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Families covered: Hussey of Caythorpe, Hussey of Harswell, Hussey of Honington, Hussey of Linwood, Hussey of North Duffield, Hussey of Sleford (Sleaford)

William Hussey
m. _ Lumley
1. John Hussey of Old Sleaford (a 1440)
  m. Elizabeth Sheffield or Nessfield or Neffield of Yorkshire
  A. Sir William Hussey of Sleaford (d 08.09.1495, attorney general, chief justice)
  m. Elizabeth Berkeley (d 1503/4, dau of Thomas Berkeley of Wymondham)
  i. Sir John Hussey, Lord of Sleford (b 1465, d 29.06.1537)
Sir John was attainted and executed for treason. BE1883 reports that Sir John married Anne Grey before Margaret Blount but TCP shows the marriages the other way round. BE1883 allocates the children differently from the following which is as shown by Maddison.
  m1. (before 04.08.1492) Margaret Blount (b 03.10.1474, widow of Sir John Barr of Barr's Court, dau of Sir Simon Blount of Mangotsfield or Mangotsbury by Eleanor Daubeny)
  a. Sir William Hussey of Beauvale, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d 19.01.1555/6)
  m. (mcrt 07.07.1503) Ursula Lovel (dau of Sir Robert Lovel)
(1) Margaret (Nela) Hussey (b c1511)
  m. Richard Disney of Norton Disney (D'Isney) (d 30.12.1578)
  (2) Anne Hussey (b c1512, dsp after 1567)
  BE1883 identifies Anne's husband as William Gell of Darley but Maddison & TCP name him as Francis Columbell. After review of the IGI, a contributor (RS, 05.01.05) suggests both marriages as follows ...
  m1. William Gell of Darley
m2. Francis Columbell of Darley (d before 1568)
  m2. (before 04.08.1492) Anne Grey (d before 11.02.1545/6, dau of George Grey, 2nd Earl of Kent)
  b. Sir Giles Hussey of Caythorpe BE1883 suggests that Giles dsp but Maddison shows issue as shown below
  m. Jane Pigot (dau of Thomas Pigot of Clotherham)
  (1) Thomas Hussey
  m. Bridget Bowes (dau of Richard Bowes of Aske)
  (A) John Hussey of Honington and Caythorpe (dsp before 05.09.1587)
  m. Elizabeth Metcalfe (sister of Thomas, widow of Thomas Trigge of Stamford)
  (B) George Hussey
  (i) John Hussey
  (C) Elizabeth Hussey
  m. Thomas Stydolf of Norbury (d 1604)
  (2) Alice Hussey
  m. Blaise Holland of Howell
(3) Elizabeth Hussey
  m. Percival Lumley of Kew ('base son of Lord Lumley')
  (4)+ other issue - Francis, John
  c. Gilbert Hussey
  m. _ Jerningham
  d. Elizabeth Hussey (d 23.01.1553/4)
  m1. (10.1532) Sir Walter Hungerford, Lord of Heytesbury (d 28.07.1541)
  m2. (before 04.07.1544) Sir Robert Throckmorton (d 1570-1)
  e. Bridget Hussey (b c1525, d 12.01.1600)
  m1. Sir Richard Morrison of Cashiobury (d 17.03.1556)
  m2. (sp) Henry Manners, 2nd Earl of Rutland (d 17.09.1563)
  m3. (1566, sp) Francis Russell, 2nd Earl of Bedford (b 1527, d 28.07.1585)
  f. Dorothy Hussey
  m. Edward Dockwray
g. Mary Hussey
  m. Humphry Dymock of Warwick
  h. Anne Hussey
  m1. Sir Humphrey Browne (judge)
  m2. _ Dimock
i.+ other issue (dsp) - Thomas, Reginald
  ii. Sir William Hussey (d 1531)
  m. (before 08.1503) Anne Salvaine (dau of Sir John Salvaine of Thorpe, she m2. Ralph Hungate)
  a. George Hussey of Harswell & North Duffield, Yorkshire (d 10.08.1537)
  m. Anne Constable (dau of Sir Robert Constable)
  (1) John Hussey of North Duffield (d 10.07.1589)
