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Families covered: Abbot of Colchester, Abbott (Abbot) of Guildford, Abbott of Hartland, Abbott of Luffincott

Visitation identifies the arms of the following family as "Gules, a chevron between three pears or" and starts with an unnamed Abbott of Farnham, Surrey. HoP ("Maurice Abbot") reports that Maurice's "paternal grandfather was a Suffolk clothier, a fact obscured by an inaccurate heraldic visitation of 1623".
?? Abbot(t) in Suffolk (clothier)
1. Maurice Abbot or Abbott of Guildford, Surrey (bur 25.09.1606, clothworker)
  m. Alice Marsh or March of Guildford (d 15.09.1606)
  A. Richard Abbott of Guildford
  m. Edith Banester (dau of John Banester of Guildford)
  i. Richard Abbott of Guildford (a 1623)
  m. Ann Pickas (dau of Drew Pickas of Bramblety)
  a. Richard Abbott (a 1623)
  ii. Dorothy Abbott
  m. John Bolson of Farnborow
  B. Anthony Abbott of Guildford
  m. Mary Millett (dau of John Millett of Guildford)
  C. Robert Abbot, Bishop of Salisbury (b 1560, d 02.03.1618)
  The following is supported by Wikipedia ("Robert Abbot (bishop)", 16.03.24).
  m1. ??
  i. Martha Abbott
  The following comes from Wikipedia ("Nathaniel Brent" & "Edward Corbet", 16.03.24).
  m. Sir Nathaniel Brent (b c1573, d 06.11.1652, son of Anchor of Little Wolford, Warwickshire)
  a. Margaret Brent (d 1656)
  m. Edward Corbet (b c1603, d 05.01.1658, cleric)
  (1)+ issue - Edward, Martha, Margaret
  ii.+ sons
  m2. ??
  D. George Abbot, Archbishop of Canterbury (b 29.10.1562, d 04.08.1633)
Dates come from Wikipedia ("George Abbot (bishop)", 16.03.24).
  E. Sir Maurice Abbot, Lord Mayor of London (b 02.11.1565, bur 07.12.1642, Governor of the East Inida Company, MP)
The following is supported by HoP ("Maurice Abbot") & Wikipedia ("Maurice Abbot", 16.03.24). However:
* Visitation shows that Maurice had 5 children by his first wife (Bartholomew, George, Maurice, Edward & Margaret) and none by his second.
* HoP notes that the pedigree in the Visitation "is inaccurate" and reports that his first marriage was sp whilst his second produced 5 sons (2 dvp) + 5 daughters (1 dvp), one son being named Edward.
* Provisionally, we follow Visitation which is supported by Wikipedia and Commoners (vol 1, 'Austen of Shalford', p466).
  m1. Joane Austin (bur 17.09.1597, dau of George Austin or Austen of Guildford and/or Shalford)
  i. Bartholomew Abbott
ii. George Abbott probably the George of Easton who married ...
  m. Mary Wyndham (d 16.10.1678, dau of Sir Hugh Wyndham of Pilsden Court, Bart, m2. Sir Charles Lee)
  a. Margaret Abbott
  m. Sir William Willoughby of Selton, Bart (b c1624, dspls 10.02.1670)
  iii. Maurice (Morris) Abbot (b c1602, of the Inner Temple) who apparently married ...
  m. (09.07.1632) Elizabeth Lamott (dvp, dau of John Lamott of London)
  iv. Edward Abbott (a 1641) who apparently married ...
m. Elizabeth Milward (dau of John Milward of London)
  v. Margaret Abbott probably the Mary who married ...
  m. (17.11.1631) Thomas Diggs of Chilham Castle (d 1687)
  m2. (27.05.1598) Margaret (Mary) Barnes (d 05.09.1630, dau of Bartholomew Barnes of Widford (alderman of London))
  F. John Abbot 'of Guildford'
  m. Sibbell Tege of Stockwell
  i. John Abbot
  ii. Damaris Abbot (d 1678)
  m. (William) Kingsley (d 1647, Archdeacon of Canterbury)
  iii. Sara Abbot
  m. Rob Say (DD)



