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Families covered: Bayntun (Baynton or Bainton) of Bromham, Bayntun (Baynton or Bainton) of Faulston (Falson)

Commoners provides the first few generations of this family but it should be noted that the family web site referred to below disagrees with much of it. This leaves us with somewhat of a quandary as we are impressed by that web site but, in the absence of detailed analysis of how it sourced its information, feel obliged to give some precedence to Commoners & Visitation even though we know that they are not always reliable. By following Commoners (& Visitation) for some generations, and the family site on others, the following represents something of a compromise and so may not be fully accurate. Commoners starts with ...
Sir Henry Bayntun or Bainton or Baynton (Knight Marshal to King Henry II who r. 1154-1189)
1. John Bayntun
  A. Ralph Bayntun
  m. Eleanor Eyngrove (dau of Sir Simon Eyngrove)
  i. Ralph Bayntun
  m. Maud Obington (dau of Sir John Obington)
  a. Ralph Bayntun
  m. Margaret Burwash (dau of Stephen Burwash)
  The family web site omits most of the above generations, showing the following Henry as son of Walter, son of Sir Henry the Knight Marshal.
  (1) Henry Bayntun (a 1262)
  m. Jane Sinton (dau of Sir Hamon Sinton)
(A) Thomas Bayntun of Falston or Faulston (b c1300, d 28.05.1358)
  Visitation starts with this Thomas and, like Commoners, shows his wife as Beatrix, dau of Ralph Basset. The family web site & BE1883 show his wife as ...
  m. Margaret de Grimstead (d 07.1340, dau of Richard de Grimstead by Edith de Tablier, dau of Guido de Tablier of Faulston)
  Commoners & Visitation both show Thomas's son/heir as John "of the county of Wilts" and father of Nicholas (who married Joan Roche) by Helen, dau of Sir John Fitz Ellis. The family web site, supported by BE1883, shows the next few generations as follows:
  (i) Nicholas Bayntun of Falston or Faulston (b 1334/5, d 1372)
  m. Joan de Berwick (dau of Gilbert de Berwick)
  (a) Nicholas Bayntun of Faulston (b 1358, d 1412)
  m. Joan Daundeley
  ((1)) Nicholas Bayntun of Faulston (b 1382, d 1422) - continued below
  m. (1401) Joan de la Roche (dau of Sir John de la Roche of Bromham)
  (ii) Cecily Bayntun
2. Henry Bayntun (d 1201)



Nicholas Bayntun of Faulston (b 1382, d 1422) - continued above
m. (1401) Joan de la Roche (dau of Sir John de la Roche of Bromham by Wilhelma de la Mare)
1. Sir John Bayntun of Faulston, Sheriff of Wiltshire (b 1407, d c1447)
Commoners shows John's wife as Jane, dau of Sir Richard Dandeleigh. Visitation shows her as Jane, sister of John Dandeley but with connections which indicate confusion with the Dudley family. Note that the family web site shows his grandmother as Joan Daundeley which may have given rise to the confusion. The family site & BE1883 identify her as ...
  m. Joan Dudley (dau of Sir Robert Dudley of Clopton)
  A. Sir John Bayntun of Faulston (b c1424, d 1465)
  m1. Joan Echingham (dau of Sir William Echingham of Echingham by Joan FitzAlan)
  i. Sir Robert Bayntun of Faulston and Bromham (b 1439, d 1473)
  Sir Robert was attainted after fighting against 'King Edward IV' at the battle of Tewkesbury. Visitation identifies his wife as Elizabeth, dau of Haute of "Com Cancii" i.e. Kent. The family web site identifies her as ...
  m. Elizabeth Haute (dau of William Haute of Waddenhall by Joan Wydeville)
  a. John Bayntun of Bromham (b 1460, d 31.10.1516)
  m. (1480) Joan Digges (dau of Thomas Digges of Chilham)
  (1) Sir Edward Bayntun of Bromham (b 1480, d 27.11.1544)
  m1. (c1505) Elizabeth Sulliard (dau of Sir John Sulliard of Baylham)
  m2. (1532) Isabel Leigh (dau of Sir Ralph Leigh)
  (2) Richard Bayntun
  (A) Richard Bayntun of Bromham (d before 15.12.1595)
  (i) issue - Henry, Mary, Jane, Rachel, Prudence
  (3) Eleanor Bayntun
  m. Richard Hill of Michell Dean (Mitcheldean)
  (4) Margery Bayntun (d 1563)
  m. _ Knighton of Sussex
  (5)+ other issue - John, Thomas, Elizabeth (nun), Margaret
  b.+ other issue - Elizabeth (a 10.1515), Jane (b 1455)
  ii. Henry Bayntun
  a. Jane Bayntun
  m. Thomas Prowse of Devon
  iii.+ other issue - Edward, William (a 1496), Thomas, Jane
  m2. (1456) Katherine Payne (dau of Thomas Payne of Payneshay)
  B.+ other issue (dsp) - Thomas, Edward
2.+ other issue - Agnes, Alice, Elizabeth, Isabel

Main source(s): Commoners (vol iv, Starkey of Bromham), Visitation (Wiltshire, 1623, Bainton) with support & some contradiction from the impressive site at www.bayntun-history.com and some support from BEB1841 (Baynton-Rolt of Spye Park), BE1883 (Wilmot of Rochester)
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