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Families covered: Ffarington of Shawe Hall, Ffarington of Worden

Sir Henry Ffarington 'of Farington' (b c1471, d 08.12.1551)
m1. Ann Radcliffe (dau of Sir Alexander (sb William?) Radcliffe of Ordsall, widow of Sir Thomas Tildesley of Wardley)
1. William Ffarington (b 1495)
  m. Isaabel Clayton (dau/heir of John Clayton of Clayton)
A. Joan/Janet Ffarington
  m1. (mcrt 1532-3) Charles Booth of Hackensal
  m2. Charles (sb Henry?) Becconsall of Becconsall
  i. Dorothy Becconsall
m. Sir Edmund Huddlestone of Sawston (d 1606)
  m3. (sp) Sir Anthony Browne (Chief Justice)
2. Thomas Ffarington
  m. Cicely Radcliffe of Winmarleigh
  A. daughter
3. Robert Ffarington (b 1499)
  m. Elizabeth Southworth (dau of Sir Thomas Southworth of Salmesbury)
A. John Ffarington (dsp 21.10.1595)
  m. Ann Farington (dau/coheir of Peter Farington of Little Farington)
  B.+ other issue - Henry (dsps?), Thomas, Edward, Ellen
4. Cicely Ffarington
m2. (1536) Dorothy Okeover (dau of Humphrey Okeover of Okeover, widow of Sir Arthur Eyre)
5. William Ffarington of Worden or Werden (b 1537, d 07.1610)
  m. (1559) Jane Talbot (dau of Sir Thomas Talbot of Bashall)
A. (Sir) Thomas Ffarington, Constable of Lancaster Castle
  m. (03.08.1581) Mabel Benson (dau/coheir of George Benson of Hugill or Hyndhill)
  BLG1886 shows Thomas's successors as of Worden. Commoners shows them as of Shaw or Shawe Hall.
  i. William Ffarington of Worden & Shaw Hall, Sheriff of Lancashire (d 04.1658, Colonel)
  m. (1609) Margaret Worrell (d 1659, dau of Henry Worrell or Wyrall of Wsall)
a. William Ffarington of Worden & Shaw Hall (b 1612, d 27.02.1672)
  m. Catherine Fleetwood (d 1672, dau of Richard Fleetwood of Penwortham)
  (1) Henry Ffarington of Worden & Shawe Hall (b c1634, d 10.03.1691, Major)
  m. Susan Wheare (dau of Digory Wheare or Ware of Oxford)
  (A) Henry Ffarington (b 1656, dvpsp 1679)
  m. Agnes Dicconson (dau of Hugh Dicconson of Wrightington
  (B) William Ffarington of Worden, Sheriff of Lancashire (dsp 03.1714)
m. Elizabeth Swettenham (dau of Edmund Swettenham of Somerford Booths)
  (C) Margaret Ffarington
  m. Rev. Thomas Armetriding
  (D) Agnes Ffarington
  (E) Anne Ffarington
  m. _ Kelsall of Ireland
  (2) George Ffarington of Shawe Hall 'of Werden'
  m. (1672) Elizabeth Whitmore (dau of Valentine Whitmore of Thurlaston (Thirsington))
  (A) William Ffarington of Shawe Hall, Sheriff of Lancashire (b 1675, d 1717)
  m. (31.12.1694) Elizabeth Rufine (b 1678-9, d 06.03.1747, dau/heir of James Rufine of Boulogne)
(i) George Ffarington of Shawe Hall (b 1696, d 09.05.1742)
  m. Margaret Bradshaw (b 1700-1, d 08.05.1771, dau/heir of John Bradshaw of Pennington)
  (a) Sir William Ffarington of Shawe Hall, Sheriff of Lancashire (b 1730, dsp)
(b) James Ffarington (b 1733, d 23.09.1800, Captain)
  m1. (sp) Jane Ashton
  m2. (23.05.1744) Mary Nowell (d 23.12.1781, dau of Roger Nowell of Altham)
  ((1)) William Ffarington of Shawe Hall, Sheriff of Lancashire (b 1766, d 13.06.1837)
  m1. (16.06.1791) Sybilla Georgiana Wilbraham (d 22.11.1799, dau of Edward Wilbraham Bootle of Latham, sister of Edward, 1st Lord Skelmersdale)
  ((A)) Sybella Scarisbrock Ffarington
  m. Thomas Scarisbrick of Scarisbrick (dsp 1833)
  ((B))+ other issue - 3 sons (d young), Mary Isabella (d young), Frances Anne (d 1821)
m2. (05.07.1803) Hannah Matthews (dau of John Matthews of Tynemouth)
  ((G)) James Nowell Farrington of Shawe Hall (renamed Worden) (b 10.06.1813, dsp 06.06.1843)
  m. (28.10.1847) Sarah Esther Touchet (d 16.08.1863, dau of John Touchet of Broom House)
  ((H))+ other issue - George (b 1804-5, d 04.04.1819), William Mathews (b 1809-10, d 24.04.1827), Susan Maria, Mary Hannah
  ((2)) Mary Isabella Ffarington (d 12.07.1829)
m. (1804) George Watkin Kenrick of Woore Hall (Salop) and/or Chester
  ((3)) Charlotte Ffarington (dsp 1842)
  m. (25.03.1825) Alexander Nowell of Underley
  ((4))+ other issue (dsp) - Margaret, Jane
  (c) Margaret Ffarington
  m. James Prior Clayton of Leyland
  (d) Barbara Ffarington
  m. Rev. T. Mallory of Mobberley
  (e) Isabella Ffarington
  m. Gill Slater of Chesterfield & Liverpool
  (f) Mary Ffarington
  m. Isaac Hamon of Portarlington
  (g)+ other sons (dsp) including Bradshaw (d Fontenoy)