  m. Mary Norton
  (A) Anne Hussey (b c1569)
  m1. Robert Constable of Flamborough (d 30.09.1600)
  m2. William Skipwith of South Ormsby
  (2) William Hussey of Harswell (b c10.1579)
  m. Anne Babthorpe (dau of William Babthorpe)
  (A)+ issue - Robert (a 1586), John
(3) Frances Hussey
  m. Christopher Monkton of Yorkshire
  iii. Sir Robert Hussey 'of Blankney' of Linwood, Halton, etc., Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d 20.05.1546)
  m1. Anne Say (dau of William Say of Lyston)
  a. Thomas Hussey of Halton (b by 1509, dsp 31.05.1559)
  m. _ Hopton (dau of Sir William Hopton)
b. Margaret Hussey (d 1577)
  m1. Henry Sutton of Wellingore (d 06.01.1537-8)
  m2. (before 05.1559) William Thorold of Marston
  c. Anne Hussey (d 1562)
  m1. Mathew Thimelby of Powlam
  m2. (01.03.1554/5) Sir Robert Saville (d 1585)
  d. Mary Hussey (d 04.03.1572-3)
  m1. John Monson, younger of South Carlton (dvp 17.11.1552)
  m2. Simon Hall (d 20.01.1565-6)
  m3. Lancelot Forster of Lincoln
  e. Dorothy Hussey (d by 1529, d 1580)
  m1. Ralph Quadring (d 1554)
m2. John Massingberd
  f. Elizabeth Hussey (d 1553)
  m1. _ Ayscough
  m2. Thomas Horsman
  m2. Jane Stydolf (dau of Thomas Stydolf of Surrey)
  g. Sir Charles Hussey of Linwood then Honington & Caythorpe, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d 29.01.1608-9)
  m. (06.07.1582) Ellen Birch (dau of John Birch, Lord Chief Baron)
(1) Sir Edward Hussey, Sheriff of Lincolnshire, 1st Bart of Honington (bpt 10.10.1585, d 22.03.1648, 2nd son)
  m. (by 1610) Elizabeth Anton (bpt 15.01.1591/2, d 1658, dau of George Anton, recorder of Lincoln, by Jane, dau of Thomas Taylor of Doddington Pigot)
  (A) Sir Thomas Hussey (of Caythorpe) (b c1612, dvp before 25.03.1641)
  m. (11.12.1633) Rhoda Chapman (b c1596, d 11.10.1686, dau of Thomas Chapman of London, m2. Ferdinando, Lord Fairfax)
  (i) Sir Thomas Hussey, Sheriff of Lincolnshire, 2nd Bart of Honington (b c1638, d 19.12.1706)
  m. (24.02.1660-1) Sarah Langham (b c1635-6, d 19.07.1697, dau of Sir John Langham, Bart)
  (a) Sarah Hussey (bpt 07.06.1672, d 23.04.1749)
  m. (1700) Robert Apreece of Washingley
  (b) Elizabeth Hussey (dsp)
m. (05.1714) Sir Richard Ellis or Ellys of Nocton, Bart
  (c)+ other issue (dsp) - Thomas (b 26.12.1661, bur 04.02.1676-7), William (b c1672, bur 29.07.1698), Robert (bur 04.10.1681), John, Edward (bur 27.03.1671), Rebecca (d unm 21.08.1714)
  (ii) Sir William Hussey (b 1642, dsp 14.09.1691, ambassador)
  m. Mary Buckworth (d 10.06.1731, dau of Sir John Buckworth of London, Bart, she m2. John Evans)
  (iii) Rhoda Hussey (bpt 21.09.1635, bur 09.04.1659)
  m. (20.12.1652) John Amcoats of Ashtrop (b 21.07.1630, bur 26.01.1654-5)
  (iv) Jane Hussey (bpt 13.11.1636, d unm 24.04.1720)
  (v) Mary Hussey (b c1644, a 1720)
  m. (c07.1668) William Ball of Mamhead (not Thomas Bull of Minehead) (d by 1720)
(B) Sir Charles Hussey, 1st Bart of Caythorpe (bpt 30.10.1626, d 02.12.1664)
  m. Elizabeth Brownlowe (b 09.08.1630, d 25.12.1688, dau of Sir William Brownlowe, Bart of Humby)
  (i) Sir Charles Hussey, 2nd Bart of Caythorpe (d unm bur 21.04.1680)
  (ii) Sir Edward Hussey, 3rd Bart of Caythorpe and of Honington (b c1662, d 16/9.02.1725)
