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This section first uploaded 13.11.21.
geni.com (at 13.11.21) contains a family tree for the following John (see here) which suggests that he descended from the (de la) Hays of Spaldington, Yorkshire, descended from the Hays of Scotland. We hope to investigate this further in due course but, for the time being, show only what is given by the Visitation.
John Hayes of Litley, Cheshire
m. Elline Litley (dau of William Litley)
1. John Hayes
  m. Ellin Daniell of Ridley
  A. John Hayes
  m. Dorothy Savage (dau of George Savage, base son of Sir John Savage "Kt. of the Garter")
  i. Thomas Hayes of Littley (Litley) (a 1566)
m. Elenor Spurstow (dau of John Spurstow of Spurstow)
  a. John Hayes or Hays of Litley (a 1580)
  Visitation (1580) identifies John's wife as Elizabeth, dau of Richard Stonley. Visitation (1613) identifies her as ...
  m. Elizabeth Starkey (dau of Richard Starkey)
  (1) John Hayes or Hays of Littleye (b c1665)
  m. Elizabeth Bould (dau of Peter Bould of Upton)
  (A) Elizabeth Hays (b c1594, "sole heire")
  m. Richard Newhall of Chester
  (2)+ other issue (a 1580, 1613) - Richard, Thomas, Peter, Alice, Margret, Mary
  a. James Hayes
  geni.com, which for this generation shows only James and his brother Sir Thomas, shows this as the Captain James who founded a settlement in Delaware and had issue in North America.
  a. Thomas Hayes
  geni.com shows this as the Thomas (b 1548, d 29.09.1617) who became Lord Mayor of London. It shows him as the father of 24 children as follows:
m1. Margaret Howes (b 30.11.1560, d 21.09.1593), mother of Thomas, Robert & Benjamin
m2. Martha (b c1548), dau of Robert Fourth of Streatham, mother of Hannah, Abigail, Sir Joseph, Benjamin, Nathaniel, Margaret, Catherine, Susan, Martha, Mary, Rebecca & Mary
m3. Elizabeth (d 16.01.1627), mother of Joseph & Elizabeth
m4. Mary, dau of Humphrey Milward, mother of Mary, Elizabeth, Katherine, Susan, Martha, son, Rebecca.
  b. Margery Hayes
  m. John (or Jonathan?) Venables
  c.+ other issue - Anthony, Richard, Robert



This section first uploaded 13.11.21.
Sir Thomas Hayes, Lord Mayor of London (d 27.09.1617)
On 13.11.21, Wikipedia ('Thomas Hayes (Lord Mayor)') shows that Thomas (d 27.09.1617) married a dau of Robert Howse (Sheriff of London) and had a daughter who married Sir Henry Boothby, 1st Bart. TCB (vol 2, 'Boothby', p239) identifies Sir Henry's wife as "Mary, one of the twenty children of Sir Thomas Hayes, sometime, 1614-15, Lord Mayor of London, being, presumably, a da. of his (4th?) wife, Mary (m. 26 Sep. 1609), da. of Humphrey Milward, of London". The following, which borrows from the section above as little as possible, pulls together the various cross-references to Sir Thomas that we have in the database.
m1. Margaret Howse (dau of Robert Howse (or Howes), Sheriff of London)
1.+ issue (see above)
m2. Martha Fourth (see above)
2. Margaret Hayes
m1/2. Peter Egerton
  m2/1. Peter Dutton (b c1601)
3. Martha Hayes possibly the Martha (could have been her half-sister below?) who married ....
  m. William Essington of London (a 1634, m2. Hester Jones)
4.+ other issue (see above)
m3. Elizabeth (see above)
5. Elizabeth Hayes
  m. John Ireland of Hutt & Hale (b 1596-7, d 05.05.1633)
6.+ other issue (see above)
m4. (26.09.1609) Mary Milward (dau of Humphrey Milward of London)
7. Mary Hayes
  m. (c1638) (Sir) Henry Boothby of Clater Close, 'Bart' (bpt 1594, d 1648)
8. Martha Hayes poaaibly the Martha (could have been her half-sister above?) who married ....
  m. Sir Thomas Wentworth of North Elmsall (b c1590, d 1650, m1. Mary Bamboroiugh)
9.+ other issue (see above)



