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Families covered: I'Anson of Ashby Ledgers, I'Anson of Cotgrove Place, I'Anson of Hawkeswell (Hawkeworth), I'Anson of Leyburn, I'Anson of New Bounds, I'Anson of Richmond

(1) Because it is so unusual for an English name to be led by a capital i and apostrophe, the following family's name is often mistaken as l'Anson, Lanson or Anson whilst Janson is also used (as in Visitation (London, 1633, Janson)). However, it does appear that the first letter of the name is indeed an I. There seems to be some doubt as to whether or not a baronetcy was in fact conferred on the undermentioned Sir Brian but it seems that the doubt arose as much because only some of the successors used the title as for any other reason.
(2) Possibly of Westmorland or Cumberland was ...
John I'Anson
1. Christopher I'Anson of Hawkesworth or Hawkeswell, Richmondshire, Yorkshire had issue
2. James I'Anson of Hawkesworth or Hawkeswell (Captain RN)
  m. Anne Carlisle of Richmondshire
  A. Brian I'Anson of Ashby Ledgers (Northamptonshire) & Bassettsbury, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire (b c1559, d 10.11.1634)
  m. Anne Lee (d 15.01.1633/4, dau of Robert Lee of Beaconsfield, nephew of Sir Henry of Dichley (KG))
  i. John I'Anson of Ashby Ledgers (b c1588, bur 09/19.12.1657)
  m1. (1613) Susanna Stone (dau of Sir William Stone of London)
  a. Brian I'Anson of Ashby Ledgers (b c1616, d 02.1681/2)
  m. (1647) Mary Williams (a 1682, dau of Edward Williams of London & Wollaston by Mary, dau of Robert Palmer of Hill)
  (1) Brian I'Anson of Ashby Ledgers (b 28.01.1656/7, 2nd son)
  m. Hesther Saunders (bpt 16.05.1648, d 15.06.1680, dau of William Saunders of Brixworth)
  (A) Brian I'Anson of Ashby Ledgers (bpt 26.05.1696)
  (B) Esther I'Anson (bpt 07.07.1686)
  m. (30.07.1707) Robins Bradley of Long Buckby
  (C) Sarah I'Anson (bpt 11.11.1687, dsp bur 13.08.1712)
m. (19.11.1711) Thomas Hind (bur 14.06.1748, vicar of Lillingston Lovell & Sibbertoft)
  (D) Silena I'Anson (bpt 25.05.1690)
  m. (10.07.1728) Ambrose Monck of Coventry
  (2)+ John (b c1649, a 11.1669, d unm), Brian (bpt 03.08.1654, d young?), Edward (bpt 21.02.1661-2, d 18.07.1683), Thomas (bpt 07.09.1663, a 1681), George (bpt 03.04.1665, a 1681), Charles (bpt 25.11.1667, d young), William (bpt 10.04.1670, a 1681), John (bpt 19.04.1675, d 15.01.1692/3), Mary (bpt 03.07.1653, a 1681, d unm), Susanna (bpt 03.08.1654, a 1681), Anne (bpt 01.11.1655, a 1681), Elizabeth (bpt 29.07.1660, a 1681), Barbara (bpt 24.07.1673, a 1681)
  b. Anne I'Anson (a 12.1658)
  m. Thomas Essington of London & Brightwell Hall (d before 19.01.1673-4)
  m2. Thomasine Oldfield (d before 18.02.1658-9, dau of Joseph Oldfield of Lincolnshire by Thomasine)
  c.+ other issue - John (bpt 04.04.1619, bur 19.11.1657), James (bpt 03/13.09.1622, bur 26.09.1622), Mary (bpt 19.10.1620, d young)
  ii. Sir Brian I'Anson of Ashby Ledgers, 1st Bart (b c1590, d before 23.03.1665/6, Groom of the Bedchamber)
m1 (by 1616) Mary Bryars (dau of Henry Bryars, alderman of Coventry)
  a. Sir Henry I'Anson, 2nd Bart (b c1617, d c1684)
  m. (c1647) Mary Elmes of Bowney
  (1) Sir Thomas I'Anson of New Bounds (Tunbridge, Kent), 3rd Bart (b c1648, d 28.12.1707)
  m. (c1696) Dorothy Rokeby (b 02.03.1674, d 27.07.1744, dau of William Rokeby of Ackworth Park & Skellow Hall by Emma, dau of Sir William Bury of Grantham)
  (A) Sir Thomas I'Anson of New Bounds, 4th Bart (b 1702, d 10.06.1764, 2nd son)
  m. (27.03.1723) Mary Bankes (b 10.12.1693, d 26.01.1774, dau of John Bankes of Kingston Hall by Margaret, dau of Sir Henry Parker, 2nd Bart)
  (i) Sir Thomas Bankes I'Anson, 5th Bart (b 30.03.1724, d 25.01.1799, rector of Corfe Castle)
  m. (24.05.1753) Mary Hayter (d 1782, dau of Edmund Hayter of Creech by Mary, dau of Captain Seth Jermy)
  (a) Sir John Bankes I'Anson, 6th Bart (b 13.09.1759, d unm bur 04.11.1799, rector of Corfe Castle)
  (b) Thomas I'Anson (b 31.03.1767, d 1789)
  (ii) Sir John I'Anson of Epsom (Surrey), 7th Bart (b 01.09.1733, d 03.03.1800)
m1. (16.03.1762) Mary Flyer (b 1737-8, d 30.06.1765, dau/coheir of John Flyer of London by Mary, dau/coheir of John Hobbs of Stoke Courcy)
  (a) Mary I'Anson (b 02.02.1761, d 05.1794)
  m. Samuel Flyer of Twickenham (b 03.07.1759, d 01.03.1825, m2. Margaret (dau of Hugh Arnot of Balcormo), son of George & nephew of John)
  m2. (16.08.1766) Mary Harpur (d 15.07.1770, probably related to Rev. H. Harpur, vicar of Tunbridge)
  (iii) Henry I'Anson (b 25.10.1734, d before 06.02.1768, Captain RN, youngest son) had issue, mentioned by Crisp but not by TCB
  m. (06.1764) Margaret Bazeley (a 03.1800, dau of John Bazeley of Dover, m1. James Samson (Sanson?))
