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Families covered: MacDonnell of Antrim, MacDonnell of Kilmore, MacDonald of Largie, MacDonnell of Moye (Moyanne)

John Mhor ('Iain Mhor Tanistair') MacDonald of Duniveg and Glyns (d 1427)
m. Margery Bisset (dau of Sir Hugh (or Joh?n) Bisset of the Glyns, Antrim)
1. Sir Ronald or Donald Balloch (b c1407, d 1476)
  m. _ O'Neill (dau of Con O'Neill of Edenduffcarrick)
A. John Mor 'of the Isles' (a 1472)
  m. Sabina O'Neill (dau of Felim 'Bacach' O'Neill)
  i. Sir John McIan 'Cathanach' MacDonell of Antrim
  m. Sheela (Cecilia) Savage
  a. Alexander MacIan 'Cathanach' of Islay (d before 1540, to Ireland)
  m. Katherine MacDonell (dau of John MacIan MacDonell)
  (1) James MacDonald of Antrim (a 1565)
  m. Agnes Campbell (dau of Colin Campbell, 3rd Earl of Argyll)
  (A) Angus MacDonald, lord of Kintyre (d before 1613)
  m. Finvola MacLean (sister of Lauchlan MacLean of Dowart)
  (i) Sir James MacDonald (dsp 1626)
  (2) Coll MacDonnell of Murlough and Kilmore (d 05.1558, 3rd son)
  The following is supported by BIFR1976 (McDonnell).
  m. _ McQuillan (dau of _ McQuillan, lord of Dunluce)
  (A) Gillespie MacDonnell of Iona and Collinsay
  m. _ (dau of O'Cahan or O'Kane of Loughlinch or O'Quin of Carrinrig)
  (i) Coll Kittagh (Kitto) MacDonnell (d 1647)
  m. _ McDonell (dau of _ McDonell of Sanda)
  (a) Sir Alaster or Alexander MacDonnell (d 13.11.1647, Montrose's Lt. General)
  m. _ McAlester or McAllister (of the family of Loup)
  ((1)) Coll MacDonnell of Kilmore, co Antrim
  m. Anne McGee (dau of _ McGee of Murlough)
  ((A)) Alexander MacDonnell of Kilmore (a 1738)
  m1. _ McDonnell (dau of _ McDonnell of Knappin)
  ((i)) Michael MacDonnell (2nd/3rd son)
m. Elizabeth Ballintry (dau of A. Steward of Ballintoy)
  ((a)) James MacDonnell of Belfast & Murlough
  m1. Elizabeth Clarke (dau of J. Clarke of Belfast)
  (((1))) Sir Alexander MacDonnell of Dublin, Bart (b 1794, dsp 1875)
  m. (1826) Barbara Montgomery (d 1865, dau of Hugh Montgomery of Berwarden and/or Glenarm)
  (((2))) John/James MacDonnell (d 20.01.1892) had issue
  m. (1826) Charity Dobbs (dau of Rev. Robert Conway Dobbs, son of Conway of Castle Dobbs)
  (((3))) Randal MacDonnell
  (((4))) Katherine Anne MacDonnell
  m. Andrew Armstrong of Kilsharvan
  m2. ??
