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Families covered: Scarisbrick of Downholland, Scarisbrick of Scarisbrick

(Younger ?) brother of Simon de Grubhead was ...
Gilbert de Scarisbrick (d c1238)
1. Walter de Scarisbrick (d c1260)
  m1. Margery
  A. Henry de Scarisbrick
  i. Richard de Scarisbrick
ii. Gilbert de Scarisbrick
  a. Gilbert de Scarisbrick (d c1359)
  m. (1320) Joan de Kirkby (dau of Sir John de Kirkby)
  (1) Henry de Scarisbrick (d before 1405)
  m1. (c1340) Eleanor de Cowdray (dau of Robert de Cowdray)
  (A) Isabel de Scarisbrick
  m2. Joan de Molyneux (dau by Agatha Kyerton of Richard de Molyneux, son of William by Isabella de Scarisbrick)
  (B) Sir Henry de Scarisbrick (d 1420)
  m. (1389) Isabel Derwentwater
  (i) Henry de Scarisbrick (d 1464)
  m1. (1405) Katherine de Pilkington
  (a) Margaret Scarisbrick (b 1412)
  m. (1433) Boniface Le Bold
m2. (1434) Margaret de Langton
  (b) James Scarisbrick (d 1495)
  m1. Margery Booth
  ((1)) Gilbert Scarisbrick (d 1502)
  m1. Elizabeth Talbot (dau of Sir Thomas Talbot)
  m2. Margaret Poole
  ((A)) Thomas Scarisbrick (b 1496, d 1530, 2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Stanley (natural dau of 2nd Earl of Derby)
  ((i)) James Scarisbrick (b 1523, d 1559, youngest son?)
  m. (1529) Dorothy Booth (b 1525)
((a)) Edward Scarisbrick of Scarisbrick (b 1547, d 1599)
  m1. (1566) Margaret Barlow (d 1517)
  (((1))) Elizabeth Scarisbrick
  m. Anthony Parker 'of Radam'
  (((A))) Christopher Parker (b 1588)
  (((B))) Anne Parker
  m. (1599) Henry Scarisbrick @@ below
  (((2))) Mary Scarisbrick (b 1574) probably the Mary who married ...
  m. Lawrence Ireland of Lydiate (b c1551, d 06.05.1609)
  (((3)))+ other issue - Edward (b 1568, dvp 1589), Alexander (b 1572, dvp 1596), Margaret (b 1570), Jane (b 1577. d 1599), George (b 1578, dvp 1590), Ann (b 1579), Dorothy (b c1580)
  m2. (c1582) Anne Singleton (d 1603)
  (((10))) Frances Scarisbrick
  m. Henry Stanley
((b)) James Scarisbrick of Downholland
  m. Anne
  (((1))) Edward Scarisbrick of Downholland (b 1582)
  m. Elizabeth Tunstall (b 1586, d 1623)
  ((c)) Anne Scarisbrick
  ((ii))+ other issue - Thomas, Henry, Gilbert, Anne, Maud, Margaret
  ((B)) Dowce Scarisbrick possibly of this generation
  m. Hugh Halsall of Halsall (b c1451, a 1483)
((C))+ other issue - James (b 1492, d 1508), Margery, Alice
  m2. (1474) Elizabeth (widow of John Molyneux)
  ((2)) James Scarisbrick 'of Moorhall'
  m1. (1510) Margaret Atherton (b 1485, d 1517)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Scarisbrick (b 1515, d 1557)
m. Peter Stanley (b 1518, d 1592, 'of Hooton')
  m2. _ Gerard
  ((B)) Henry Scarisbrick of Omskirk (d 1582)
  ((i)) Thomas Scarisbrick of Borwick, later of Scarisbrick (d 1582) - continued below
  (b) Margaret (Margery) Scarisbrick
  m. Nicholas Blundell (d c1520)
  (c) Joan Scarisbrick
  m. Hugh de Aghton (dsp 1464)
(d) Agnes Scarisbrick
  m. (1468) Robert Hurleston
  (e)+ other issue - George, Henry, Elizabeth, Ellen
  (ii) William de Scarisbrick
  m. Janet
  (a)+ issue - Hector, Robert
  (iii) Ellen de Scarisbrick
  m. Robert de Halsall
  (iv) Isabel de Scarisbrick
  m. Richard Bradshaigh
  (v)+ other issue - Gilbert, John
(C) Elizabeth de Scarisbrick
  m1. (1380) Richard de Banastre
  m2. (1397) Gilbert Barton
  (2) Gilbert de Scarisbrick
  (3) Eleanora de Scarisbrick
  m. Robert de Hurlton
  b. Henry de Scarisbrick
  c. Richard de Scarisbrick
  m. Maud de Birchecar
  iii. Isabella de Scarisbrick (d 1289)
  m. (1286) William de Molyneux
  B. Ellen de Scarisbrick
  m. John de Meoles
  C.+ other issue - Adam of Gorsuch, Godida
  m2. Quenilda
2.+ other issue - Richard, Adam



