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Families covered: Pelham of Brocklesby, Pelham of Laughton (Loughton), Pelham of Pelham, Pelham of Sandhurst, Pelham of Swineshead

These early generations are taken from various web sites which are not always consistent with each other and do not easily tie up with BP1934. Until we obtain more confidence in them, we omit some of the Internet-derived data but include some for the early generations, showing them in italics.
William de Pelham
1. Walter de Pelham (b 1248, d 1292)
  m. Alice de Pelham
  A. Walter de Pelham
  i. Thomas de Pelham (b c1300)
  a. Thomas de Pelham (b 1319, d 1346)
  m. Agnes de Gensing
  (1) Sir John de Pelham
  m. Joan Finch (dau of Vincent Herbert, later Finch)
  (A) Sir John Pelham (d 1429, Constable of Pevensey Castle)
BP1934 (both Chichester & Yarborough) mention Sir John and his parents and then move to "his lineal descendant" Sir William who m. Mary Carew & Mary Sandys. We suspect but are not at all certain that this Sir John may have been the Sir John (father of Sir John & Catherine) who is the first mentioned by Visitation. It appears that he had at least 3 marriages. In a note, TCP (Zouche or La Zouche of Richard's Castle, of Mortimer, or of Ashby) shows that 1 of them was Joan Bramshott but refers to L.F. Salzman's "The Early Heraldry of Pelham" (not yet seen) "For a discussion of Sir John Pelham's two known and other alleged wives, also of the legitimacy and parentage of his s., another Sir John".
  (i) Sir John Pelham
  Possibly the John (b c1397, d 1471-2) shown by some web sites as married to Joan de Courcy.
  (a) John Pelham 'of Laughton'
  m. Alice (or Dorothy) Lewknor (dau of Sir Thomas Lewknor)
  ((1)) Thomas Pelham of Sandhurst & Loughton (d 01.02.1516-7)
  m. Margaret
  ((A)) Sir William Pelham of Sandhurst - continued below
  m1. Mary Carew (dau of Sir Richard Carew of Beddington)
m2. Mary Sandys (dau of William Sandys, Lord of the Vine)
  ((B)) Anthony Pelham 'of Bucksted'
  m. _ Hernlle (widow of _ Peyrs of Buckthorpe)
  ((i)) Herbert Pelham
  m. Margery Theacher (dau of John Theacher of Presthawes)
  ((ii)) Anne Pelham
  m. William Morley of Glind
  ((C)) Katherine Pelham probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Morley of Glynd
  ((2)) Isabel Pelham
  m. _ Covert
  (b) Cicely Pelham possibly of this generation
  m. William Lunsford of Lunsford (b c1448, a 1498)
  (ii) Catherine Pelham
  m. (c1444) John Bramshott
  m(3?). (before 24.05.1400) Joan Bramshott (d c06.1439, dau of John de Bramshott of Bramshott)



