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Families covered: Minshull of Bourton, Minshull of Erdswick (Erdeswick or Yardeswick), Minshull of Minshull (Church Minshull), Minshull of Nantwich (Nampwich), Minshull (Mynshull) of Stoke, Minshull of Wistaston
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Edmund Minshull of Minshull (d by 1425)
Visitation (1580) starts with the next generation, the parents of the John who m. Elizabeth Poole, identifying them as Joyter or John & _ Bebington. Visitations (1613 & 1663) start with that John & Elizabeth Poole. Ormerod identifies their father as son of Edmund, being identified as ...
1. Peter Minshull of Minshull (d by 1479)
  m. Jane Bebington (dau/heir of John Bebington of Bebington)
  A. John Minshull of Minshull or Church Minshull
m. Elizabeth Poole (dau of Sir Thomas Poole of Poole/Werrall)
  i. Edward Minshull of Church Minshull (a 1530)
  m. Katherine Davenport (dau of Ralph Davenport of Calveley)
  a. John Minshull of Church Minshull (bur 08.11.1574)
m. Margaret Hough (dau of Thomas Hough of Leighton)
  (1) John Minshull of Church Minshull (dsp)
  (2) Richard Minshull (d 1586)
  m. Mary Bellot (dau of Thomas Bellot of Moreton)
  (A) John Minshull of Church Minshull (b 1582-3, bur 14.09.1654)
  m. Frances Egerton (dau of Sir John Egerton of Oulton)
  (i) Eleanor Minshull (bpt 19.12.1604, bur 04.05.1606)
  (ii) Elizabeth Minshull see other (but less likely?) possibility below
  m. Thomas Cholmondeley of Vale Royal (d 1652)
(3) Isabell Minshull
  m. Christopher Frogg
  (4) Katherine Minshull
  m. John Poole of Poole (d 05.12.1613/8)
  (5) Alice Minshull
  m. William Croxton of Ravenscroft
  (6) Jane Minshull probably the Jane who married ...
  m. Thomas Gillibrand of Peele (a 1613)
  b. George Minshull of Woodnoth or Woodnorton in Norfolk
  m. Jane Harvy (dau of John Harvy or Hervey of Ickworth)
(1)+ issue - William, Edward, Frances, Honor, Bridget
  c. Edward Mynshull of Wyche (d before 02.11.1557, 4th son?)
  The following comes from Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, Minshull of Nantwich) & Visitation (Cheshire, 1663, Minshull of Stoke). Visitation (1613) shows this Edward as son of Hewen of Clutton (possibly by Jane, dau of James Calveley of Peckforton) son (possibly by Alice, dau of Yewen Clutton) of Nicholas "a second brother of the house of Mynshull of Minshull". The above parentage is as given by Visitation (1663).
  m. Margaret Mainwaring (dau of Hugh Mainwaring of Nantwich) see ### following
## There were several marital connections between this family and the Mainwarings of Nantwich. Provisionally we have not made (or have reversed) specific connections between the families until we have researched the Mainwarings more.
  (1) Jeffrey Mynshull of Nantwich (d 1603, 5th son)
  m. Ellen Bromley (dau of William Bromley of Derford)
  (A) Edward Mynshull of Nantwich, 1st of Stoke (d 1627)
m. Margaret Mainwaring (dau of Thomas Mainwaring of Nantwich) see ## above
  (i) Jeffrey Mynshull of Stoke (b c1594, a 1664)
  m. Mary Fitton (dau of Sir Edward Fitton of Gawsworth)
  (a) Sir Edward Mynshull of Stoke (b 1627)
  m. Marie Morgell (dau of William Morgell (not Norgell) of Gray's Inn)
  ((1))+ issue - Edward (b c1650), William (b c1654), Mary, Enne, Elizabeth
(b) Richard Mynshull
  (c) Alice Mynshull
  m. Thomas Elcocke (son of Alexander of Poole)
  (d) Jane Mynshull
  m. Rowland Huntingdon
  (e) Margaret Mynshull
  m. John Manwaring (brother of Elisha of Marton Sands)
  (ii) Ellen Mynshull
  m. Philip Manwaring of Pever
  (iii)+ other issue - Edward of Nantwich, Margaret (d unm)
(B) Randle Mynshull or Minshull (bur 17.05.1639)
  m. Eleanor Griffin (bur 22.03.1614/5, dau of Richard Griffin of Bartherton)
  (i) Sir Richard Minshull of Burton (Bourton, Buckinghamshire), 'Lord Minshull' (bur 27.11.1667)
  Visitation ends this line indicating that Sir Richard had issue. This appears to be the Richard who claimed to have been created a Viscount by King Charles but that title was not proven. TCP ('Minshull') reports his marriage to Alice Lee, mentions that he left a son, Richard (m. and Enyon heiress but dsp), and also reports a report that he (also) married Mary Parkins by whom he had a daughter, Elizabeth, and that he had male-line descendants. Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 2, 'Pedigree of Minshull, of Bourton, Aylesbury, Aston-Clinton, &c.", p590) starts with this Richard and shows his marriage to Mary Perkins by whom he had 2 sons, both called Richard, the elder being the one mentioned by TCP whilst the younger had issue.
