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Families covered: Arundell of Ashcombe, Arundell of Lanherne, Arundell of Horningsham, Arundell of Stelland, Arundell of Wardour

Sir Thomas Arundell of Lanherne (d 01.10.1485)
m. Catherine Dynham (dau of Sir John Dynham, 6th Lord, sister/coheir of Lord John)
1. Sir John Arundell of Lanherne (d 08.02.1545)
  m1. Eleanor (not Elizabeth) Grey (dau of Thomas Grey, 1st Marquess of Dorset)
  A. Sir John Arundell of Lanherne, Sheriff of Cornwall (b c1500, d 07.11.1557)
  m1. Catherine Edgcumbe (dau of Sir Peter Edgcumbe)
  m2. Elizabeth Danet (dau of Gerald Danet of Danet's Hall)
  B. Sir Thomas Arundell of Wardour, Sheriff of Dorset (d 26.02.1552/3)
  m. Margaret Howard (dau of Lord Edmund Howard, sister of Queen Catherine)
i. Sir Matthew Arundell of Wardour (b c1536, d 1598)
  m. Margaret Willoughby (dau of Sir Henry Willoughby of Wollaton)
  a. Sir Thomas Arundell, 1st Lord of Wardour (b c1560, d 07.11.1639)
  m1. (1583/5) Maria Wriothesley (bur 27.06.1607, dau of Henry Wriothesley, 2nd Earl of Southampton)
(1) Thomas Arundell, 2nd Lord of Wardour (b c1586, d 19.05.1643)
  m. (1607) Blanche Somerset (b c1584, d 27/8.10.1649, dau of Edward Someset, 4th Earl of Worcester)
  (A) Henry Arundell, 3rd Lord of Wardour (bpt 23.02.1607/8, d 28.12.1694)
  m. Cicely/Cecily Compton (d 21/4.03.1675/6, dau of Sir Henry Compton of Brambletye, widow of Sir John Fermor)
  (i) Thomas Arundell, 4th Lord of Wardour (b 1633, d 10.02.1711-2)
  m. Margaret Spencer (d 13/23.12.1704, dau of Thomas Spencer of Upcot or Ufton, widow of Robert Lucy of Charlecote)
  (a) Henry Arundell, 5th Lord of Wardour (d 20/9.04.1726)
m. (08.1691) Elizabeth Panton (d 09.05.1700, dau of Col. Thomas Panton of St. Martin's-in-the-field (by Dorothy, dau of John Stacy of London by Elinor, dau of Thomas Blake of Easton), sister of Lt. Gen. Thomas)
  ((1)) Henry Arundell, 6th Lord of Wardour (b 04.10.1694, d 30.06.1746)
  m1. (mcrt 28.09.1716) Elizabeth Eleanora Everard (bpt 01.01.1696/7, d 22.05.1728, dau of Raymond Everard of Fethard and Liege)
((A)) Henry Arundell, 7th Lord of Wardour (b 04.10.1717, d 12.09.1756)
  m. (27.01.1739) Mary Bellings-Arundell (b 1716, d 21/7.02.1769, dau of Richard Bellings-Arundell of Lanherne by Anne, dau of Joseph Gage of Sherborne)
  ((i)) Henry Arundell, 8th Lord of Wardour (b 31.03.1740, d 04.12.1808)
  m. (31.05.1763) Maria Christiana Conquest (b c1743, d 20.06.1813, dau/heir of Benedict Conquest of Irnham Hall by Mary Ursula, dau of Thomas Markham of Ollerton)
  ((a)) Maria Christiana Arundell (d 14.02.1805)
  m. (03.02.1785) James Everard Arundell, 9th Lord of Wardour (b 04.03.1763, d 14.07.1817) @@ below
((b)) Eleanor Mary Arundell (b 20.03.1766, d 24.11.1835)
