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Families covered: Blennerhassett of Barsham, Blennerhassett of Boyland Hall, Blennerhassett of Castle Hassett, Blennerhassett of Frenze (Frens), Blennerhassett of Horsford, Blennerhassett of The Laythes

Ralph Blennerhasset (Blenerhayset or Bleverhassett) of Frenze (Norfolk) (d 08.11.1475)
m. (c1422) Joan Lowdham (b c1404, d 20.06.1501, dau of John Lowdham of Lowdham & Frenze, widow of Thomas Heveningham)
(1) BP1934 (Blennerhassett) reports that Joan's mother was Joan, dau of Sir William Kelvedon of Kelvedon. However, Visitation suggests that John was son (by Maude) of Sir Thomas son of the John who married Jane, dau of Sir William Kelveden of Braxsted which is supported by BIFR1976.
(2) Until later generations, when Blenerhassett is used, Visitation (Norfolk) shows Bleverhassett as the family name. Visitation (Suffolk) uses Blenhayset or Blennerhassett. We keep to Blennerhassett throughout.
1. John Blennerhassett of Frenze or Frens (b 1423, d 07.11.1510)
  m1. Jane Higham (dau of Thomas Higham or Heigham of Higham Greene)
A. Sir Thomas Blennerhassett of Frens or Frenze & Boyland Hall (b 1461, d 17.06.1531)
  m1. Jane Sutton
  i. George Blennerhassett of Frenze, Boyland Hall & Kenninghall (b 1501, d by 1544)
  m1. Anne Covert (dau/heir of John Covert of Slougham by Isabel Pelham)
  a. Mary Blennerhassett of Boyland Hall (Norfolk) (b 1517, dsp 17.09.1587)
  m1. Thomas Colepeper or Culpeper of Wakehurst (dsp, son of Nicholas of Wakehurst)
  m2. (24.05.1573) Francis Bacon of Hessett (d 13.12.1580)
  m2. (sp) Margaret Jernegan (dau of Edward Jermingham or Jernegan of Somerleyton, sister of Sir John (not George))
  m3. _ L'Estrange
  ii. Edward Blennerhassett (dsp by 1540)
  m. Anne Cobbe (dau of Geoffrey Cobbe of Sandringham, widow of Richard Dade of Witton)
iii. Mary or Jane Blennerhassett (dsp)
  m. John Meux of Meulx of Kingston, Isle of Wight
  m2. Margaret Braham (d 23.07.1561, dau of John Braham of Wethringsett or Wetheringsett)
  iv. Thomas Blennerhassett (rector of Bressingham)
  v. John Blennerhassett of Barsham, Boyland Hall & Frenze (bur 13.07.1573)
  m1. Elizabeth Cornwallis (dau of Sir John Cornwallis of Broome)
a. Elizabeth Blennerhassett
  m. (29.06.1561) Lionel Throckmorton of South Elman & Bungay (d 24.11.1599)
  m2. (1523) Mary Ichingham (dau of Sir Edward Ichingham or Echingham of Barsham)
  b. Thomas Blennerhassett of Barsham (d 05.1599)
  BIFR1976 reports that Suckling says that Thomas dsp whilst Norris says he had issue: Samuel of Frenze, Barsham & Kelvedon [who had Anne (m. William Glover of Campsey Ash) & Elizabeth (a 1662, m. Robert Aldhouse of Ashboklin)], 2 sons, then Thomas (d infant 14.02.1590). Visitation (Suffolk, 1561) shows his family as follows:
  m. Mary Heydon (dau of Sir Christopher Heydon of Baconsthorpe)
  (1)+ issue - John, 3 sons, Mary, Rachel, daughter
  c. Helen or Ellyn Blennerhassett
m. (1571) Henry Gurney of Great Ellingham
  d. Katherine Blennerhassett (d 23.01.1584)
  m. John Cornwallis of Soham Lodge (son of Richard of Badlingham by Margaret Lowthe)
  e.+ other issue - Edward, John (d 1608), George, Ralph (bpt 03.1558, bur 13.03.1563), Richard (bpt 24.04.1566), Margaret, Frances (bur 23.06.1600), Anne (bpt 09.05.1563)
  vi. Elizabeth Blennerhassett
