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Families covered: Annesley of Altham, Annesley of Anglesey, Annesley of Ballysax, Annesley of Ballysonan, Annesley of Mountnorris, Anesley of Valentia

George Annesley of Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire (bur 17.01.1607)
m. Elizabeth Dove (d 1603, dau of Robert Dove of Moulsoe, widow of William Stokes)
1. Robert Annesley (to Ireland)
  m. Beatrice Cornwall (dau of John Cornwall of Moor Park)
  A. Sir Francis Annesley, Secretary of State for Ireland, 1st Viscount Valentia (bur 23.11.1660)
  m1. (1608) Dorothy Phillips (d 03.05.1624, dau of Sir John Phillips, Bart of Picton Castle)
  i. Arthur Annesley, 2nd Viscount Valentia, 1st Earl of Anglesey (b 10.07.1614, d 06.04.1686)
  m. (24.04.1638) Elizabeth Altham (b 09.01.1620, bur 20.01.1697-8, dau of Sir James Altham of Oxhey)
a. James Annesley, 2nd Earl of Anglesey, 3rd Viscount (d 01.04.1690)
  m. (c1669) Elizabeth Manners (d 07.12.1700, dau of John Manners, 8th Earl of Rutland)
  (1) James Annesley, 3rd Earl of Anglesey, 4th Viscount (bpt 13.07.1670/4, d 21.01.1702)
  m. (28.10.1699, div 1701) Catherine Darnley (b 1682, d 14.03.1743, natural dau of James Stuart, King James II of England)
  (A) Catherine Annesley (d 18.01.1735)
  m1. (09.1718) William Phipps
  m2. John Sheldon of Croydon
(2) John Annesley, 4th Earl of Anglesey, 5th Viscount (dsps 18.09.1710)
  m. (21.05.1706) Henrietta Stanley (d 26.06.1718, dau of William Stanley, 9th Earl of Derby)
  (3) Arthur Annesley, 5th Earl of Anglesey, 6th Viscount (dsp 01.04.1737)
  m. (06.01.1701-2) Mary Thompson (d 22.01.1718, dau of John Thompson, 1st Lord Haversham, cousin)
  (4) Elizabeth Annesley
  m. Robert Gayer of Stoke Poges
  b. Altham Annesley, 1st Lord Altham (d 26.04.1699)
  m1. (03.09.1678) Alicia Leigh (b c1661, dsp 04.06.1684, dau of Hon. Charles Leigh of Leighton Buzzard, Stoneleigh family)
  m2. (07.1697) Ursula Markham (b 01.01.1678, bur 16.05.1725, dau of Sir Robert Markham, 2nd Bart)
(1) James George Annesley, 2nd Lord Altham (d infant 1697/1700)
  c. Richard Annesley, Dean of Exeter, 3rd Lord Altham (d 19.11.1701)
  m. (by 1689) Dorothy Davey (d before 1718, dau of John Davey of Ruxford)
  (1) Arthur Annesley, 4th Lord Altham (b c1689, d 16.11.1727)
  m1. Phillipa (08.04.1703) Philippa Thompson (dspl 05.1704, dau of Sir John Thompson, Lord Haversham, cousin)
  m2. Mary Sheffield (d 26.10.1729, natural dau of John Sheffield, Duke of Buckingham)
There appears to have been debate as to whether the following James was legitimate (by Mary Sheffield) or illegitimate (by Joan Landy). According to TCP ('Altham'), after Arthur died James's uncle Richard sold James into slavery with an American planter. James escaped and successfully proved his legitimacy. He recovered his estates but appears not to have used the titles. This story is not mentioned in BP1934 but is in BE1883.
  (A) James Annesley, de jure 5th Lord Altham & (6th) Earl of Anglesey (d 05.01.1760)
  m1. _ Chester of Staines Bridge (d 22.12.1749)
  (i) James Annesley, de jure (7th) Earl of Anglesey (dsp 06.11.1763)
  m2. (14.09.1751) Margaret l'Anson (dau of Thomas l'Anson of New Bounds, Tunbridge)
  (ii) son, de jure 8th Earl of Anglesey (b c1757, d unm 1764)
  p. Joan Landy
  (2) Richard Annesley, de facto 5th Lord Altham, 6th Earl of Anglesey, 7th Viscount (b 1694, d 14.02.1761)
  m1. (25.01.1715, sep) Ann Prust (b 21.09.1694, bur sp 13.08.1741, dau of Capt. John Prust of Monkleigh)
  p/m2. (1715) Anna Simpson (b c1700, d 1765, dau of John Simpson of Dublin)
(A)+ 3 daughters
  m3. (15.09.1741) Juliana Donovan (d 20.11.1776, dau of Richard Donovan of Camolin)
  The dates of Richard's marriages were key to the doubts about the legitimacy of his children. The Irish House of Lords accepted their legitimacy, so his son inherited the Viscounty (an Irish title), but the House of Lords in London did not so the Earldom of Angelsey was deemed to have expired.
