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Families covered: Blayney of Gregynog (Gregynnoge), Blayney of Monaghan

Meilir Gryg, lord of Westbury and Whitton
1. Llewelyn
  m. Alice (dau of Robert ap Llowarch ap Trahearn)
  A. Einion
  m. Gwenhwyfar (dau of Philip ap Philip ap Griffith)
  i. Llewelyn
  m. Angharad (dau of Adda ap Madoc of Kerry)
a. Llewelyn Vychan
  m. Margaret (dau of Griffith son of Ynyr Vychan, lord of Nanncy)
  (1) Griffith
  m. Ellen (dau of Ednyfed ap Griffith of Maelor Saesneg)
  (A) Ievan Blayney of Tregynon
  m. Ellen (dau of Llewelyn ap David of Mathavern)
  (i) Griffithap Ievan
  m. Gwynllian (dau of Howel ap Meredith Vychan of Maesmawr in Arwystli)
  (a) Ievan Lloyd
  m. Katherine (dau of Meredith ap Rys ap David Lloyd)
  ((1)) Thomas Blayney - continued below
  m. Gwenllian Herle (dau of Thomas Herle)
  (ii) Mawd Blaney
  m. Ivan 'Teg' (the handsome) Lloyd of Dolobran (a 1476)



Thomas Blayney - continued above
m. Gwenllian Herle (dau of Thomas Herle)
1. David Lloyd Blayney of Gregynog (or Gregynnoge)
  m. Elizabeth Jones (dau of Lewis Jones of Bishop's Castle)
  A. Lewis Blayney of Gregynog (b c1545, d 1601)
  The following comes from the Blayney family web site shown here.
  m. Bridget Pryce (dau of Sir John Pryce of Newton Hall)
  i. Sir John Blayney of Gregynog, Sheriff of Montgomeryshire (b 1591, 1665, Colonel)
  m. (1614) Elizabeth (b 1592, d 1662, dau of Jenkin Lloyd of Berthllwyd by Joyce, dau of Lord Herbert of Chirbury)
a. Lewis Blayney (b 1610, dvpsp c1641)
  b. Joyce Blayney (d 1661)
  m. Sir Arthur Blayney (b 1603, d c1641) @@ below
  ii. Richard Blayney, Sheriff of Monaghan (d 23.10.1641, Captain, 3rd son)
  m. Mary
  iii. Robert Blayney of Tregynon & Castle Blayney (d 14.03.1625, 5th son)
  m. Elizabeth Blount (dau of George Blount of Kidderminster)
  a. Mary Blayney
  m1. Henry Gore (d 02.11.1651, Lt. Colonel)
m2. Robert Choppn or Croppoyne
  b. Bridget Blayney (b 1624, d 1685)
  m. Robert Morgan of Cottlestown
  c.+ other issue (d young) - Edward, Jane, Anne
  iv. Catherine Blayney
  m. John Blayney of Tregynog & Aberhatesp
  v.+ other issue - Andrew of Westminster (d unm 04.01.1678), Edward, Ellis (d young), Thomas, Elizabeth, Jane
  B. Sir Edward Blayney, 1st Lord of Monaghan (d 11.02.1629)
  m. (before 13.06.1605) Anne Loftus (a 06.1630, dau of Adam Loftus, Archbishop of Dublin, Chancellor of Ireland)
  i. Henry Blayney, 2nd Lord of Monaghan (d Benburb 05.06.1646)
  m. (01.1623) Jane Moore (d 22.10.1686, dau of Gerald Moore, 1st Viscount of Drogheda)
a. Edward Blayney, 3rd Lord of Monaghan (b 26.01.1640/1, d unm bur 09.12.1669)
  b. Richard Blayney, 4th Lord of Monaghan (d 03.11.1670)
  m1. (21.03.1653) Elizabeth Malloch (dsp 01.01.1668, dau of John Malloch of Devonshire)
  m2. Elizabeth Vincent (d 03.03.1702/3, dau of Thomas Vincent of Camberwell, Alderman of London (by Joanna, dau of Thomas Burges (of Horley?)), m2. Hugh Montgomery (later Willoughby) of Carrow)
  (1) Henry Vincent Blayney, 5th Lord of Monaghan (d 08.1689, 2nd son)
  m. (c1686) Margaret Moore (d 10.12.1724, dau of John Moore, 1st Lord of Tullamoore)
(A) Elizabeth Blayney (b 1687, d unm 1692)
  (B) Eleanor Blayney (b 14.05.1689, d 10.06.1743)
  m. (14.02.1709) Nicholas Mahon
  (2) William Blayney, 6th Lord of Monaghan (d 03.01.1705/6)
  m. (1686) Mary Caulfeild (d 08.08.1724, dau of William Caulfeild, 1st Viscount Charlemont)
(A) Cadwallader Blayney, 7th Lord of Monaghan (bpt 21.04.1693, d 19.03.1732, 2nd son)
  m1. (22.04.1714) Mary Touchet (d 09.1721, dau of Hon. John Touchet)
  (i) Charles Talbot Blayney, 8th Lord of Monaghan (b 27.01.1714, d 29.09.1761, dean of Killaloe)
  m. (11.1734) Elizabeth Mahon (d 15.04.1756, dau of Nicholas Mahon by Eleanor Blayney)
  (a) Henry Vincent Blayney (b 28.12.1737, dvp 30.03.1754)
