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Families covered: Brereton of Ballyadams, Brereton of Bolton, Brereton of Carrigslaney, Brereton of Loughtioge, Brereton of New Abbey, Brereton of Raheenduffe, Brereton of Rathgilbert, Brereton of Shannenmulen, Brereton of Springmount

Edward Brereton of Loughtioge Castle & Shannenmulen, Queen's Co. (d 1599, Provost Marshal of Connaught)
m. Edith Birch (dau of William Birch of Birch)
1. Henry Brereton of Loughtioge & Shannenmullen (d 04.04.1627, 2nd son)
  m. Margery Bowen (a 1634, dau of Robert Bowen of Ballyadams)
  A. Edward Brereton of Loughtioge & Shannenmullen, Sheriff (b c1602, a 1641)
  m. Helen
  i. Edward (not Richard) Brereton of Loughtioge & Shannenmullen, Sheriff (d 1698)
  m. (1665) Helen Bowen (d 1712, dau/coheir of William Bowen of Ballyadams)
  a. John Brereton of Loughtioge & Shannenmullen (d unm c1695, Captain)
  b. Bowen Brereton of Rathgilbert, Raheenduffe & Loughtioge (d 1747)
  m1. Eleanor Brereton (d before 1717, dau of William Brereton of Carrigslaney) @1@ below
  (1) Edward Brereton of Rathgilbert & Carlow
  m(1). (30.06.1737) Anne Dillon (d 1785, dau of Edmund Dillon of Carlow)
  (2) William Brereton (a 1712)
  (3) Catherine Brereton
  m. Rev. John Dalton Harwood of Clonmel
  m2. (c06.1717) Elizabeth Harington of Chester (d 1727)
c. Robert Brereton (d 1749, Lt. Colonel)
  (1) Mary Brereton
  m. _ Meagher
  d. Arthur Brereton of Raheenduffe, Queens' Co. (d 1761)
  m. Margery Lawless
(1) John Brereton of Rathgilbert & Ballyadams, Sheriff of Queen's Co. (b 1725-6, d 12.06.1816)
  m1. Anne Peacocke (d 1775, dau of Pryce Peacocke of Fort Etna)
  (A) Anne Brereton
  m. (09.05.1785) Robert Perceval (d 03.03.1839, Physician-General, professor)
  (B) Jane Brereton
  m. (15.10.1785) William Perceval (d 10.09.1793, Captain, brother of Robert)
  m2. (26.12.1764) Anne (Nancy) Hickman (d 12.1784, dau of Henry Hickman of Kilmore)
  (C) Arthur Brereton of Ballyadams & Carrigslaney, Sheriff of Limerick City (b 1776, d 01.04.1836, Captain)
  m. (10.03.1793) Eliza Westropp (d 1848, dau of Ralph Westropp of Attyflin)
  (i) Ralph Westropp Brereton of Rockstown & Ennis, last of Ballyadams, Sheriff of Limerick (b 1798, d 23.03.1858, 2nd son) had issue
m1. (20.06.1826) Ellen Mary Geary (d 28.12.1832, dau of John Geary of Limerick)
  m2. (11.07.1846) Dilliama Barry (b 1812-3, d 13.04.1886, dau/coheir of James Barry of Rockstown)
  (ii) Henry Brereton (b 1802, d 06.01.1894, curate of Ashford in Kent) had issue
  m. (1831) Florence Elizabeth MacGuire (d 29.07.1841)
  (iii) George Stamer Brereton of Clonliffe, co Dublin had issue
  m. (c09.1828) Eliza Hatton (dau/coheir of John Hatton of Clonard)
  (iv) William Westropp Brereton of Carrigslaney & Dublin (b 16.12.1808, d 13.12.1867) had issue
  m. (1838) Geraldine Mary Kean (dau/coheir of Robert Kean of Hermitage by Elizabeth, dau of William Crofts of Velvetstown)
  (v) Mary Brereton (d 15.02.1867)
  m. (02.04.1818) William John Perceval of Cappaheaden (d 02.11.1848, Captain, son of Captain William by Jane Brereton)
  (vi) Emma Johnson Brereton
  m. (c1793) George Smithwick (curate of Tallow)
  (vii)+ other issue - John (b 1794, dvpsp 10.1818), Nicholas (bpt/d 1813), Arthur (bpt/d 1815)
  (D) Henry Brereton of Mountrath (dsp, Captain)
  m. (09.1829) Lois Price of Castletown
  (E) Frances Brereton
  (F) Helen Brereton
  m. (1807) Richard Odlum of Dublin
  (G) Letitia Brereton (dsp)
m. Rev. Thomas Dooley
  (H) Catherine Brereton (dsp)
  m. (1803) John Moore
  (2)+ other issue - Jane, Catherine, Helen/Ellen (d unm 1827)
  e.+ other issue - Henry (a 1688), Pierce (a 1688), Jane, Margery, Catherine
  One of the daughters married ...