Vivian identifies the arms of the following family as "Sa. a cross voided between four eagles displayed Or".
William Abbott
1. William Abbott 'of Hartland' (dsp bur 03.09.1570, "Sergiant of ye Seller to Henry VIII")
  m. (c1566) Agnes Amadas (a 09.1570, dau of William Amadas, widow of Thomas Mohun, Thomas Stowford & John Charles)
2. Richard Abbott
  A. William Abbott of Hartland (b by 1540, d 18.06.1609)
  m. (23.11.1563) Anne Milliton (bur 18.10.1610, dau of William Milliton of Pengerswick, sister/coheir of William)
  i. Justinian Abbott 'of Hartland' (bpt 14.06.1568, bur 06.02.1602-3, 3rd son)
  m. (01.06.1589) Katherine Grenville (dau of Sir Richard Grenville (Granville))
  a. Mary Abbott (bpt 23.10.1603, bur 17.03.1605-6)
  ii. Prudence Abbott (bpt 20.10.1564, a 1609)
  m. Andrew Luttrell
  iii. Honor Abbott (bpt 03.01.1567-8, a 1609)
  m. (07.12.1589) Peter Lower of Trelask
  iv. Grace Abbott (bpt 09.04.1572, bur 14.03.1645-6)
  m. (11.07.1596) Philip Risdon
v.+ other issue - Robert (bpt 18.12.1565, bur 19.02.1566-7), William (bpt 27.03.1571, bur 04.07.1584), Milliton (bpt 20.11.1574, bur 15.02.1575-6), Richard (bpt 04.12.1579, bur 09.01.1579-80), Anne (bpt 21.03.1578-9, bur 1581)
3. Waymond Abbott
  A. William Abbott of Grenham in Hartland (bur 06.12.1585)
  m1. (13.06.1565, sp?) Agnes Staveley
  m2. (12.11.1569) Honor Cholwell (dau of John Cholwel)
  i. John Abbott (bpt 10.08.1570, dvp?)
  ii. Thomas Abbott of Luffincott (bpt 31.03.1579, a 11.1617)
m. (20.04.1601) Agnes Snowe of Hartland
  a. William Abbott 'of Luffincott' (bpt 24.01.1601-2, d before 16.03.1654-5)
  (1) Nicholas Abbott of Luffincott (a 03.1654-5) possibly the Nicholas who married ...
  m. (c02.1680-1) Elizabeth Larkworthy (bpt 18.07.1641, a 1686, dau of Anthony Larkworthy of Larkworthy)
  (2) William Abbott of Luffincott (dvp before 07.05.1655)
  m. Grace (a 05.1655)
  (A)+ issue (a 07.1654) - John, William, Jane
  b. Nicholas Abbott (bpt 25.03.1604-5, d before 23.04.1652)
  m. Mary (a 04.1652)
  c. Prudence Abbott (bpt 03.05.1612, bur 20.01.1689-90)
  m1. Edward Reede of Borraton
  m2. Richard Potter (rector of Newton St.Petrock)
  d.+ other issue - Elizabeth (b c1607, a 1620), Susanna (bpt 15.10.1606, a 1620)



BP1870 identifies the arms of the Barons Colchester as "Gu., on a chevron, between three pears, or, as many crosses raguly, az., within a tressure, flory, of the second". That suggests a connection with the family shown in the upper section.
John Abbot (rector of All Saints in Colchester)
m. Sarah Farr (d 27.09.1809, dau of Jonathan Farr, m2. Jeremy Bentham)
1. Charles Abbot, 1st Lord Colchester of Colchester (b 14.10.1857, d 07.05.1829, Speaker of the House of Commons, 2nd son)
  m. (29.12.1796) Elizabeth Gibbes (d 10.06.1847, dau of Sir Philip Gibbes, Bart of Spring Head)
  A. Charles Abbot, 2nd Lord Colchester (b 12.03.1798, d 18.10.1867, Admiral) had issue
  m. (03.02.1836) Elizabeth Susan Law (dau of Edward, 1st Lord Ellenborough)
  B. Philip Henry Abbot (b 10.06.1802, d 08.01.1835, of Lincoln's Inn) had issue
  m. (31.12.1829) Frances Cecil Talbot (d 07.11.1855, dau of Charles Talbot, Dean of Salisbury)

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