  ((ii))+ other issue (d unm) - Randall, Alexander
  m2. Anne McVeagh (dau of Elease McVeagh of Dinnadoon)
  ((iv)) John MacDonnell of Kilmore (d 25.12.1803)
m. Rose Savage (dau of George Savage of co Down)
  ((a)) Randal MacDonnell of Kilmore & Brackney had issue
  m. Mary MacElheran (dau of Archibald MacElheran of Glassmullin by dau of Archibald McDonnell of Glassmullin)
  ((B)) Gillespie Beg MacDonnell
((2)) Archibald McDonnell of Glassmullin, co Antrim ancestor of McDonnells of Glassmullin
  m. Anne Stewart (dau of _ Stewart of Redbay Castle)
  (3) Sorley Buie ('Somerled') MacDonnell of Antrim (d 1589)
  m. Mary O'Neill (d 1590, dau of Con O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone)
  (A) Sir Randal MacDonnell, 1st Earl of Antrim (d 10.12.1636)
  m. (1604) Alice O'Neill (a 1663, dau of Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone, by Joanna O'Donnell)
  (i) Randal MacDonnell, 2nd Earl, Marquess of Antrim (b 1609, dsp 03.02.1682)
  m1. (04.1635) Katharine Manners, Baroness de Ros (d 10.1649, dau of Francis Manners, 6th Earl of Rutland)
  m2. (before 20.03.1655/6) Rose O'Neill (a 1689, dau of Sir Henry O'Neill of Shane's Castle)
(ii) Alexander MacDonnell, 3rd Earl of Antrim (b 1615, d 06/12.1699)
  m1. Elizabeth Annesley (dsp 04.09.1672, dau of Arthur Annesley, 1st Earl of Anglesey)
  m2. Helena Burke (d 07.10.1710, dau of Sir John Burke of Derrymaclaughna by Mary Bourke)
  (a) Randal MacDonnell, 4th Earl of Antrim (b 1680, d 19.10.1721)
  m. Rachel Skeffington (d 14.04.1739, dau of Clotworthy Skeffington, 3rd Viscount Massereene)
  ((1)) Alexander MacDonnell, 5th Earl of Antrim (b 22.07.1713, d 13.10.1775)
  m1. (10.04.1735) Elizabeth Pennefather (dsps 18.03.1736/7, dau of Matthew Pennefather by Catherine, dau of Sir Randal Beresford, 2nd Bart)
  ((A)) daughter (b 07.02.1736, d infant)
m2. (02.01.1739) Anne Plunkett (d 15.01.1755, dau of Charles Patrick Plunkett of Dillonstown, son of Matthew, 7th Lord Louth)
  ((B)) Randal William MacDonnell, 6th & 1st Earl, Marquess of Antrim (b 04.11.1749, d 29.07.1791)
  Randal was recreated Earl of Antrim with remainder to his daughters and their male issue.
  m. (03.07.1774) Letitia Morres (d 07.12.1801, dau of Hervey Morres, 1st Viscount Mountmorres, widow of Hon. Arthur Trevor)
  ((i)) Anne Catherine MacDonnell, Countess of Antrim (b 12.08.1775, d 30.06.1834) had issue (1 dau)
  m1. (25.04.1799) Sir Henry Vane-Tempest, 2nd Bart (d 01.08.1813)
m2. (24.05.1817, sp?) Edmund Phelps, later McDonnell (b c1780, d 30.05.1852)
  ((ii)) Letitia Mary MacDonnell (b 12.08.1775, d unm)
  ((iii)) Charlotte MacDonnell, later Countess of Antrim (b 12.08.1779, d 26.10.1835)
  m. (18.07.1799) Mark Robert Kerr (b 12.11.1776, d 09.09.1840, Vice Admiral, son of 5th Marquess of Lothian)
  Their eldest surviving son became 4th Earl of Antrim of the new creation.
  ((C)) Rachel MacDonnell
  m. (13.08.1777) Joseph Sanford
((D)) Elizabeth Helena MacDonnell (d 1796)
  m. (22.08.1777) James Callander, later Campbell (Lt. Colonel)
  m3. (05.07.1755, sp) Catherine Meredyth (bur 27.09.1794, dau of Thomas Meredyth of Newtown by Catharine Baldwin, widow of James Taylor)
  ((2)) Helena MacDonnell (d unm 06.1783)
  (b) Mary MacDonnell
  m. Henry Wells of Bambridge
  (iii) Anne MacDonnell (d before 22.10.1676)
  m1. Christopher Nugent, Lord Delvin (b 1604, dvp 10.07.1625)
  m2. (before 18.01.1626/7) William Fleming, Lord Slane (d c1643)
(iv) Mary MacDonnell (a 08.1661)
  m1. (1625) Luke Dillon, 2nd Viscount (b 03.1610, d 13.04.1629)
  m2. Oliver Plunkett, 6th Lord Louth (b c03.1608, d c1679)
  (v) Sarah MacDonnell
  m1. Neill Oge O'Neill of Killyleagh
  m2. Donough O'Conor of Sligo
  m3. Donald MacCarthy More
(vi) Katherine MacDonnell
  m. Edward Plunkett, younger of Dunsany (dvp 05.1668)
  (vii) Rose MacDonnell
  m. George Gordon (Colonel)
  (viii) Margaret MacDonnell (d unm 13.03.1623)
  (B) Sir James MacDonnell (3rd son?)
