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Families covered: Peshall of Chetwynd, Peshall (Pershall) of Horsley, Peshall of Peshall, Peshall of Weston Lizard

It is not known if, whether by the following Richard or his wife's mother (Elenor de Peshall) or by one of their descendants, this family is connected to the family of Pateshall on Pateshall1 or that of Pateshulle on PZmisc01.
Sir Richard de Peshall
m. Alice Swinnerton (dau of Sir John Swinnerton of Peshall)
1. Sir Richard de Peshall or Pershall, Sheriff of Staffordshire (a 1271, 1340)
  m. Margaret or Margery (dau of Hugh de Knighton of Knighton)
A. Sir Adam de Peshall, Sheriff
  m1. _ Weston (dau of John Weston of Weston Lizard)
  i. Sir Adam Peshall of Weston Lizard, Salop
  a. Robert Peshall of Weston Lizard
  (1) Sir Adam Peshall of Weston Lizard (d 1439)
  m. Joyce Botetort (d 1455, dau of John Botetort of Weley)
  (A) Margaret Peshall
  m. Sir Richard Mitton of Weston under Lizard
  (B) Johanna Peshall
  m. W. de Bermingham
  m2. Agnes Caverswell (dau of John Caverswell of Bishop's Offley)
ii. Sir Richard Peshall, 'Sheriff of Shropshire' (a 1350, 1375)
  m. Johanna Chetwynde (dau of Reginald Chetwynde of Chetwynde)
  a. Sir Thomas Peshall (of Chetwynd) (a 1380) the first mentioned by Berry
  m1. Philippa
  (1) Richard Peshall 'of Chetwynd'
  m. Margaret Malpas (dau of Hugh Malpas of Checkley by dau/heir of Adam de Prayers by Helen dau of Richard Blackenhall of Blackenhall by dau/heir of Hugh Wistason son of the dau/heir of Robert Prayers of Checkley)
  (A) Isabella Peshall
  m. Thomas Grosvenor of Bellaport
(B) Joyce Peshall
  m. Richard Pigot of Cheshire ancestor of Pigot of Chetwynd
BP1934 (Chetwynd) shows Isabella & Joyce as daughters of 2 generations earlier, being children of Sir Richard by Johanna Chetwynde, but we follow the Visitation & BEB1841 in showing them as of this generation not least because that appears to fit the dates better.
  (2) Nicholas Peshall
  m. Helen Malpas (dau of Hugh Malpas of Checkley, sister of Margaret)
  (A) Hugh Peshall of Horsley, Sheriff of Staffordshire
  m. Juliana (or Elizabeth) Corbet (dau of Sir Robert Corbet of Morton Corbet)
  (i) Humphrey Peshall of Horsley
  m. Helen Swinnerton (dau of Humphrey Swinnerton of Swinnerton, widow of Henry Delves)
  (a) John Peshall of Checkley - continued below
  m. Catharine (probably not Hellena) Harcourt (dau of John Harcourt of Ranton)
  (b) Richard Peshall
  ((1)) Henry Peshall (dsp)
  (c) William Peshall
  m. _ Hickford (dau of Hamon Hickford)
  ((1)) John Peshall had issue
  m. _ Wirley of Sussex
  ((2))+ other issue - John, Robert, Charles, Francis, Humphrey, Edmund, Anna
  (d) Sir Charles Peshall mentioned by Visitation but not by BEB1841
  (ii) Brereton Peshall
  (iii) Mary Peshall
  m. George Blount of Kinlett
(iv) daughter
  m. _ Chetwind of Chetwind
  (v) daughter
  m. _ Bassett
  m2. Alice Knightly (dau of Roger Knightly of Knightly)
  (3) Humphrey Peshall of Over Tayne (d 1388)
  m. Matilda Swinnerton (dau/coheir of Robert Swinnerton, later married Sir John Savage)
(A) Richard Peshall
  m. Alice Knightly (dau of Robert Knightly of Gowsell)
  (i) Humphrey Peshall 'of Knightly'
  m. Agnes Egerton (dau of Robert Egerton of Wrenhill)
  (a) Sir Hugh Peshall 'of Knightly' (d 1484)
  m. Isabella Stanley (dau/(heir?) of John Stanley of Pipe)
  ((1)) Catherine Peshall
  m. Sir John Blount of Kinlett
  ((2)) Isabella Peshall
  m. Richard Fane of Tunbridge
  ((3)) Joyce Peshall
  m. Humphrey Wolrych of Dudmaston
  (b) Jane Peshall possibly of this generation
  m. Richard Sandford of Sandford (b c1448, d 1520)
  B. Richard Peshall



