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Families covered: Shurley (Shirley) of Isfield, Shurley of Lewes

The Visitation shows the family name as 'Shurley' throughout and that spelling appears to be supported by the family web site referred to below. However, cross-references to this family from elsewhere in the database nornally use 'Shirley'.
John Shurley of Longfeld (Longfield), Yorkshire 
m. Margaret Portington
1. Robert Shurley
  m. Anne Gower (dau of Henry Gower)
A. John or William Shurley
  m. Margaret Menell (dau of Sir Ralfe Menell or Meignell)
  B. Henry Shurley
  m. Elizabeth Standy (dau/coheir of John Standy)
  i. John Shurley
  m. Grace Longford (dau of Sir John Longford)
  The Visitation Record provides 2 entries on this family, possibly but not clearly coming from the long-apart visits. Both of them show the following John as son of the above John but the other, which reports the above John's younger brothers (Thomas and a 2nd John) adds a dotted line to the following John from the younger John. The family web site starts with ...
a. John Shurley of Iffeild or Iffeld or Isfield, Sussex (d 03.08.1527, cofferer to King Henry VIII)
  m1. Parnell Grandford not mentioned by Visitation
  m2. Margery Goring of Sussex
  (1) John Shurley of Isfield (dsp?) not mentioned by Visitation
(2) Edward Shurley of Isfield (d 16.03.1558, 3rd son)
  m. Joan Fenner (dau of John Fenner of Crowley (Crawley?))
  (A) Thomas Shurley of Isfield (d 1579)
  m1. Ann Pelham (dau of Sir Nicholas Pelham)
(i) Sir John Shurley of Isfield or Ifield (b 1569, d 1631)
  m1. Jane Shirley (dau of Sir Thomas Shirley or Sherley of Wiston)
  (a) Jane Shurley (b 21.09.1594, d 04.1666)
  m1. Sir Walter Covert of Sussex
  m2. John Freake mentioned by TCP (Holles of Ifield)
  m3. (16.03.1641/2) Denzill Holles, 1st Lord of Ifield (b 31.10.1599, d 17.02.1679-80)
  (b) Cicily Shurley (bpt 28.02.1597/8, d before 1631)
  m. Sir William Somervile
  (c) Elizabeth Shurley (bpt 17.06.1599)
  m. (before 1627) Sir Thomas Palmer, Bart (bur 20.04.1656)
  (d) Mary Shurley
  m. John Doyley (son/heir of Sir Coape of Chisilhampton)
  (e) Hannah or Anne Shurley (bpt 31.12.1603)
Named Hannah by Visitation but Anne by the Shirley Association web site. The former shows an Anne (d young) whilst the latter shows a Hannah (dvp).
  m. Sir Giles Overbury
  (f) Charity Shurley (bpt 04.07.1602)
  m. James Rivers of Flower, Godstone (dvp 08.06.1641, son of Sir John, 1st Bart)
  (g)+ other issue - Thomas (dvpsp), John (bpt 14.12.1600, dvpsp)
  m2. (14.03.1607) Dorothy Goring (dau of George Goring of Lewes, widow of Sir Henry Bowyer of Cuckfield)
(ii) Sir George Shurley 'of Isfield' (b 1569, d 1647, Lord Chief Justice in Ireland)
  m. Mary Halfhed (a 03.1654, dau/heir of Edward Halfhed or Halfide of Tamms)
  (a) Robert Shurley of Isfield (bur 13.12.1646)
  m. Margaret Verney (dau of Sir Richard Verney of Compton)
  ((1)) John Shurley of Isfield (bpt 06.02.1633, dsp 1656)
  m. Anne Parker
  (b) Arthur Shurley of Isfield (d 1667, 3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth
  ((1)) Elizabeth Shurley (bpt 18.10.1662, d young?)
((2)) Penelope Shurley (bpt 01.05.1664)
  m1. Nathaniel Noel of St. George, Southwark
  m2. (1680) Edward Radcliffe of Isfield
  ((3)) Elizabeth Shurley (bpt 26.05.1666)
  m. Sir James Smyth, Lord Mayor of London
  (c) Thomas Shurley (d 19.11.1661, 6th son)
  m. _ Fitzpatrick
  ((1)) Mabel Shurley
  m. (1661) Edward Trevor (in Dublin?)
((2)) Mary Shurley
  m. (1661) George Adams (in Dublin?)
  (d) Anne Shurley
  m. (Sir) Fenton Parsons (of Ireland)
  (e) Penelope Shurley
m. Francis Selwyn of Friston
  (f) Judith Shurley
  m. Sir Samuel Crooks, Bart of Baltemore
  (g)+ other issue - Pelham (dvp 30.10.1634), George, Edward, Henry, Judith (d young?), Mary (dsp), Dorothy (dsp), Jane (dsp)
  (iii) Judith Shurley (d before 09.05.1642)
  m. Peter Garton of Wollavington (d 1607)
m2. (12.12.1575) Ann Wroth not mentioned by Visitation
  (B) John Shurley of Lewes, Sussex (d 1611, Sergeant-at-law)
  m1. Elizabeth Kyme not mentioned by Visitation
  m2. Frances Capell (dau of Henry Capell of Hadham)
  (i) John Shurley of Lewes (bpt 19.12.1599, d 1631)
  m. Judith Honywood (m2. Sir Thomas Pelham of Halland)
  (a)+ issue - John (bpt 05.07.1621, d 1637), Frances (bpt 08.06.1620, a 1635)
  (ii) Katharine Shurley probably of this generation
  m1. Whittingham Wood (d 1616)
  m2. Sir Christopher Mann of Canterbury
  (C)+ other issue - Edward, daughter
  (3)+ other issue - William (dsp?), Joan, Bridget
  ii. Thomas Shurley
  m. Catherine Utterbury (dau of William Utterbury)
  iii. John Shurley (2nd)
  m. Elizabeth Grenold (dau of Robert Grenold or Grenhould)

Main source(s): Visitation (Sussex, 1530+1633-4, Shurley), www.shirleyassociation.com
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