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Families covered: Echingham of Echingham (Echyngham of Echyngham or Etchingham), Itchingham of Dunbrody, Easton of Easton (Eston of Eston), Eston of Kingston

Simon de Echingham of Echingham or Etchingham
1. William de Echingham of Echingham (dsp before 04.1253)
  m. Margery Montagu (dau of William de Montagu of Chiselborogh)
2. Simon de Echingham of Echingham (b c1228)
  A. Sir William de Echingham of Echingham (d before 11.05.1294)
  m. Katherine (a 06.1288)
  i. Sir William de Echingham, Sheriff of Surrey and Sussex, Lord Echingham (b 02.02.1265/6, dsps before 19.06.1326)
  m. (before 19.10.1291) Eve Stopham (dau of Sir Ralph de Stopham of Bryanston)
  a. Joan Echingham (dvp)
  ii. Robert de Echingham of Echingham (dsp 1327)
  iii. Sir Simon de Echingham of Echingham
It is a presumption, albeit seemingly a reasonable one, that this Simon (the last person mentioned by TCP) was the same person as the Sir Simon who was the first mentioned in the Visitation.
  a. Sir William Echingham
  (1) Sir James Echingham
Visitation identifies Sir James's heir as William, married to Joan Thorpe, widow of Sir John Clifton, and shows them as parents of the Sir William who married Joan FitzAlan. TCP (Thorpe) reports that Joan was married first to Sir Robert Echingham and then to Sir John Clifton and that she had only one child, a daughter by Sir John. We presume that Visitation confused brothers, as follows ...
  (A) Sir Robert Echingham
  m. (sp) Joan Thorpe (dau of Sir Edmund Thorpe of Ashwell Thorpe)
  (B) Sir William Echingham
  (i) Sir William Echingham of Echingham
  m. Joan FitzAlan (dau of John FitzAlan of Arundel, Lord Maltravers)
  (a) Sir Thomas Echingham of Echingham (d 1444)
Visitation reports only 1 wife, identified only as a Knevett, but TCP (Audley) identifies Margaret as probably by Sir Thomas's 2nd wife, "Margaret, da. of John Knyvett (senior)." The name of his 1st wife was found on a web site. We presume that all children were by Margaret.
  m1. Agnes Shoyswell (dau of John de Shoyswell)
m2. Margaret Knyvett (dau of John Knyvett, senior)
  ((1)) Sir Thomas Echingham of Echingham
  m. Margaret West (dau of Reignold West, Lord Delaware)
  ((A)) Margaret Echingham (d 1481)
  m1. William Blount, younger of Mountjoy (d after Barnet 1471)
  m2. Sir John Elrington
  ((B)) Anne (or Elizabeth) Echingham
  m1. Sir Goddard Oxenbridge
  m2. Roger Fynes
  ((i)) Anne Fynes
  m. John Windsor
((2)) Richard Echingham
  m. Elizabeth Walron
  ((A)) John Echingham
  m. Anne Lewknor
  ((i)) Sir Edward Echingham or Itchingham of Barsham
  m. Anne Wingfield (dau of Sir John Wingfield by Elizabeth, dau of Sir John Fitzlewes)
  ((a)) Anne Echingham or Itchingham
  m. Sir Owen Hopton (Lt. of Tower of London)
  ((b)) Mary Echingham
  m. John Blannerhasett of Suffolk
  ((c))+ other issue - Edward, Mary
  partner unknown
((d)) Sir Osborne Echingham of Ireland
  ((ii))+ other issue - Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary
  ((3)) Margaret Echingham
  m. John Winter of Norfolk
  ((A))+ issue - John, Richard
  ((4)) Anne Echingham (d 07.05.1498)
  m1. John Rogers of Bryanston (d 08.1450)
  m2. (before 1456) John Touchet, 6th Lord Audley (d 26.09.1490)
  ((5)) Elizabeth Echingham
  m. William Winter
  ((A)) John Winter
  (b) Elizabeth Echingham
  m. Sir Thomas Hoo (d 1420)
  (c) Joan Echingham
  m. Sir John Bayntun of Faulston (b c1424, d 1465)



Provisionally, we place the following family alongside the above on the basis that it appears that Itchingham and Echingham were variations of the same family name. We speculate that the following family was somehow connected with the above family.
?? Itchingham
1. Sir Osborne Itchingham of Dunbrody Monastery (a 1545)
  A. Edward Itchingham of Dunbrody
2. ?? Itchingham
  A. Charles Itchingham of Dunbrody cousin/heir of Edward
  i. John Itchingham
  a. Osborne Itchingham (d 07.1655)
  m1. Elenor Savage (dau of Sir Arthur Savage of Rheban)
  (1) Charles Itchingham
  (A) John Itchingham of Dunbrody
  m. Sarah Loftus (dau of Sir Adam Loftus of Rathfarnham (Vice Treasurer))
  (i) Jane Itchingham (d before 22.05.1712)
  m. (09.03.1660/1) Arthur Chichester, 2nd Earl of Donegall (d 26.10.1678)
  (ii)+ other issue (d unm) - Osborne, Adam
  m2. (sp) Anne St. Lawrence



Edward Eston of Bishop Morchard, Devon
1. John Eston of Eston, Devon
  A. John Eston of Eston (dsp)
  B. Joane Eston
  m. William Wynslade
  C.+ other issue - Thomas of Tawton (dsp), John of Tawnton (dspm)
2. Richard Eston of Branscombe
  A. Richard Eston of Kingston, Somerset
  m. Margaret Towell (dau of John Towell of Roulswill)
  i. John Eston of Kingston
m. Alice Richards (dau of William Richards of Churchenford)
  a. John Eston of Eston
  m. Christian Michell (dau of George Michell of Cleve)
  (1) John Eston of Eston (d c1606, 2nd son)
  m. (1590) Margaret Arundell (dau of Sir John Arundell of Lanherne, m2. George Drewe)
  (A) John Easton of Easton (d 05.04.1630)
  m. Frances Eveleigh (dau of George Eveleigh of Holcombe)
  (i) Dorothy Easton (d 1660)
  m. Gabriel Greene (d 1685)
  (B) Thomas Easton of Chidiock possibly father of ...
  (i) John Easton of Broadclist
  m. Barbara (d by 1664)
  (a) John Easton
  ((1)) John Easton of Bradford
  m. Joane (d 1728)
  (b) Mary Easton
(C) Mary Easton
  m. _ Tattershal
  (D)+ other issue - Anne, Constance, Margaret, Christian
  (2) Mary Eston
  m. Christopher Eastcot
  (3) Mabell Eston
  m. Robert Dowrish
  (4) Joane Eston
  m1. George Eastcot
  m2. John Spurrier of Porlock
  (5) Anne Eston
  m. Thomas Stone
  (6) Grace Eston
  m. _ Mathew of Exton
  (7)+ other issue (dsp) - John, William, George, Richard, Thomas, Charles (dsp?)
  ii. John Eston
3. Edward Eston

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