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Families covered: Hickman of Ballyket, Hickman of Barntic, Hickman of Fenloe, Hickman of Gainsborough, Hickman of Kilmore

Sir William Hickman of Gainsborough (bur 25.09.1625)
m1. Agnes Draper (dsp 22.02.1599-1600, dau of Sir Christopher Draper)
m2. Elizabeth Willoughby (bur 18.11.1622, dau of William Willoughby, Lord of Parham)
1. Sir Willoughby Hickman, 1st Bart of Gainsborough (b 24.05.1604, d 28.05.1650)
  m. Bridget Thornhaugh (bur 16.03.1682-3, dau of Sir John Thornhaugh of Fenton)
A. Sir William Hickman, 2nd Bart of Gainsborough (bpt 08.01.1628-9, bur 10.02.1681-2)
  m. Elizabeth Nevile (bur 24.11.1691, dau of John Nevile of Mattersey)
  i. Sir Willoughby Hickman, 3rd Bart of Gainsborough (b 20.08.159, d 28.10.1720, 3rd son)
  m. (11.09.1683) Anne Anderson (bur 15.05.1701, dau of Sir Stephen Anderson, Bart of Eyworth)
  a. Sir Neville Hickman, 4th Bart of Gainsborough (bpt 13.05.1701, d 18.06.1733)
  m. Frances Hall (dau of Edward Hall)
  (1) Sir Neville George Hickman, 5th Bart of Gainsborough and Thonock (bpt 08.10.1725, d 03.1781)
  m. (13.09.1746) Frances Elizabeth Towers (dau of Christopher Towers of Huntsmore Lodge)
(A) Rose Elizabeth Hickman (bur 17.02.1777)
  m. Thomas Baker
  (B)+ other issue - Frances (d unm 09.03.1826), Anne (d young)
  (2)+ other issue - Willoughby (bur unm 15.06.1752), Windsor (d young), Anne (bpt 15.07.1722), Frances (bpt 22.04.1724), Anne (bpt 28.10.1726, bur 31.10.1726)
  b. Anne Hickman (bpt 09.08.1692)
  m. (03.12.1717) Charles Wood of Boston
  c. Elizabeth Hickman (bpt 27.12.1694)
  m. Henry Eyre of Derby (of Row Tor)
  d. Mary Hickman (bpt 17.02.1696-7, d 1753)
  m. Richard Newton in Oxford
e.+ other issue - William (b 30.09.1685, dvp bur 25.07.1702), Willoughby (bpt 08.12.1686, bur 29.12.1686), William (dsp, MP), Willoughby (bpt 18.06.1688, bur 16.05.1712), Stephen (bpt 10.12.1689, bur 16.01.1701-2), Anne (bpt 21.01.1690-1, bur 30.03.1691)
  ii. Anne Hickman (bpt 14.12.1661, bur 03.07.1730)
  m. (04.08.1685) John Rayner of Fenton
  iii. Mildred Hickman
  m. Robert Williamson
  iv.+ other issue - William (b 11.07.1655, dvp bur 15.11.1680), Neville (b 06.06.1656, d young), Francis of Oxford (a 1666), Charles (bpt 16.01.1660-1), Elizabeth (bpt 01.11.1652), Bridget (b 07.04.1654), Elizabeth (bpt 21.11.1657, bur 20.03.1735-6), Margaret (b 14.09.1664, bur unm 12.04.1737), Bridget (bpt 20.11.1665), Charlotte
2. Frances Hickman (bpt 31.10.1602)
  m. (by 1628) Sir William Rokeby, Bart of Skiers (d by 1676)
3. Mildred Hickman (bpt 12.10.1610, d 28.09.1637)
  m. (19.06.1628) Robert Williamson of Fenton
4.+ other issue - William (bpt 18.05.1606, bur 03.09.1607), Thomas (bpt 21.02.1607-8, dsp)