Thomas Scarisbrick of Borwick, later of Scarisbrick (d 1582) - continued above
1. Henry Scarisbrick of Scarisbrick (d 1608)
  m. (28.07.1599) Anne Parker (dau of Anthony Parker of Radam) @@ above
  A. Edward Scarisbrick of Scarisbrick
  m. (24.03.1631) Frances Bradshaig (d 1667, dau of Roger Bradshaig of Haigh)
i. James Scarisbrick of Scarisbrick (b 1635, d 1673)
  m. (1659) Frances Blundell (d 1720, dau of Robert Blundell of Ince Blundell)
  a. Robert Scarisbrick (b 1668, d 1737, younger son)
  m. Anne Messenger (b c1679, d 1744, dau of William Messenger of Fountain Abbey)
(1) Basil Thomas Scarisbrick, later Eccleston of Eccleston & Scarisbrick (b c1707, d 1789, younger son)
  Basil inherited Eccleston through his connection with the Blundell family. The following includes some input from BLG1952 (Gerard of Wrightington).
  m. (1749) Elizabeth Dicconson (b 1731, d 27.12.1753, dau of Edward Dicconson of Wrightington)
  (A) Thomas Eccleston of Eccleston, later Scarisbrick of Scarisbrick, Wrightington & Halsall (b 1752, d 01.11.1809)
  m. (19.04.1784) Eleonora Clifton (dau of Thomas Clifton of Clifton & Lytham)
  (i) Thomas Eccleston, later Scarisbrick of Scarisbrick (b 28.11.1785, dsp 17.07.1833)
  m. Sybella Georgiana ffarington (dau of Lt. Col. William ffarington of Shaw Hall)
(ii) Charles Eccleston, later Dicconson of Wrightington, Sheriff of Lancashire (b 24.06.1801, dsp 06.05.1860, 3rd son)
  (iii) Anne Eccleston, later Scarisbrick (d 06.03.1872)
  m. (18.10.1807) Sir Thomas Windsor Hunloke, 5th Bart of Wingerworth (d 19.01.1816)
  (iv) Mary Eccleston, later Dicconson (a 1831)
  (v) Elizabeth Eccleston, later Dicconson (d 09.11.1862)
  m. (15.01.1819) Edward Clifton of London (b 17.02.1794, d 23.01.1850, Captain)
  (vi)+ other issue - William (b 16.09.1797, d 27.10.1809), Catherine
The following comes from the information kindly provided by AS as used for the upper section of this page (see below).
  (B) Ann Eccleston (b 1750, d 1801)
  m. (1771) Edward Towneley-Standish (b 1740, d 1807)
  (2) William Scarisbrick (b 1702, d 1767)
  m. Elizabeth Ogle (b 1722, d 1797)
  (A)+ issue - Ann, Elizabeth
  (3)+ other issue - James (b 1696, dvp 1730), Edward (b 1698, d 1778), Robert (b 1700, dvp 1739), Francis (b 1703, d 1789), Joseph (b 1708, d 1778), Henry (b 1711, d 1744), Anne (b 1706), Mary (nun), Elizabeth (nun), Frances (nun)
  b.+ other issue - Edmund (b 1661, d 1662), Edward (b 1663, d 1735), child (b/d 1664), Joseph (b 1666, d 1673), James (b 1671), Thomas (b 1673), Frances (b/d 1670)
  ii. Ann Scarisbrick
  m. (1658) Lawrence Ireland (b 1634, d 1673)
  iii.+ other issue - Edward (b 1639, d 1708), Henry, Thomas (b 1643), Francis, Dorothy, Letitia, Elizabeth
2.+ other issue - Anthony, Francis, Thomas, Ellen

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : information kindly provided by A. Scarisbrick (04.05.07) reported as based on the VCH (Lancashire), Visitation notes, and Scarisbrick Family deeds & charters held at Lancashire Records Office.
(2) For lower section (most of which was within this page when it was issued as Draft on 22.12.06) : BLG1886 (Scarisbrick of Scarisbrick) with input/support as reported above
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