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Families covered: Cooke of Chigwell, Cooke of Giddey (Giddea or Gidea) Hall, Cooke of Highnam

Visitation (Essex, 1558) identifies the father of Mayor Thomas as John Cooke but Berry's Miscellaneous Essex Pedigrees identifies him as ...
Robert Cooke of Lavenham
1. Sir Thomas Cooke of Giddey Hall, Lord Mayor of London (a 1463)
  m. _ Malpas (dau of Philip Malpas of London by _ Machyn)
A. Sir Philip Cooke of Giddey Hall
  m. Elizabeth Belknap (dau of Sir Henry Belknap)
  i. Sir John Cooke of Essex
  m. Alice Saunders (dau of William Saunders of Banbury)
a. Sir Anthony Cooke of Giddey or Gidea Hall, Essex
  m. Anne Fitzwilliam (dau of Sir William Fitzwilliams of Gainsparke)
  (1) Richard Cooke of Giddey Hall (b c1530, d 03.10.1579, MP) this generation in Visitation (Essex, 1634) but not Visitation (Essex, 1558), some details from HoP
  m. Anne Caunton (dau of Joh Caulton)
  (A) Sir Anthony Cooke of Giddey Hall (b 1559, d 28.12.1604, MP)
  m. Alice Waldegrave (dau of Sir William Waldegrave of Suffolk)
  (i) Sir Edward Cooke of Giddey Hall
  m. Martha Daniell (dau of Sir William Daniell, judge)
  (a) Charles Cooke of Giddey Hall (dsp by 1634)
  (b) Anne Cooke
  m. Sir Edward Sydenham
  (c) Vere Cooke (bpt 04.07.1612)
m. (before 1636) Sir Charles Gawdye of Crowes Hall
  (ii) Sir Hercules Francis Cooke (a 1634, judge)
  m. Anne Beresford
  (iii) William Cooke
  (iv) Penelope Cooke
  m. Sir Robert Cock
  (v) Elizabeth Cooke apparently of this generation
  m. Sir John Fotherby of Barham Court (d 1666)
(B) Phillippa Cooke probably of this generation
  m. Hercules Meautis
  (2) Edward Cooke ('2nd son') probably of this generation but not mentioned by Visitation
  (A) Ann Cooke
  m. Ely Walwyn of Hellens (bur 07.07.1616)
  (3) Sir William Cooke 'of Great Linford' of Highnam, Gloucestershire (d 14.05.1589, MP)
  m. Frances Grey (dau of John, Lord Gray, sister of Henry of Pirgo)
  (A) Sir Richard Cooke, Chancellor of the Exchequer of Ireland then Secretary of State for Ireland (b 1561, d 1616, MP)
Richard is not mentioned by Visitation (Essex) but he is identified in Wikipedia ("William Cooke (died 1589)") as one of the 4 sons of William Cooke by Frances Grey (the other named son being William of Highnam). Wikipedia ("Richard Cooke (MP for Lymington)") & HoP ("Cooke, Richard II") provide some additional information on him.
  m. Anne Peyton (dau of Christopher Peyton (Auditor-General of Ireland), m2. Sir Henry Colley of Castle Carbury)
  (i) Sir Walsingham Cooke of Tomduffe, Sheriff of co. Wexford
  m. (Mary) Fisher (dau/coheir of Sir Edward Fisher of Fisher's Prospect (alias Tomduff)) wife of Walsingam's wife and mother of ...
  (a) Jane or Anne Cooke probably of this generation
  m. John Villers
  (b) Elizabeth Cooke probably of this generation
  m. John Parsons
  (ii) William Cooke
  (B) Sir William Cooke of Highnam (b 1572, d 1618-9, MP)
Visitation (Essex, 1558) merely shows William as son and heir of Sir William by Frances Gray and ends with this generation. That he was the Sir William who is shown at the top of Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1623, Cooke), which reports his wife and children as below, is supported by HoP ('William Cooke").
  m. Luce or Joyce Lucey (dau of Sir Thomas Lucey of Charlecott)
  (i) Sir Robert Cooke of Highnam (d 1643)
  m1. Dorothy Fleetwood (dau of Sir Myles Fleetwood of Aldwinckle)
Visitation (Gloucestershire) ends with this generation. The following is supported by Visitation (Michael Powell Siddons (1996, 'Visitations by the Heralds in Wales'), Monmouthshire, 1683, 'Arnold', p203+) and HoP.
