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Families covered: Boothby of Ashbourne, Boothby of Broadlow Ash, Boothby (Bothebie) of Marchington

Presumably related to Thomas Botheby of Marchington (a 1558) was ...
Thomas Boothby (Bothebie) of Marchington (d before 06.11.1584)
m1. ??
1. Richard Boothby (Bothebie) of Marchington (a 1597, bur 06.05.1617)
m. Margaret
  A.+ issue - Thomas, Robert, William, Ellen
2. Robert Boothby (Bothebie) of Uttoxeter (d by 1589)
  m. Elizabeth Flyer of Uttoxeter
  A.+ issue - Richard, Henry, Joyce, Elizabeth, Margerie
3. William Boothby (Bothebie) 'of Delfrehouse' of London (d 08.1597)
  m. (c1585) Judith Austen (b c1566, dau of Sir Thomas Austen of Oxley, m2. William Basset of Blore, m3. Sir Richard Corbett)
A. Thomas Boothby of Tooley Park (bpt 15.10.1589, d 1651/2, 2nd son)
  m. (c1678) Magdalen Street (d before 29.08.1656, dau of Edward Street of Kidlington)
  B. (Sir) Henry Boothby of Clater Close, 'Bart' (bpt 24.06.1594, d 03.09.1648)
  BP1934 reports that Sir Henry was created a baronet by King Charles I but that the baronetcy was not sealed because of the civil war.
  m. (c1638) Mary Hayes (dau of Sir Thomas Hayes, Lord Mayor of London)
  i. Sir William Boothby, 1st Bart of Broadlow Ash & Ashbourne Hall (d 24.03.1706-7)
  m1. (by 1653) Frances Milward (bpt 09.02.1634-5, bur 11.09.1654, dau of Col. John Milward of Snitterton)
  a. Francis Boothby of Peterborough (bpt 12.09.1654, dvp bur 30.03.1683-4)
  m. (c04/09.1678) Anne Child (dau of Thomas Child of Dogsthorpe & London)
  (1) Sir Henry Boothby, 2nd Bart of Broadlow Ash (b 1679/1682, d unm bur 25.11.1710)
(2) Anne Boothby (bpt 07.02.1682, bur 20.12.1712)
  m. Matthew Vernon of London
  (A)+ issue (d before 17.01.1722-3) - Henry Boothby, Anne
  m2. (c12.1657) Hill Brooke (d 14.05.1704, dau of Sir William Brooke)
  Hill was heiress of the barony of Cobham and co-heir of the baronies of Strabogli and Burgh.
  b. James Boothby of Ashbourne (dvp bur 04.03.1687-8)
  m. (23.04.1685) Meriell Vernon (dau of George Vernon of Sudbury)
  (1) Margaret Boothby (bpt 22.09.1686, d infant)
  c. Sir William Boothby, 3rd Bart of Broadlow Ash (bpt 01.01.1663-4, d 1731)
  m. (1695) Frances Williams (dau of Sir Trevor Williams, 1st Bart of Llangibby)
(1) Gore Boothby (bpt 24.07.1698, dvp bur 19.08.1730)
  m. (11.06.1720) Elizabeth Bury (dau of John Bury of Nottingham)
  (A) Sir William Boothby, 4th Bart of Broadlow Ash (bpt 04.05.1721, d unm 15.04.1787, Major General)
  (2) Frances Boothby (bpt 22.11.1696)
  m. (09.1715) William Thorp or Thorpe of Nottingham (bur 29.12.1746)
  (A) Mary Thorpe (b 25.10.1716, d 17.02.1789)
  m. (20.05.1736) Gervase Disney of Pontefract (b 18.08.1709, d 04.11.1786)
The baronies of Cobham, Strabogli and Burgh were successfully claimed in the early 20th century by 3 of their descendants, one for each barony.
