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Families covered: Davers of Rougham, Davers of Rushbrook, D'Ewes of Stowlangtoft, Dunham of Kirtlington, Du Pre of Wilton Park

TCB reports of the following Robert that his "parentage is unknown" and was "among the "most eminent planters" (in Barbardoes)".
Sir Robert Davers, 1st Bart of Rougham, Suffolk (b c1620, bur 21.06.1684)
m. (by 1653) Eleanor (probably sister of Geroge Luke)
1. Sir Robert Davers of Rougham, later of Rushbrook, 2nd Bart , Sheriff of Suffolk (b 1653, d 01.10.1722, MP)
  m. Mary Jermyn (b 1663, d 11.10.1722, dau/coheir of Thomas, 2nd Lord Jermyn)
  A. Sir Robert Davers of Rushbrook, 3rd Bart (b c1684, d unm 20.06.1723)
  B. Sir Jermyn Davers of Rushbrook, 4th Bart (b c1686, d 20.02.1742/3)
  p/m. (21.10.1728-9) Margaretta Green (d 05.02.1780, dau of Rev. Edward Green of Drinkstone by Margaret)
  i. Sir Robert Davers of Rushbrook, 5th Bart (d unm 06.1763)
BEB1841 does not show Robert as having succeeded to the baronetcy. TCB does but does question whether or not he was born before or after his parents married. TCB mentions that Robert's will "leaves annuities to his "two natural sons, James and Jermyn Davers," but mentions Robert Davers as his eldest s.".
  ii. Sir Charles Davers, 6th Bart (b 04.06.1737, d 04.06.1806, Captain, MP)
  TCB mentions a source that suggests that Charles "married in Amercia the da. of a miller, by whom he had one son ... who is also reported to have m. and to have had a family". If that was the case then it is possible that a claimant to the baronetcy could be found in America. TCB reports that Charles had 5 illegitimate sons & 3 illegitimate daughters by ...
  p. Frances Treice
  a. Frances Davers (d 1851) probably of this generation
  m. (23.05.1808) Robert Rushbrooke of Rushbrooke Park
  b. Frederica Louisa Davers (d 23.07.1870) probably of this generation
  m. (14.09.1809) Sir John Osborn, 5th Bart of Chicksands (b 03.12.1772, d 28.08.1848)
  c.+ 5 sons + an other daughter
  iii. Elizabeth Davers (d 15.12.1800)
  m. (10.08.1752) Frederick Augustus Hervey, Bishop of Derry, 4th Earl of Bristol (b 01.08.1730, d 08.07.1803)
iv.+ other issue - Jermyn (b 04.12.1720), Henry (d unm c1760), Thomas (dsp 30.06.1766, rector of Stow Langloft & Little Whelnetham), Margaretta Maria (b 29.10.1723, d young?), Mary (b 04.08.1725, d infant?), Mary (b 28.02.1726/7, d unm 08.1805?)
  C. Thomas Davers (Admiral)
  m. Catherine Smithson (dau of William Smithson)
  i.+ issue - Thomas (dsp), Catharine (dsp), Mary
  D. Henry Davers (d young)
  E. Mary Davers
  m. (20.10.1705) Clemence Corrance of Parham
  F. Isabella Davers
  m. _ Moyne (Brigadier General)
  G. Henrietta Davers
  m. Roger Pratt of Ryston (d 1771)
  H. Penelope Davers
  m. _ Pake (Dr.)
  I. Elizabeth Davers
  m. John King of Norfolk



