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Families covered: Stucley of Affeton, Stucley of Bideford, Stukeley (Stewkley) of Hinton, Stukeley (Stewkley) of Marsh, Stucley of Plymouth, Stucley of West Worlington

John Stucley of Affeton (b c1551, d 15.01.1610-1)
m1. Frances St. Leger (dau of Sir John St. Leger of Amery by Catherine, dau of George Nevill, Lord Abergavenny)
1. Sir Lewis Stucley of Affeton (d 1620)
  m. (c02.1595-6) Frances Monk (a 1620, dau of Anthony Monk of Powtheridge, sister of Sir Thomas)
  A. John Stucley of Affeton & West Worlington (d 31.01.1637-8)
  m1. Honor Hals (dau of Richard Hals of Kenedon)
  i. Sir Thomas Stucley of Affeton & West Worlington (b c08.1620, d 20.09.1663)
  m. Elizabeth Sydenham (dau of Sir Ralph Sydenham of Yolston, m2. Rev. John Dodderidge)
  a. Frances Stucley
  m. Rev. Anthony Gregory
  b. Mary Stucley
  m1. Rev. Thomas Colley
  m2. (09.08.1685) Michael Arundell
c.+ other issue Thomas (dvpsp), John (dvpsp), Margery, Honor
  ii. Lewis Stucley of Affeton & Bideford (bur 21.07.1687, chaplain to Oliver Cromwell)
  m. (06.01.1672-3) Susanna Dennis (d before 03.09.1692, dau/coheir of Robert Dennis of Bideford)
  a. Dennis Stucley of Affeton & Bideford (b 10.02.1673-4, d unm bur 27.01.1741-2)
  b. Thomas Stucley (b 06.06.1681, d 10.09.1735)
  m. (24.06.1703) Sarah Middleton (bur 12.08.1729)
  (1) Dennis Stucley of Affeton (d unm bur 29.12.1755)
(2) Susanna Stucley (d unm bur 16.10.1742)
  c. Sarah Stucley (d 04.02.1742)
  m. George Buck, Mayor of Bideford (d 09.11.1743)
  One of their descendants assumed the name Stucley.
  d.+ other issue - Lewis (b 06.05.1634, dsp before 22.08.1748, recorder of Bideford), Rebecca (b 18.11.1679, d young)
  iii. Honor Stucley
  m. _ Luttrell
  iv. Frances Stucley
m. (22.11.1635) Philip Mayow of Bary (d 1679)
  v. Anna Stucley (bpt 09.11.1623)
  m2. (12.09.1625) Elizabeth Coode (dau of William Coode of Morval)
  vi. Mary Stucley
  m. John Courtenay of Molland
  vii.+ other issue (d young) - John, Dennis, Edmond
  B. Hugh Stucley had issue
  m. (c08.1621) Arminilla Weeks
C. Lewis Stucley
  m. (12.04.1627) Margery Coode (dau of William Coode of Morval)
  i. Lewis Stucley of Plymouth (d 22.08.1693, cleric)
  m. (05.02.1670-1) Elizabeth Alsopp of Plymouth (d 16.02.1701-2)
  a. John Stucley (bpt 25.02.1675-6, d 13.09.1720, 3rd son)
  m. (12.05.1697) Prudence Hamblyn
  b. Charles Stucley (bpt 08.03.1676-77, bur 06.04.1720)
  m. (20.08.1709) Anne Fownes (dau of John Fownes of Whitley, MP)
  (1) Anne Stucley
  m. (03.01.1730) Francis Luttrell of Venn
  c. Mary Stucley (bur 01.02.1746-7)
  m1. (31.07.1712) Francis Pengelly
m2. Thomas (not John) Bolitho
  d.+ other issue - Jonathan (bpt 21.11.1671, dsp 09.1720), Lewis (bpt 04.03.1674, bur 20.09.1674), Judith (bpt 03.07.1673), Jane (bur 30.05.1675), Prudence (bpt 07.08.1679), Elizabeth
  D. Frances Stucley
  m. Robert Dillon
  D. Gertrude Stucley see note ## for Gertrude just below
  m. (19.05.1623) Adam Williams of Ivybridge (d before 16.06.1651)
  E.+ other issue (a 1611) - Scipio, Anthony
2. Thomas Stucley (a 1611)
3. Katherine Stucley
m. Thomas Dowrish of Dowrish (b 1568, bur 08.01.1627-8)
4. Mary Stucley (a 1611)
  m. Simon Weeks if Broadwood Kelly
5. Gertrude Stucley (a 1611)
  m. (by 1590) Humphry Bury (d before 20.02.1631-2)
  ## Vivian (Stucley) shows Gertrude as m1. (19.05.1623) Adam Williams, m2. Humphry Bury. In his pedigree on Williams of Stoford, Vivian shows Gertrude, dau of John Stucley, as m1. Adam Williams, m2. Humphry Bury. However, in his pedigree on Bury of Colliton, Vivian shows Gertrude as dau of John and does not mention any earlier marriage to Adam Williams. The dates for Adam & Humphry overlap. We presume that there were 2 Gertrudes, with Adam's wife being of the next generation (see above).
6. Anne Stucley
m1. John Langford
  m2. William Coode of Morval
  m3. (c01.1625-6) John Rowe of Dunsford
m2. (19.07.1597) Mary Redman (d 26.12.1648, dau of John Redman of Thornton)
7. John Stucley of Cobleigh (a 1611)
  m. (21.01.1629-30) Elizabeth Fortescue (dau of Roger Fortescue)
  A. Roger Stucley of Chumleigh (bur 28.12.1717)
m. _ Chichester
  i. Chichester Stucley (bpt 26.12.1695, 2nd son)
  m. (24.02.1716-7) Christian Hartnoll
  a.+ issue - Roger (bpt 28.01.1717-8), Mary (bpt 11.08.1726)
  ii.+ other issue - John (bpt 22.11.1687), Roger (bpt 09.05.1697, bur 26.11.1699)
  B. Mary Stucley (bpt 31.10.1680)
8. Damaris Stucley
  m1. (19.03.1628-9) Richard Mason
  m2. (22.12.1640) Vincent Calmady
9. Frances Stucley
  m. William Hutchinson of Kenn
10. Agnes Stucley
11. Elizabeth Stucley (a 1611)
  m. Thomas Barrett



