1699)
  m. (17.08.1657) Mary Capel (d 07.01.1715-6, dau of Arthur Capel, Lord)
  (B) Anne Somerset (d1662)
  m. (1652) Henry Howard, 6th Duke of Norfolk (b 12.07.1628, d 11.01.1683-4)
  (C) Elizabeth Somerset (d 1691)
m. (1654) William Herbert, 1st Marquess of Powis (d 02.06.1696)
  m2. (1639) Margaret O'Brien (d 26.07.1681, dau of Henry O'Brien, 5th Earl of Desmond)
  (D) Mary Somerset (d infant)
  (2) Sir John Somerset 'of Pauntley' (2nd son)
  m.(1) Mary Arundell (dau of Thomas Arundell, 1st Lord of Wardour)
  (A) Henry Somerset of Pauntley Court, Gloucestershire
  m. Anne Aston (dau of Walter Aston, 2nd Lord of Forfar) wife of Henry, presumed mother of ...
  (i) ?? Somerset
  (a) Edward Maria Somerset of Pauntley Court (dsp 1711)
  (B) Thomas Somerset(d 1671)
  (C) Charles Somerset 'of Over-Ross'
(i) Elizabeth Somerset probably of this generation
  m. Henry Scudamore of Monmouth Forge & Treworgan (d 1737)
  (3) Elizabeth Somerset
  m. Francis Browne, 3rd Viscount Montagu (d 02.11.1682)
  (4)+ other issue - William (d infant), Henry (d unm), Thomas (a 1676, in Rome), Charles (Governor of Ragland Castle), Frederick (d young), Francis (d young), James (d young), Elizabeth (d infant), Anne (nun), Mary (d unm)
c. Thomas Somerset, Viscount Somerset of Cashel (d 1649/50)
  m. (1631) Helena Barry (dau of David Barry of Barry Court, 5th Viscount Barrymore)
  (1) Elizabeth Somerset (d unm)
  d. Sir Charles Somerset 'of Troy' (6th son)
  m. Elizabeth Powel (dau of Sir William Powel of Llanpylt)
  GenEU shows Sir Charles as father of Elizabeth (m. R. Gerard), Elizabeth (m. Sir Flanderon) & Frances (m. Sir H. Browne). We follow Collins and show the wife of Ratcliffe Gerard 2 generations earlier (below).
(1) Elizabeth Somerset
  m. (by 1657) Sir Francis Anderton, 1st Bart of Lostock (d 09.02.1678)
  (2) Frances Somerset
  m. (before 1662) Sir Henry Browne, 1st Bart of Kiddington (b c1639, d c1689)
  (3) Mary Somerset (d unm)
  e. Sir Edward Somerset (dsp, 8th son)
  m. Bridget Whitmore (dau/heir of Sir William Whitmore of Leighton)
f. Elizabeth Somerset
  m. Sir Henry Guildford of Hemsted
  g. Catherine Somerset
  m. (08.11.1596) William Petre, 2nd Lord of Writtle (b 24.06.1575, d 05.05.1637)
  h. Anne Somerset
  m. (11.08.1595) Sir Edward Winter of Lidney
  i. Frances Somerset
  m. William Morgan of Llantarnam
  j. Blanche Somerset (b c1584, d 27/8.10.1649)
  m. (1607) Thomas Arundell, 2nd Lord of Wardour (b c1586, d 19.05.1643)
  k. Catherine Somerset (2nd of the name)
m. Thomas, Lord Windsor
  l.+ other issue (d infant/young) - Charles, Francis, Christopher, Mary
  ii. Elizabeth Somerset
  m. William Windsor (son of William, Lord Windsor)
  iii. Lucy Somerset
  m. Henry Herbert (son/heir of Sir Thomas of Wyneston)
  m2. Theophila Newton (dau of Sir John Newton)
  partner unknown
  iv. Anne Somerset probably of this generation
  m. William Probert of Pantglasse
B. Thomas Somerset had issue
  C. Sir Charles Somerset had issue
  i. Elizabeth Somerset presumed to fit here
  m. Ratcliffe Gerard of Halsall
  D. Francis Somerset (d Musselborough 1547)
  E. Eleanor Somerset
  m1. Roger (or Sir Edward) Vaughan 'of Porthaml'
  m2. Henry Johns
  F. Lucy Somerset (b c1523, d 22.02.1582)
  m. John Nevill, 4th Lord Latymer (d 22.04.1577)
G. Anne Somerset (d 1591)
  m. (1558) Thomas Percy, 7th Earl of Northumberland (b 1528, d 22.08.1572)
  H. Joan Somerset (d 16.10.1597)
  m. Sir Edward Mansel (d 05.08.1595)
2. Elizabeth Somerset (d 1545)
  TCP (Worcester) reports that there were was only 1 son by the 1st marriage and 3 children by the 2nd marriage. TCP (Grey of Wilton) confirms that Mary was by the 2nd marriage. GenEU identifies 5 children in total. A contributor (GAT, 22.05.06) kindly confirmed that Elizabeth was of this marriage.
  m1. Sir John Savage of Clifton (d 27.07.1528)
m2. (1530) William Brereton (d 1536)
m2. Elizabeth West (dau of Thomas West, Lord de la Warr)
3. Sir Charles Somerset
4. Sir George Somerset of Badmondisfield Hall in Wickhambrook & Reydon Manor (d by 1560)
  The following comes from Visitation (Suffolk, 1561, Somerset of Wickhambrook).
  m1. Mary Bowles (dau/heir of Sir Thomas Bowles or Bowlayes of Penhow)
  m2. Helen/Ellen Hendley (dau/coheir of Sir Walter Hendley of Cranbrook, widow of Thomas Colepeper of Bedgebury)
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  A. Charles Somerset of Badmondisfield Hall in Wickhambrook & Reydon Manor
  m. Elizabeth Gresley (dau of Sir George Gresley of Drakelow & Colton)
  i. George Somerset of Badmondisfield Hall in Wickhambrook (a 1600)
  m. (05.12.1583) Alice Kempe (dau of George Kempe of Cavendish & Pentlow)
  Visitation (Suffolk, 1561) ends with this generation. Visitation (Suffolk, 1664, Somersett of Acton), which starts with Henry and provides the following, refers to the 1561 Visitation but provides no connection. We presume that George & Alice were parents of ...
a. Henry Somerset of Wickhambrooke
  m. Anne Wilson of Coddenham
  (1) Thomas Somerset of Acton, Suffolk (a 1664)
  m. Mary Rosher (dau of Henry Rosher of Little Warnelfield)
  (A)+ issue (a 1664) - Thomas (b c1649), Mary
  ii.+ other issue - Charles, Mary
  B. Anne Somerset
  m. Edward Barrett of Belhouse
  C.+ other issue - William, George
5. Mary Somerset
  m1. Sir William Grey, 13th Lord of Wilton (d 1562)
  m2. Robert Carr of Aswarby (dsp 1606)
m3. (sp) Eleanor Sutton (dau of Sir Edward Sutton, Lord Dudley)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Beaufort), Collins (1741, vol 1, Somerset-Scudamore, Duke of Beaufort) with some support from GenEU (Anjou4) and some input as reported above
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