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Families covered: Stanford of Backby, Staunford of Hansworth, Stamford of Pury Hall (Staunford of Perry Hall), Stamford (Stanford) of Rowley

This family's name apparently varied between Standford (or Staundford) and Stamford, and is referred to inconsistently to such an extent as to leave us uncertain on whether to name this page Stanford or Stamford. Plumping for the latter was somewhat arbitrary.
Robert Stanford
m. Anne Wollaston (dau of John Wollaston)
1. Roger (de) Stanford
  m. Alice Aston (dau/heir of John de Aston, brother of Sir Robert)
  A. Robert Stanford or Stamford of Rowley, Staffordshire the first mentioned by MGH
  m. Margery Fisher (dau/heir of _ Fisher of Rowley)
  i. John Stamford (dsp, priest)
  ii. William Stamford of London (d before 19.10.1541)
m. Margaret Gedney (d 19.10.1541, dau/heir of _ Gedney or Gydney of London)
  a. Sir William Stamford of Hadley, Middlesex (b 22.08.1509, d 28.08.1558, Judge, 2nd son) this line followed by MGH
  m. Alice Palmer (d 20.09.1573, dau of John Palmer of Kentish Town, m2. Roger Carew of Hadley)
  (1) Sir Robert Stamford or Stanford of Pury Hall, Staffordshire (b 31.01.1539, d 20.03.1606-7)
m. Anne Leveson (dau of John Leveson of Wolverhampton, sister of Sir Walter)
  (A) Edward Stamford or Staunford of Pury (Pery) Hall (b c1564, d 04.1631)
  m1. Mary Shelley (dau of Henry Shelley of Maple Durham)
  (i) William Stamford or Staunford of Perry Hall (b c1589, d 07.08.1640)
  m. Dorothy Pershall (dau of Sir John Pershall (Peshall) of Suggenhall, Bart)
  (a) Edward Staunford (b c1619, a 03.1663)
  m. Dorothy Southcote of Mesthum
  (b) John Staunford of Hansworth (b c1624, a 03.1663)
  m. Ursula Chapman (dau of William Chapman of Brickelton)
  ((1))+ issue (a 1663) - William (b c1653), John, Mary
  (c)+ Other issue - Elizabeth, Dorothy
  (ii) Anthony Stamford or Staunford of Handsworth, Staffordshire
  m1. Anne Mountfort (dau of Sir Edward Mountfort of Bescote)
  m2. Anne (widow of Sir Henry Hunloke of Wingerworth)
  (iii) Mary Stamford or Staunford
m. John Poutrell of West Hallum (son/heir of Walter)
  (iv) Anne Stamford or Staunford
  m. Roger Anderton of Bersley
  (v) Dorothy Stamford or Staunford
  m. Anthony Attwood of Bersley
  (vi)+ other issue - Robert, John, Henry, Frances (d young), Winefred (d young), Margaret
  m2. Elizabeth Cocks (bpt 03.08.1574, dau of Thomas Cocks of Cox Green, sister of Richard)
  (B) Charles Stamford or Stanford of Salford, Warwickshire ancestor of Stanfords of Salford
  m. Eleanor Alderford (dau/coheir of John Alderford of Salford Abbots, sister of Margaret)
  (C) Mary Stamford or Staunford
  m. (30.01.1591) Humfrey Comferford of Comberford
  (D) Anne Stamford or Staunford
m. Richard Berington of Cowerne
  (E) Margaret Stamford or Staunford
  m. Godfrey Crew
  (F)+ other issue (a 1583) - Robert (d young?), Rahpe (dsp), Henry (dsp), Frances (d young?), Catherine (d young?), Agatha
  (B) William Stamford (3rd son)
  m. Eleanor Palmer (dau of Christopher Palmer of Shenley)
(C) Frances Stamford
  m. Thomas Repington of Armington
  (D) Dorothe Stamford
  m. Vincent Pidcoke or Pidcock
