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Families covered: O'Brien of Blatherwycke (Blatherwick), O'Brien of Dromoland, O'Brien of Inchiquin, O'Brien of Lemeneagh, O'Brien Marquess of Thomond

Morrough O'Brien, 1st Earl of Thomond, 1st Lord of Inchiquin (d 07.11.1551)
m. Eleanor FitzGerald (dau of Sir Thomas FitzGerald of Glyn)
Murrough had been appointed the Chief of the O'Briens ahead of his nephew Donough, son of Morrough's elder brother Conor, the last King of Thomond. Murrough was created Earl of Thomond after he had surrendered the Kingship of Thomond to Henry VIII of England. When he died, the earldom passed to his nephew Donough so that it would follow the senior line of the family. His barony of Inchiquin passed to ...
1. Dermod O'Brien, 2nd Lord of Inchiquin (d 01.05.1557)
  m. (before 1550) Margaret O'Brien (dau of Donough O'Brien, 2nd Earl of Thomond)
  A. Morrough O'Brien, 3rd Lord of Inchiquin (d 10.05.1574)
  m. Margaret Cusack (dau of Sir Thomas Cusack, Chancellor & Justice of Ireland)
i. Morrough O'Brien, 4th Lord of Inchiquin (d 20.05.1597)
  m. Mabel Nugent (dau of Christopher Nugent, 14th Lord Delvin)
  a. Dermod O'Brien, 5th Lord of Inchiquin (d 02.12.1624)
  m. Ellen FitzGerald (dau of Sir Edmond FitzGerald of Cloyne)
  (1) Morrough O'Brien, 1st Earl of Inchiquin (d 09.09.1674)
m. (c01.10.1635) Elizabeth St. Leger (d 22.05.1685, dau of Sir William St. Leger by Gertrude de Vries)
  (A) William O'Brien, 2nd Earl of Inchiquin, Governor of Jamaica (d 01.1691-2)
  m1. Margaret Boyle (dau of Roger Boyle, 1st Earl of Orrery)
  (i) William O'Brien, 3rd Earl of Inchiquin (d 24.12.1719)
  m1. Margaret O'Brien (dau of James O'Brien)
  m2. (04.1691) Mary Villiers (d 17.04.1753, dau of Sir Edward Villiers)
  (a) William O'Brien, 4th Earl of Inchiquin (d 18.07.1777)
  m1. (29.03.1720) Anne Hamilton, 2nd Countess of Orkney (d 07.12.1756, dau of George Hamilton, 1st Earl of Orkney)
  ((1)) Murrough O'Brien, Viscount Kirkwall (dvpsp 20.09.1741)
((2)) Mary O'Brien, 3rd Countess of Orkney (d 10.05.1791)
  m. (05.03.1753) Murrough O'Brien, 1st Marquess of Thomond (d 10.02.1808) @@ below
  ((3))+ other issue (dvpsp) - William (b 1725, d 04.04.1727), George (d 26.04.1728), Augustus (d infant), Anne (b c1721, d 18.05.1808), Frances (d 21.08.1740), Elizabeth (d 05.05.1741)
  m2. (12.10.1761) Mary Moore (dsp 1793, dau of Stephen Moore, 1st Viscount Mountcashel)
  (b) Charles O'Brien (d unm)
(c) James O'Brien (d 17.12.1771)
  m. Mary Jephson (dau of William Jephson, Dean of Kilmore)
  ((1)) Murrough O'Brien, 1st Marquess of Thomond (b 1726, d 10.02.1808)
  m1. (05.03.1753) Mary O'Brien, 4th Countess of Orkney (d 10.05.1791, dau of William O'Brien, 4th Earl of Inchiquin)@@ above
((A)) Mary O'Brien, Countess of Orkney (d 30.12.1831)
  m. Thomas FitzMaurice of Llewenny Hall (d 28.10.1793)
  m2. (25.07.1792) Mary Palmer (b c1750, dsp 06.09.1820, dau of John Palmer of Great Torrington by Mary, (sister of Sir Joshua) dau of Rev. Samuel Reynolds)
  ((2)) Edward O'Brien (d 03.1801, 3rd son)
  m. Mary Carrick
  ((A)) Murrough O'Brien (d unm)
  ((B)) William O'Brien, 2nd Marquess of Thomond (b c1765, d 21.08.1846)
  m. (16.09.1799) Elizabeth Trotter (b c1775, d 03.03.1852, dau of Thomas Trotter of Duleek)
  ((i)) Susan Maria O'Brien (d 25.03.1857)
m. (12.08.1824) George F. Hotham (d 19.10.1856, Rear Admiral)
  ((ii)) Sarah O'Brien (d 09.02.1859)
  m. (03.04.1830) William Stanhope Taylor
  ((iii)) Mary O'Brien (dsp 13.07.1853)
