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Families covered: Freke of Castle Freke, Freke of Faringdon, Freke of Hannington, Freke of Hinton St. Mary, Freke of Iwerne (Ewern) Courtney, Freke of Shroton, Freke of West Bilney

Francis Freke of Thorncombe, Devon
1. Robert Freke of Iwerne Courtney aka Shroton (d 1592)
  m. Alice Swaine (d 1577, dau of John Swaine of Blandford)
  A. Sir Thomas Freke of Iwerne (Ewern) Courtney aka Shroton (b 1563, d 1633)
  m. Elizabeth Tayler (b c1567, d 1640/1, dau of John Tayler or Taylor of Burton, alderman of London)
i. John Freke of Shroton
  m1. Arundell Trenchard (b 1595/6, d 1623, dau of Sir George Trenchard of Wolverton)
  a. Sir George Freke of Shroton (b c1615) who apparently married ...
  m. Abigail Digby (dsp, dau of John Digby, Earl of Bristol)
  b. Arundell Freke (b c1620)
  m. John Pendruddock
  m2. Jane Shirley (dau of Sir John Shirley of Ifield, relict of Sir Walter Covert (not Coventry))
  c. John Freke (dsp bur 16.05.1657)
  d. Thomas Freke of Shroton (a 1657, dsp, youngest son)
  m. Cicely Hussey (dau of Robert Hussey of Stour Pagney)
  e. Elizabeth (not Ann) Freke (b 1634, d 02.02.1683-4)
  m. Sir Richard Brownlow, 2nd Bart of Great Humby (b 1628, d 03.08.1668)
  f. Jane Freke probably the Jane (b 1637-8, d 09.02.1674-5) who married ...
  m. Sir Robert Dillington, 2nd Bart of Knighton George (b c1634, d 25.04.1687)
  ii. Robert Freke of Iwerne (Ewern) Courtney
  m. Katherine Ewens (dau of Mathew Ewens or Evans of South Cadbury)
  a. Robert Freke of Upway (b c1629, d 29.10.1699)
m. Katherine Hawles (dau of Edmund Hawles of Monckton Up Wimburne)
  (1)+ issue - Robert (d before 16.03.1710/1), John, Ralph (d before 23.09.1691), Thomas, William, George, Francis, Edmund (d before 23.09.1691), Henry, Jane, Elizabeth (bur 27.11.1704)
  b. George Freke (dsp)
c. Katherine Freke
  m. Simon Sandyes of South Petherton
  iii. Ralph Freke of Hannington (b 1595, d 1683)
  m. Cicely Colpepper (dau of Sir Thomas Colpepper of Hollingbourn)
  a. Elizabeth Freke
  m. Percy Freke of Castle Freke @@ below
  b. Cicely Freke
  m. (04.1661) Sir George Chute of Surrenden
  c. Frances Freke
  m. Sir George Norton of Abbots Leigh
  d. Judith Freke
  m. Robert Austen of Herendon ('Mr. Austen of Kent')
  e. Mary Freke apparently of this generation
  m1. Christopher Coward (rector of Ditcheat?)
  m2. Thomas Leir (b 1640, rector of Ditcheat)
  iv. Thomas Freke of Melcombe and Hinton St. Mary (b 1598, d 30.04.1642)
  m. Mary Doddington (d 01.02.1686)
  a. Thomas Freke of Hannington (b 1629)
  m. Elizabeth Clarke (dau of Sir William Clarke of Fordwich)
  (1) William Freke of Hannington (b 1662, d 1744)
m. Elizabeth Harris
  (A) Rauffe Freke of Hannington (b 1691, d 1780)
  m. Ann Colchester (d 1746, dau of Maynard Colchester of Westbury)
  (i) William Freke of Hannington
  m. Saah Peake (d 1780)
  (a) Knightley Freke of Hannington (dsp)
  (b) Mary Freke (d 1846)
m. Edward Lewis (d 1839, rector of Portskewett)
  (c) Frances Freke (dsp 1845)
  m1. Rev. Francis Lewis of Portscuit (d 17.09.1794)
  m2. William Morton Pleydell of Whatcombe (dsp 1824, Colonel)
  m3. Rev. Paul Leir of Charlton Musgrove
  (B) John Freke of Hinton St. Mary
  m. Bridget Pitt of Strathfieldsaye
  (i) William Freke (dsp 1729)
  (ii) John Freke of Wyke and Hannington (b 1731, d 1799, Rev.)