m. Anthony Alcock of Bruel (d 1741)
  B. Robert Brereton (d 30.5.1642, Captain)
  m. Elizabeth Hyde (dau of Sir Arthur Hyde of Carrigoneda)
  i.+ issue - William, Henry, Margaret, Jane, Margery, Dorothy, daughter (d young)
  C. Roger Brereton of Dublin & Tallaght (MP, 5th son)
  m. _ Bulkeley ??
  i. William Brereton of Carrigslaney, Sheriff of co Carlow (d 1692)
  m. (c01.1662) Jane Blount (a 1692, dau of Edward Blount of Rolton Castle in Killylan)
a. George Brereton of Carrigslaney, Sheriff (b 1668/70, d 20.06.1720, 3rd son)
  m. (c12.1694) Catherine Perceval (b c1767, d 10.01.1729, dau of George Perceval of Temple House)
  (1) William Brereton of Carrigslaney & Lohart Castle (co Cork), Sheriff of co Carlow (b 17.03.1696, d 05.1772)
m. (28.03.1720) Alice Norcott (d 03.1784, dau of Rev John Norcott (or Northcote) of Ballygarrett, widow of William Maunsell of Ballinamona)
  (A) George Brereton of Carrigslaney & Lohart Castle, Sheriff of co Carlow (b 21.12.1721, bur 02.01.1785)
  m1. Alicia Freeman (d 06.01.1772, dau of John Freeman of Balliguile)
  (i) George Brereton of New Abbey (co Kildare) & Bath (d 01.10.1781)
  m. (19.11.1771) Janetta Brereton (dau of Major William Brereton of Bath) @2@ below
  (a) Alicia Brereton (bpt 27.11.1776)
  m. (17.04.1795) Benjamin Hobart of Carlow (curate of Brannockstown)
  (b) Janetta Mary Brereton (bpt 27.11.1776)
  m1. (19.02.1796) William Fraunceis of Taunton (son of John of Combe Florey, half-brother of John (Frauceis-Gwyn) of Ford Abbey)
  m2. _ Chapman
  m3. _ Loder
(c)+ other issue (d unm) - Marion Henrietta (d 1857), Julia (bpt 26.04.1775)
  (ii) Alicia Brereton (d unm)
  m2. (04.1781) Isabella Hingston (d 04.182, dau of Rev James Hingston of Aglish, m2. Sir James Laurence Cotter, 3rd Bart)
  (iii)+ other issue - Edward of Rockforest & Carrigslaney (b 1782, d 1822), George (bpt 14.02.1783, d unm 13.11.1822, vicar of Rahan), William Henry (bpt 28.03.1785, bur 04.02.1791)
  (B) William Brereton of Bath, Somerset (b 16.05.1773, d 13.01.1813, Major)
  m1. (1747) Marion Edmonston
  (i) Robert Brereton of New Abbey, co Kildare (b 1747, d 30.06.1816, Lt. General, Governor of St. Lucia) had (legitimate) issue
m. (02.03.1809) Margaret Elizabeth Dexter (d 14.04.1850, dau/coheir of John Dexter of Annfield by Anne, dau of Rev, John Fish of Castle Fish)
  partner unknown
  (a) Robert Brereton of Clifton, Bristol (b 25.09.1788, d 05.08.1852, Major) had issue
  m. (09.1816) Henrietta Dasant Sadler (b c1790, d 1828)
  (ii) William Brereton (b 1751, dsp 17.02.1787, actor at Drury Lane)
  m. (c09.17770 Priscilla Hopkins (dau of William Hopkins, m2. John Philip Kemble)
  (iii) Janetta Brereton (d 1825)
  m1. George Brereton of New Abbey (d 01.10.1781) @2@ above
  m2 (1783) Robert Kennan (d 1832, Lt. Col., son of Thomas of Diswellstown)
  (iv) Julia Brereton (dsps 19.11.1832)
m. George Ottley of Teddington (d 1809, Captain, son of Drewry of St. KittS)
  m2 Harriet Hooley of Dublin.