m1/2. (06.02.1635/6) Alice Lee (dau of Sir Humphrey Lee, 1st Bart of Langley, by Margaret, dau of Reginald Corbett of Stoke)
  (b) Richard Minshull (dsp(s) 1673) presumed of this marriage
  m. Constance Enyon (dau/coheir of Sir James Enyon of Flore, Bart)
  ((1)) Edward Minshull (dvp infant) mentioned by Lipscomb
  m2/1. Mary Parkins (dau of Sir George Perkins or Parkins of Runney)
  (b) Elizabeth Minshull (dsp) confusion with the Elizabeth shown above?
  m. Thomas Cholmondeley of Vale Royal
We suspect that either the younger Richard mentioned by Lipscomb was not legitimate or that there has been confusion between different Richard Minshulls. The younger RIchard mentioned by Lipscomb had family as follows.
  (c) Richard Minshull (bur 26.08.1684)
  m. Anne Finch (bur 11.07.1686, dau of Francis Finch of Rushock)
  ((1)) Richard Minshull of Boreton (Bourton) (d 07.01.1729-30)
  m. Catharine Blount (b c1656, d 01.03.1739-40, dau of Sir George Blount of Sodington)
  ((A)) Mary Minshull (a 1735, d unm?)
  ((2)) William Minshull (b c1665, d 1741)
  m. Mary Box (b 1700-1, d 12.05.1783, dau of Philip Box of Caversfield)
  ((A)) William Minshull of Aylesbury & Aston Clinton (b 1731-2, d 29.06.1807)
  m. Martha Rowland (b c1739, d 06.09.1799, dau/coheir of Rev. Thomas Harding Rowland of Whitchurch (sister of Rebecca, relict of Sir D. Williams, Bart of Sarrat & Aston Clinton))
  ((i)) George Rowland Minshull (d 06.07.1840, recorder of Buckingham)
  m. (04.08.1798) Louisa Aufrere (d 12.1829, dau of Anthony Aufrere of Overton Hall)
  ((a)) Louisa Minshull (bpt 17.04.1802)
  ((ii)) William Minshull of London
  m. Mary Hardwick (d 26.05.1806, dau of John Hardwick of Newbold)
  ((a)) George Rowland Minshull (bpt 30.03.1803, d infant)
  ((iii)) Richard Minshull of Cholsey had issue
  m. ?? (d 02.1802)
  ((iv)) Francis Minshull (d 28.06.1816, rector of Nunney) had issue
  m. Henrietta Goodenough (d 04.04.1802, dau of Samuel Goodenough, Bishop of Carlisle)
  ((v)) Martha Minshull
  m. William Morgan (d 20.10.1798, rector of Aston Clinton)
  ((vi)) daughter(s)
(C) John Mynshull of Nampwich and/or Beameheath (a 1613)
  m. Ellyn Manwaring (dau of Randall Manwaring of Nampwich) see ## above
  (i)+ issue - Geffrey (b c1590), Thomas, John
  (D) Richard Mynshull (dsp)
  (2) Thomas Mynshull 'of Wich Malbank' (youngest son)
  m1. Dowse Manwaring (dau of John Manwaring of Nantwiche) see ## above
  (A) Margaret Mynshull
  m. Mathew Manwaring of Nantwiche see ## above
  m2. Elizabeth Wright (dau of Richard Wright of Nampwich)
  (B) Richard Minshull of Nampwich (a 1613)
  (3)+ other issue - William, Edward, Yewen
d. Ellenor or Alice Minshull
  m. John Cotton of Cotton
  e. Elizabeth Minshull
  m. Thomas Halton or Hallam of Leicester
  f.+ other issue - Hugh, Richard, Ralph, Thomas, James
  ii. William Minshull of Yardeswick or Erdswick (d 1558)
  m. Margaret Fitton (d 27.05.1555, dau/heir of Thomas Fitton of Pownall)
  The following comes from Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 3, Minshull of Erdswick Hall), Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Minshull of Minshull and Minishull of Yardeswike), Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, Minshull of Erdeswick) & Visitation (Cheshire, 1663, Minshull of Erdeswick).