  (iv) Margaret I'Anson (b 23.05.1727)
  m. (14.09.1751) James Annesley, de jure 5th Lord Altham & (6th) Earl of Anglesey (b 1715, d 03/05.01.1760)
  (v)+ other issue - James (b 15.08.1730, d infant), Mary (b/d 12.1725), Dorothy (b 10.03.1728/9, d 14.10.1763), Sophia (b 09.12.1731, d infant)
  (B) Dorothy I'Anson (b 1705)
  m. John Parry of Glamorganshire
  (C)+ other issue - Rokeby Brian (b c1698, d infant), William (d c1729 in the West Indies), Bryan, Emma (b c1699, d 14.02.1735/6)
  b. William I'Anson 'of Hawkeswell' (3rd son)
  Crisp provides a second 'Pedigree of I'Anson' (p54+) which suggests that this William was probably father of ...
  (1) William I'Anson of Leyburn in Wensley, Yorkshire (bur 29.11.1723)
  m. Elizabeth Atkinson (bur 26.02.1736)
  (A) William I'Anson of Leyburn (d 04.05.1759)
  m. Frances Barnard (bur 24.06.1746, dau of John Barnard of Doncaster)
  (i) William I'Anson of Richmond (Yorkshire), Cotgrove Place (Nottinghamshire), Holborn & Leyburn (bpt 25.10.1741, d 26.10.1800)
  m. Martha Hutchinson (b 1739, d 29.08.1794, dau of Ralph Hutchinson of Richmond)
  (a) William I'Anson of Islington, Middlessex (bpt 29.08.1762, d 13.03.1819) had issue
  m. (18.09.1810) Maria Walker (dau of Thomas Walker of London & Wishaw Hall, m2. Ridley Surtees)
  (b) Thomas I'Anson of Cotgrove Place & Richmond (bpt 01.08.1769, d 08.02.1848) had issue
  m. Grace Blegborough (b c1772, d 16.01.1851, dau of Henry Blegborough of Richmond)
  (c) Frances I'Anson (bpt 11.11.1766, d 30.09.1795)
  m. (16.01.1787) Leonard MacNally of Dublin (b 1751-2, d 13.02.1820, author, m2. Louisa, dau of Rev. Robert Edgeworth)
  (d)+ other issue - John (bpt 19.09.1763, bur 12.12.1764), Ralph Mark (bpt 07.06.1765, dsp 13.05.1795)
  (ii) Thomas I'Anson, Mayor of Richmond (bpt 17.05.1744, d 22.01.1784) had issue
  m. (23.01.1781) Mary Town (b c1748, d 04.09.1782)
  (iii)+ other issue - John (bpt 11.12.1739, bur 09.03.1745), Frances of London (bpt 23.06.1746, dsp 16.04.1770), Elizabeth (d infant)
  (B)+ other issue - Elizabeth (b c1702, d unm 08.07.1780), Ann (a 11.1723)
  c. Dorcas I'Anson mentioned by Visitation (Northamptonshire) but not by Crisp
  m. Sir Francis Doddington of Doddington
  d.+ other issue - Bryan (a 1642, in Cadiz), James (bpt 03.09.1622, a 1648), Nathaniell, John (d young), Frances, Mary Anne
  m2. (04.06.1639) Judith (widow of _ Archdalle)
  iii. Anne I'Anson (a 03.1638/9)
  m. Robert Thorpe of Beaconsfield & Broadgates Hall (b c1582, d 16.02.1638/9)
  iv.+ other issue - James (dsp), Clement (dsp), Richard (dsp), Elizabeth, Hannah, Margaret, Elizabeth, others (d young/unm)
  B.+ "Severall other children"

Main source(s): Visitation (Northamptonshire, 1681 (with additions), 'I'Anson of Ashby Saint Ledgers'), Visitation (Frederick Arthur Crisp, England & Wales, Notes vol 7, 1907, 'Pedigree of I'Anson', p49+) with support from TCB (vol 3, 'I'Anson of Ashby Ledgers', p13+)
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