Gregory Hickman
m1. Rhoda Felton
1. Thomas Hickman of Barntic (d after 08.1677)
  m. _ Colpoys (dau of John Colpoys of Ballycar)
A. Thomas Hickman of Barntic
  m1. Gertrude Gore (dau of John Gore of Clonroad)
  i. Elizabeth Hickman
  m. Beverly Usher of Waterford
  ii. Jane Hickman
  m. (1702) George Rose of Cork
  iii.+ other issue - Thomas (d unm, Captain), Gertrude
  m2. Elizabeth Stratford (b 27.09.1672, dau of Robert Stratford of Baltinglass)
  v. Mary Hickman
  m. William Wright of Clontarf
  vi. Henrietta Hickman
  m. Thomas Rickman of Fenloe (son of Hugh of Fenloe)
  vii.+ other issue - Robert, Edward, Charles
  B. Anne Hickman
  m. John Harold or Harrold of Dublin
  C. Rhoda Hickman
  m. Hugh Perceval of Gortnadrome (d 14.09.1683)
  D. Elizabeth Hickman
  m. Obadiah Dawson
  E.+ other issue - Dixie, William of Cork, Andrew, George of Dublin, Mary (d unm)
m2. Jane Hubbert (dau of Nicholas Hubbert of Dromore)
2. Walter Hickman of Kilmore
  m. Elizabeth Hart (dau of Henry Hart, Commissary General)
A. Henry Hickman of Kilmore
  m. Margaret Poole (dau of Sir William Poole of Poole Hall (Devon))
  i. Poole Hickman 'of Kilmore' (d 1753)
  m. (1715) Mary Westropp (dau of Mountiford Westropp of Attyflinn)
a. Henry Hickman of Kilmore (Colonel)
  (1) Poole Hickman of Kilmore probably of this generation
  m. Letitia Browne (dau of Edmund Browne of New Grove) wife of Poole, possibly mother of ...
  (A) Anne Hickman
  m. (1798) Edmund Browne of New Grove (d 12.1801)
  (B) Hannah Hickman (dsp) probably of this generation
  m1. William Harte of Knockferry
  m2. (02.07.1807) Edward Galwey of Lota (d 1812)
  (2) Mary Hickman (d 1836) probably of this generation
  m. (1767) Poole Westropp of Fort Anne (d 1803)
  (3) Anne (Nancy) Hickman (d 12.1784) probably of this generation
  m. (26.12.1764) John Brereton of Rathgilbert & Ballyadams
  b. Elizabeth Hickman
  m. Robert Westropp of Fort Anne (d 1776)
  c. Margaret Hickman
  m. Patrick England
  d. Jane Hickman who appears to have married ...
  m. John Vesey
  ii. Susan Hickman
  m. _ Bowles
iii.+ other issue - Henry (Captain), William (Colonel), Sophia (d unm)
  B. Walter Hickman
  m. Bridget Greene (dau of Godfrey Greene)
3. Hugh Hickman
4. Henry Hickman of Ballyket (d 1713)
  m. Honora McMahon (dau/heir of Morrough McMahon)
  A. Luke Hickman (d unm)
  B. George Hickman 'of Ballyket'
  m. Jane Fox (dau of Charles Fox of Fox Hall)
  i. Anthony Hickman of Ballyket
m. Eleanor Finch
  a. Anthony Hickman of Ballykett father of Henrietta, probably of this generation
  (1) Henrietta Hickman (d 1826)
  m. (1773) James FitzGerald Massy of Stoneville (b c1750)
  ii. Honora Hickman
  m. Edward Turner of London
iii. Elizabeth Hickman
  m. Charles Smyth of co. Clare
  iv. Anne Hickman
  m. James Fitzgerald of Stone Hall
  v. Hester Hickman
  m. Henry Ward
  vi.+ other issue - Henry, Fox, Mary, Barbara
  C. Hugh Hickman of Fenloe (d 1722)
  m. Anne Hastings (dau of George Hastings of Daylesford)
i. Luke Hickman of Fenloe
  m. (1728) Gertrude Westropp (dau of Mountiford Westropp of Attyflinn)
  a. Hugh Hickman of Fenloe
  m. (1752) Bridget Bury (dau of John Bury of co. Cork)
  (1) Thomas Hickman (d 1824, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (1803) Jane Cosby (dau of Thomas Cosby)
  (2) Anne Hickman probably of this generation
  m. Robert Burgh
  (3)+ 8 sons
  ii. Thomas Hickman of Brickhill
  a. Mary Hickman (d 04.1807)
  m. (02.07.1768) James Caulfeild, 1st Earl of Charlemont (b 18.08.1728, d 04.08.1799)
  b. Charlotte Hickman probably of this generation
  m. Edward O'Brien (d 12.1787)
  iii. Mary Hickman (d 20.02.1760)
  m. (1726) Sir Edward O'Brien, 2nd Bart of Dromoland (b 07.04.1705, d 26.11.1765)
  D. Jane Hickman
  m. George Colpoys
  E. Katherine Hickman
  m1. Edward Van Hogart
  m2. Randall Jones (Captain)
  F. Anne Hickman
  m. _ Gifford (Fort Major at Berwick-upon-Tweed)
5. Jane Hickman
  m. Villiers Harington of Bagworth (Colonel)
6. Mary Hickman
  m. _ Bernard (Captain)

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(2) For lower section : BLG1886 ('Hickman of Fenloe'), BLGI1912 ('Hicklman of Fenloe')
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