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Families covered: Thornhagh of Fenton, Thornhagh of Osberton

?? de Thornheaugh
m. Murield
1. Jeofrey de Thornheaugh
  A. John de Thornhaw (a 1328)
  i. Thomas de Thornhaw of Thornhaw (a 1330)
  a. John de Thornhage (a 1360, MP for Lincoln)
(1) Robert Thorney or Thornhagh (a 1417)
  (A) Robert Thornhagh, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (a 1422)
  (i) John Thornhagh of Fenton, Nottinghamshire (a 1450)
  m. Katherine Payn (dau of Francis Payn of Fenton)
  (a) Leonard Thornhagh, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (a 1472)
  ((1)) Averey Thornhagh of Fenton (a 1510)
  m. Ellen Ripers (dau of Thomas Ripersor de Ripariis of Levershall, sister of Robert)
  ((A)) Robert Thornhagh of Sturton (a 1534)
  ((i)) Anthony Thornhagh of Fenton & Halliwell (a 1558) - continued below
  ((ii)) Averey Thornhagh of Sutton (d after 07.1562)
  ((a))+ issue - William (a 1592), John
  ((B)) Thomas Thornhagh
  m. _ Thorne (dau of John Thorne)
  ((i)) John Thorney or Thornhagh
  m. Lucy Clifford (dau of Thomas Clifford)
  ((a)) John Thorney
  ii. John de Thornhage (a 1339, MP for Lincoln)



Anthony Thornhagh of Fenton & Halliwell (a 1558) - continued above
1. John Thornhagh of Fenton (d 28.03.1613)
  m. (before 1567) Elizabeth Bailles (dau of Brian Bailles, sister of William)
  A. Sir John Thornhagh of Fenton, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire (b 1567, d 11.1637)
  m. (before 31.08.1590) Mary Rodes (dau of Sir Francis Rodes)
i. Sir Francis Thornhagh of Fenton, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire (d 28.04.1643)
  m. (before 24.02.1617-8) Jane Jackson (d 12.1650, dau of Sir John Jackson of Edderthorp & Hickleton)
  a. Francis Thornhagh of Fenton (b c1617, d Preston 18.08.1648, Colonel, MP, 2nd son?) top of the nottshistory site pedigree
  m. (1640-1) Elizabeth St. Andrew (d 11.01.1676-7, dau of John St. Andrew of Gotham, she m2. William Skeffington of Skeffington)
(1) John Thornhagh of Fenton & Osberton (bpt 27.01.1647-8, bur 17.05.1723, MP)
  m. (11.1670) Elizabeth Earle (bur 28.03.1712, dau of Sir Richard Earle of Stragglethorpe, Bart)
  (A) Sir Andrew Thornhagh of Carburton, later of Osberton & Fenton (b 31.03.1674, bur 24.12.1742)
  m. Letitia Ayscough (d 30.03.1746, dau of Sir Edward Ayscough of Stallingborough & South Kelsey)
  (i) John Thornhagh, later Hewet or Hewitt, of Fenton, Osberton & South Kelsey, Sherifff of Nottinghamshire (d 17.05.1787, MP)
  m. Arabella Savile (b 1725, bur 24.09.1767, dau of Sir George Savile, sister of Sir George of Rufford & Thornhill, Bart)
  (a) Mary Arabella Thornhagh (b 16.08.1749, d 28.12.1790)
  m. (30.06.1774) Francis Ferrand Foljambe of Aldwark, etc. (b 17.01.1749-50, d 13.11.1814)
(b)+ other issue - son (b 09.06.1745, d 17.06.1745), Letitia (bpt 01.09.1746, bur 10.04.1759), Frances (bpt 29.10.1747, d unm 04.1804)
  (ii) Mary Thornhagh (dsp bur 18.03.1748)
  m. Arthur Charles Stanhope of Mansfield (bpt 08.04.1715, bur 09.03.1770)
  (iii) Frances Thornhagh
  m. Patientius Warde of Hooton Pagnell
  (iv)+ other issue - Ayscough (bur 04.05.1720), Thomas Hewet (bur 30.10.1739), Anne (bur 25.03.1730), Letitia (bur unm 14.03.1788), Sarah (bur unm 21.03.1792)
(B) Elizabeth Thornhagh (b 10.07.1671)
  m. Sir Oswold Mosley of Ancoats & Rolleston, 1st Bart (d 1751)
  (C)+ other issue - John (b 02.06.1676, d 28.06.1676), John (b 05.08.1683, d 02.10.1714), Frances (b 11.121672, bur 17.04.1758), Mary (b 19.03.1674-5, bur 13.04.1753), Jane (b 06.12.1677, bur 20.08.1679), Sarah (b 26.04.1680, bur 26.03.1746)
  (2) Elizabeth Thornhagh (b c1641, a 1683)
  m. Brampton Gurdon of Letton
  (3) Jane Thornhagh (b c1643, a 1683)
  m1. Henry Pudsey of Langley
  m2. Sir William Wilson
(4) Frances Thornhagh (d infant)
  b. Henry Thornhagh in London (a 1638)
  m. Benetta Bello
  (1) Henry Thornhagh (d infant)
  (2) Benetta Thornhagh
  m. _ Randolf of Kent
  c.+ other issue - John (d infant), John (bur unm 26.03.1660), Anthony (d unm 1662), Jane (bur 28.03.1661), Penelope (d unm 1679)
ii. Elizabeth Thornhagh
  m. Sir John Jackson of Hickleton (son/heir of Sir John of Ethorpe Hickleton)
  iii. Bridget Thornhagh (bur 16.03.1682-3)
  m. Sir Willoughby Hickman of Gainsborough, Bart (d 04.1683)
  B. Barbara Thornhagh
  m. Henry Disney of Norton Disney (b 01.03.1569, bur 11.10.1641)
  C. Gartrude Thornhagh
  m. Charles Wren of Binchester
  D. Elizabeth Thornhagh
  m. Sir Charles Wren duplication with sister just above?
  E. Mary Thornhagh
  m. Sir Thomas Willoughby
2. Mary Thornhagh
  m. William Gibson
3. Dorothy Thornhagh
  m1. Cuthbert Fleming of Sharlston (d 10.1585)
  m2. Francis Stringer
4.+ other issue - Richard, Robert, William

Main source(s): Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, 'Thornhagh of Fenton in the parish of Sturton, and of Osberton in the parish of Worksop, co. Notts, and of South Kelsey, co. Lincoln', p969+) with some support from Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1662, Thornhagh of Fenton), 'Pedigree of Thornhagh' in nottshistory.org.uk
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