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Families covered: Aspland of Haydon, Anstis of Dulce, Anstis of Lunna, Atye of Kilburn, Attye of Whitby, Alderford of Sunford, Aubertin of Chipstead, Addison of Ovingham

John Aspland of Haydon (d by 1426)
m. Margaret (widow of Nicholas Wiltshire son of Richard son of John of London by Joan, dau of John son of John de Haydon son of Richard de Kelleshull)
1. Robert Aspland of Haydon (d by 1451)
A. John Aspland of Haydon (d 01.05.1476)
  i. John Aspland of Haydon (d 26.01.1512)
  m. Marcia (a 1512)
  a. Robert Aspland of Haydon (b c1500, bur 27.12.1564)
  m. Elizabeth (bur 03.03.1582)
  (1) Marcia Aspland (bur 15.07.1600)
  m. (30.10.1560) Francis Gyll of Haydon (bur 20.05.1595)
  (2) Anne Aspland (bur 04.08.1600)
  m. (28.12.1570) Thomas Freville of Haydon
  (3) Johanna Aspland (bpt 20.06.1545)
  ii. Eudo Aspland (d 1534, Vicar of Haydon & Barley)
  iii. Anne Aspland
  m. Thomas Roberts of Brystead (d 01.12.1535)



John Anstis of Dulce, later of Whitehead in Dulce
m. Dorothy Sowdon (dau/heir of Edward Sowdon of Whiteland)
1. John Anstis 'of Dulce' of Lunna (bur 1692)
m1.(1667) Mary Smith (bur 1669, dau/coheir of George Smith of Lantewy & Lunna by Alicia Parker)
  A. John Anstis of Lunna (b 28.09.1669, d 04.03.1743/4, Garter Principal King of Arms, Bencher, MP)
  m. (before 1700) Elizabeth Cudlipp (bur 1780, dau/heir of Richard Cudlipp of Tavistock)
  i. John Anstis (bpt 1704, bur 1754, Garter Principal King of Arms, 2nd son)
  ii. Mary Anstis (dsps?, bur 1776)
  m. Henry Bennett
  iii. Catherine Anstis (d 1779)
  m. Thomas Bewes of Mortlake (bur 1768)
  iv.+ other issue - John (bpt 1701, bur 1706), Richard (bur 1711), William (bpt 1714, d infant), Philip (bur 1719), Harry (dsp bur 1766, cleric), Rachel (bpt 1700, d infant), Mary, Rachel (b c1721, bur 1725), Ann (bur 1749)
  B. Hannah Anstis (d 1706)
  m. Thomas Bewes (d 1709)
  m2. (06.10.1670) Mary Laundry (bur 1706)
  C. Mary Anstis



Sir Arthur Atye of Keeleborne (Kilborne), Middlesex
m1. (after 11.1582) Anne Quarles (dsp, dau of John Quarles of London, widow of William Ricthorne of Cannonbury)
m2. Judith Hungerford (dau of Walter Hungerford of Cadnam, m2. Sir John Dormer)
1. Robert Atye of Keeleborne (Kilburn Priory)
  m. (Jane) St. John (dau of Sir John St. John of Lidyard, m2. Sir Charles Pleydell)
  A. Anne or Ellenor Atye (b 04.06.1608, bur 22.11.1678)
  m. (22.02.1623-4) Sir William Roberts of Wilsdon
2. Thomas Atye
3. Charles Atye of London (a 1633)
  m. (01.1626) Elizabeth Dale (dau of William Dale of London)
  A.+ issue - Arthur, Edmond, Charles, Judith, Elizabeth
4. Anne Atye
  m. John Fortescue of Fulborne (and/or Sallome)