Sir William Pelham of Sandhurst - continued above
m1. Mary Carew (dau of Sir Richard Carew of Beddington)
1. Sir Nicholas Pelham of Sandhurst and/or Halland-in-Laughton (d 14.09.1560)
  m. Anne Sackville (dau of John Sackville)
  A. Sir John Pelham of Laughton (d 13.10.1580)
  m. Judith St. John (dau of Oliver St.John, Lord of Bletso)
  i. Oliver Pelham of Laughton (dsp 19.01.1584)
  B. Sir Thomas Pelham, 1st Bart of Laughton, Sheriff of Sussex and Surrey (b c1540, d 02.12.1624)
  m. (c1590) Mary Walsingham (bur 07.06.1634, dau of Sir Thomas Walsingham of Scadbury)
  C. Mary Pelham
  m. John Thatcher of Priesthaws
D. Anne Pelham
  m. Thomas Shirley of Istfield
  E.+ other issue - Anthony, Thomas, Robert, Nicholas, Elizabeth
2. Anthony Pelham of Buxted (d 22.11.1556)
  The following comes from Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Pelham of Swineshead).
  m. Margaret Hall (widow of _ Pierce)
  A. Herbert Pelham (b c1546)
  m1. Katharine Thacker (sister of James Thacker of Priesthams (Thatcher of Priesthaws))
  i. Herbert Pelham of Swineshead & Wigtoft (d 13.07.1624)
  m1. Penelope or Lucy West (dau of Thomas, 2nd Lord De la Warr)
  a. Herbert Pelham of Swineshead (b c1600, d 06.1674, MP)
  m1. Elizabeth Waldegrave (sister/coheir of Thomas Waldegrave of Ferrers)
(1) Waldegrave Pelham (bpt 26.09.1627, bur 12.11.1699)
  m. Abigail Glascock (bur 1698, dau of Thomas Glascock of Sible-Hedingham)
  (A) Waldegrave Pelham, last of Ferrers (bpt 06.06.1670, bur 1703)
  (B) Herbert Pelham 'of Ferrers' (d 1746)
  m. Sarah (d 1748)
  (i) Waldegrave Pelham 'of Hemingham' (bpt 1703)
  (a) Jemima Pelham (coheir)
  m. William Clay of Southwell
  (ii)+ other issue - Herbert (bpt 1707), William (bpt 09.1709, d 27.03.1780), Nathaniel (bpt 1713, bur 1736), Sarah (bpt 1705, bur 1714), Elizabeth (bpt 1716)
  (C)+ other issue - Jemima (bur 1721), Abigail, Margaret, Elizabeth, Mary
  (2) Nathaniel Pelham (bpt 04.02.1631-2, a 1674)
  (3) Penelope Pelham (bpt 1633, a 1674)
  m. Josias Winslow
  m2. Elizabeth Bosvile (dau of Colonel ?? Bosvile of Gunthwaite, widow of Roger Harlakenden of Massachusetts)
(4) Henry Pelham (bur 1699, 4th son)
  (A) child (bpt 1677)
  (5) Katharine Pelham (a 1674)
  m. _ Clarke
  (6) Anne Pelham (a 1674)
  m. Samuel Stannnand
  (7) daughter
  m. Guthlac Tolliot
  (8)+ other issue - Edward (a 1674, in New England?), William
  b. Penelope Pelham (a 1674)
  m. Richard Bellingham, Governor of Massachusetts (recorder of Boston)
  c.+ other issue (dsp) - Edward, William
m2. Anne (bur 20.03.1637-8)
  e.+ other issue - Anthony (bpt 24.05.1621), Anne (bur 10.03.1622-3), Martha (bpt 06.03.1622-3, bur 19.04.1624), Elizabeth (bpt 08.07.1624, a 1674)
  m2. Elizabeth West (b c1580, d 15.01.1639-40, dau of Thomas, 2nd Lord De la Warr)
3. Bridget Pelham
  m. Edward Parker of Lewes
4. Ann Pelham
5. Margaret Pelham
  m. _ Hawkins
m2. Mary Sandys (dau of William Sandys, Lord of the Vine)
6. Sir William Pelham of Brocklesby (d 24.11.1587, Field Marshal, Justiciar of Ireland)
  m(1). Eleanor Nevill (dau of Henry Nevill, 5th Earl of Westmorland)
A. Sir William Pelham of Brocklesby (d 1628-9)
  m. Anne or Katherine Willoughby (dau of Charles Willoughby, Lord of Parham)
  i. Sir William Pelham of Brocklesby (d 01.08.1644)
  m. Frances Conway (dau of Edward Conway, Viscount Conway)
  a. Edward Pelham of Brocklesby (b 1623, dvp?)
  m. Diana (Fane) (dau of Mildmay, 2nd Earl of Westmorland)
b. Charles Pelham of Brocklesby (b c1635, bur 17.02.1691-2)
  m1. (1657-8, sps) Anne Hussey (bpt 13.06.1633, dau of Sir Edward Hussey, Bart of Dodington)
  (1) Anne Pelham (d young?)
  m2. (c04.1665) Elizabeth Pelham (dsp, dau of Sir Thomas Pelham of Halland)
  m3. Elizabeth Warton (bur 26.02.1725-6, dau of Michael Warton or Wharton of Beverley)-
  (2) Charles Pelham of Brocklesby (b 1678-9, dsp 06.02.1763)
  m1. (29.06.1714) Helen (probably not Anne) Gore (dau of Sir William Gore)
  m2. Mary Vyner (dau of Robert Vyner of Gautby)
  (3) Mary Pelham (b 21.04.1671)
  m. Francis Anderson of Manby
Their senior grandson inherited Brocklesby and changed his name to Pelham. He was created Lord Yarborough.
  (4) Frances Pelham (bpt 02.05.1676)
  m. Charles Reynolds of Wigsborough
  (A) Samuel Reynolds
  (5) Elizabeth Pelham (bpt 01.09.1680, d 13.09.1726)
m. John Stringer of Sutton-upon-Lound
  (6)+ other issue - Michael (bpt 25.03.1684, dsp bur 12.05.1718), Henry (d infant), Susanna (bpt 20.06.1675), Charlotte (bpt 27.04.1678, bur 10.01.1697-8), Eleanor (bpt 01.07.1681, bur 18.01.1681/2)
  c. Anne or Sara Pelham
  m. (16.04.1654?) Sir George Winn of Rostel
  d. Frances Pelham (b c1617, d 29.12.1683)
  m. Sir Matthew Appleyard of Burstwickgarth
  e. Eleanor Pelham
  m. _ Alured
f. Elizabeth Pelham (b c1643)
  m. (c12.1668) Sir Edmund Winn, 2nd Bart of Nostell (b 1644, bur 30.08.1694)
  g. Katharine Pelham
  m1. _ Heslop of Northumberland
  m2. John Stanhope of Grimston
  h.+ other issue - George (b c1635, a 1653), William (d infant), William (bur 27.03.1646), Dorothy, Margaret
  ii. Charles Pelham of Manton (d 24.01.1671-2)
  m. (06.10.1630) Mary Tyrwhitt dsp 26.02.1657-8, (dau of Sir Edward Tyrwhitt, 2nd Bart of Stainfield)
  iii+. other issue - Henry (Speaker of the House of Commons, recorder of Lincoln), Peregrine (bur 04.03.15945), Herbert (b c1596, 19.01.1670-1), Roger (b c1610, a 1639), Willoughby (a 1629), Edmund (a 1642), Elizabeth (bpt 03.03.1594-5, a 1645)
  B. Peregrine Pelham
  i. Peregrine Pelham
  m. (20.06.1626) (Jane) Bowes
  ii.+ other issue - William, Charles
  C. Anne Pelham probably the Anne who married ...
  m. Thomas Pakington
  D. Elizabeth Pelham
  m. (Henry) Bromley (son of Chancellor Sir Thomas)
7.+ other issue - Francis, Edmund/Edward

Main source(s): BP1934 (Chichester), BP1934 (Yarborough), Visitation (Sussex, 1530+1633-4, Pelham), Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Pelham of Brocklesby) with input on early generations from various web sites (see note at top)
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