  m1. Lionel Lowthe (grandson (not son) of Thomas of Sawtrey Bealmes)
  m2. Francis Clopton of Melford
  vii. Agnes (Annys) Blennerhassett
  m. Sir Anthony Rouse of Dennyngton (d 08.02.1545)
viii. Anne Blennerhassett (d 16.04.1577)
  m1. George Duke of Brampton (d 26.07.1551)
  m2. Peter Read or Rede of Gimingham (d 1568)
  ix. Margaret Blennerhassett (d 15.12.1558)
  m1. John Spilman or Spelman of Narburgh or Narborough (son of Sir John, judge)
  m2. John Eyre of Bury St. Edmunds and Lynn (dsp 27.12.1545)
  x. Katherine Blennerhassett (d 1558)
  m1. (sp) John Gosnold of Shrubland Park (d before 07.11.1554, son of Robert of Otley)
  m2. Anthony Wingfield of Sybeton or Sibton (d 1593, son of Sir Anthony of Letheringham)
  B. Robert (probably not Ralph) Blennerhassett of Prynsthorpe or Princethorpe
  m. Margaret Kemp (dau of Robert Kemp of Gissinge)
  i. Edward Blennerhassett of Blunham, Bedfordshire
  m. Mary Cressett of Shropshire
  a. Samuel Blennerhassett of Blunham
  m. _ Duke (dau of Edward Duke of Gimmingham)
  ii. Thomas Blennerhassett of Plumpsted, Norfolk (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Aslake (dau/coheir of Williams Aslake of Carrow, m2. John Lany of Cratfield)
  iii. William Blennerhassett of Horsford & The Laythes ("Hassett's Hall"), Norfolk (d 12.1598)
  m1. (1549) Ann Colby (dau of John Colby of Brundish)
  a. Sir Edward Blennerhassett of Horning & The Laythes & Bannaghmore in co. Tyrone (d c1618)
  m. (1577) Susan Pickarell (dau of Ralph Pickarell or Pickering or Pickrell of Cringleford)
  (1) Ralph Blennerhassett of The Laythes & Rossbeg (co Fermanagh) (d 1660)
  m. _ Deth (dau/coheir of _ Deth of Gimingham)
  (A) Edward Blennerhassett of The Laythes & Belleek (co Fermanagh) (d 1663)
  m. (after 1639) Frances Palgrave (dau of Sir Austin Palgrave of Northwood Barningham)
  (i) Edward Blennerhassett of The Laythes (bpt 31.05.1650, d 1702, 2nd son)
  (ii) John Blennerhassett of Caister on Sea, Norfolk (b 1652, dsp 11.06.1704)
  m. (14.02.1687) Elizabeth Rowe (d 1719, dau of John Rowe, alderman of Great Yarmouth)
  (iii)+ other issue - Augustine (bpt 1648, dunm 1679), Mary, Elizabeth
  (B) William Blennerhassett
  (i) William Blennerhassett of London (a 1704)
  (a) John Blennerhassett (b c1702)
  (ii) John Blennerhassett of London (a 1674)
  (C) Elizabeth Blennerhassett
  m. (1634) Edward Osborne of Seething (b c1607, d 1670)
(D) Rebecca (?) Blennerhassett
  m. Francis Cock (son of Francis of Norwich)
  (E) Frances Blennerhassett
  m. (1647) John Harmer of Mundesley
  (F) Susan Blennerhassett (bpt 09.1622)
  m. Thomas Buxton of Aslacton
(G)+ other issue - Deborah (bpt 04.08.1629), Mary (bpt 07.10.1630, d unm 1674)
  (2) Sir John Blennerhassett (d 14.11.1624, Chief Baron of the Exchequer, MP)
  m. Urslua Duke (d 20.04.1638, dau of Edward Duke of Benhall)
  (A) Elizabeth Blennerhassett
  m. (before 1638) Charles Monck
  (B) Dorothy Blennerhassett
  m. (before 1638) Francis Sacheverell of Legacorry
  (i) Anne Sacheverell (b 1632, d c1706, heir) probably of this generation
  m. Edward Richardson of Legacorry (d 1690)
  (C) Dorothy Blennerhassett
  m. (before 1638) Philip Ferneley of Dublin (remembrancer)
  (D)+ other issue (a 1624) - Henry (dsp), Ambrose (d unm before 1638), Edward (d unm before 1638)
(3) Francis Blennerhassett of Rossbeg, co Fermanagh (dsp)
  m. Anne