James Attye of Whitby
m. Isabella Weatherill (dau of G. Weatherill)
1. James Attye (2nd son)
  m. Harriott or Hannah Middleton (dau of Robert Middleton)
  A. James Attye had issue
  m1. (1807) Harriot Whichcote (d 1810, dau of Sir Thomas Whichcote of Aswarby, Bart, by Diana Turner)
  m2. Catherine Hall (dau of Rev. Thomas Hall of Westborough & Doddington)
  B. George Attye (b c1772, d unm 1797)
  C. Robert Middleton Attye 'of Snitterfield' of Ingon Grange, Sheriff of Warwickshire (d 1862) had issue
  BLG1886 ('Attye of Ingon Grange') shows that Robert married ...
  m. (1810) Margareta Lucy Willes (dau of William Willes (Archdeacon of Wells) son of Edward, Bishop of Bath & Wells)



John Alderford of Sunford, Warwickshire
1. William Alderford of Luckford
  m. Mawde Evererd (dau/heir of Thomas Evered of London)
  A. Walter Alderford
  m. Joane Brooke (dau/heir of Thomas Brooke of Knightwick)
i. John Alderford 'of Knightwick' of Sunford
  m. Lettice Sheldon (dau/heir of John Sheldon of Pascher)
  a. John Alderford of Sunford (Salford Abbots)
  m1. Frances Sheldon (dau of Richard Sheldon of Specheley by Katherine, dau of Thomas Littleton (son of Judge Littleton))
  m2. Elizabeth Dormer (dau of Peter Dormer 'of Newbottle' by Anne Crips)
  (1) Margaret Alderford (d 02.05.1617) apparently of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Sir Simon Clarke of Broom Court, Salford Priors, etc., 1st Bart (b 1579, d c1642)
  (2) Eleanor Alderford probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Charles Stanford of Salford
  b. Elianor (Ellen) Alderford
  m. John Woodward
  c.+ other issue - William, Francis, Anne, Joys



Paul Aubertin of Metz (b 07.11.1650, d by 1721)
m. Judith Figuier (a 1721)
1. Paul Aubertin of Neuchatel (b 06.01.1695, d 02.1776)
  m. (21.07.1718) Catherine de Vigneulle (d 11.1777, dau of Louis de Vigneulle of Berne by Madeleine Sechehaye)
  A. Peter Aubertin of Chipstead, Surrey (b 04.02.1775, d 09.11.1861, Rector of Chipstead & Yewlands, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (06.07.1809) Henrietta Lambert (b 1780, d 27.10.1870, dau of Daniel Lambert of Banstead by Mary, dau of John Simpson of Stratford)
  B.+ other issue - Paul Elie of Rotterdam (bpt 21.06.1724,. bur 27.05.1805), Jaques (bpt 20.06.1728, bur 22.06.1728), Madelaine Catherine (bpt 10.07.1721, bur 04.03.1783?), Judith Madelaine (bpt 19.09.1722, bur 30.10.1722), Judith Madelaine (bpt 09.08.1727, bur 18.04.1786), Francois Henriette (bpt 24.12.1729), Marie (bpt 17.02.1731, bur 26.01.1811), Marguerite (bpt 26.07.1732), Henriette Francoise (bpt 22.05.1734), Marguerite Louise (bpt 13.05.1743), Susanne (bur 04.09.1751)



John Addison of Ovingham, co. Northumberland
m. _ Fenwick of East Heddon
1. John Addison of Ovingham (d 1644)
  m. Isabell Liddell (dau of Sir Thomas Liddell of Ravensworth, Bart)
  A. Francis Addison of Ovingham (b 1640-1, a 08.1666, 2nd son)
  m. (19.08.1662) Margaret Scurfield (bpt 09.08.1639, dau of George Scurfield of Elstob)
  i.+ issue - Thomas (bpt 08.12.1663, d infant), John (b c05.1666, a 08.1666)
  B. Isabel Addison
  m. Charles Shafto of Carrecoates
  C. Elizabeth Addison
  m. Oswald Hynde of Stelling
  D.+ other issue - John (dsp), Thomas, Mary

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