  (ii) William Ffarington (b c1703, d 1767, rector of Warrington, vicar of Leigh)
  m. Hester Gilbody (dau/heir of _ Gilbody of Manchester)
  (a) William Ffarington (b c1746, d 1803)
  m. Ann Frances Nash (dau of Captian WIlliam Nash)
  ((1)) William Ffarington (Captain RN)
  m. Frances Anne Green (dau of Edmund Green)
  ((A))+ issue - William, Edmund Francis, Richard Atherton, Frances Anne
  ((2)) Esther Frances Ffarington
  m. Leonard Streete Cox
((3))+ other issue - Henry, Geogre, Edward Frazer, Robert (d infant), Richard (d infant), Joseph (d infant)
  (b) Joseph Ffarington (dsp)
  m. Susan Hammond (dau of Rev. _ Hammond, prbendary of Norwich)
  (c) Henry Ffarington (4th son)
  m. (28.08.1788) Mary Anne Borron (dau of James Borron)
  ((1)) William Ffarington
  m. Marianne Haxby
  ((2)) Henry Ffarington
  m. Elizabeth Woodcock
  ((3)) Elizabeth Ffarington
  m. _ Fenton (Captain)
  ((4)) Harriet Ffarington
m. Rev. Frederick Norris
  ((5)) Frances Ffarington
  m. Charles Parkinson
((6))+ other issue - Mary Anne, Sarah (dsp)
  (d) Richard Atherton Ffarington (dsp)
  m. (31.07.1786) Elizabeth Borron
  (e)+ other issue - George, Edward, James, Robert (rector in London)
  (iii) Henry Ffarington (b 1715)
  m. _ Peachey of London
  (iv) Elizabeth Ffarington (b 1702)
  m. Richard Atherton of Atherton
  (v) Margaret Ffarington
m. William Bysel of Seabournes
  (a)+ issue - William (Captain RN), Austen (Captain RN)
  (vi) Isabella Ffarington (b 1711)
  m. Rev. John Woodcock of Stafordshire
  (B) Valentine Ffarington 'of Preston' (b 1676)
  m. Agnes Pickett of Natland Abbey
  (i) Elizabeth Ffarington
  m. (William) Gardner of Coleraine (Colonel)
  (ii) Sarah Ffarington
m. Nicholas Starkie of Riddleston
  (C)+ other issue (dsp) - Elizabeth (b 1672), Margaret (b 1680)
  (3) Margery Ffarington
  m. Arthur Ingleby of Lakeland, Yorkshire
  (4) Margaret Ffarington (dsp 1673)
  m. (1655) Alexander Nowell of Read
  (5) Anne Ffarington
  m. William Currer of London
(6) Mary Ffarington
  m. (1670) William Anderton of Euxton
  BLG1886 & Commoners disagree on the daughters & their husbands. We follow BLG1886. Commoners shows Margaret m. Edward Fleetwood of Penwortham, Ann m3. Clayton of Clayont, Elizabeth m. Charnocke of Charnocke, and Alice m. Banister of Bank. Dugdale shows Anne m. Richard Fleetwood but otherwise supports BLG1886.
  b. Anne Ffarington (b 1609, bur 24.03.1657)
  m. (25.09.1627) John Fleetwood of Penwortham
  c. Mabel Ffarington
  m1. Richard Clayton of Clayton
  m2. Peter Brooke of Mere
  d. Elizabeth Ffarington
  m1. Henry (not Christopher) Bannister or Banastre of Bank
  m2. Alexander Standish of Duxbury (dsp)
  e. Alice Ffarington
  m1. Robert Charnock of Charnock
  m2. Edward Oldfield (son of _ Oldfield of Somerford)
  f.+ other issue (dsp) - George of Knights in Middlesex, Henry
  ii.+ 2 sons and 6 daughters
  B. Henry Ffarington of the Middle Temple (d 05.1596)
  m. (02.10.1580) Margaret Broster (dau/heir of Edward Broster or Browster of Saltesford & Bosley)
  i. Thomas Ffarington mentioned by Commoners
m. Anne Worral
  a. ?? Ffarington
  (1) William Ffarington of Chislehurst, Kent (Major General)
  Commoners identifies William as m. dau of Sir Edward Battinson of Sudbury and "progenitor" of General Sir Anthony ffarrington and Albinia, Duchess of Ancaster.
  m. (Theodosia) Bettenson (dau of Sir Edward Bettenson or Battinson of Sudbury)
  (A) ?? Ffarington presumed intermediary generation
  (i) Sir Anthony Ffarington (General)
  (a) Harriot Ffarington probably fits here
  m. Walter Cliffe (b 04.02.1757, d 07.1816, Lt. General)
  (B) Albinia Ffarington (d 29.07.1745)
  m. Robert Bertie, 4th Earl of Lindsey, 1st Duke of Ancaster & Kesteven (b 30.10.1660, d 26.07.1723)
  (C) Mary Farington (b c1690, d 1777) probably of this generation
  m. John Selwyn of Matson (b 1688, d 1751, Colonel)
  ii. Mary Ffarington, heiress of Saltesford (d 02.1665) mentioned by BLG1886
  m. William Stopford
  iii.+ 6 sons and 1 daughter
  C. William Ffarington, Constable of Lancaster Castle (b c1565, dsp 15.01.1656)

Main source(s): BLG1886 (Ffarington of Worden), Commoners (vol 3, Ffarington of Shawe Hall) and a little support from Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664-5, Farington of Werdon)
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