  (4) Edward Blennerhassett (b 1597, a 1614)
  (5) Susan Blennerhassett
  m. Thomas Skyppe of North Tuddenham (d 1632)
  b. Thomas Blennerhassett of Horsford & Castle Hassett (Crevenish Castle) in co. Fermanagh (b c1551, d 11.03.1624)
m1. (1586) Frances Sampson of Harckstead
  (1) Sir Leonard Blennerhassett of Castle Hassett (d 20.05.1639, 3rd son)
  m. Deborah Mervyn (dau of Sir Henry Mervyn of Petersfield, sister of Sir Audley of Trillick Castle. m2. Col. Rory Maguire)
  (A) Henry Blennerhassett of Castle Hassett, Sheriff of co. Fermanagh (d 1677, 2nd son)
m. (1664) Phoebe Hume (dau of Sir George Hume, 1st Bart of Castle Hume, m2. Christopher Irvine of Castle Irvine)
  (i) Deborah Blennerhassett of Castle Hassett (d 1716)
  m1. Christopher Irvine (dsp 1680, son of Sir Gerard of Ardscragh)
  m2. James Colquhoun (d 1699, Captain, son of Sir James of Luss, 4th Bart)
  m3. William Hamilton (dsp)
  m4. James Cochrane (Captain)
  (ii) Mary Blennerhassett
m. Charles Bingham of Newbrook & Foxford (Major)
  (B) Elizabeth Blennerhassett (d 1676)
  m. Henry Mervyn of Trillick Castle (d 1701)
  (C)+ other issue - Audley, Leonard (had issue?), Lucy, Catherine
  (2)+ other issue - Edward, Samuel (b 1600, d unm c1652, Sheriff of co. Fermanagh), Margaret, Lucy
  m2. (??) Elizabeth Sandys (dau of Sir Williams Sandys of Dublin)
  c. Daniel Blennerhassett 'of Norfolk'
  m. (12.02.1577/8) Ellen Hobart (dau of Thomas Hobart of Plumstead, sister of Sir Henry, 1st Bart)
  (1) Frances Blennerhassett (bur 12.01.1625)
  m1. William Mann of Westminster (d 1615)
  m2. (22.04.1617, sp) Sir Thomas Trevor (d 12.1656, Chief Baron of the Exchequer)
  d.+ other issue - Rebecca, Joane, Susan (dsp)
  m2. Alice Sybsay (dau of George Sybsay of Boston)
  g. Jeremy Blennerhassett of Wilton
  m. Margaret Lee (dau of John Lee of Toddenham)
  (1)+ issue - Margaret, Susan
h. Rebecca Blennerhassett
  m. Robert Burshop of Norwich
  i. Frances Blennerhassett
  m. Thomas Fuller of Framlingham
  j. Audrey Blennerhassett
  m. Edmund Bressy of Horsted
k.+ other issue - Mary, Ursula (dsp)
  m3. (1569) Audrey Hare (d 1581, dau/heir of William Hare of Beeston, widow of Thomas Hobart of Plumstead & Sir Edward Warner of Plumstead)
  iv. Ann Blennerhassett
  m. William Baynham of Westbury
  v. Elizabeth Blennerhassett
  m1. William Enderby
  m2. _ Adams
  C. Margaret Blennerhassett (prioress of Kempsey)
  D. Elizabeth Blennerhassett
  m. William Brampton of Atteborough
m2. Jane Tyndall (d 06.10.1521, dau of Sir Thomas Tyndall of Norfolk)
  E. John Blennerhassett of Hampstead (dsps by1532)
  m. Margaret
  i. Edmund Blennerhassett (dvp)
  F. Mary Blennerhassett
  m1. (by 1511) Henry (not Robert) Warner of Besthorpe (d 1519)
  m2. (sp) William Drury of Besthorpe (d 1551/2)
  G. Jane Blennerhassett (d 27.04.1550)
  m. Sir Philip Calthrop or Calthorpe of Calthorpe (d by 1535)
  H. Ann Blennerhassett
  m. Sir Henry Grey of Wrest, 4th Earl of Kent (d 24.09.1562)
  I. Ellen Blennerhassett (d before 22.02.1557)
  m. Myles Hubbard of Plumstead (d before 22.02.1557, son of Sir James of Loddon, Attorney General)

Main source(s): BIFR1976 (Blennerhassett) with support from Visitation (Suffolk, 1561, Blennerhassett of Norfolk and Barsham), Visitation (Norfolk, 1568+1589+1613, Bleverhassett)
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