  (D) Arthur Annesley, 8th Viscount Valentia, 1st Earl of Mountnorris (b c1744, d 04.07.1816)
  m1. (10.05.1767) Lucy Lyttleton (d 20.05.1783, dau of George Lyttleton, 1st Lord)
  (i) George Annesley, 2nd Earl of Mountnorris, 9th Viscount (bpt 22.01.1771, d 23.07.1844)
  ## After George's death, the Viscountcy passed to his distant cousin Arthur.
  m. (03.09.1790) Anne Courtenay (b 02.02.1774, d 06.01.1835, dau of William Courtenay, 2nd Viscount)
  (a) George Arthur Annesley, 'Viscount Valentia' (b 20.10.1793, dvpsp 16.03.1841)
  m. (21.10.1837) Frances Cockburn Sims (d 27.01.1856, dau of Charles James Sims)
  (b) William Annesley (b 1796, dvp unm 1830)
(ii) Juliana Lucy Annesley (dsp 10.10.1833)
  m. (04.07.1789) John Maxwell Barry, 5th Lord of Farnham (b 18.01.1767, dsp 20.09.1838)
  (iii) Hester Annabella Annesley (d 14.08.1844)
  m. (14.12.1801) Norman Macleod (d 16.03.1830, Major General)
  m2. (20.12.1783) Sarah Cavendish (d 02.01.1849, dau of Sir Henry Cavendish)
(iv) Henry Arthur Annesley (b 24.03.1792, dsp 20.08.1818)
  m. (14.08.1818) Sarah Ainsworth (d 23.03.1861, dau of B. Ainsworth of Hallowell)
  (v) Catherine Annesley (d 25.06.1865)
  m. (04.12.1814) John Thomas Henry Somerset (b30.08.1787, d 03.10.1846, Colonel)
  (vi) Frances Caroline Annesley (d 22.01.1837)
  m. (10.10.1810) Sir James Webster Wedderburn (b 1789, d 1857)
  (vii) Juliana Annesley
  m. (26.10.1837) Robert Bayly of Ballyduff
  (E) Richarda Annesley
  m. (1761) Robert Phaire of Temple Shannon
(F) Juliana Annesley (dsp 04.1768)
  m. (31.05.1765) Sir Frederick Flood, Bart
  (G) Catherine Annesley
  m. John O'Toole
  (3) Elizabeth Annesley (d 05.11.1772)
  m1. William Green
  m2. (16.08.1737) Maurice Thompson, 2nd Lord of Haversham (b 1675, d 11.04.1745)
  m3. (15.02.1746/7) Fitzwilliam White of Louth
  m4. (12.03.1750/1) Samuel Ashurst of Gray's Inn
d. Dorothy Annesley
  m. (1654) Richard Power, 1st Earl of Tyrone (d 14.10.1690)
  e. Elizabeth Annesley (dsp 04.09.1672)
  m. Alexander MacDonnell, 3rd Earl of Antrim (b 1615, d 06/12.1699)
  f. Frances Annesley (b c1648, d 03.03.1704/5)
  m1. Francis Windham of Felbrigg
  m2. Sir John Thompson of Haversham, Lord Haversham (b c1648, d 22.05.1709)
g. Philippa Annesley (d 19.02.1714/5)
  m1. (before 13.09.1674) Charles Mohun, 3rd Lord Mohun of Okehampton (b c1645, d 29.09.1677)
  m2. William (not Thomas) Coward of Wells, Somerset (d 08.04.1705)
  h. Anne Annesley
  m1/2. _ Baker
  This may be the Anne who (also) married ...