  (3)+ other issue - Cobham (bpt 26.03.1689, bur 02.06.1689), Robert (bpt 06.07.1695, d 24.07.1695)
  d. Brooke Boothby of Ashbourne (bpt 08.01.1670, bur 10.10.1727)
  m1. Anne Cavendish (dsps bur 04.07.1701, dau of Henry Cavendish of Doveridge)
  (1) William Boothby (b before 07.1701, bur 24.09.1708)
  m2. Elizabeth Fitzherbert (dau of John Fitzherbert of Somersall Herbert)
  (2) Sir Brooke Boothby, 5th Bart of Broadlow Ash (bpt 08.11.1710, d 09.04.1789)
  m1. (13.10.1737) Anne Byard of Derby (b 29.01.1720, dsp 04.10.1739)
  (A) Ann Boothby (b 01.10.1739)
  m. Joseph Greaves
  m2. (1742) Phoebe Hollins (d 05.05.1788, dau of William Hollins of Moseley)
(B) Sir Brooke Boothby, 6th Bart of Broadlow Ash (b 03.06.1744, d 23.01.1824)
  m. (1784) Susanna Bristowe (dau of Robert Bristowe (Bristoe) of Hampshire)
  (i) Penelope Boothby (b 11.04.1785, d 19.03.1791)
  (C) Sir William Boothby, 7th Bart of Broadlow Ash (b 04.03.1745-6, d 17.03.1824, Major)
  m. (14.05.1781) Rafela Del Gardo (bur 30.03.1829, dau of Don Miguel Del Gardo of Mahon, Minorca)
  (i) Sir William Boothby, 8th Bart of Broadlow Ash (b 25.03.1782, d 21.04.1846) had issue
  m1. (29.01.1805) Fanny Jenkinson (d 02.01.1838, dau of Col. John Jenkinson)
  m2. (15.10.1844, sp) Louisa Cranstoun Macnamara (d 16.01.1858, dau of Frederick Hayes Macnamara, actress)
  (ii) Brooke Boothby (b 15.03.1784, d 04.01.1829, prebendary of Southwell) had issue
m. (04.11.1816) Louisa Henrietta Venables-Vernon (d 06.03.1861, dau of Henry Venables-Vernon, 3rd Lord of Kinderton)
  (iii) Charles Boothby (b 20.02.1786, d 19.08.1846, Captain ('vicar of Sutteron, rector of Barnoldby, prebendary of Southwell')) had issue
  m. (24.10.1820) Marianne Beridge (bpt 11.01.1801, bur 22.12.1884)
  (iv) Louisa Rafela Boothby (b 1787, d 30.04.1870)
(D) Maria Elizabeth Boothby (b 16.02.1758, bur 21.08.1805)
  (3)+ other issue - Hill (bpt 24.11.1708, d 16.01.1756), Elizabeth (bpt 15.12.1713, bur 20.02.1716)
  e.+ other issue - William (bpt 05.05.1662, d 06.08.1662), Charles (bpt 05.09.1665, d unm 05.07.1686, captain), Henry (bpt 19.11.1669, bur 20.05.1701)
  ii. Judith Boothby (b 1640-1, bur 10.07.1691)
  m1. Thomas Lane Fox of Tamworth
  m2. Charnel Mede of Narborough
  C. Richard Boothby of Marston Hall, Potters Marston (bpt 20.06.1596, d 15.08.1639)
  m. Ellen Curzon (dbefore 07.07.1646, dau of John Curzon, sister of Sir John of Kedleston)
  D. Elizabeth Boothby (bpt 13.12.1590)
  m. Sir Andrew Corbett
  E.+ other issue - William of Langley (bpt 08/18.03.1587, d 23.08.1623), Robert of Broadlow Ash (bpt 13.11.1597/8, d unm 15.08.1640/19.08.1644), Judith (bpt 22.02.1586)
4. Thomas Boothby (Bothebie) of Friday Hill (d 16.10.1625)
  m1. Elizabeth Wright
  m2. Ann Wood (widow of _ Grafton)
5. Henry Boothby (Bothebie) of Marchington (d before 1597)
6. Elizabeth Boothby (Bothebie)
  m. _ Gilbert
7. Alice Boothby (Bothebie)
  m. _ Bolton
8. Ellen Boothby (Bothebie)
  m. _ Hirt
9. Margerie Boothby (Bothebie)
  m. _ Potter
m2. Joanne (a 1584)

Main source(s): BP1934 ('Boothby'), MGH (NS5 vol 1 (1916), p8+), MGH (NS5 vol 1 (1916), p50+) with some support from Visitation (Staffordshire, 1664, 'Boothby')
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