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Families covered: Milward of Bradley Ashe, Milward of Eaton, Milward of London, Milward of Snitterton

Visitation (Derbyshire, 1662-4) reports that earlier generations for this family are reported in Visitation (Derbyshire, 1611, p21) but we have yet to find that report. The version we have of Visitation (Derbyshire, 1662-4) starts with Robert but, though identifying that visitation as its source, 'The Genealogist' starts that Robert's parents ...
William Milward of Eaton, Derbyshire
m. Ann Kniveton
1. Robert Milward of Eaton
  'The Genealogist' identifies Robert's wife as Alice Savage but Visitation (Derbyshire, 1662-4) identifies her as ...
  m. Anne Palmer of Gloucestershire
  A. Robert Milward of Eaton
  m. Margery Dethick (dau of William Dethick of Newhall)
i. William Milward of Eaton
  m. Catherine Fleetwood (dau of John Fleetwood of Calwich)
  a. Sir Thomas Milward of Eaton (b 1574-5, d 08.06.1658, Chief Justice of Chester)
  m. Thomasine Beresford (dau/coheir of Henry Bereseford of Alsop)
  (1) William Milward of Eaton & Chilcote (b c1614, a 1664)
Visitation (Staffordshire) identifies William's 1st wife as _ Lloyd but Visitation (Derbyshire, 1662-4) identifies her as ...
  m1. Sidney Wynne of Caernarvonshire (dsp)
  m2. Christian Tufton (dau of Nicholas, Earl of Thanet)
  (A) Frances Milward
  m. (William) Herrick of Beaumannour
  (B)+ other issue (a 1664) - William (b c1644, a 1673), Thomas, Christian
  (2) Robert Milward (b c1616, d 1674, judge in Chester, MP)
  m. Isabella Zouche (dau of Sir John Zouche of Codnore Castle)
  (A)+ issue (a 1664) - John (b c1652), Robert, William, Thomas, Thomasine, Isabella, Mary, Elizabeth
  (3) Thomas Milward
m. Anne Chetwynd (dau of Thomas Chetwynd of Heywood Park)
  (4) Henry Milward (b c1627)
  m. Anne Sherborne (dau of _ Sherborne of Sherborne)
  (5) John Milward of Eaton
  m1. Catherine Fitzherbert (dsp ,dau of Anthony Fitzherbert of Norbury)
  m2. (c11.1662) Mary Corderoy of St. Martin-in-the-Field
  (6) Mary Milward
  m. William Davenport of Henbury
  (7) Elizabeth Milward (bur 07.11.1645)
  m. Godfrey Clarke of Somersall
  (8)+ other issue - Ellen, Frances
  b. Frances Milward
  m. Gervase Pigot of Thrumpton
  ii. Richard Milward of Eaton "2 sonne of Robert"
  The following comes from Visitation (London, 1633, Milward).
m. Ellen Taylor (dau of William Taylor of Utoxeter)
  a. Henry Milward of Sinfen (6th son)
  m. Elizabeth Higham (dau of George Higham)
  (1) Humfry Milward of London
  (A) (Mary) Milward
  m. (26.09.1609) Sir Thomas Hayes
  (2) John Milward of London (a 1633, silkman)
  m. Anne Lawrence of Sinfin
  (A) Thomas Milward (b 09.11.1609)
  m. Awdrian Carter (dau of Ralph Carter of Derbyshire)
  (i)+ issue - John, Thomas
  (B) Elizabeth Milward
  m. Edward Abbot (son of Sir Maurice of London)
  (C)+ other issue (dsp) - Richard, Anne, Mary
  (3) William Milward
  ii. Mary Milward
  m. Edward Mynors
B. Henry Milward of Dovebridge
  i. John Milward of Bradley Ashe, Derbyshire
  a. John Milward of Bradley Ashe
  m. Mary Blount (dau of William Blount of Osbaston (Osbaldeston))
  The following is partly supported by FMG (vol 2, MS241, 'Milward-Jennens', p577).
  (1) Robert Milward of Bradley Ashe & Snitterton (b 1595-6, d 1632, Colonel)
  m. Dorothy Greseley (dau of Sir George Greseley of Drakelow, m2. Edward Wilmot)
(A) Mary Milward
  m. Sir John Bowyer of Knipersley (bpt 21.09.1623, bur 18.07.1666)
  (2) John Milward of Snitterton, Sheriff of Derbyshire (b 28.10.1599, d 14.09.1670, MP, Colonel)
  m. (by 1633) Anne Whitehall (d 1658, dau of James Whitehall of Whitehall)
  (A) John Milward (b c1630, dvp 1669, Captain)
  m1. Jane Sneyd (dau/coheir of Raphe Sneyd of Keele_
  m2. Joyce Sacheverell (dau of Henry Sacheverell of Morley)
partner unknown
  (i) George Milward of Snitterton (dsp 1711)
  Name found on a web site about Snitterton Hall.
  (B) Henry Milward of Snitterton (dsp 1681, youngest son)
  (C) Frances Milward (bur 11.09.1654)
  m. (by 1653) Sir William Boothby, Bart
  (D) Mary Milward
m. Humphrey Jennings of Bermingham (Jennens of Erdington)
  (E) Elizabeth Milward
  m. Robert Constable of Cliffe (b c1638)
  (F) Felicia Milward
  m. Charles Adderley
  (G) Dorothy Milward
  m. William Copley of Claines
  (H)+ other issue - Robert (d young), Mary (d infant), Anne
  (3) Alicia Milward FMG shows Felicia m. Sir Henry Agard
  m. Sir John Agard
  (4) Mary Milward
  ii. Felicia Milward probably of this generation
  m. Ralph Adderley of Coton under Needwood (d 1595)
  C. Phillis Milward possibly of this generation
  m. John Ferne of Parwicke

Main source(s): Visitation (Derbyshire, 1662-4, Milward of Chilcote & Milward of Snitterton) with some support from 'The Genealogist' (vol 2, 1878, p391), Visitation (Armytage & Rylands, 1912, Staffordshire, 1662-4, Milward), with input as reported above
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