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Families covered: FitzAlan of Arundel, FitzAlan of Maltravers

Richard FitzAlan, 9th Earl of Arundel (b c1313, d 24.01.1375/6)
m1. (09.02.1320/1, div 1345) Isabel Despencer (dau of Hugh Despencer, 'the younger', Lord Despencer)
Richard divorced Isabel, to whom he had been married when a young child, after her father had been attainted and executed. According to TCP (Arundel), "the Pope very obligingly annulled the marriage and bastardised the issue: a very unfair proceeding as far as Edmund d'Arundel was concerned."
1. Edmund FitzAlan (b c1327)
2. Philippa FitzAlan (aka Philippa Arundel)
  m. Sir Richard Sergeaux of Cornwall (d 1393)
3. Mary FitzAlan (d 29.08.1396)
BE1883 shows only Philippa as by Richard's first marriage, showing Mary as 3rd daughter of the 2nd marriage (ie 4th overall), but TCP (Strange) specifically identifies Mary as being by Richard's marriage to Isabel Despencer whilst TCP (Arundel) confirms that there were 1 son and 2 daughters by the first marriage.
  m. John le Strange, 4th Lord of Blackmere (b c04.1332, d 12.05.1361)
m2. (05.02.1345) Eleanor Plantagenet (b 1311/c1316, d 11.01.1372, dau of Henry Plantagenet, 3rd Earl of Lancaster)
4. Richard FitzAlan, 10th Earl of Arundel (d c1398)
  m1. (1359) Elizabeth de Bohun (dau of William de Bohun,1st Earl of Northampton)
  A. Thomas FitzAlan, 11th Earl of Arundel (dsp 1415)
  m. Beatrice (natural dau of John, King of Portugal (by Inez Perez), m2. John Holand, Duke of Exeter)
  B. Elizabeth FitzAlan (d 08.07.1425)
m1. William de Montacute, younger of Salisbury (dvpsp 06.08.1382)
  m2. (1385) Thomas de Mowbray, 1st Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshal (d 22.09.1400)
  m3. Sir Gerard Ufflete
  m4. Sir Robert Goushill of Heveringham (Hoveringham)
  C. Joan FitzAlan
  m. Sir William de Beauchamp, 1st Lord of Abergavenny (d 08.05.1411)
  D. Margaret FitzAlan
  m. Sir Rowland Lenthall of Hampton Court, Hereford
  E. Alice FitzAlan
  m. John Cherleton, Lord Powis
  p. Henry Beaufort, Cardinal, Lord Chancellor of England (b 1375, d 11.04.1447)
  m2. (15.08.1390) Philippa Mortimer (dau of Edmund, Earl of March, widow of John Hastings)
5. John FitzAlan of Arundel, Lord Maltravers, Marshal of England (d 1379)
  m. Eleanor Maltravers, Baroness Maltravers (b 1345, d 10.01.1404/5, dau of Sir John Maltravers, younger of Maltravers)
  A. John FitzAlan, Lord Maltravers (b 1365, d 1391)
  m. Elizabeth le Despencer (dau of Hugh le Despencer)
  i. John FitzAlan, Lord Maltravers, 12th Earl of Arundel (d 21.04.1421)
  m. Eleanor Berkeley (d 01.08.1455, dau of Sir John Berkeley of Beverston)
  a. John FitzAlan, Lord Maltravers, 13th Earl of Arundel (d 1435)
  m1. Constance Cornwall (dau of John Cornwall, Lord Fanhope)
  m2. Maud Lovel (dau of Sir Robert Lovel)
(1) John FitzAlan, 14th Earl of Arundel, Duke of Tourraine (b c1429, dsp 1438)
  b. William FitzAlan, 15th Earl of Arundel (d 1488)
  m. Joane Nevill (dau of Richard Nevill, Earl of Salisbury)
  (1) Thomas FitzAlan, 16th Earl of Arundel (d 1524)
  m. (1464) Margaret Wydeville (b c1439, dau of Richard Wydeville, 1st Earl Rivers)
(A) William FitzAlan, 17th Earl of Arundel (d 1544)
  m1. (1511) Anne Percy (d 1552, dau of Henry Percy, 4th Earl of Northumberland)
  (i) Henry FitzAlan, 18th Earl of Arundel (d 1580)
  m1. Catherine Grey (dau of Thomas Grey, 2nd Marquess of Dorset)
  (a) Henry FitzAlan, Lord Maltravers or Mautravers (b 1538, dvpsp 30.06.1556)
  m. (04.1555) Ann Wentworth (dsp 05.12.1580, dau of Sir John Wentworth of Gosfield)
(b) Joanna FitzAlan (dsps 1576)
  m. John Lumley, Baron Lumley (b c1533, dsp 11.04.1609)
  (c) Mary FitzAlan (b 1540, d 25.08.1557)
  m. (1556) Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk (b 10.03.1536, d 30.09.1572)
  m2. Mary Arundel (d 20.10.1557, dau of Sir John Arundel of Lanherne)
  (ii)+ 2 daughters (d unm)
  m2. Elizabeth Willoughby (dau of Robert Willoughby, Lord Broke)
  (vi+) other issue (d unm) - Margaret, Elizabeth
  (B) Edward FitzAlan
  (C) Margaret FitzAlan
  m. John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln (dsp Stoke 16.06.1487)
  (D) Joane FitzAlan
  m. (spm) Sir George Nevill, 5th Lord Bergavenny (b 07.1483, d 1535)
(2)+ other issue - William, George, John, Mary
  Identified in Visitation (Kent, 1574, Willoughby) as a brother of John, Earl of Arundel, and possibly of this generation, was ...
  c. Sir Richard Arundell
  (1) Joan Arundell
  m. Sir Thomas Willoughby of Parham
  ii. Edmund FitzAlan
  iii. Sir Thomas FitzAlan of Beechwood
  a. Eleanor FitzAlan
  m1. Sir Thomas Browne of Beechworth Castle
  m2. Sir Thomas Vaughan
  B. Sir Wiliam FitzAlan or Arundell a temp Henry 4 who r. 1399-1413)
  The following connection comes from MGH (NS1, vol 4 (1884), p98).
  i. William Arundell
  m. Christiana
a. Ralf Arundell
  m. Juliana
  (1) Alicia Arundell
  m. Bartholomew Collingridge or Colridge
  (A) Ursula Collingridge or Colridge
  m. Geffery Dormer of Thame
  C. Margaret FitzAlan (or Arundel) (d 03.07.1438) shown by BE1883 as of the next generation but by TCP (Ros) as of this generation
  m. William de Ros, 7th Lord (d 01.09.1414)
  D. Joan FitzAlan
  m. Sir William Echingham of Echingham
  E.+ other issue - Thomas (Edward), Henry
6. Thomas FitzAlan, Bishop of Ely, Archbishop of York, Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Chancellor of England (d 19.02.1413)
7. Joane FitzAlan (d 07.04.1419)
  m. Humphrey de Bohun, 2nd Earl of Northampton, 7th Earl of Hereford, Earl of Essex (b 25.03.1341/2, d 16.01.1372)
8. Alice FitzAlan HJY
  m. Thomas Holand, 2nd Earl of Kent (d 25.04.1397) HJY
9. Eleanor FitzAlan
  m. Robert de Ufford (dvpsp)

Main source(s): BE1883 (FitzAlan of Arundel)
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