Reported by BEB1841 to have been a lineal descendant of the D'Ewes, Lords of Kessal in the Duchy of Guelderland, was ...
Gerard D'Ewes of Upminster
1. Paul D'Ewes of Stowlangtoft (b 25.01.1567, bur 26.04.1630-1)
  m1. Cecilia Symonds (dau of Richard Symonds of Coxden)
  A. Sir Symonds D'Ewes, Sheriff of Suffolk, 1st Bart of Stowlangtoft (b 18.12.1602, d 18.04.1650)
  m1. (24.10.1626) Anne Clopton (bpt 02.03.1612, d 1641, dau of Sir William Clopton (Clapton) of Kentwell by Anne, dau of Sir Thomas Barna(r)diston of Clare)
  i. Cecilia D'Ewes
  m. Sir Thomas Darcy, Bart of St. Osith's (b 1632, d 1693)
ii. Isolda D'Ewes (d unm)
  m2. Elizabeth Willoughby (bur 03.11.1655, dau/coheir of Sir Henry Willoughby, Bart of Risley, (by Lettice Darcy), m2. John Wray)
  iii. Sir Willoughby D'Ewes, 2nd Bart of Stowlangtoft (b c1650, d 13.06.1685)
  m. Priscilla Clinton (d 1719, dau of Francis Clinton alias Fiennes of Stourton by Pricilla, dau of John Hill)
  a. Sir Symonds D'Ewes, 3rd Bart of Stowlangtoft (b c1670, d 05.1722)
  m1. (by 1687) Delariviere Jermyn (bur 12.02.1708/9, dau of Thomas, Lord Jermyn, by Mary Merry)
  (1) Sir Jermyn D'Ewes, 4th Bart of Stowlangtoft (bpt 02.04.1688, d unm 21.04.1731)
(2) Delariviere D'Ewes
  m. Thomas Gage, younger of Hengrave (dvp 01.03.1716, son of Sir Thomas, Bart)
  (3) Mary D'Ewes
  m. George Tasburgh
(A) George Tasburgh of Bodney (dsp)
  m1. (1755) Teresa Gage (dsp 1775, dau of Thomas, Viscount Gage)
  m2. Barbara Fitzherbert (d 1808, dau of Thomas Fitzherbert of Swinnerton)
  (4) Harriott ('Henrietta Maria') D'Ewes
  m. Thomas Havers of Thelton Hall
  (5) Merelina D'Ewes
  m. Richard Elwes
  (6)+ other issue - Willoughby (b c1691, d 1710), Symonds (d 1693), Thomas (d 1698)
  m2. (21.03.1709/10) Elizabeth Kiefe of Westminster
  b. Priscilla D'Ewes
  m. John Hastings of Hinton
c. Elizabeth D'Ewes
  m. Heigham Coke of Suckley
  B. Richard D'Ewes
  C. Johanna D'Ewes
  m. Sir William Elliot of Godalming
  D. Grace D'Ewes
  m. Wyseman Bokenham of Weston
  E. Mary D'Ewes
  m. Sir Thomas Bowes of Essex
  F. Elizabeth D'Ewes (d 1698)
  m. Sir William Poley
  m2. Elizabeth Isham (b 29.08.1578, d 25.07.1664, dau of Thomas Isham of Lamport) not mentioned by BEB1841



Gregory Dunham
m. Elsabeth Barneby (relict of _ Merynge)
1. Robert Donham or Dunham
  m. Elzabeth Sandford (dau of Sir Edmond Sandford (or Stafford) of Derbyshire by Katherine, dau of Thomas Owtred by dau of Lord Mawley by dau of Lord Clifford)
A. John Donham or Dunham
  m. Elsabeth Bowet (dau (by Elsabeth, dau of Sir John Zouche by Margaret Borough) of Sir Nicholas Bowet, m1/2. Sir William Chaworth who d c1468)
  i. Sir John Donham or Dunham 'of Kirtlington'
  Visitation (1563-4) shows Jane Fulgeam as first wife and Jane Thurland as second wife. Visitation (Yorkshire, 1584/5, Donham of Kerlyngton) adds nothing to the earlier Visitation but shows the marriages the other way round and confirms Jane Foljambe as mother of this children.
  m1. Jane Thurland (dsp, dau of Thomas Thurland of Gamston)
  m2. Jane Foljambe (dau of Sir Godfrey Foljambe of Derbyshire)
  a. Catherine Dunham possibly the Catherine who married ...
  m. Ralph Okeover of Okeover (d 29.03.1571)
  b. Mary Dunham possibly the Mary who married ...
  m. Thomas Grantham of Goltho & St. Katherine's (d 15.10.1558)
  c.+ other issue - John (d young), Elizabeth, Margaret, Ann
  ii. Elizabeth Dunham
  m. Richard Basset
  a.+ issue - James, John, Thomas, Anne



Josias Du Pre, 1st of Wilton Park, Governor of Madras (d 30.09.1780)
m. (1766) Rebecca Alexander (d 1800, dau of Nathaniel Alexander, sister of 1st Earl of Caledon)
1. James Du Pre of Wilton Park, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire (b 10.06.1778, d 13.06.1870) had issue
  m. (18.05.1801) Madelina Maxwell (dau of Sir William Maxwell, 4th Bart of Monreith)
2. Eliza Du Pre (d 12.12.1860)
  m1. Arthur Brice (Colonel)
  m2. (04.06.1803) Rev. Hon. John Blackwood (d 05.01.1833)
3. Jane Du Pre
  m. (19.03.1796) Wallop Brabazon of Rath House, Louth
4. Charlotte Du Pre
  m. _ O'Loghlin (Lt. General)
5. Cornelia Anne Du Pre (d 26.06.1849)
  m. (22.10.1801) Edward Townshend of Wincham Hall
6. Rebecca Du Pre (d 11.06.1870)
  m. (14.09.1804) Rev. Sir Philip Grey-Egerton, 9th Bart (d 13.12.1829)

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