BP1934 suggests that Sir James dsp but BEB1841 (MacDonnel of Moye) reports that he had a family as follows.
  m. Mary O'Neil (dau of Hugh MacPhelim O'Neill of the Claneboye family)
  (i) Sir Alexander MacDonnell, 1st Bart of Moye or Moyanne (co. Antrim) (d 1634)
  m. Evelyn Magennis (dau of Sir Arthur Magennis, 1st Viscount Iveagh)
(a) Sir James MacDonnell, 2nd Bart of Moye or Moyanne
  m. Mary O'Brien (dau of Sir Donough O'Brien of Dough)
  ((1)) Alexander MacDonnell (dvp Knocknoness 13.11.1647, Lt. General of Munster)
  m. Elizabeth Howard (dau of Henry, Earl of Arundel)
  ((A)) Randal MacDonnell (d young)
  ((2)) Sir Randall MacDonnell, 3rd Bart of Moye or Moyanne
  Randal was attainted & his title forfeited for his support of King James.
  m. (1686) Hannah Roche (sister of David Roche)
  ((A)) Mary MacDonnell
  m. Christopher O'Brien of Ennystymon
  ((B))+ other issue - James (d unm 24.05.1728), Randal of Cross (d unm 1740), John Richard, Henrietta (d unm)
  ((3)) Sarah MacDonnell
  m. Francis Echlin, later Stafford, of Clanowen
((4)) Honora MacDonnell
  m. John O'Neill of Ballyballan
  ((5)) Anne MacDonnell
  m. Daniel Magennis (Colonel)
  ((6)) daughter
  m. _ O'Flaherty of Ballynahinch
  (C) daughter apparently of this generation
  m. Peter Hill, Sheriff of Co. Down (provost marshall)
  (D) daughter probably of this generation
  m. Sir Duncan Campbell of Stronshiray (a 1602)
(E)+ other issue - Alexander (dsp), Eneas/Angus
  (4) Alice MacDonnell
  m. Sir Moses Hill (Provost Marshal of Ulster)
  (5) Mary MacDonnell or MacDonald
  m. Hector Mor MacLean of Dowart (d 1568)
  (6) daughter
  m. Gillaspeck MacDouell of Lescale
  (7) daughter probably of this generation
  m. John (Shane Dhu or Black John) Macnaghtan (a 1580)
  (8)+ other issue - Angus (d 1565), Alexander Oig (d 1556), Donald Gorme (d before 1554)
  b. Angus Slach MacDonnell or MacDonald of Sanda, Kintyre
  c. daughter apparently of this generation
  m1. Donald Galloch Macdonald, 3rd of Sleat (d 1506)
  m2. Torquil Macleod of Lewis
  d.+ 4 other sons
2. Ranald Bane, 1st of Largie in Kintyre
  A. Donald MacRanald Bane, 2nd of Largie (d c1517)
  i. Marion of Cartynoale
  B. Alexander MacDonald, 3rd of Largie (d before 1531)
  i. Donald MacDonald, 4th of Largie (d c1550)
  a. John MacDonald, 5th of Largie (a 1556, dsp)
  b. Alistair MacDonald
  (1) Hector MacDonald, 6th of Largie (dspl c1590)
  partner unknown
(A) James MacDonald (a 1594)
  (2) John MacDonald
  (A) Archibald ('Gilleasbrig MacMcAlister') MacDonald, 7th of Largie (d by 1627)
  (i) Alexander (McConnell?) MacDonald, 8th of Largie
  (a) Angus MacDonald, 9th of Largie (a 1647, 1661)
  generation missing?
  ((1)) John MacDonald, 10th of Largie (d by 1784)
  m. Elizabeth McLeod (dau of John McLeod of Muiravonside)
  ((A)) Elizabeth MacDonald of Largie and Muiravonside (d 01.08.1787)
  m. (17.08.1762) Charles Lockhart, later MacDonald of Largie (d 1796)

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Maxwell Macdonald (formerly Moreton-Macdonald) of Largie'), BP1934 ('Antrim')
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