  m. (11.10.1836) Richard White, 2nd Earl of Bantry
  ((iv)) Elizabeth O'Brien (d 09.05.1870)
m. (22.12.1835) Sir George Stucley, 1st Bart of Hartland Abbey (d 13.03.1900)
  ((C)) James O'Brien, 3rd Marquess of Thomond (dsp 03.07.1855)
  m1. (25.11.1800) Eliza Bridgeman Willyams (d 14.02.1802, dau of James Willyams of Carnanton)
  m2. Jane Ottley (d 08.09.1843, dau of Thomas Ottley)
  m3. (05.01.1847) Anne Flint (d 22.10.1874, sister of Sir Charles Flint)
  ((D)) Edward O'Brien (d 09.03.1824, Captain RN) had issue
  m1. (1805) Diana Hotham (dsp 26.11.1810, dau of General Hotham)
m2. (11.04.1815) Gertrude Grace Methuen (d 01.05.1817, dau of Paul Cobb Methuen of Corsham)
  m3. (16.04.1822) Elizabeth Susan Somerset (d 16.04.1876, dau of Henry Somerset, 6th Duke of Beaufort)
  ((E)) John O'Brien (d unm)
  ((F)) Mary O'Brien (d 23.01.1840)
  m1. Sir Richard Cox, Bart
  m2. William Saurin (Attorney General in Ireland)
  ((G)) Harriet O'Brien (d 01.05.1851)
  m. (17.04.1800) Sir Joseph Wallis Hoare, Bart (b 09.03.1775, d 26.11.1852)
((3)) Anne O'Brien (d 19.01.1745)
  m. (23.03.1744) Michael Cox, Archbishop of Cashel
  ((4)) Henrietta O'Brien (d 17.11.1797)
  m1. Terence O'Loughlen
  m2. Sir William Vigore Burdett, Bart
((5))+ other issue - John (dsp 1788, Captain RN), Mary
  (d) Henrietta O'Brien (d 1730)
  m. (1717) Robert Sandford of Castlerea
  (e) Mary O'Brien
  m. (07.03.1709) Robert FitzGerald, 19th Earl of Kildare (b 1675, d 20.02.1744)
  (ii) 2 sons (d unm)
  m2. Elizabeth Brydges (dau of George Brydges, 6th Lord Chandos)
  (B) Elizabeth O'Brien (d 19.09.1705)
  m. Richard Southwell of Callow, younger of Castle Mattress (dvp)
(C) Mary O'Brien
  m. Henry Boyle (d 1693)
  (D) Honora O'Brien
  m. Theobold Bourke, 3rd Lord of Brittas (d before 09.06.1706)
(E)+ other issue - Charles (dvpsp), John O'Brien (dvpsp)
  (2) Mary O'Brien
  m. Michael Boyle, Archbishop of Armagh, Chancellor of Ireland
  (3) Honora O'Brien
  m. Anthony Stoughton of Rattoo
  (4)+ 2 sons (dsp)
  b. Slany O'Brien possibly of this generation
  m. William Dungan of Dublin (d 11.12.1622)
2. Teige McMurrough O'Brien of Smithstown (d 1577)
  A. Turlough O'Brien (dsp)
  B. Honora O'Brien
  m. Richard Wingfield of Robertstown
  C. Slany McMurrough O'Brien
  m. (sp) Teige O'Brien of Dromore
  D. Amy O'Brien
m. Donough O'Brien of Cloonan
3. Donough O'Brien of Lemeneagh and Dromoland (d 06.09.1582)
  m. Slany Macnamara (dau of John Macnamara of that ilk)
  A. Conor O'Brien of Lemeneagh (d 02.01.1603)
  m. Slany O'Brien (dau of Sir Terlough O'Brien)
  i. Donough O'Brien of Lemeneagh (b 1595, d 10.01.1634)
  m. Honora Wingfield (dau of Richard Wingfield of Robertstown)
a. Conor O'Brien of Lemeneagh (b 1617, d 1651)
  m. Mary McMahon (dau of Torlogh Roe McMahon)
  (1) Sir Donough O'Brien, 1st Bart of Lemeneagh and Dromoland (d 17.11.1717)
  m1. (mcrt 24.07.1674) Lucia Hamilton (d 1676, dau of Sir George Hamilton, 1st Bart of Donalong)
  (A) Sir Edward O'Brien, 2nd Bart of Dromoland (b 07.04.1705, d 26.11.1765)
  m. (1726) Mary Hickman (d 20.02.1760, dau of Hugh Hickman of Fenloe)
  (i) Sir Lucius O'Brien, 3rd Bart of Dromoland (b 02.09.1731, d 15.01.1795)
  m. (26.05.1768) Anne French (dau of Robert French of Monivae)
  (a) Sir Edward O'Brien, 4th Bart of Dromoland (b 17.04.1773, d 13.03.1837) had issue
  m. (12.11.1799) Charlotte Smith (d 28.09.1856, dau of William Smith of Cahirmoyle)
  Their eldest son became 13th Baron Inchiquin.