This section first uploaded 16.11.21.
MGH mentions the Elizabeth Taylor who married Nicholas Corsellis., identying her father Richard, her sister Mary, and her aunt Mary. In the following, we presume that aunt Mary was sister of Elizabeth's father rather than of her mother.
?? Taylor
1. Richard Taylor of Turnham Green in Chiswick, Middlesex
  A. Mary Taylor (bur 01.03.1724-5)
  m. Sir Thomas Rawlinson, Lord Mayor of London (bpt 04.1647, bur 11.1708)
  B. Elizabeth Taylor (d 17.11.21734, youngest dau)
  m. Nicholas Corsellis of Wivenhoe
2. Mary Taylor
  m. Sir Thomas Kinsey



This section first uploaded 28.11.21.
Hutchinson reports that "The manor of Michelgrove in Clapham formed part of the barony of Bramber and was held by the Fauconers or Falconers of Falconhurst in Kent, one of whom, John, in 1313, assumed the name of de Michelgrove. His great-grandson, John, married a daughter of William Sidney, ancestor of the Sidneys of Penshurst, Kent and died in 1458, leaving as a surviving only child, Elizabeth (born 1460), who brought the manor to her husband John Shelley".
?? Fauconer or Falconer de Michelgrove (a 1313)
1. ?? de Michelgrove
  A. ?? Michelgrove
  i. John Michelgrove of Michelgrove (d 20.01.1458/9)
  m. (Mary) Sidney (dau of William Sidney)
  a. John Michelgrove (dvp 20.08.1458)
  b. Elizabeth Michelgrove (b 1460!? (sb 1458-9?), d 30.07.1513)
  m. (1474) John Shelley (d 03.01.1526)



This section first uploaded 30.11.21.
Isaac Roberdeau of Spitalfields (a 1718, d before 28.06.1773, weaver, Director of the French Hospital)
m. Louise Trriquet (sister of Daniel of Manchester & Susanna (m. Noah Le Cras))
1. John Peter Roberdeau (b 30.01.1754, d 01.1815, Director of the French Hospital)
  m. (04.12.1777) Mary Tlowley (dau of Rev. James Townley in Gracechurch, Master of the Merchant Taylor's School, sister of Sir Charles (Clarenceux King of Arms))
  A. James William Roberdeau (b 02.05.1789, dsp 15.06.1847, Lt. Colonel, youngest son)
  m. (10.05.1831) Eliza Raper Cooper (b 1804-5, d 06.05.1884, dau of Arthur Cooper of Inverness)
  B.+ other issue - Isaac Henry Townley (b 05.01.1781, d 28.04.1808), John Thomas (b 13.06.1787 d 19.11.1818), Louisa Mary (b 05.10.1778, d unm 23.02.1797), Jane (b 21.10.1780, d 19.03.1797), Philadelphia (b 27.11.1782, d unm bur 12.1861), Elizabeth (b 17.04.1785, d unm 21.03.1853)
2. Marie Roberdea (b 19.07.1746, d 1810)
  m. Paul le Mesurier (d 28.02.1755, d 09.12.1805, Lord Mayor of London, MP) @@ below
3.+ other issue - Francis (b 20.06.1739, d young), Henry (b 04.09.1740, d young), Peter (bpt 02.11.1744, d young), Isaac (b 26.05.1750-1, d young), Susanna (b 10.08.1733, d unm 04.06.1809), Elizabeth (b 23.06.1735, d unm 25.07.1829), Louise (b 11.05.1737, d young), Frances (b 11.10.1742, d youing), Louise (b 07.01.1748-9, d young)