  (A)+ issue - Robert, Anne, Frances
  (E) Catherin Stamford
m. John Banbury of London
  (A)+ issue - Edward, 2 daughters (twins)
  (F) Margaret Stamford
  m. Richard Astley
  (G)+ other issue - Thomas, Henry, Raulf, John, Margaret (dsp), Winifride, Anne (dsp)
  b. Anne Stamford (dsp)
  m. Nicholas Withers of London
  c. Elizabeth Stamford
  m. Edmonde Atcombe of London (goldsmith)
(1)+ issue - Anne, Allice, Elizabeth
  d. Joane Stamford
  m. Edward Cooke of London (goldsmith)
  e.+ other issue - John (dsp), Thomas (dsp), Alice
  iii. Thomas Stamford of Rowley
  m. _ Henshawe (dau/heir of _ Henshawe, Mayor of Gloucester)
  a. William Stamford of Rowley
m. Margaret Moore (dau/heir of John Moore of Donkley Parke by Eleanor, dau/coheir of Symon Milburne of Gloucestershire)
  (1) Edward Stamford or Stanford of Rowley
  m. Jane Abington (dau/heir of (Richard) Abington)
  (A) William Stanford of Pakington, Staffordshire (a 1583)
  m. Elizabeth Comberford (dau of Thomas Cumberford of Cumberfords)
  (B) Jane Stanford
  m. Edward Knippe
  (C) Ursula Stanford
  (2) Thomas Stamford of Radclife, Leicestershire
  m. _ Sprotte (dau of Edward Sprotte of Ashenbroke)
  (A) Elizabeth Stamford
  b. Thomas Stamford (Sanford) of Leicester
Thomas is not mentioned by Visitation (Staffordshire) but we speculate that this Thomas, shown by Visitation (Leicestershire, 1619, 'Stanford') as 3rd son of a Thomas, was of this generation. That Visitation shows him as father of the following John, with the arms of this branch of the family being "Argent, three bars azure, on a canton or a fess, and in chief three mascles sable, in chief a mullet charged with a mullet for difference".
  (1) John Stanford of Backby, Leicestershire
  (A) John Stanford of Backby
  m. Elizabeth Bainbridge (dau of William Bainbridge of Lockington)
  (i) Thomas Stanford of Backby (a 1619)
  m. Anne Staveley (dau of Thomas Staveley of West Langton)
  (a) Margeria Stamford (b c1617, a 1619)
  (ii) Katherina Stamford
  m1. Thomas Ballard of Wimeswold
  m2. Richard Hacker of Sawley
  (iii) Elizabeth Stamford
  (B) Henry Stamford of Slawston, Leicestershire
  (C) Elizabeth Stamford
  m. William Fox of Ratcliffe Cuilly
  c. Joyce Stamford
m. Anthony Babington of Tinmore
  (1) Mathew Babington
  m. __ Stanley
  (A) daughter
  d. Catherine Stamford
  m. Thomas Blount of Sillington (Sodington)
  e. Margery Stamford (d 1557)
  m. (1523) Robert Whitgreave of Burton
  partner unknown
  f. Roger Stamford of Honnesworth, Staffordshire (a 1583)
  m. Margery Blount (dau of Walter Blount of Astley (by Isabell, dau/coheir of WalterActon of Acton Hall), son of Sir Thomas of Kinlet)
  (1) Frances Stamford
  m. James Haynes of Hertfordshire
  (2)+ other issue (a 1583) - Robert (b c1563), Roger

Main source(s): Visitation (Glover & Flower (Sydney Grazebrook, 1883), Staffordshire, 1583, 'Stamford of Pury Hall' & 'Stamford of Rowley and Pakington') & Visitation (St. George & Dugdale (Sydney Grazebrook, 1885), Staffordshire, 1614+1663-4, 'Staunford of Handsworth') with a little support from MGH (NS1, vol 3 (1880), 'Pedigrees of Stamford and of Astley', p73)
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