  m. (29.11.1786) Charles Clifford, 6th Lord of Chudleigh (b 28.11.1759, d 29.04.1831)
  ((c)) Anna Maria Arundell (b 1770, d 1771)
  ((ii)) Thomas Arundell (dvpsp 1742)
  ((B)) Raymond Thomas Arundell (dsp 11.05.1768)
  m. (19.05.1760) Mary Porter (d 14.09.1799, dau of John Porter of Alfarthing)
  ((C)) James Everard Arundell of Ashcombe (d 1803)
  m. (24.16.1751) Anne Wyndham (d 10.04.1796, dau of John Wyndham of Ashcombe)
  ((i)) James Everard Arundell, 9th Lord of Wardour (b 04.03.1763, d 14.07.1817, 2nd son)
  m1. (03.02.1785) Maria Christiana Arundell (d 14.02.1805, dau of Henry Arundell, 8th Lord of Wardour) @@ above
  ((a)) James Everard Arundell, 10th Lord of Wardour (b 03.11.1785, dsp 21.06.1834)
  m. (26.02.1811) Mary Anne Grenville (d 01.06.1845, dau of George, 1st Marquess of Buckingham)
  ((b)) Henry Benedict Arundell, 11th Lord of Wardour (b 12.11.1804, d 19.10.1862) had issue
m1. (08.08.1826) Lucy Smythe (dsp 1827, dau of Hugh P. Smythe of Eshe family)
  m2. (22.09.1829) Frances Catherine Tichborne (d 19.04.1836, dau of Sir Henry Tichborne, 8th Bart of Tichborne)
  ((c)) Anna Maria Arundell (d 14.03.1829)
  ((d)) Mary Laura Charlotte Arundell (d 1854)
  m. (18.04.1820) George Macdonnell (d 16.05.1871, Lt. Col)
  ((e)) Juliana Mary Arundell (b 1791, d 09.12.1843)
  m. (17.10.1815) Sir John Talbot (d 07.07.1851, Admiral)
((f)) Katherine Arundell (d 12.12.1872)
  m. (26.06.1827) Sir Edward Doughty, 9th Bart (d 05.03.1853)
  m2. (18.09.1806) Mary Jones (d 18.11.1853, dau of Robert Burnett Jones of Ades)
  ((g)) Margery or Mary Arundell (d 30.08.1849)
  m. (07.08.1828) Sir Richard Digby Neave, Bart
((h))+ other issue - Henry, Robert Arthur
  ((ii)) Thomas Raymond Arundell of Ashcombe (b 09.03.1765, d 18.01.1829) had issue
  m. (21.08.1792) Elizabeth Mary Anne Smythe (d 03.02.1843, dau of Sir Edward Smythe, Bart of Acton Burnell)
  ((iii)) Eleanor Ann Arundell (b 1752, d unm)
  ((iv)) Mary Wyndham Arundell (b 1757, d 22.02.1832)
  m. (09.03.1779) Bartholomew Bouverie (d 31.05.1835)
((v)) Katherine Elizabeth Arundell (b 1759, d 1803)
  m. (1792) George Frederick Ryves (Admiral)
  ((iii))+ other issue - James Everard (d 16.04.1756), Eleanor Ann (b 1752, d unm)
  m2. (mcrt 18.01.1728-9) Anne Herbert (dsp 02.10.1757, dau of William Herbert, 2nd Marquess of Powis)
  ((2)) Thomas Arundell (b 1696, d 06.04.1752)
  m. Anne Mitchell (dau of John Mitchell)
  ((3)) Elizabeth Arundell (b 15.09.1693, d 16/24.06.1743)
  m. (24.05.1722) James Touchet, 6th Earl of Castlehaven (d 12.10.1740)
  (b)+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas (d Boyne 1690), Matthew
  (ii) Henry Arundell
  m. (by 1675) Mary Scrope (dau of Edmund Scrope of Danby)
  BP1934 reports that Henry & Mary had 3 sons who d young. Vivian shows as follows.