  (v) Sir William Brereton of London (b 29.121789, d unm 27.07.1864, Lt. General)
  (vi) Harriet Brereton (b c1790)
  m. (15.09.1808) George Frederick Mucklow of Middlesex
  (C) Perceval Brereton (b 19.10.1726, d 1757, Captain)
  m. Mary Lee (dau of Gen John Lee of Pontefract, m2. Robert Bull of Chichester)
  (i) William Brereton of Chichester, Sussex (b 1752, d 03.11.1830, Lt. Colonel)
  m. (11.10.1784) Mary Charlotte Lill (dau of Judge Godfrey Lill by Carey Caroline, dau of Nathaniel Bull of East Sheen)
  (a) Robert Perceval Brereton (b 15.02.1789, dsp 05.08.1852, RN, 3rd son)
  m. (02.1814) Charlotte Hutchinson (dau of Robert Hutchinson of Portsea)
  (b) Godfrey Brereton of Esky & Queesntown, Sheriff (b 21.04.1793, dsp 25.09.1874, Cmdr RN)
  m. (02.08.1853) Catherine Reid (dau of Alexander Reid of Valetta Lodge)
  (c)+ other issue (d unm) - William Lill (b 17.09.1787, d 22.05.1837, Captain), Robert (b 1787, d 03.1788), Mary Charlotte (b 13.08.1786, d 19.09.1854), Caroline (b 03.1791, d 14.10.1856)
  (D) Robert Brereton of Kingston, Jamaica (b 1727, s 10.1790, judge)
  m1. Lucy Jones (dsp)
  m2. (1760) Honora Dwarris (dau of Col Thomas Dwarris of Jamaica)
  (i) Robert Brereton (d unm 11.1790)
  m3. (09.1782) Anne Smith (b c1762, d 01.121847, dau of Major _ Smith, m2. Robert Robson of London)
  (ii) Alicia Brereton (b 08.1783, d 10.06.1856)
  m. (28.02.1811) Sir Fortunatus William Lilley Dwarris of Jamaica & Ham Common (d 20.05.1860)
  (iii) Ann Brereton of London (b 05.1784, d unm 10.04.1857)
(iv) Caroline Perceval Brereton (b 07.1785, d 27.12.1874)
  m. (12.03.1808) Francis Todd of London & Pendennis Castle (d 1851, son of Hunter of Stanwick & Cornwall)
  (E) Edward Brereton of Worcester (b 03.03.1728, dsp 21.05.1801, Major)
  m. (30.10.1783) Ameluia Henrietta Schaub (b c1731, d 13.02.1829, dau of Sir Luke Schaub)
  (F) Mary Brereton (b 25.05.1731)
m1. Thomas Harman of Lodge (d 09.05.1765, son of Wentworth of Moyne)
  m2. (08.1767) Richard Bailie of Kilbride (Colonel)
  (G) Rose Brereton (b 26.08.1732, a 1816)
  m. Rev. Charles Naylor
  (H)+ other issue (d unm) - Elizabeth (b 17.08.1735), Alice (a 1759)
  (2) Robert Brereton (vicar of Aghamacart, rector of Burton & Brahenny, vicar of Kibrin (b 1705, dsp 1764, 3rd son?)