  (a) William Cooke of Highnam (b c1620, d 1703, MP)
  m(1). (c03.1648) Anne Rolle (dau/coheir of Dennis Rolle of Stevenstone & Bickton)
  ((1)) Edward Cooke of Highnam Court (a 1709)
  m. Mary Newborough (dau of Rowland Newborough of Berkley)
((A)) Denis Cooke of Highnam (dvpsp?) probably of this generation
  m. Theodosia Guise (dau of William Guise of Winterborne)
  ((B)) William Cooke of Highnam (b 18.12.1682, dvp unm 06.1709, MP)
  ((C)) Mary Cooke, heiress of Highnam (d 21.08.1750) probably of this generation
  m. Henry Guise of Upton St. Leonards (d 23.10.1749)
  ((D)) Anne Cooke (coheir) probably of this generation
  m. (25.06.1706) Roynon Jones of Nass & Hay Hill
  ((2)) Margaret Cooke (bur 30.10.1730) probably of this generation
  m1. John Arnold (MP)
  m2. (sp?) John Dutton Colt (bpt 16.03.1642-3, bur 04.05.1722)
  ((3))+ other issue - 8 sons (5dvp), 6 daughters (3 dvp)
  m2. Radigan Boscawen (dau of Nicholas Boscawen) possibly 2nd wife of William
(b) Dorothy Cooke apparently of this generation
  m. Richard Cocks (dvp 1669)
  Commoners (vol IV, Frewen of Brickwall) mentions the following Jane as "sole daughter and heir of Sir Robert Cooke, of Highnam, in the county of Gloucester, by his second wife" ...
  m2. Jane (relict of George Herbert)
  (c) Jane Cooke (d 20.06.1718)
  m1. Sir Dawes Wymondsold or Wymondsell of Putney
  m2. (sp) Thomas Frewen of Brickwall (bpt 27.09.1630, d 08.09.1702)
  (ii) Elizabeth Cooke
  m. John Scudamore of Kenchurch (d 1669)
(iii) Mildred Cooke presumably the Mildred who married ...
  m. Grevill Maxey (a 1634)
  (iv)+ other issue - William (dsp), Thomas, Frances, Dorothy, Anne
  (C)+ other issue - John, Edward, Francis, Anne, Mildred
  One of the daughters appears to have married ...
m. Sir Henry Maxey of Bradwell (dsp)
(4) Mildred Cooke (d 1589)
  m. (1546) William Cecil, 1st Lord Burghley, Secretary of State (b 1520/1, d 04.08.1598)
  (5) Anne Cooke
  m. Sir Nicholas Bacon (b 1510, d 1578-9)
  (6) Elizabeth Cooke (d 23.07.1584)
  m1. Sir Thomas Hobbes or Hoby (d 1566)
  m2. (12.12.1574) John Russell, Lord Russell (dvp 1584)
(7) Katheren Cooke
  m. Sir Henry Killigrew of Laroch
  b. Beatrix Cooke
  m. Richard Ogle
  ii. Beatrix Cooke
  m. (William) Copley
  a. Mary Copley
  m. Nicholas Rawson (not Dawson) of Audley (Aveley), Essex
  (1) Anne Rawson (d 1587)
  m. Sir Michael Stanhope (d 1552)
  B. William Cooke of Chigwell
  The following comes from Berry's Essex Pedigrees (1878, Cooke).
  m. _ Webb (dau of William Webb of Stanford)
  i. Thomas Cooke of Chigwell
  a. Tristram Cooke of Chigwell had issue
  ii. Richard Cooke (dsp)
  iii. Robert Cooke of London
m1. ??
  a. Andrew Cooke of Whitechapel
  m2. Ann Salman (dau of John Salman of Easter)
  b. Edward Cooke of London ('goldsmith')
  m. Alice Stamford (dau of Sir William Stamford of Pury Hall)
  (1) Richard Cooke of Whitechapel
  m. Elizabeth Greves (dau of John Greves of Salisubry Park in Hertfordshire)
  (A)+ issue - Edward, Constance, Elizabeth
  (2) Anne Cooke (d 12.1602) apparently of this generation
  m. William Goodyer (son/heir of Henry, Alderman of London)
  C. Thomas Cooke

Main source(s): Visitation (Essex, 1558+1634, Cooke)
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