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Families covered: Rose of Ahabeg, Rose of Foxhall, Rose of Morgans, Rose of Mount Prospect

Thomas Rose of Morgans, etc., Sheriff then Mayor of Limerick (a 1689, "went to Ireland from co. Devon")
1. George Rose of Morgans & Mount Prospect (a 1678)
  A. Henry Rose of Mount Pleasant (sic), co Limerick (d before 25.02.1742, judge)
  m. Anne Crosbie (dau of David Crosbie of Ardfert, sister of Maurice, 1st Lord Bandon)
  i. George Rose of Morgans & Mount Prospect , Sheriff (d before 1795)
  m. (1744) Catherine Sandes (d 1799, dau of Launcelot Sandes of Carrigafoyle, cousin)
a. Elizabeth Rose
  m. (02.10.1765) William Talbot of Mount Talbot (cousin)
  ii. Sarah Rose
  m1. John Southwell of Enniscourt (cousin)
  m2. (30.05.1739) William Talbot of Mount Talbot
  iii. Jane Rose
  iv. Elizabeth Anne Rose
  m. William Gunn
  B. George Rose 'of Cork' of Ahabeg, co Limerick
  m1. (1702) Jane Hickman (dau of Thomas Hickman of Barntic)
i. Hickman Rose of Ahabeg then Limerick
  BLG1886 shows 4 sons of this marriage, Henry of Limerick (father of Jonas (dsp) and William of Castle Martyr who had issue by Alice Pratt, Jonas (Captain RN), William, and Hickman who, by Jane Handy, "left several descendants" including the Alexander who m. Mary Elizabeth O'Grady. The following follows BLGI1912.
  m. (15.06.1738) Elizabeth Pratt (d 07.1766, dau of Jonah Pratt of Castlemartyr, son of Robert of Carrigmashining)
  a. Henry Rose of Patrick's Wall, co Limerick (b 11.01.1740-1, d before 1799, 2nd son)
  m. (10.1775) Alice Hoops (dau of Alexander Hoops of Tipperary)
  (1) Alexander Rose of Ballyhandrahan, co Limerick (Captain RN, younger son) had issue
  m. Mary Elizabeth O'Grady (dau of Gerald de Courcy O'Grady, 'The O'Grady', of Kilballyowen)
  (2)+ other issue - Hickman of Limerick then London (b c1777, d 02.12.1810), son, Margaret, Alicia, Elizabeth
  b. Hickman Rose (b 22.10.1752, d 19.03.1823, 7th son)
  m. (1781) Jane Handy (d 03.08.1823, dau of Samuel Handy of Bracca Castle)
  (1) Lucinda Rose
m. (09.1801) John Timothy Kirby (president of the royal college of surgeons in Ireland)
  (2) Elizabeth Rose (dsp 13.10.1862)
  m. (1816) John Dick of Bellefield
  (3) Mary Ann Margaret Rose (d 1833)
m. (1814) Michael Daniell
  c. William Rose 'of Castlemartyr' (b 03.11.1756, army surgeon)
  m. (28.04.1789) Alice Pratt (d 05.03.1799, dau of James Pratt of Castle Martyr, sister of Lt. Gen. Sir Charles, cousin)
  (1) James Pratt Rose (bpt 23.10.1791, d 10.06.1848, Captain)
  m1. (11.06.1818, sps) Elizabeth Davis (d 27.03.1821, dau of William Davis of Killeagh by Margaret, dau of Roger Green of Youghal)
  m2. (1822) Elizabeth Boles (d 1840, dau of John Boles of Springfield by Anne, dau of Thomas Garde of Dunsfort)
  m3. (16.05.1843) Aphrasia Gagin (d 20.09.1849, dau of John Gaggin of Ballybane)
  (2)+ other issue - William Hickman (d 12.05.1811), Frances Elizabeth, Hickman, Elizabeth
  d. Elizabeth Rose
  m. (05.1770) Robert Molesworth (Captain, son of Byrne (sb Bysse?) MP)
  e. Gertrude Rose
  m. (1774) Joseph Rose
  f. Agnes Rose
  m. (02.1777) Simeon Davies (son of Michael, archdeacon of Cloyne)
g. Mary Rose
  m. (10.1781) Jeremiah Pratt of Kinsale (cousin)
  h.+ other issue - Robert (b 30.01.1739-40, bur 02.03.1739-40), John Tom (d young), Robert (d young), George (d young), George (d young), Jonas (b 26.03.1759, d 20.07.1820, Port Captain RN), James Leslie (b 20.12.1761), Jane (d young)
  ii. Agnes Rose shown by BLFI1912 as of this marriage but by BLG1886 as of her father's second marriage
  m. (1719) William Gough of Tureen
  a. Gertrude Gough (a 04.1758, d unm)
  b. Jane Gough
  m1. _ Napper
m2. Thomas Keane
  c. Mary Gough (d 26.09.1793) probably of this generation
  m. John Sandes of Moyvane
  m2. (c07.1721) Susanna Stephens (dau of Richard Stephens of Newcastle & Barnstaple, widow of Edmund Burgh of Newcastle)
  iii. Richard Rose of Limerick (d 1762)
  m. Mary Anderson (dau of John Anderson of Foxhall)
  a. Thomas Maunsell Rose of Ahabeg & Rathkeale (d 12.10.1831)
  m. Mary Lowe (dau of Simon Lowe of Galbally)
  (1) Richard Anderson Rose of Ahabeg & Foxhall (d 04.04.1820) had issue
m. (1807) Maria Tuite (dau of Mark A. Tuite, sister of Sir George of Sonna, Bart)
  (2) Simon Rose (d 1851) had issue
  m. (29.09.1830) Maria Ormsby (dau of Arthur Ormsby of Ballygrenan & Ballyculleen by Maria, dau of Thomas Vereker of Roxborough & sister of Charles, Viscount Gort)
  (3)+ other issue - Thomas (Captain), John, Henry of Ballyclough, James, William
  b. John Rose
  m. Anne Croker (dau of Edward Croker of Ballinagarde)
  (1) Croker Rose
(2) Anne Rose
  m1. John Keating (brother of Lt. Gen. Sir Henry)
  m2. Thomas Westropp of Ross House (son of Ralph of Attyflyn)
  (3) Mary Rose
  m. Roger O'Callaghan of Knocknanagh
  c. Grace Rose
  m. Robert King (brother of Sir Gilbert, Bart)
  d.+ other issue - Richard, George
  Probably of this generation (should be earlier?), but (if so) of which marriage is now known, was ...
  iv. Jane Rose
  m. Nicholas Peacocke of Barntic
  C. Agnes Rose (d 08.1743) probably of this generation
  m. Richard Southwell of Enniscourt (d 1729)
  D.+ other issue - Thomas, 2 daughters

Main source(s): BLGI1912 (Rose of Ahabeg & Foxhall), BLG1886 (Rose of Ahabeg & Foxhall)
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