  m. (1746) Elizabeth Gore (d 16.03.1765, dau of William Gore, Dean of Down)
  (3) Jane Brereton (d 16.06.1748)
  m. (23.11.1721) John Bickerstaff (d before 11.1764, Captain)
  (4)+ other issue (d unm) - Perceval (bpt 13.02.1702, d young), Mary (b 30.03.1698, d 1761), Rose (b 05.03.1702, d before 27.04.1759)
  b. Eleanor Brereton (d before 1717)
  m. Bowen Brereton of Raheenduffe & Loughtioge (d 1747) @1@ above
  c.+ other issue - Robert (b c1665, a 1682), Blount (a 1673, d young), William of Castle Grace etc (d unm),, Elizabeth, Catherine
  ii. Henry Brereton of Moyle Abbey, co Kildare (d 1673)
  m. (1662/3) Mary Blount (dau of Edward Blount of Bolton Castle)
  a. William Brereton of Bolton & Narraghmore, co Kildare (d 1747)
m. (c03.1684) Priscilla Brooke of Dublin (d 1749)
  (1) Edward Brereton of Castletown (Queen's Co) & Dublin (vintner)
  (A) Edward Brereton of Springmount (Queen's Co) & Bolton (d 1775, Serjeant-of-Arms, House of Commons in Dublin)
  m1. Elizabeth
  (i) Edward Brereton (dvp)
  m2. Frances Rawson (dau of Philip Rawson of Donoughmore & Abington Park, sister of Stepney)
  (ii) Sackvilla Brereton of Springmount (bpt 05.06.1759, d 01.03.1847)
  m. (24.05.1783) Sir John Allen Johnson Walsh, 1st Bart (d 12.1831)
  (iii) Martha Brereton (bpt 21.10.1761)
  m. (09.1793) William Pigott
  b.+ other issue - Edward, George, Ellen, Jane
  D. Francis Brereton of Kilmurry (d 05.1688)
  i. William Brereton (a 1692)
  ii. Thomasine Brereton
  m. Richard Cosby of Dysart (d 1730)
  E.+ other issue - Andrew of Phlipstown & Killavowle in King's Co. (a 1662), William of Derry/Dirry in Kilteal, Judith, Alice, Mary
2. Francis Brereton (4th son)
  A. Andrew Brereton (Captain)
3. Arthur Brereton of co Cavan (MP, 6th son)
  A. Henry Brereton 'of Santry' (b c1607, d 1680, vicar & rector)
  i. Jane Brereton
  m. (1678) Daniel Jackson (d 1707, vicar of Santry)
  ii. Grisel Brereton
  m. (1669) Rev. Patrick Grattan (d 1707)
  iii. Avice Brereton (dsp)
  m. (1665) William Haynes of Dublin (d 1691, Captain)
  iv. Mary Brereton
m. (1672) William Gibbons (Captain)
4. Andrew Brereton
  A. Jane Brereton (d 06.01.1664)
  m. Alexander Borrowes of Ardenwood
5. John Brereton of Rahamargue (or Ralhalnourge)
  m. Amy Barrington (dau of Alexander Barrington)
  A. Robert Brereton (d 1641, rector of Tymoge & Ballyguillene)
  m. Katherine Holt (dau of Michael Holt)
  i. Andrew Brereton (b 1643, d 1695, vicar of Pierstownland)
  m. (1664) Frances Archdale (dau of Ven. John Archdale)
  ii.+ other issue - John, Robert
  B. John Brereton (a 1646)
  m. Dulcibella Rochfort (dau of James Rochfort of Laragh by Jane, dau of Maurice Eustace of Castlemartin)
  i.+ issue - John (d 1712, vicar of Naas, canon of Kildare), Edward, Henry, Rose, Douce, Mary, Elizabeth
  C. Roger Brereton (d 1643, vicar of Timochoe, rector of Tymoge then Dysart, 4th son)
  m. Dorothy
  D.+ other issue - Thomas (had issue), Avice
6. Jane Brereton
  m. Alexander Barrington of Tymoge (d 15.09.1635, MP)
7.+ other issue - Edward (d young), Roger, Robert, William

Main source(s): BIFR1976 (Brereton)
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