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Families covered: Whitehall of Broughton (Flintshire), Whitehall of Sharpcliffe, Whitehalgh of Whitehalgh (Whitehall of Whitehall)

Their coats of arms show that the 2 families shown on this page were connected.
James Whitehalgh of Whitehalgh (Whitehall of Whitehall), Ipstones, Staffordshire
m. _ Beresford of Beresford ## possibly here? ##
1. William Whitehalgh of Whitehalgh (d 1601)
m. Catherine Finney (dau of _ Finney of Finneylane, Cheddleton)
  A. James Whitehalgh of Whitehalgh (d c1626)
  m. Anne Jackson (dau/coheir of William Jackson of Pethills)
  i. Joseph Whitehalgh of Whitehalgh & Petehills (Derbyshire) (b c1611, a 1662)
  m. Ann Wedgwood (dau of John Wedgwood of Haracles)
  a. Anne Whitehalgh
  m. George Crosse (minister)
  b. Elizabeth Whitehalgh
  m. John Stevenson of Rowse Leigh
  c.+ other issue (a 08.1662) - John (b c1641), James, Joseph, Mary, Sarah, Frances
  ii. Anne Whitehalgh
  m. John Milward of Snitterton
  iii. Catherine Whitehalgh
  m. Egerton Wedgwood (son of John of Haracles)



William Whitehall
m. Philpota
1. Robert Whitehall (a 1412)
m. Agnes
  A. John Whitehall (a 1437)
  m. Alice Tillington
  i. James Whitehall (a 1469)
  m. Margaret Sharpcliffe (dau/heir of Henry Sharpcliffe of Sharpcliffe in Ipstones)
  a. William Whitehall 'of Bloxwich' of Sharpcliffe
  m. Mary Hardwicke (dau/coheir of John Hardwicke of Lindley)
(1) Walter Whitehall
  (A) George Whitehall
  (i) Francis Whitehall of Bloxwich, Staffordshire
  (2) Mary Whitehall (bur 07.04.1615) probably of this generation
  m1. Robert Porter of Stallington
m2. (10.02.1562-3) Ralph Browne of Caverswall
  b. Robert Whitehall (a 1498)
  m. Grace Fitzherbert (dau of ?? Fitzherbert of Tissington)
  (1) James Whitehall 'of Sharpcliffe' (d 1586)
  m. Anne Whitehalgh (dau of _ Whitehalgh of Whitehalgh) see above
(A) Robert Whitehall of Sharpcliffe (b c1553, a 1642)
  m. Dorothy Henshaw (dau of Thomas Henshaw of Lockwood)
  (i) James Whitehall of Checkley, Staffordshire (b c1578, d 1644)
  m. Elizabeth Hollins (dau of John Hollins of Swerford, sister/heir of John of Rotherfield Gray)
  (a) John Whitehall of Parkhall near Leigh, Stafffordshire (b 1643-4, d 09.08.1684)
  m1. Frances Aston (dau/heir of William Aston of Parkhall, son/heir of Robert son of Edward of Tixall)
  ((1)) Elizabeth Whitehall (b 1610-1, a 04.1663)
((2)) Anne Whitehall (b 1655-6)
  m. Rev. Francis Ashenhurst
  m2. Frances Gresley (dau of Thomas Gresley, son/heir of Sir George, Bart)
  ((3)) James Whitehall of Pipe Ridware
  ((A)) Frances Whitehall
  m. Fisher Littleton
  ((B)) Anne Whitehall
  m. Sir Thomas Parker (Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer)
  ((4))+ other issue (d unm) - Bridget, Frances
  (b) Elizabeth Whitehall
  m. Gerald Barbour of Wrexham
  (c) Dorothy Whitehall
  m. Ralph Hawkes of Newton
  (d) Anne Whitehall
  m. Nathaniel Taylor (parson of Checkley)
(ii) Robert Whitehall of Addington, Buckinghamshire
  (iii) Richard Whitehall of Whitchurch, Salop
  m. Elizabeth Taylor (dau/heir of Randle Taylor of Whitchurch by Margaret, dau/heir of Thomas Cotton of Whitchurch (son of _ Cotton of Alkington))
  (a) Rowland Whitehall of Lockwood in Kingsley, Staffordshire (b 1619-20, a 1680)
  m. Elizabeth Broughton (dau of John Broughton of Broughton)
Grazebrook ends with the following generation whilst Visitation (Dugdale, Staffordshire, 1680-1700, Whitehall) identifies John's wife as a dau of Sir Andrew Hacket of Moxhull.
  ((1)) John Whitehall of Broughton, Flintshire (b 02.04.1660, a 1680)
  FSCOMT confirms that this was the John who was 'of Broughton' (Worthenbury, Bangor, Flintshire) and supports the following.
m. Mary Hacket (dau of Sir Andrew Hacket of Moxhull)
  ((A)) Broughton Whitehall of Broughton
  m. Letis Davies (dau of Robert Davies by Letis Vaughan (dau of Edward Vaughan of Trawsgoed by Letitia Hooker))
  ((i)) Elizabeth Whitehall
  m. Peter Davies of Gwysanau
  ((ii)) Mary Whitehall
m. Robert Dod of Calverhall (b 1724, d 1801)
  ((iii)) Letitia Whitehall
  m. Robert Davies
  ((B)) Susanna Whitehall
  m. (sp) John Lloyd of Wicwer (d 1770, m1. Barbara Wynne)
  ((2)) Susan Whitehall (b 1652-3, a 1680) possibly the Susanna (d 20.06.1731) who married ...
  m. William Domville of Lymme (bpt 15.08.1658, bur 04.06.1718)
  (b) Mary or Margaret Whitehall
  m. Rowland Hill of Hawkestone
  (c) Ellen Whitehall
  m. Edward Bromley of Hamperton
  (d)+ other issue - Robert, John, Anne
  (iv) Elizabeth Whitehall
  m. Thomas Rode of London
(v) Ellen Whitehall
  m. Ralph Thicknes of London
  (vi) Anne Whitethall
  m. Ralph Hulmes of London
  (vii) other issue - Robert, John, Anne
  (B) William Whitehall (d unm)
  (C) Anne Whitehall
  m. Thomas Doxey
  (D) Elizabeth Whitehall
  m. John Henshaw of Lockwood
  (E) Anne (sic) Whitehall
  m. James Austin of Hardwicke
  (F) Catherine Whitehall
  m. Thomas Whiston of Chedle Grange
  (2) Robetr Whitehall of Yeldersley, Derbyshire had issue

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (H. Sydney Grazebrook (1885), Staffordshire, 1614 & 1663-4, 'Whitehalgh of Whitehalgh and of Pethills, co. Derby')
(2) For lower section : Visitation (H. Sydney Grazebrook (1885), Staffordshire, 1614 & 1663-4, 'Whithehall of Park Hall')
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