m2/1. Francis Wingate of Harlington
  i.+ other issue - Arthur, Charles
  ii. Robert Annesley
  iii. John Annesley of Ballysonan Castle (b 11.09.1616, d 1695)
  m. Charity Warren (dau of Henry Warren of Grangebeg)
  a. Francis Annesley of Ballysonan (d 1707)
  m. Deborah Paul (sister of Jeffery Paul)
  (1) Charity Annesley (d unm 1741)
  (2) Deborah Annesley
  m. (1731) Robert Doyne of Wells
(3) Elizabeth Annesley
  m. (06.1720) Thomas Hughes of Archerstown
  (4) Hannah Annesley
  m. (03.12.1733) Thomas Springe
  (A) Thomas Spring of Castlemain apparently of this generation
  m. Catherine Wight (dau of Rev. Edward Wight)
(i) Catherine Spring
  m. (1785) Stephen Edward Rice of Mount Trenchard
  b. Maurice Annesley of Little Rath (dspms 17.02.1718)
  m. Sarah Blayney (d 05.07.1705, dau of Richard, 4th Lord Blayney)
  (1) Elizabeth Annesley
  m. Sir Arthur Gore, 2nd Bart of Newtown Gore (d 10.02.1741)
  (2) Charity Annesley
  m. Roger Palmer of Palmerstown
(3) Dorothy Annesley
  m. Francis Knox of Moyne Abbey, Sheriff of Mayo (d 1730)
  c. John Annesley of Ballysax (d 13.04.1720)
  m. Eleanor Bishop
  (1) Francis Annesley of Ballysax (dsp 05.03.1750)
  m. Margaret Eyre (dau of Edward Eyre of Galway)
  (2) Richard Annesley of Kilmore (d 03.06.1752, minister)
  m. _ Persse (dau of Captain Persse of Roxborough)
  (A)+ issue - John, Charles
  (3) John Annesley (d unm)
  (4) Maurice Annesley of Waterpark (minister)
  m. Bridget Hawkins (dau of Hawkins of Carhurley)
(A)+ issue - John, Francis
  d.+ other issue - George (d unm), Robert (d unm), 3 daughters
  iv. Anne Annesley
  m. George Cooke of Pebmarsh
  v. Hester Annesley (b 03.04.1613) apparently of this generation, of this marriage
  m. (10.05.1632) Sir Roger Lort, 1st Bart of Stackpoole Court (b c1608, d 1663)
  vi. Beatrice Annesley (b 27.03.1619, bur 26.03.1668) probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m1. James Zouch of Woking
  m2. Sir John Lloyd of The Forest & Woking, 1st Bart (d 01.01.1663)
  m3. (1664) Sir Thomas Smith, Sheriff of Essex, 1st Bart of Hill Hall (b c1601, d 05.05.1668)
m2. Jane Stanhope (d 12.03.1683, dau of Sir John Stanhope, sister of Philip, 1st Earl of Chesterfield)
  vii. Francis Annesley of Clogmaghericatt (renamed Castle Wellan) (b 23.01.1628)
  m. (29.12.1662) Deborah Jones (d 04.09.1672, dau of Henry Jones, Bishop of Meath)
viii. Samuel Annesley (dsp 1720, youngest son)
  m. Mary Cooke (dau of Colonel George Cooke)
  ix. Catherine Annesley (d 03.04.1701)
m. (20.02.1662-3) Sir Randal Beresford, Bart of Coleraine (bur 19.10.1681)
  x.+ other issue - Peter (d infant), George, William (d infant), Peter (dsp), Robert (dsp), Dorothy (d infant)
  B. Robert Annesley (Captain)
  The following comes from FMG (vol 2, 'Wesley-Annesley-Ellison', MS240) which shows that Viscount Francis had an un-named brother (d 1624) who was father of Samuel but notes that "Dr Clarke makes them brother's children, but query", which we interpret as implying that they might possibly be cousins. Robert is mentioned by Baker. We speculate that he was the father of ...
  i. Samuel Annesley (b 1620, d 31.12.1696, cleric?)
  a. Elizabeth Annesley
  m. (03.08.1682) John Dunton (bookseller)
  b. Susanna Annesley (b 20.01.1669-70, d 1742)
  m. (c1690) Samuel Wesley (b c1662, d 25.04.1735, rector of Epworth)
  c.+ other issue - Samuel in Surat, Benjamin, Judith (a 1693), Ann (a 1693), Sarah, others (d young?)
  C. Beatrice Annesley
  m. Richard Saunders of Wavendon
  D. Mary Annesley
  m. Matthew Coney of Newport Pagnell
  E.+ other issue - Elizabeth, Bridget
2. George Annesley (d 26.03.1625-6, youngest son)
  m. Anne Saunders
3. Judith Annesley
  m. Ralph Shepherd of Ewelme
4.+ other issue - James (d infant), Matthew, Thomas (d infant), James, Thomas, Ralph, Cecily, Mary

Main source(s): BP1934 ('Valentia'), BE1883 ('Annesley of Anglesey') with some input & support from TCP ('Altham'), TCP ('Anglesey'), 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Northampton' (George Baker, vol 1, 1830, 'Annesley of Bletchingdon, co. Oxon, and of Eydon', p502+), Commoners (vol 1, 'Annesley of Bletchingdon', p8+)
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