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Families covered: Milbourne (Mylbourne) of Tillington

Most of this page was first shown on a Temporary page on 20.05.07 using Visitation. It was expanded slightly with MGH which reports on this family largely to show the ancestral connection to a Milbourne family of the Christian Herbert who in 1597 married George Milborne, later Sheriff of Monmouthshire, whose family was MGH's main focus. It identifies the arms of the following Milbourne family as "Gules, a chevron between three escallop shells argent".
Sir John Milbourne
1. John Milbourne
A. Sir Piers Milbourne (or Mylbourne) 'of Tillington' the first mentioned by Visitation
  Elizabeth's husband is called Sir John by some sources, such as BE1883 ('Furnival'), but Piers by Visitation & MGH
  m. Elizabeth Eynford (dau/heir of Sir John Eynford of Kings Peon & Tillingto (by dau/heir of Gerard Furnyvall), m2. Sir John Baskervile)
  i. John Milbourne (or Mylbourne) of Bulley & Westbury (Gloucestershire), Holme (Lincolnshire) & Tillington (Burghill, Herefordshire) (d 07.09.1435)
m. Elizabeth D'Evereux (d 1475, dau of Sir Walter D'Evereux (Devereux) by Elizabeth, dau of Sir Thomas Bromwich)
  a. Sir Simon Milbourne (or Mylbourne) of Tillington & Icomb (Gloucestershire), Sheriff of Herefordshire (d 14.08.1522)
  m. Jane Baskervile (dau/heir of Ralph Baskevile of Erdesley by Ann, dau of Sir John Blackett of Icomb)
  The only child named by MGH is Blanch, whose Herbert descendants are then given, but it does note that there were 12 other daughters. They are given by Visitation.
  (1) Elizabeth Mylbourne
  m1. Thomas Monington 'of Sarnfield'
m2. John Whittington of Pauntley (d 1525)
  (2) Sibil Mylbourne
  m1. Richard Hackluyt of Hacklute of Yetton (Eaton)
  Sibil is the only child of this generation given by Visitation (Herefordshire, 1569, 'Hacklute'), which supports her ancestry as reported above (back to Piers), but that mentions only her marriage to Richard Hackluyt. It appears that she also married ...
  m2. John Brenton or Breynton of Herefordshire
  (A) Elizabeth Brenton
  m. Sir James Baskervile of Erdisley
  (3) Anne Mylbourne
m. William Rudhall
  (4) Joyce Mylbourne
  m. Thomas Hyatt of Lydney
  (5) Catherine Mylbourne
  m. Thomas Barton of Weobley
  (6) Blanch Mylbourne (d c1557, 'Lady Troy', 'Lady Mistress' of Elizabeth I & Edward VI when they were children)
  m1. (1494) James Whitney of Whitney (d 30.06.1500)
  m2. (c1501) Sir William Herbert of Troy (d 1524, illegitimate son of 1st Earl of Pembroke)
It was a descendant of this marriage who married the George Milborne who was Sheriff of Monmouthshire in 1617-8 and 1634-5.
  (7) Elinor Mylbourne
  m. John Moore of (Bromsgrove or) Doulkyn or Douklen ('Donkley Park') (son of Humfrey by Catharine, dau of Henry Lister)
  The following comes from Visitation (Worcestershire, 1569, 'Foliot').
  (A) Jane Moore
  m1. James Dingley
  m2. Michael Ashfield
m3. Thomas Parker of Northlach
  (B) Margaret Moore
  m. William Stamford of Rowley
  (C) Elizabeth or Ellenor Moore
  m. John Folyotte or Foliot
  (8) Alice Mylbourne
m1. Henry Myles
  m2. Thomas Baskervile
  (9) Margaret Mylbourne
  Visitation shows Margaret's husband as Thomas Baron of Burford but the Harleian Editor corrected that to ...
  m. Richard Bishop of Burford
  (10) Agnes Mylbourne
  m. John Walwyn of Longworth (not Thomas Walwyn of Helyns)
  (11) Jane Mylbourne
  m. Sir Richard Cornwell of Berington
  (12)+ other issue (dsp) - Jane, Juliana
  b. Joan Mylbourne shown by various web sites as of this generation
  m. John Englefield (dvp 1463-4)

Main source(s): Visitation (Herefordshire, 1569, 'Mylbourne') with some input/support from MGH (NS5 vol 3 (1918), 'The Family of Milborne of Somerset and Monmouthshire', p198+)
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