John Peshall of Checkley - continued above
m. Catharine (probably not Hellena) Harcourt (dau of John Harcourt of Ranton)
1. Richard Peshall 'of Horsley'
  m. Isabel Rolleston (dau of Thomas (not Francis) Rolleston of Derbyshire)
A. Thomas Peshall of Horsley
  m. Joanna Fettiplace (dau of Sir Edmund (probably not John) Fettiplace of Berkshire)
  i. Sir John Peshall 'of Suggenhall', 1st Bart of Horsley, Sheriff of Staffordshire (d 13.01.1646)
  m. Anne Sheldon (dau of Ralph Sheldon of Beoly)
a. Thomas Peshall (b 1596, dvp)
  m. Bridget Stafford (dau of Sir William Stafford of Blatherwick)
  (1) Sir John Peshall or Pershall, 2nd Bart of Horsley (b c1620, d 1701)
  m. (1660) Frances Leigh (dau of Thomas Leigh of Adlington, sister of Thomas)
(A) Sir Thomas Peshall or Pershall, 3rd Bart of Horsley (d 02.1712)
  m. (Rachel) Medcalf
  (i) John (Peter?) Peshall or Pershall 'of Great Sugnal' (dvp 1705)
  m. (1690?) Charlotte Colepeper (natural dau of Thomas, Lord Coleper, by Susan Willis)
  (a) Frances Peshall or Pershall
  m. Thomas Ireland of Salop
  (b) Arabella Peshall or Pershall (bpt 1702, d 01.09.1762)
  m. (23.01.1730) John Campbell, 3rd Earl of Breadalbane
  (B)+ other issue - Bridget, other
  (2) Bridget Peshall
  m. George Massey (son of William of Denfield & Mosse)
(3) Anne Peshall
  m. Christopher Hawley
  (4) Elizabeth Peshall
  m. Sir Robert Bosvile (Boswell) of Blanno
  (5) Lettice Peshall
  m. John Barber of Flashbrook
  b. Humphrey Peshall ancestor of the Peshalls of Halne
  c. Sir William Peshall of Canwell, Staffordshire
  m1. Mary Thimelby (dau of Richard Thimelby)
m2. (before 06.1635) Frances Aston (dau of Walter, Lord Aston)
  (1) Anne Peshall (dsp 05.1711) probably of this generation
  m1. Theobald Taaffe,1st Earl of Carlingford (b c1603, d 31.12.1677)
  m2. (before 1681) Randall Plunkett, 11th Lord of Dunsany (d 16.03.1735)
  (2)+ other issue - John, William, Frances, Mary, Gertrude, Elizabeth
  d. John Peshall
  m. Bridget Knightley (dau of Robert Knightley of Warwickshire)
e. Anne Peshall (d 1650)
  m. Sir Richard Fleetwood, Bart (d 1649)
  f. Elizabeth Peshall
  m. William Scot of Sussex
  g. Dorothy Peshall
  m. William Stanford of Perry Hall
  h. Jane Peshall
  m. Richard Colvert of Cokerem
  i. Katherine Peshall
  m. James Pool of Wirhall
  j. Margaret Peshall
m. Richard Brent
  k. Frances Peshall
  m. John Stanford of Sayford
  l.+ other issue - Ralph, Robert, Philippa
  ii.+ other issue - Thomas (dvp?), Robert
  B. James Peshall or Pershall
  i. Jane Peshall or Pershall
  C. Edmund Peshall of London & Bromley (d 1629, 4th son?)
  m. Mary Bathurst (dau of Lancelot Bathurst (alderman of London), sister of Randle (alderman of London), of family of Finchcocks)
  i. Robert Peshall or Pershall (b c1599, of Lincoln's Inn)
  a. Elizabeth Peshall or Pershall
  m1. Sir Robert Bosvill
  m2. Sir Humphry Style of Langley, Bart (dsp 10.11.1659)
  ii.+ other issue (a 1619) - Edmond of Over (b c1601, a 1664), Thomas (b c1604, a 1664), Mary (b c1611)
  D.+ other issue - Robert, 3 sons, 2 daughters
2.+ other issue - Robert, Edmund

Main source(s): Visitation (Staffordshire, 1614 & 1663-4, Peshall of Horsley), BEB1841 (Peshall of Horsley) with a little support/input from CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p347), King's Staffordshire Pedigrees (1664-1700, Pershall or Peshall)
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