This section first uploaded 30.11.21.
Jean le Mesurier (b 1612?)
m. (c1621 (sb 1641?)) Mary Bonamy
1. Thomas le Mesurier (b 05.07.1648, d 15.11.1718)
m. (17.02.1679) Rachel de Sausmarez (b c1659, d 1685, dau of Jean de Sausmarez by Rachel Briard)
  A. Jean le Mesurier (b 26.05.1682)
  m. (30.11.1704) Anne Andros (b 1685, d 1729, dau of George Andros by Anne Blondel)
  i. Henry le Mesurier, 'Governor of Alderney' (b c1713, d 1779)
  m. Marie Dobreé (b 1720, d 1791, dau of Nicholas Dobreé by Marie Careye)
a.+ issue - Mary (b 1743, d 1745), Martha (b 1743, d 1787), Henry (b 1746, d 1792), Thomas John (b 1747, d 1773), William (b 1749, d 1783), Nicholas (b 1750, d 1797), Isaac (b 1752, d before 1755), Mary (b 1754), Rachel (b 1755, d 1790), Mary (b 1757, d 1801), Anne (b 1758), Isaac (b 1760), Judith (b 1762, d 1783), Benjamin (b 1767, d 1836)
  ii. John le Mesurier, 'hereditary Governor of Alderney' (b 1717, d 1793)
  m. Martha Dobreé (b 1727, d 1764, dau of Peter Dobreé of Guernsey by Martha)
  a. Paul le Mesurier, Lord Mayor of London (b 23.02.1755, d 09.12.1805, Director of the East India Company, MP, 3rd son) some details from HoP (Paul le Mesurier')
  m. (1776) Mary Roberdeau (dau of Isaac Roberdeau of Spitalfields) @@ above
  (1)+ issue - John (b 1778), John Thomas Howe (b c1780), Martha (b 1783), Louisa Mary (b 1784, d 1829), Marian Octavia (b 1787), Peter Henry (b c1789), Louisa (b c1791)
  b. Havilland le Mesurier (b 1758, d 1806, Commisary General)
  m. (27.06.1782) Elizabeth Dobreé (b c1762, d 1806, dau of Isaac Dobreé by Martha de Beauvoir)
  (1)+ issue - Havilland (b 1783, d 1813), Frederick (b 1786, d 1807), Thomas (b 1788), Henriette (b 1789, d 1859), Henry (b 1791, d 1861), Edward (b 1796, d 1855)
  c.+ other issue - Mary (b 1748, d 1787), Peter (b 1750, d 1803), Frederick (b 1753),Thomas (b 1759, d 1822, cleric), Martha (b 1760, d1 801)
  iii.+ other issue - Thomas (b 1707, d 1710), Rachel (b 1709), Anne (b/d 1710), Elizabeth (b 1712, d 1733), Mary (b 1414, d 1751), Rebecca (b/d 1714), Anne (b 1716, d 1726), Thomas (b 1719, d 1728), Catherine (b 1720, d 1723)
  B.+ other issue - Henry (b 1683, d 1684), Marie (b 1684, d 1711)
2.+ other issue - Jean (b c1641), Judith (b 1643, d 1724), Nicolas (b 1650), Marie (b 1652), Elizee (b 1653), James (b 1655, d 1693), Pierre (b 1657), Abraham (b 1659),Samuel (b 1652)

Main source(s):
(1) For Hayes-1 : Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, 'Hayes of Litley'), Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, 'Hayes of Little Leigh')
(2) For Hayes-2 : as reported above
(3) For Taylor : MGH (NS5 vol 1 (1916), p22)
(4) For Michelgrove : 'The Brasses and Monuments in St. Mary the Virgin Church, Clapham, West Sussex' (Robert Hutchinson, 2008, found online here)
(5) For Roberdeau : MGH (NS5 vol 1 (1916), 'The Huguenot Refugee Family of Roberdeau', p177+)
(6) For le Mesurier : family tree within Geneanet (see here) which refers to RootsWeb but link broken
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