  (b) Lucius O'Brien (dsp)
  m. Julia Humphreys (dau of William Humphreys)
(c) Robert O'Brien (b 25.10.1776, d 21.01.1838, Admiral) had issue
  m1. Anne O'Brien (dau of Edward O'Brien) @@ below
  m2. ?? (dsp 11.08.1836, widow of _ Birmingham of Brighton)
  (d) Donough Acheson O'Brien (b 1780, d 22.10.1847) had issue (2 daughters)
  m. (1822) Marianne Lydia Semple (d 01.01.1843, dau of William Semple of Dublin)
  (e) Henry O'Brien (dsp)
  m. Harriet Mann
  (f) Nicola Maria O'Brien (d 09.11.1847)
  m. Robert French of Monivae
  (g) Henrietta O'Brien
  m. Joseph Mann
(h) Katherine O'Brien (d 1819)
  m. (1813) Gerald Fitzgerald of Coolanowle
  (i) Anna Maria O'Brien
  m. _ Spooner (Archdeacon)
  (j) Charlotte O'Brien (d 1838)
  m. Hon. Rev. G.T. Noel
  (k)+ other issue - Connor, Lucy (03.12.1857)
  (ii) Donough O'Brien had issue
  m. Mary Henn (dau of Richard Henn)
  (iii) Edward O'Brien (d 12.1787)
  m. Charlotte Hickman (dau of Thomas Hickman of Brickhill)
  (a) James O'Brien of Castle Fergus (b 1775, d 05.10.1822, 2nd son) had issue
m. Margaret Stronge (dau of Capt. William Stronge)
  (b) Murrough O'Brien (b 1787, d 1814, 5th son) had issue
  m. (31.07.1810) Matilda Norman (dau of Robert Norman)
  (c) Marian O'Brien
  m. (1796) Rev. Thomas Ross of Rosstrevor (d 1818)
  (d) Anne O'Brien
  m. Robert O'Brien (d 21.01.1838, Admiral) @@ above
  (e) Harriet O'Brien (dsp)
  m. Cornelius O'Callaghan of Maryfort
  (f)+ other issue (d unm) - Edward, Henry, Connor, Charlotte
(iv) Anne O'Brien
  m. (1758) Richard Dawson of Ardee
  (v) Mary O'Brien
  m. John Quin of Rosbrien
  (vi) Catherin O'Brien
  m. (1760) Charles MacDonnell of New Hall
  (vii) Lucy O'Brien
  m. (1766) Thomas Arthur of Glenomera
  (viii) Harriet O'Brien
  m2. (23.07.1677) Elizabeth Deane (d 16.01.1683-4, dau of Joseph Deane of Cromlin, major)
  (B) Henry O'Brien of Stonehall, co. Clare
  The following is supported by BLG1952 (Stafford-O'Brien of Blatherewycke Park).
  m. (1699) Susanna Stafford (d 15.01.1723, dau/coheir of William Stafford of Blatherwycke)
(i) Henry O'Brien of Blatherwick (Northamptonshire) & Stonehall (b 01.03.1708, d 17.03.1757, 2nd son)
  m. (11.1730) Margaret Stamer (dau of William Stamer of Carnelly)
  (a) Susanna O'Brien
  m. Edward O'Brien of Ennistymon
  (ii) Donatus Donogh) O'Brien of Blatherwick (Blatherwycke)
  m. Mary Beckett (dau of J. Beckett of Barnsley)
  (a) Henry O'Brien of Blatherwycke (d unm 1811)
  p. Margaret Flenary
  ((1)) Eleanor O'Brien (d 10.06.1843) probably of this generation
  m. (12.08.1808) Arthur Annesley, 10th Viscount Valentia (b 1785, d 1863)
  partner(s) unknown could be Margaret Flenary?
((2)) Stafford O'Brien of Blatherwycke Park & Cratloe Woods (co. Clare), Sheriff of Rutland (b 1783, d 03.03.1864) had issue
  m. (07.06.1808) Emma Noel (dau of Sir Gerald Noel Noel, 2nd Bart, sister of 1st Earl of Gainsborough)
  ((3)) Donatus O'Brien 'of Tixover'
  m. Mathilda Stafford Sophia Bedingfield (dau of Rev. Bacon Bedingfield of Ditchingham)
  ((4)) Letitia O'Brien (d 09.03.1859) probably of this generation
  m. (07.02.1811) Thomas Powlett Orde-Powlett of Bolton Hall
  (b) Susannah O'Brien (d 09.05.1812) probably of this generation
  m. (19.06.1770) Rev. Bacon Bedingfeld of Ditchingham (b 1746, d 1797)
  (c)+ other issue - Stafford of Ballyanny (d unm 1795), other sons (d young), 2 daughters
  (iii) Susannah O'Brien possibly of this generation
  m1. James Rice of Mount Rice
  m2. (1734) Augustine Ievers (b 1699, dsp 1769)
  (iv)+ other issue - Stafford (d young), William (d unm, Rev.), 5/6 daughters
  (C)+ 2 daughters
  (2)+ other issue - Honora, Mary
4. Torlough O'Brien (d 1542)
5. Margaret O'Brien
  m. (1548, div) Richard Bourke or de Burgh, 2nd Earl of Clanricarde (d 24.07.1582)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Inchiquin)
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