  m. Mary Gould (b 1737, d 1818)
  (a) Thomas Freke (dvpsp 1773)
  (b) Elizabeth Freke (dsp)
m. Roger Montgomery
  (iii) Elizabeth Freke (b 1732, d 1809)
  m. Matthew Spencer of Horsington (b c1711, d 1774)
  (a) Bridget Spencer
  m. Henry John of Wells
  ((1)) Henry John, later Freke of Hannington (b 1775, d 1848, Colonel) had issue
  m. Joanna Burn Smeaton (b c1806, d 1854)
  (b)+ other issue (dsp) - Walter (b 1761, d 1823, Captain), John Freke (b 1762, d 1794)
  (C) Mary Freke probably of this generation
  m. (03.1728) Thomas Gould of Milbourne St. Andrews and Frome Bellet (d 16.03.1780)
  b. Mary Freke
  m. William Chafin of Zeals
  c.+ other issue - John, Robert, George, Margaret, Elizabeth, Sarah, Jane
  v. Edmund Freke (dsp 1625)
m. Margaret Bartholomew
  vi. William Freke
  m. Frances Culpeper or Colepepper
  vii. Elizabeth Freke
  m. Sir George Horsey of Clifton
  viii. Alice Freke
  m. Sir George Hastings (son of Henry)
ix. Jane Freke
  m. (1624) John Tregonwell of Milton Abbey
  x.+ other issue (d infant) - Elizabeth, Anne
  B. William Freke of Sareen (Hampshire) (b 1577, to Ireland, 3rd son)
  m. Anne Swain (dau of Arthur Swain)
i. Arthur Freke of Rathbarry Castle aka Castle Freke (to Ireland)
  BEB1841, which reports merely that Arthur "lived near the city of Cork", identifies his wife as Dorothy, daughter of Sir Piercy Smith of Youghal, but (according to BP1934 (Bandon) supported by some web sites) he appears to be the Arthur of Rathgarry Castle whose wife was ...
  m. Dorothy Smyth (dau of Sir Richard Smyth by Mary Boyle, sister of 1st Earl of Cork)
  a. Percy Freke of Castle Freke & Bilney
  m. Elizabeth Freke (dau of Ralph Freke of Hannington) @@ above
  (1) Sir Ralph Freke of Castle Freke, 1st Bart of West Bilney (d 1718)
  m. Elizabeth Meade (dau of Sir John Meade, 1st Bart of Ballintober)
  (A) Sir Piercy Freke, 2nd Bart of West Bilney (d unm 10.01.1728)
(B) Ralph Freke (d unm 1727)
  (C) Sir John Redmond Freke, 3rd Bart of West Bilney (dsp 13.04.1764)
  m. (Mary) Brodrick
  (D) Grace Freke
  m. (06.1741) John Evans of Bulgaden Hall (d 1758)
  b. Dorothy Freke apparently of this generation
  m. Francis Bernard of Castle Mahon
  c. Agnes Freke apparently of this generation
  m. Patrick Crosbie of Tubrid
  C. Mary Freke (b 1564, d 1605)
  m. William Hodges of Ilchester
  D. Frances Freke
  m. John Culliford of Encombe, Isle of Purbeck
  E. Margaret Freke
  m. Sir Robert Meller or Miller of Little Bredie
  F. Elizabeth Freke
  m. Thomas Beale or Neale of Warnford
  G.+ other issue - John (not Robert) of Hinton St. Mary (b 1570), Susanna, Ann, Joan
2. John Freke of Faringdon, Dorset
  The following comes from Visitation (Dorset, 1623, Freke, fol 29).
  A. Robert Freke or Ffreake of Faringdon
  m. Susan Polden (dau of John Polden of Derison)
  i. Robert Freke of Faringdon (a 1623)
  m. Elizabeth Clavill (dau of' John Clavill of Wotton Glanvile)
  a.+ issue (a 1623) - John (b c1616), Robert (b c1620), Clavill (b c1622), Arundell (b c1617)
  ii. Jane Freke
  m. George Harvy

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Hussey-Freke formerly of Hannington) with some support/input from BEB1841 (Freke of West Bilney), Visitation (Dorset, 1623+1677, Freke, fol 31) :
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