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Families covered: Bromlegh of Asteley (Ashley), Bromley of Badinton (Badington), Bromlegh of Bromlegh, Bromley of Hampton, Bromley of Mitley, Bromley of Norbury

Sir Walter Bromleghe of Bromleghe (a temp King John who r. 1199-1216)
m. Alice (sister of Roger de Burwardslegh, son of Warin of Estelegh)
1. Galfredus de Bromleghe (d 1272-3)
  A. Richard de Bromlegh of Bromlegh
  Visitation (1580) adds an additional generation here, a Richard who married _ Knockton, and then shows Richard & Walter as brothers of Randoll (Ranulph). We follow BE1883.
  i. Ranulph de Bromlegh
  a. Richard de Bromlegh
  m. Agnes
  (1) John Bromley
b. John de Bromlegh of Badynton or Badington (4th son)
  m. Joan
  (1) Walter de Bromley
  (A) Lettice Bromley
  m. John Cholmondeley of Chorley
  (2) William de Bromley of Badinton or Badington, Cheshire
  m. Annabella (sister of William de Chettleton, son of Henry son of Robert 'Shirrard' son of William de Chettleton)
  (A) John de Bromley of Badington
  m. Agnes Trentham (dau of John Trentham)
  (i) Walter Bromley
  m. Joan Delves (dau of Richard Delves)
(a) Roger Bromley of Mitley
  m. Jane Mitley (dau of Richard de Mitley of Mitley)
  ((1)) Roger Morley
  m. _ Broe (dau of David Broe or Brow of Malpas)
  ((A)) William Bromley of Mitley
  m. Beatrice Hill (dau of Humphrey Hill of Blore and Buntingdale)
  ((i)) George Bromley of Mitley and Hodnet
  m. Elizabeth or Jane Lacon (dau of Sir Thomas Lacon of Witney)
  ((ii)) Elizabeth Bromley
  m. Rowland Jenens or Jennins
((iii)) Joan Bromley
  m. Richard Sandford
  ((iv)) Dorothy Bromley
  m. William Leighton
((B)) John Bromley
  ((i)) Anne Bromley (dsp)
  ((C)) Roger Bromley
  m. Jane Jennings (dau of Thomas Jennings)
  ((i)) William Bromley of Stoke
  ((a)) William Bromley (dsp)
  ((ii)) Sir Thomas Bromley (a 1553, Lord Chief Justice)
  ((a)) Margaret Bromley
  m. Sir Richard Newport (d 1570)
  ((iii)) Roger Bromley of Broughton (dsp)
  ((D)) Humfry Bromley (a 1491)
((2)) Nicholas Bromley of Norbery - continued below
  m. Agnes Hulse (dau of William Hulse of Norbury)
  (B) Richard de Bromley of Chettilton (a 1408)
  m. Anne or Agnes Praers (dau of William Praers of Badeleighe by Letitia dau of William Wetnall by Lettice Bulkley)
  (i) Sir John Bromley 'of Chetilton' (a 1419, Constable of Bossenville)
  m. Margery Massey (dau of Sir Thomas or John Massey of Tatton)
  (a) William Bromley (2nd son)
  m. Margaret Manwaring (dau of Ralph Manwaring of Badeleighe (Badeley))
  ((1)) Sir John Bromley (d 1488-9)
  m1. Martha Woodville (dau of Richard Woodville, Earl of Rivers)
  BEB1841 reports that Sir John left 3 daughters, his co-heirs, by his wife Joan Hexstall without mentioning any previous marriage. Visitation shows this first marriage but shows a wavy connection to the following Thomas, adding "filius nothus ut opinor". HoP ("William Bromley") identifies William's father, the following Thomas, as an illegitimate son of Sir John so perhaps Thomas was born before his parents were married.
