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Families covered: Clay of Crich(e), Clay of Southwell
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BP1934 reported (of the Clay baronets) "This family descends from the Clays of Chapel and Crich, co. Derby". It then mentions George Clay "member of a younger branch, settled for two generations at Cambridge (the elder branch terminated in the male line between 1680 and 1690)," who married Elizabeth Calvert. The following is a first attempt at pulling something together on this family.
?? Clay of Crich, Derbyshire
1. ?? Clay
A. ?? Clay
  i. ?? Clay
  a. John Clay of Criche mentioned in Visitation (Derbyshire, 1662-4, Brailesford of Senor)
  (1) ?? Clay of Criche
  (A) ?? Clay of Criche
  (i) ?? Clay of Criche (dspms c1685)
(2) Penelope Clay (b 1581, d 1635/55, co-heir)
  m. Thomas Brailesford of Senor in Hucknall
  The following connection is wholly speculative. Possibly of this generation was the progenitor of the following Clays who were reported by BP1934 (Clay).
  ii. ?? Clay in Cambridge
  a. ?? Clay in Cambridge
  (1) George Clay
  m. (1670) Elizabeth Calvert (dau of Felix Calvert of Albury Park)
  (A) Felix Clay of Enfield
  (i) William Clay of London
  (a) George Clay (b 1757, d 1836)
  m. (1784) Mary Moorsom (dau of Richard Moorsom of Whitby & Scarborough by Elizabeth Fairfax)
  ((1)) Sir William Clay, 1st Bart (b 15.08.1791, d 13.03.1869, MP) had issue
  m. (26.09.1822) Harriet Dickason (d 19.12.1867, dau of Thomas Dickason of Fulwell Lodge)
  The following connection is wholly speculative and may be reversed out. The data comes from FMG (Continuation, 'Clay of Southwell', p39).
  B. ?? Clay
  i. ?? Clay
  a. ?? Clay
  (1) William Clay of Southwell, Nottinghamshire (d 1692)
  m1. _ Speet of Rolleston
  (A) daughter
  m. _ Whelpdale
  (B) daughter
  m. _ Wilson
  m2. Barbara Denman of Farsfield, Nottinghamshire = 'Barbara, dau/heir of Richard Denman of Retford'
  (C) Joseph Clay of Southwell (d 1729)
m. (28.08.1694) Mary Cudworth (d 1706)
  (i) Benjamin Clay
  m. Elizabeth Grundy (dau of John Grundy of Bleasby)
  (a) William Clay of Burridge Hill
  m. Jemima Pelham (dau of Waldegrave Pelham of Hemingham)
  ((1)) (Eliza Mary) Clay (dsp 07.1806)
  m1. Thomas Scrope of Coleby (dsp 1792)
  m2. (07.05.1794) Albemarle Bertie, 9th Earl of Lindsey (b 1744, d 1818)
  ((2))+ "Many others"
  (b) daughter
  m. Nicholas Hutchinson of Southwell
  (c) daughter
  m. Edmund Ayrton of London
  ((1)) William Ayrton of London
(ii)+ other issue (dsp) - son, 2 daughters
  (D) son (d infant)
  (E) daughter
  m. _ Lowe of Southwell
  m3. Bridget Lee
  (F) Barbara Clay (d 27.03.1727)
  FMG (vol 4, p1246) reports that Barbara was William's only daughter by his 2nd wife (Barbara, dau/heir of Richard Denman of Retford) but FMG (Continuation, p39) shows that she was of his 3rd marriage.
  m. (25.03.1677) Thomas Brailsford of Southwell
The following connection is wholly speculative and may be reversed out. The data comes from FMG (vol 3, MS346, 'Clay', p837).
2. ?? Clay
A. Thomas Clay of Rowthorne
  i. Richard Clay (b c1565)
  a. William Clay (dsp, solicitor)
  b. Hercules Clay of Whitecote, Mayor of Chesterfield (d 22.04.1685)
  m. Alice Watkinson (dau of Godfrey Watkinson of Brampton Moor)
  (1) John Clay (dsp)
  (2) Alice Clay
  m. Thomas Kent of Povey
  (A) Anne Kent
m. George Sitwell
  c. Robert Clay of Shirbrook
  m. Elizabeth Thornally
  (1) Hercules Clay of Sherbrook (b c1640, a 1707)
m. Elizabeth Watkinson (dau of Godfrey Watkinson of Clown)
  (A) Hercules Clay (b c1680, a 1708)
  This is possibly the Hercules who is shown by FMG (vol 1, MS187-8, 'Milnes', p431) as father of ...
  (i) Robert Clay
  (a) John Clay of Newark
  ((1)) Dorothy Clay
  m. Thomas Milnes
  (2) John Clay of Rotherham
  m. Elizabeth Carver
  (A)+ issue - Elizabeth, Sarah, Ann
  (3) Robert Clay
  m. Ann Badfer
  (A) Ann Clay
  (4) Richard Clay of London
  (A) Elizabeth Clay (b c1691, a 1708)
  d. Ann Clay sister of William, mentioned by FMG (vol III, Richardson)
  m. Richard Richardson of Newton & Blackwell

Main source(s): as reported above
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