  (ii) Cadwallader Blayney, 9th Lord of Monaghan (b 02.05.1720, d 13/21.11.1782, Lt. General)
  m. (22.10.1767) Elizabeth Tipping (d 17.05.1775, dau of Thomas Tipping of Beaulieu)
  (a) Cadwallader Davis Blayney, 10th Lord of Monaghan (b 1769, d unm 02.04.1784)
  (b) Andrew Thomas Blayney, 11th Lord of Monaghan (b 30.11.1770, d 08.04.1834, Lt. General)
  m. (05.07.1796) Mabella Alexander (b 07.08.1775, d 04.03.1854, dau of James Alexander, 1st Earl of Caledon)
  ((1)) Cadwallader Davis Blayney, 12th Lord of Monaghan (b 19.12.1802, d unm 18.01.1874)
  ((2)) Anne Blayney (d 11.12.1882)
  m. (20.11.1818) Charles Gordon (Admiral)
((3)) Elizabeth Harriet Blayney (d 05.1818)
  ((4)) Charlotte Sophia Blayney (dsp 05.08.1863)
  m. (1833) Frederick Angerstein
  (c) Sophia Blayney
  m. (1788) John Armstrong 'of Lisgoole'
  ((1)) Elizabeth Armstrong (d 12.06.1853) probably of this generation
  m. (08.06.1808) Sir Charles Smith, later Dodsworth of Newland Park & Thornton Watlass, 3rd Bart (b 1775, d 1857)
  (d) Mary Blayney (d 1800)
m. (1794) Edmund Tipping of Bellurgan Park
  (iii) Mary Blayney (b 16.03.1716)
  m1. (12.1736) Nicholas Mahon
  m2. (1743) John Campbell of Dublin (of Argyll family)
  (iv)+ other issue (d unm) - William, Martha
  m2. (09.1724, sp) Mary Cairnes (d 28.08.1790, dau of Sir Alexander Cairnes, Bart of Monaghan)
  (B) Jane Blayney (b 1688, d 08.1745)
  m. (01.1720) John Clark of Portadown
  (C) Alice Blayney (b 1694)
  m. (02.1719/20) Thomas Lucas (son of Edward of Castle Shane)
(D) Elizabeth Blayney (b 1696)
  m. (1718) Joshua Johnston of Armagh (Captain)
  (i) ?? Johnstone (Colonel) probably of this generation
  (a) Charlotte Johnstone
  m. Rev. George Tattershall
  (E)+ other issue - Henry (d young), Anne (d unm)
  (3) Jane Blayney
  m. Blayney Owen of Newgrove
  (4) Sarah Blayney (d 05.07.1705)
  m. Maurice Annesley of Little Rath (dspms 17.02.1718)
(5) Elizabeth Blayney (dsp 1725)
  m. Henry Owen of Ballydrumny
  (6)+ other issue (d unm) - Vincent (b 17.03.1654, bur 29.03.1655), Edward, Thomas, Joanna Maria
  c. Thomasine Blayney
  m1. Sir Henry Piers, Bart of Shercock
  m2. Joseph Fox of Graige
  d. Alice Blayney
  m1. Thomas Sandford of Sandford Court
m2. John Langrishe of Knocktopher
  e. Sarah Blayney
  m. Thoms Bladen, Dean of Ardfert (d 07.1695)
  f. Jane Blayney
  m. John Gorges, Governor of Londonderry (b c1621, d 1680)
  g.+ other issue - Charles (d young), Arthur (d young), Garret (d unm), John (d unm), Penelope (d young)
  ii. Sir Arthur Blayney of Shien Castle, Sheriff of Montgomeryshire (b 1603, 11.02.1659)
  m. Joyce Blayney (dau/heir of John Blayney of Gregynog) @@ above
  a. Edward Blayney (dsp)
m. Elizabeth Scrimshire (dau of John Scrimshire of Norbury)
  b. Henry Blayney 'of Gregynog, Montgomery'
  m. Elizabeth or Mary Seddon (dau of Rev. (Lawrence) Seddon of Lancashire)
  (1) Anne Blayney
  Anne, who is not mentioned by BE1883, is identified in BLG1952 ('Bates of Ayton') as dau/coheir of Henry and wife of ...
  m. Thomas Moore of the Moore
  (2)+ issue - John, Mary, Alice, Joyce, Elizabeth, Bridget, Margaret
  c. Arthur Blayney
  m1. Margaret Forbes
(1)+ issue - Edward, Richard, Henry, Jane, Elizabeth
  m2. Jane Smothergil
  (8)+ other issue - 6 children
  d.+ other issue - John (d unm), Elizabeth
  iii. Anne Blayney
  m. (sp) James Balfour, 1st Lord Balfour of Glenawley (d 18.10.1634)
  iv. Jane Blayney
  m1. Sir James Moore of Ardee (d 27.02.1639)
  m2. Sir Robert Stirling
  v. Martha Blayney
  m. Walter Cope of Drummilly
  vi. Lettice Blayney
  m. John O'Neill
  vii.+ other issue (d unm) - Mary ,Elizabeth

Main source(s): BP1870 (Blayney), BE1883 (Blayney, in Addenda), with support from TCP (Blayney) and input as noted above
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