  ((A)) Thomas Bromley
  m. Jone Parker (sister/heir of John Parker of Coppenhall)
  ((i)) William Bromley of Nampton and Darnford (b by 1525, 6th son, MP)
  m. Margaret (or Helen) Alexander (dau of Nicholas Alexander of Dover)
  ((a)) William Bromley of Darnford
  m. Ellin Underhill (dau of Edward Underhill)
(((1)))+ issue - Thomas, Anne, Ellin, Margaret
  ((b)) Robert Bromley
  m. Ellin Manwaring (dau of Humfry Manwaring)
  (((1)))+ issue - William, Roger, John, Margaret, Jone, Ellin
  ((c)) Roger Bromley
  m. Katherine Harrington (dau of Sir John Harrington of Exton)
  ((d)) Margaret Bromley
  m. John Masterson
((e)) Ellin Bromley
  m. Geffrey Minshull (of Nantwich)
  ((f)) Katherine Bromley
  m. Gabriell Wetnall
  ((ii))+ other issue - John (monk), Richard (dsp), Robert (dsp), Thomas (dsp), Roger (priest), Margaret (nun)
  m2. Joan Hexstall (dau of William Hexstall (Hextall))
  ((B)) Margery Bromley (d 1469)
m. (1458) Sir William Stanley of Hooton (b 1439, d 1511)
  ((C)) Isabel Bromley
  m. William Needham of Shevington
  ((D)) Margaret Bromley
  m. Sir John Harper of Rushall
  (b) Agnes Bromley (dsp)
  m. Hugh Cholmondley
  (c) Margaret Bromley
  m. William Hassall
  (d)+ other issue (dsp) - Thomas, Edward/Richard, Ralph
  (ii) William Bromley
  (C) Anabella de Bromley
  m. Sir John Haukston of Wryne Hall & Betley
  (3) Roger Bromley of Baresford or Beresford
  m. Lettice Cholmley (dau of Hugh Cholmley)
  (A) Richard Bromley
  (i) Robert Bromley
  (a) John Bromley of Berresford
  (4) Jone Bromley
  m. _ Ligh of Cheshire
  (5) Maud Bromley
  (6) Lettice Bromley
  m. _ Marchomley
  (7) Millicent Bromley
  m. _ Starne
  c.+ other issue - Walter, Sir Roger (dsp 1340-1)
  B. Sir Robert de Bromlegh of Asteley or Ashley (d 1307-8)
  i. John de Bromlegh of Asteley (d 1332)
  a. John de Bromlegh of Asteley or Ashley (d 1360-1)
  (1) Alice Bromley
  m. John de Frodesham of Frodesham



Nicholas Bromley of Norbery - continued above
m. Agnes Hulse (dau of William Hulse of Norbury)
1. William Bromley of Norbury (dsp)
  m. Jone Hassall (dau of William Hassall)
2. Thomas Bromley of Norbury
  m. _ Hulse
A. Thomas Bromley of Norbury
  m. Elizabeth Wilbram (sister of William Wilburgham or Wilbram of Woodhey)
  i. William Bromley
  m. Elizabeth Huntington
  a. Hugh Bromley of Norbury
  m1. Alice Egerton (dau of Thomas Egerton of Hampton)
  (1) Hugh Bromley of Hampton (d 05.11.1628)
  m1. Anne Massy (dau of David Massy of Broxton)
  (A) Thomas Bromley of Hampton (b c1592, bur 04.12.1660)
  m. Elizabeth Belot (dau of Edward Belot of Moreton)
(i) Edward Bromley (b c1626, a 1687)
  m. Ellen Whitehall (bur 21.01.1678, dau of Richard Whitehall of Duddington)
  (a) Thomas Bromley (b c1659)
  (ii) Anne Bromley
  m. John Parker of Wigland
  (iii) Dorothy Bromley
  m. Peter Dod of Haugh
  (B) Dorothy Bromley
  m. (16.11.1619) Rev. Thomas Dod of Malpas
  (C) Alice Bromley
  m. Richard More of Cotton
  m2. Anne Bradshaw of London (widow of Richard Lochard of Wollerton)
  m2. Elizabeth Dimmock (dau of William Dimmock of Willaston)
  (2) Elizabeth or Mary Bromley (d 1656)
  m. (1594/5) John Davenport of Woodford (d 1653)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section: BE1883 (Bromley of Montfort), Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Bromley)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Bromley), Visitation (Cheshire, 1613+1663, Bromley of Hampton)
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