  a. Thomas Minshull of Yardeswick or Erdswick (d 1556)
  m. Margaret Walker (dau of Thomas Walker of Lee Grene by Elizabeth Egerton)
(1) Thomas Minshull of Erdswick (a 1613)
  m. (29.03.1570-1) Eleanor Shakerley (dau of Peter Shakerley of Holme)
  (A) Thomas Minshull (b c1578, dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Spark father named Thomas by Ormerod, Robert by the Visitations
  (B) Peter Minshull of Erdswick (d 1640)
  m. Mary Dutton (dau of Rowland Dutton of Hatton)
  (i) Thomas Minshull of Erdswick (b c1610, d 1657)
  m. Jane (not Anne) Fitton (dau of Sir Edward Fitton, Bart of Gawsworth)
  (a) Thomas Minshull of Erdswick (b c1638, a 1663)
  m. Alice Trollope (dau of James Trollope of Thirlby or Thurlby)
  ((1))+ 2 sons (dsp?) + 5 daughters
  (b)+ other issue - Fitton, Hannah, Jane, Mary
  (ii) Katherine Minshull
  m. Christopher Collier of Yerlett (Yarlett)
  (iii)+ other issue named Peter & Eleanor by Ormerod but Geffrey & Margaret by the Visitations
  (2) William Minshull
  m. Garnet or Gertrude Minsull (dau of Thomas Minshull of Warmincham)
(A) Margaret Minshull
  (3) Mary Minshull
  m. Oliver Roydon of Flintshire (Row of Croshakan)
  (4) Dorothy Minshull
  m. George Wynde of Whitchurch
  (5)+ other issue - Richard, Christopher, Elizabeth (dsp)
  iii. Robert or Randall Minshull of Hulgreve or Hullgrave named Robert by Ormerod but Randoll/Randall by the Visitations
  iv. John Minshull not mentioned by Ormerod
  The following comes from Visitation (Cheshire, 1663, Minshull of Wistaston and Chester).
  m. _ Cooper (dau of Robert Cooper of Wistaston)
a. Randall Minshull of Wistaston
  m. _ Rawlinson of Crewe
  (1) Thomas Minshull
  m. _ Goldsmith of Nantwich
  (A) Richard Minshull of Wistaston (d 1657)
  m. Elizabeth or Ellen Goldsmith (dau of Nicholas Goldsmith of Bosworth)
  (i) Randall Minshull of Wistaston
  m. Elizabeth Booth (dau of Richard Booth of Wistaston)
  (a) Elizabeth Minshull mentioned on 'The Genealogist' (vol 2, p310)
  m. John Milton (b 09.12.1608, d 08.11.1674, poet (son by Sara Jeffrey (1572-1637) of John (1562-1647, composer) son of Richard), m1. Mary Powell, m2. Katherine Woodock) details from Wikipedia
  (ii) Thomas Minshull of Manchester
m. Anne Dawson of Manchester
  (iii) Richard Minshull (b c1616, alderman of Chester)
  m1. Catherine Johnson (dau of Henry Johnson of Manchester)
  (a)+ issue - Richard (b c1656), Thomas (d young), John (d young), John, Catherine
  m2. Anne Griffith (dau of Thomas Griffith of Aston)
  (iv) Elizabeth Minshull
  m. William Street (alderman of Chester)
  v. Jane Minshull
  m. Richard Marbury of Walton (a 1512)
  vi. Matilda Minshull probably of this generation
  m. Richard Gerard of Crewood (d 1541-2)

Main source(s): Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 3, Minshull of Minshull) with input/support from Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Minshull of Minshull and Minshull of Yardeswike) and as reported above
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