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Families covered: Hoo of Hoo
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This top section comes from Visitation. We have doubts about its reliabilty and so show it in italics.
Robert, lord of Hoo (d 26.10.1000)
m. Anne (dau of John, Lord Griffth of Wales)
1. Thomas, lord of Hoo (d 1042)
  m. Agnes (d 19.10.1048, dau of Sir William Wawton)
A. Robert, lord of Hoo (d 23.02.1129)
  m. Wilmott (d 24.11.1148, dau of John Malmaynes of Normandy)
  i. Robert, lord of Hoo (d 01.08.1166)
  m. Rosamond (d 1191, dau of Thomas, Lord Chelron)
  a. Alexander, lord of Hoo
  m. Darnell (dau of Alexander, King of Scots)
  (1) Robert, lord of Hoo
  (A) Robert, lord of Hoo (d 09.05.1310)
  m. Beatrix (d 28.05.1314, dau of Alexander, lord of Andevill in Normandy)
  BE1883 starts with the following Robert albeit without identifying the wives of the next 2 generations. TCP (Hoo) supports the following descent.
  (i) Robert de Hoo of Hoo, Knebbeworth, etc. - continued below
  m. Hawise FitzWarin (d 02.09.1344, dau of Sir Fulk FitzWarin)



Robert de Hoo of Hoo, Knebbeworth, etc. (d by 1339 (1342?), possibly 01.11.1311) - continued above
m. Hawise FitzWarin (d 02.09.1344, dau of Sir Fulk FitzWarin)
1. Sir Thomas Hoo of Hoo (d 28.09.1380)
m. (before 16.06.1335) Isabel (or Elizabeth) St. Leger (b c1320, d 22.07.1393, dau of Sir John St.Leger)
  A. Sir William Hoo of Hoo (d 22.11.1410, 2nd son)
  m1. _ Wingfield mentioned only by Carthew (see grandson William below)
  m(2). Alice St. Maur (d 10.10.1456, dau of Sir Thomas St. Maur, or St. Omer, by Pernel (Jane), dau of Nicholas Malmayns of Ockley)
  BE1883 shows that Thomas, son of Sir William and Alice, was the Thomas who became Lord of Hoo and Hastings and married Elizabeth Felton then Elizabeth Wichingham. TCP & Visitation show that that was his grandson Thomas, providing an intervening generation ...
  i. Sir Thomas Hoo of Luton Hoo, etc. (d 23.08.1420)
  m1. (by 02.1394/5) Eleanor Felton (dau of Sir Thomas de Felton)
Visitation appears to confuse the marriages over this and the next generation. Except as noted below, we follow TCP.
  a. Sir Thomas Hoo of Luton Hoo, etc., Lord Hoo of Hoo and Hastings (d 13.02.1454/5)
  m1. Elizabeth Wychingham (dau of Nicholas Wynchingham of Wynchingham)
  (1) Anne Hoo (b by 1425)
  m. Geoffrey Boleyn, Lord Mayor of London (d 1471)
m2. Eleanor Welles (dau of Lionel Welles, Lord Welles)
  (2) Anne Hoo (b c1446)
  m. Sir Roger Copley
  (3) Eleanor Hoo (b c1448)
  m1. Thomas Echingham (dsp)
  m2. (by 1468) Sir James Carew of Beddington
  (4) Elizabeth Hoo (b c1450)
  m1. Thomas Massingberd
  m2. Sir John Devenish of Hellingleigh
  b. William Hoo of Wissett
  William is shown as of this generation & marriage only by Carthew, used for the contination.
  m1. Rose Glemham (dau of John Glemham of Suffolk)
  m2. Cissella Veasadu (dau of Thomas Veasadu)
  m2. Elizabeth Etchingham (dau of William de Etchingham)
  c. Thomas Hoo (dsp or dspm 08.10.1486)
TCP reports that this Thomas either dsp or dspm. However, Visitation (which reports that he died in 1480) shows him with the following family. Some caution with this connection is recommended. It is possible that it is not exact but 'not far off': for example, it is possible that Thomas had a daughter whose husband or son took the name Hoo and was one of the undermentioned Thomases.
  m. _ Norwood
  (1) Thomas Hoo of Hoo (d 20.03.1516)
  m. Maude Bardolph (dau of Edmond Bardolph)
  (A) Thomas Hoo of Hoo (d 11.06.1551)
  m. _ Newnham (dau of John Newman or Newnham of Hatfield)
(i) Thomas Hoo of Hoo
  m. Lucy Brockett (sister of Sir John Brockett)
  (a) Thomas (or Nicholas) Hoo (of Hoo)
  Visitation ends with this generation. It is a presumption that Thomas (or his younger brother Nicholas) was father of the following William whose family details come from BEB1841 (Bickley of Attleborough).
  ((1)) William Hoo of the Hoo possibly of this generation
  m. Mary Bickley (dau of Sir Francis Bickley, 1st Bart of Attleburgh)
  ((A)) Thomas Hoo of the Hoo (dsp)
  ((B)) Susannah Hoo (bpt 26.12.1639, d 11.06.1673)
  m. (01.05.1655) Sir Jonathan Keate, 1st Bart of The Hoo (d 1700)
BEB1841 reports that Susannah was "in a direct line from the Lord of Hastings and Hoo, of whose famiy she was the heir general, and the sole inheritrix of those ancient posessions that remained to the barony; the Lord, her ancestor ...". Note that we do not show Susannah as a direct descendant of Lord Hoo but of his half-brother.
  (b) Margaret Hoo
  m. George Asden
  (c) Grace Hoo
  m. Francis Markham
(d)+ other issue - Nicholas (or Thomas), Jane, Thomasin
  (ii) Anne Hoo (bur 30.10.1575)
  m. Thomas Reade of Abingdon (bur 27.04.1556)
  (iii) Dorothy Hoo
  m. William Cater of Uffington
  (iii) Margaret Hoo
  m. Nicholas Brockett
  B. Joan Hoo (d 30.05.1394) possibly of this generation
  m. (before 27.04.1371) Henry Ferrers, 4th Lord of Groby (b 16.02.1355/6, d 03.02.1387/8)
  C.+ other issue - Thomas (dvp?), Robert
2. Cecily Hoo probably of this generation
  m. John Bacon of Hessett

Main source(s): Visitation (Berkshire, 1532+1566+1623+1665-6, Reade of Barton), TCP (Hoo), BE1883 (Hoo of Hoo and Hastings)
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