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Families covered: Blundell of Ince (Ynes) Blundell

This family appears to have contained several overlaps across generations of people with the same name (William). Such, of course, is not uncommon but it can make it very difficult to pull together a pedigree. We are not convinced that either of the main sources have got it completely right. Where they contradict each other, we follow VCH.
William Blundell of Ynes, Lancashire
1. William Blundell of Ynes
  A. John Blundell
  i. William Blundell
  a. Richard Blundell the first mentioned by VCH, "late in the twelfth century"
  (1) Sir William Blundell of Ynes (d by 1242?) shown by Dugdale as living in 1259
  (A) Richard Blundell (d before 1265) shown by Dugdale as living in 1273
  (i) John Blundell (dvp) omitted by Dugdale
  (a) William Blundell (d by 1293) shown by Dugdale as living in 1315
  ((1)) William Blundell (d c1327) shown by Dugdale as living in 1344
  m. Agnes (a 1331)
VCH reports that, assuming that it was their son William who married Joan de Haydock, that William was succeeded by his brother Henry then brother John. Dugdale shows the following William as father of Henry father of John.
  ((A)) William Blundell of Ince
  m. (?) Joan de Haydock
  ((B)) Henry Blundell of Ince
  ((C)) John Blundell of Ince Blundell (a 1400)
  ((i)) William Blundell
  Dugdale shows this William as married to Alice Blundell. We follow VCH which shows his wife as Isabel Beconsaw but note that Commoners (vol II, Blundell of Crosby) identifies Alice Blundell as "the first wife of Bluindell, of Ince".
  m. (c1387) Isabel Beconsaw (dau of William de Beconsaw)
  ((a)) William Blundell of Ince Blundell (d c1450)
  m. (mcrt 1389-90) Alice Blundell (dau of Nicholas Blundell of Crosby)
  (((1))) William Blundell - continued below
  (ii) Amarica Blundell
  m. Gervase de Pencebech



William Blundell of Ince Blundell - continued above
1. William Blundell of Ince Blundell
  A. Robert Blundell of Ince Blundell (a 1447)
  m. Elizabeth Dawne (sister of Thomas & Henry Dawne (Done))
  i. William Blundell (a 1461, 1479)
m. Joane Ashawe (dau of Roger Ashawe of the Hill)
  a. William Blundell (d 1504-5)
  (1) Robert Blundell (d c1512)
  (A) James Blundell of Ince Blundell (d c1541) shown by Dugdale as a temp Edward VI (who r. 1547-1553)
m. Emme Bunbury (dau of Richard Bunbury of Bunbury & Stanney) wife of James (or Jonhn), mother of Robert
  (i) William Blundell of Ince Blundell (dsp c1547)
  (ii) Robert Blundell of Ince Blundell (a 1585)
  m. Anne Molyneux (dau of Robert Molyneux (Molyneis) of Mellynge) wife of Robert, possibly mother of ...
  (a) Robert Blundell of Ince Blundell (d 22.03.1615-6)
  m. Mary Massey (dau of Richard Masey of Rixton)
  ((1)) Robert Blundell of Ince Blundell (d 01.1656/7)
  m1. (sp) Anne Caermarden
  m2. Anne Wall (dau of William Wall of Crundell)
((A)) Henry Blundell of Ince Blundell (b 1632-3, d 1687, 3rd son)
  m. Bridget Tildesley (dau of Sir Thomas Tildesley of Merscough)
  ((i)) Henry Blundell of Ince Blundell (b c01.1663/4, d 1711)
  The following is supported by BLG1937/1952 (Weld-Blundell of Ince Blundell).
  m. Mary Anderton (dau of Sir Charles Anderton, Bart of Lostock)
  ((a)) Robert Blundell of Ince Blundell (d 05.08.1773)
m1. (1722) Catherine Stanley (dau of Sir Rowland Stanley, 2nd Bart of Hooton)
  (((1))) Henry Blundell of Ince Blundell (b 1724)
  m. Elizabeth Mostyn (d 1767, dau of Sir George Mostyn, 4th Bart of Talacre)
  (((A))) Charles Robert Blundell of Ince Blundell (b 16.05.1761, d unm 29.10.1837)
  Ince Blundell passed to Thomas Weld, later Weld-Blundell, 2nd son of Joseph Weld of Lulworth Castle, whose (Joseph's) mother Mary Stanley was grand-niece of Charles's grandmother Catherine Stanley.
  (((B))) Elizabeth Blundell (d 30.04.1845)
  m. (01.05.1789) Stephen Tempest of Broughton
  (((C))) Catherine Blundell (d 31.08.1834)
m. (07.10.1795) Thomas Stonor of Stonor
  m2. (04.05.1752) Margaret Anderton (b 1717, d 28.01.1798, dau of Hugh Anderton of Euxton)
  (((2))) Robert Blundell (d unm 1807)
  ((ii))+ other issue - Robert (d infant), Robert (b c01.1663/4, d infant?), Anne, Frances
  ((B)) Anne Blundell
m. Richard Pennington (son of William of Muncaster)
  ((C)) Elianor Blundell
  m. (c1658) Henry Eccleston of Eccleston (b c1637)
  ((D)) Frances Blundell (d 1720)
  m. (1659) James Scaresbrick of Scaresbrick (b 1635, d 1673)
  ((E))+ other issue - Robert (d infant), Charles (d infant), John, Dorothy, Margaret
  ((2)) James Blundell (d unm)
  ((3)) Anne Blundell
  m. Thomas Clayton of Fullwood
  ((4)) Catherine Blundell
  m. Lambert Tildesley of Garrett

Main source(s): VCH (Lancashire, vol 3, Townships: Ince Blundell), Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1665, Blundell of Ince Blundell)
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