  (a)+ issue - Thomas (b c1630, d 1726), Thomas (dsp)
  (iii) Cicely Arundell (d 1717, nun at Rouen)
  (B) Katherine Arundell
m. Francis Cornwallis
  (C) Anne Arundell
  m. Roger Vaughan of Salisbury
  (2) William Arundell of Horningsham or Hornisham, Wiltshire
  m. Mary Browne (d 13.11.1692, dau of Anthony Browne, Viscount Montague)
  (A) Mark Arundell of Horningsham (dsp)
  (B) Charles Arundell (d Worcester 1649)
  m. Mary Talbot (bur 15.03.1710/1, dau of John Talbot, 10th Earl of Shrewsbury)
  (i) Charles Arundell of Horningsham
  (a) Mary Arundell
  m. (before 1708) John Biddulph of Biddulph (d 05.1720)
  (C) Mary Arundell (d 24.12.1698)
  m. Sir Henry Tichborne, 3rd Bart of Tichborne (d 04.1689)
  (D) other issue - Katherine (d 04.03.1642), Elizabeth (a 1651)
(3) Elizabeth Mary Arundell
  m. (by 1606) Sir John Philpot of Compton
  m2. (01.07.1608) Ann Philipson (d 28.06.1637, dau of Miles Philipson of Crook)
  (4) Catherine Arundell (d 08/9.1657)
  m. (01.11.1627) Ralph Eure (dvp c1640, son of Lord WIlliam)
  (5) Mary Arundell
  m. Sir John Somerset (son of Edward, Earl of Worcester
(6) Anne Arundell (b c1616, d 23.07.1649)
  m. (by 1628) Cecil Calvert, 2nd Lord Baltimore (bpt 02.03.1605/6, bur 07.12.1675)
  (7) Frances Arundell
  m. (sp?) John Talbot, 10th Earl of Shrewsbury (d 08.02.1653-4)
  (8) Margaret Arundell (b 1620, d 1638)
  m. Sir John Fortescue, 2nd Bart (bpt 13.07.1614, bur 14.06.1683)
  (9) Clara Arundell (b 1620)
  m. (by 1638) Humphrey Weld of Lulworth (d c1684)
  (10)+ other issue (d young) - Matthew (b 1609, d 1620), Thomas, Frederick
  b. William Arundell of London (d unm 16.02.1591/2)
ii. Sir Charles Arundell of London (d 09.12.1587)
  iii. Dorothy Arundell
  BP1934 shows Dorothy married to Sir Henry Weston but Vivian shows that he was the husband of ...
  iv. Margaret Arundell see note for Dorothy immediately above
  m. (1559) Sir Henry Weston
  v. Jane Arundell
  m. Sir William Beville
  C. Elizabeth Arundell
  m. (1516, sp) Sir Richard Edgcombe
  D. Jane Arundell (d 1577)
  m2. (by 1507) Catherine Grenville (dau of Sir Thomas Grenville or Granville of Stowe)
  Sir John's 2nd wife is named Jane by BP1934 but Catherine or Katherine by Vivian, TCP (Sussex) & TCP (Arundel).
  E. Mary Arundell (d 20.10.1557)
  m1. (14.01.1536/7) Robert Ratcliffe, 1st Earl of Sussex (b c1483, d 27.11.1542)
  m2. Henry FitzAlan, 18th Earl of Arundel (d 1580)
2. Thomas Arundell
3. Edward Arundell (a 1576)
  A. Thomas Arundell of St. Columb
  i. Elizabeth Arundell
  m. Richard Bluett of Little Colan
4. Humphrey Arundell of Yewton (dsp)
  m. Philippa Grenville (dau of Sir Thomas Granville of Stowe, widow of Francis Harrys)
5. Roger Arundell of Helland (Cornwall) or Stelland (Devon) (d 12.06.1536)
  m. Joan Calwoodley (d 28.09.1537, dau of Humphrey Calwoodley of Devon)
  A. Humphrey Arundell of Stelland (b c1513, d 1549, leader of the Cornish rebellion)
  m. Elizabeth Fulford (dau of Sir John Fulford, m2. Thomas Carey)
  B. John Arundell 'of Helland'
  i. Elizabeth Arundell
  m. John Bere of Pengelly
  C. Johanna Arundell
  m. William Pentier of Pentier ## see here ##
6. Alice Arundell named Maria by Vivian, apparently wrongly
  m. John Speake (of Whitelakington family)
7. Elizabeth Arundell
  m. Sir Edward Stradling
8. Eleanor Arundell
  Vivian shows that Eleanor married Richard St. Loe. We follow BP1934 in showing that she married twice as follows.
  m1. Thomas Sydenham
  m2. Nicholas St. Loe

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, Arundell of Lanherne & Arundell of Wardour), BP1934 (Arundell of Wardour) with some support from TCP (Arundell of Wardour)
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