  m1. Charlotte Brevint (b c1665, d 30.08.1695, dau of Daniel Brevint, Dean of Lincoln)
  (a) Sarah Hussey (b 1680-1, d 17.05.1767)
  m1. (10.09.1717) Robert Cawdron of Great Hale
  m2. Weston John Smith
  (b) Charlotte Hussey (bpt 07.02.1684-5, d 02.12.1726)
  m. Thomas Pochin of Barkby
(c)+ other issue- Edward (bpt 06.03.1683-4, bur 06.11.1686), Charles (b 1688, bur 04.03.1696-7), Daniel (b 05.06.1693, bur 09.11.1696), Thomas (bpt 10.06.1695, d unm 30.05.1720), Robert (bur 01.06.1704), Anne (bur 22.03.1680-1)
  m2. (31.05.1698) Elizabeth De Vic (b c1661, d 21.01.1750, dau of Sir Henry De Vic (not Davie), Bart)
  (i) Sir Henry Hussey, 4th Bart (b 1702-3, dsp 12/4.02.1730)
  (j) Sir Charles Hussey, 5th Bart (dsp 01.04.1734) mentioned by BEB1844 but not by Maddison or TCB
  (k)+ other issue- Robert (b 09.05.1706, d 31.05.1706), Edward (b 1706, d 01.07.1720), Anne Charlotte (b 1698/9, bur 09.04.1703)
(iii) Jane Hussey (dsp 03.06.1735)
  m. (after 1686) Thomas Hatcher of Careby
  (iv) Mary Hussey (b c1653, d 01.08.1697)
  m. (19.10.1676) Thomas Pochin of Barkby
  (v)+ other issue - John (b c1665, dsp), Anne (b c1655, d unm 06.08.1727), Elizaberth (bur 01.12.1663), Catherine (bur 12.03.1664-5), Bridget (bur 25.02.1663-4)
  (C) Jane Hussey (bpt 27.01.1611-2)
  m. (27.08.1633) Sir Thomas Williamson of Markham, Bart
  (D) Mary Hussey (bpt 16.07.1617)
  m. (14.10.1637) Sir Robert Bolles of Scampton, Bart
  (E) Rebecca Hussey (bpt 16.10.1622)
  m. (21.04.1642) Sir Robert Markham of Sedgebrook
  (F) Bridget Hussey (bpt 01.11.1626)
  m. Sir Thomas Clifton, Bart of Lytham (b 07.07.1628, d 13.11.1694)
(G) Anne Hussey (bpt 13.06.1633, dsps)
  m. (1658) Charles Pelham of Brocklesbury
  (H)+ other issue - John (bur 28.07.1645, Captain), Edward (dsp before 26.01.1658-9), William (bpt 23.06.1620, bur 15.03.1620-1), Robert (bpt 06.01.1629-30, bur 30.01.1630-1), Sarah (bpt 15.06.1619, bur 22.11.1619), Susan (bpt 02.08.1621, bur 23.12.1621)
  (2) Sir Charles Hussey of Caythorpe, Haydor and Dunham (bur 14.12.1645)
  m. (15.01.1611-2) Margaret Bevercotes (dau of Samuel Bevercotes of Ordsall)
  (A)+ issue - Matilda (b c1617, d 07.03.1635-6), Anne (a 1634), Margaret (d before 1646), Helen (bpt 06.01.1619-20, a 1634)
  (3)+ other issue - John (dvp 1598), Robert (bur 24.07.1615)
  h.+ other issue - Robert, Charles of Belton (dsp), William, Nicholas, John, Elizabeth, Catherine, Alvered
iv. Elizabeth Hussey
  m. Richard Grey, 3rd Earl of Kent (6th Lord) (b 1481, dsp 03.05.1524)
  v. Mary Hussey (dsp)
  m. William Willoughby, 10th Lord of Eresby (d 19.10.1525)
  B. Gilbert Hussey
  m. _ Getton
  i. John Hussey (dsp)
  ii. Jane Hussey
  m. John Baude of Somerby
  iii. Anne Hussey
  m. Bernard Angevine of Theddlethorpe
  C. Thomas Hussey
  i. Peter Hussey (b 1499, archdeacon of Northampton)
  ii. Gilbert Hussey
  m. ?? Whethill (dau of Richard Whethill of Guisnes (near Calais))
  D. Elizabeth Hussey possibly of this generation
  m. Robert Holden of Holden

Main source(s): Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Hussey of Sleaford and Honington), BE1883 (Hussey of Sleford), TCP (Hussey), BEB1884 (Hussey of Honington), BEB1844 (Hussey of Caythorpe)
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