Possibly connected to the above family was ...
George Stewkley of Marsh, Somerset
m. Joan Luttrell (dau of Sir James Luttrell of Dunster)
1. Peter Stewkley or Stukeley of Marsh
  A. Hugh Stewkley or Stukeley of Marsh
  m. Elizabeth Chamberlayne (dau of Richard Chamberlayne, alderman of London)
  i. Sir Thomas Stewkley or Stukeley of Marsh and Hinton (a 1623)
  m. Elizabeth Goodwin (dau of John Goodwin of Over Wichingdon, son of Sir John)
a. Sir John Stukeley (Stewkley), 1st Bart of Hinton (d c1642)
  m. Sarah Dauntsey (dau of Ambrose Dauntsey of Lavington)
  (1) Sir Hugh Stukeley (Stewkley), 2nd Bart of Hinton (d 1719)
  m1. Catherine Trott (dau of Sir John Trott, Bart of Laverstoke, by Elizabeth, dau of Sir Edmund Wright, Lord Mayor of London)
  (A) Catherine Stewkley (d c1683)
  m. (c09.1679) Sir Charles Shuckburgh, 2nd Bart of Shuckburgh (b 1659, d 02.09.1705)
  m2. Mary Young (dau of John Young)
  (B) Mary Stewkley (b c1683, d 20.07.1740)
  m. Edward Stawell, 4th Lord of Somerton (b c1685, d 07.04.1755)
Probably of this generation, but (if so) by which wife is unknown, was ...
  (C) Sarah Stewkley
  m1. John Cobb (dsp 1725)
  m2. (1726) (Ellis) St. John of Farley
  m3. Francis Townsend
  ii. George Luttrell Stewkley or Stukeley (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Drewell (dau of Sir Humphrey Drewell)
  iii. Joan Stewkley or Stukeley
  m. (1580) George Luttrell, Sheriff of Somerset (d 11.04.1629)
  iv. Susan Stewkley or Stukeley
  m. Sir Henry Drewry of Hewgley
  v. Ursula Stewkley or Stukeley
  m. Henry St. John of Farley (b 1568-9, d 1621)
  vi. Margaret Stewkley or Stukeley (d unm)

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(2) For lower section (first uploaded within SZmisc05 on 21.12.05, in Stukeley1 from 16.05.09 to 19.07.12) : BEB1841 (Stukeley of Hinton)
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